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ENGLISH CHWI6TIANITY ebe purpose of giving Boniparte and

the National Institute a warning of the Mr. Öusely, the weaver, late of dangers to be appreheaded from the Dunmore, in the county of Galway, prevailing inttuence of Idolatry, and is now in Dublin, proving his ord!! bien Reading fore the Board of Grace, in White John Murphy, the apothecary, litefriar street. He stood a very strict ly called, is to preach his conversiott examination before a committee of sermon' at Island bridge barrack, on saints. on Saturday. Mr. Murphy, the 12h instant, being the Gats Day the. Apothecary of Mountjóry-square, of the summer Shooting Term. who was- latelycut off from treason Verner, register of converts to the and popery, by a paia im bis head and Board of Grace, preached his annual the united eloquende of Kent-ther hoxi discourse to a detachment of whipping termanand Gallagher these pulley attornies, who have joined the Lord, maker, was present at the examination ar they have been abandoned by the of Brother Ousely, and was so CON ca.nat world. Mr. Verner's powers vinced at the regeneration of the holy in the pulpit hive more of the graceful weaver, that he was on the point of energy of Kent than any other of offering up his pots, LatinAqua For the Board, after Pulley Gallagher, Lana, gilt bocdles and camomile to the in point of letters"; ke spells better Lord, for the benefit of the poor, and thar the' husterman, but he wants that to join Messve. Ousely and Griffithson sweet droop in the cyelids, that be. the Connaught circuit, for the purpose witches the chosen vessels who have of gathering the Galway fishermen in beer coaxed to grace by the nose to the fold of the elect; at the moment twangingi eloquence of Lorenzo Dow, of inspiration, the raptures of light and Bandy Parsons. were interrupted by the abrupt inters Lettergin received by Biblemooth, position of a large ray of grace that froita the Major in London, are full of entered the rooms in the shape of Bpothe great progress made in the convers ther Stockbuckles from Birmingham, siór of the Irishs'. He was present at as ambassador from the Bible Society a great meeting of the Bible Socies, of Warringtony, with an official notice the Bishop of Mealk in the Char, of the restoration of Medcalfy the where tetters from several missionaries nailor, who was hanged at Chester, for in Ireland were reatt, in which were being. hungry, and eating contrary to described the characters and ozres of law. The accredited statement of the time conterts. Ousefey; of Galway, is rescussnation of the changed brother, his communication, thinks he has redwas read by Miss Cambridge and the son to believe, from a vision he had a merits of the miraclo, was justly atcria few nights sitice, he will be able to add buted to a sermon preached near the Lord Ffrench to the number of the gallows, by Sesh Brand, baker to the electi. A letter from Kent, the hor. love feasts of the Society of Jumpers. termwan, deprecated the idea of Catholic This happy triumph of the Lord over Emancipation'as quitet unnecessary, as the law, gave a new turn to the meets he hadra course of sertions in his head, ing; Ousely's examinations and then that; whét delivered, would convert the sale of the Apothecary's carnal stores Cathole board, Luke Cassidy, Biwere suspended, while the English shop Troy, little Father Byrne, and saint entertained the company with Miles Daigénè ir. Heasserted, 'that a rehearsal of a new sermonhevish to Doctor Breinam's conversion was nearly carry to · Paris-apd-preackerthidez-fori fintsbeding, chine that nest surtout" and

stocktogs, stockings, and a couple of love-feasts, to attend the Shooting Term at Enaiswould perfect the business, provided Killen, He has remitted to Brother the Major did not withdraw the Huddlestone a neat pocket volume of weekly money until che Doctor is pro- the Evangelists, used with singular vided for in the post-office.

effect on the 25th of May, at the trials • The Society had a copy of two ser of the starred rioters, at the special mons read, that were preached by commission, Cheshire. He desires the Brother Firethatch to Larry Tighe gallant gentleman to lodge.it in his and Tom Galvin ; they were highly library, as a seasoned well-proved in. admired for the sparks of grace sprig. strument like it may be of much use in Ķled through them, and the rapturous the preservation of our civil and politifervor expressed in the combination of cal institutions op some future occasion. words by the burning zeal of the He advises, that if any occasion of apostle. Serjeant Stockbuckle's letters hungry rioting, similar to the Cheshire were read they were dated from offences, should be tried in bis absence, Ardbraccan, the quarters of the 39 that this book should be particularly Civilizers ; they described the great used ; and, least any objection be made labours and unreinitting experiments to it, he enclosed a recommendation of made use of to convert the natives ; it to Mr. Rickey and Mr. Pollock ; but the serjeant says the divine, mission, he desires also, that if any person tak. is greatly impeded by the conjuration ing advantage of his absence, should of the Priests, who have spared ng. have Pollet the yeomen, hanged, for pains to baffle the Army of Grace in killing Connolly the papist, that Kent every movement. The serjeant also should act as Pollet's pilot to glory, informed the Society, that Brother and that the bayonet of the martyr Fuze had been added to the army of should be hung up in the O'Brien martyrs, on the preceding Sundaye Museum, under the superintendence of while preaching before the Archdea- the Prince of Idoagh. con's palace, by a volley of stones and brick.bats, from the hands of an im- mense gathering of the Irishry: this

CATHOLIC QUESTION. part of the letter caused a mournful and deep groan. The. Major's communication contained a recommendation to the Board to dispatch à box of In reading, the speeches of the dif bibles to Brother. Kiley and Halpin, ferent Members of both Houses of of the Palmerstown, pike-office, who Parliament who advocate this business are, at present, in the neighbourhood and oppose it, we discover so much, of Clonmell, preaching the word and finesse, so much about seasons, time, arranging some ", perturbation" and securities, foreign influence, &c. and man-traps, preparatory to the assizes ; each word or inuendo used for the very he also desired hiß large blue surtout, purpose of putting the question off Jemmy's knife, and four pound notes, from session to session, from century to be given to the wrestling Doctor, to century, which is the object of all who he, desires should continue to parties, that we really have no more watch over the Broad-stone district, expectation of Catholic Emancipation, and report the conduct observed by from the sincerity or enmity of either The populace, at wrestling matchesy, parties, than we had when our repre.. and to have the bagpipe department sentatives were writing a prospectus of until uthe return of Firetbatch, who is the Union on our backs, in 1798.




To make use of a particular word canting in a Gaoler; and when we make or expression on every business, from comparisons, we cannot see where the the supposed strength or energy it ex. superiority is, except the accidental one presses, is an evident proof of a bar- of office. The natural parts are nearly ren'ness of idea that subjects a man to on a parallel, and the equality of naridicule, as he must appear a pédant or a ture is established " Man is man, fool; it shows a man has little întimacy and who is more." with books, and to be devoid of reflec. We have selected the following es. tion. Pedantry in a Judge is what we call pressions to fortify our examples ;

· Val Dulcimer, favourite cant is ..... “ Equal chain and mance."

The Recorder, ............................ « Protracted." · Mark Magrath, a Justice, ............ “ So and so." Lord Norbury ............................

6 Meer matter of law." · Billy MVowell, ...........

66 Its all bailable.Kilmainham Trevor, ..................... “ Contingencies.Judge Osborne, .............................

« Perturbation." Joshua Dixon, a Justice, ............... “ A clincher, upon my konour," : Lord Manners, ................... ......."

Just so." · Bob Law, of Finlay's Bank........... " Don't suit." Lord Norbury, again, ...........

« Quo ad."


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An elegant edition of that celebrated work to Jack Fuller of the British letter writer, Sir Thomas Osborne's House of Commons. Sold to Mr. works, edited by the only man in Ire. Wm. Faircloth, Librarian to Swift's land calculated for the purpose, for Hospital.::: intelligibility of stile and expression, The Guager's Guide for the use of the Wrestling Doctor. This book Hangmen and Sheriffs, with an encontains all the Knight's letters that graved model of new invented ouncils, have appeared in the newspapers with for weighing old women. By Robert in the last ten years, on the subjects of Harty, hosier. Bought by Justice caravatism, chin.cough, royal preroga. Drury. : tive, man-planting. looking-glasses, Elegant Extracts, from the late dry potatoes, ship-building, drunken Evening Express, by Counsellor inn-keepers, long pistols, dog kennels, Clinch, brather-in-law to Dr. Brenparliamentary reform, turf-cutting, un. nan, who was the confederate of Capt. lawful oaths, rat traps, county gaols, Huddlestope, who thought to transport old women, bee hives, houses of cor. Lord Fingall, who is the father of rection, Queen Elizabeth, mad dogs, Lord Killeen ; who studied the love of horo combs, popish priests, roost rob. his country and the principles of the bing, treasonable letter writers, the Catholic faith, in a Scotch College, duty of Justices, and other entertain- founded by John Knox, the pulpit ing and useful papers, not before pub. bruiser. Bought by Kent the husterlished. The Doctor has dedicated the man.


Antiquities of Tubberbonry, at weaver; and to commemorate his his. present the seat of Mark Magrathi tory, bad a shuttle painted on the noge The lovers of Irish history have lost a gins of the establishment. His Maa very interesting book, fit to be con- jesty was as partial to shuttles, as his sulted on some very considerable varia- descendant is to snuff-boxes, and was tions, which appear in many modern familiarly known by the nick-name writers, by allowing it to fall into the of Shuttle Houghton. A very fine hands of Verner, the legal preacher edition of this work, with an appendix, who was the buyer. The history of containing the original jokes of Hack the many revolutions in the kitchen ball, was printed in the year 1775, by of Tubberbonny, is interesting, from Barile Corcoran, on the Inne- quay, the time it was built by Fergus of but is at precent so scarce, that we beRathcoole, in the fourth century, lieve the only copy extant is the one in to the happy revolution it sustained Counsellor Bushe's Library : by the bounty of the present Lord Cross, the journeyman bookbinder's Wellington, who had the cob Drunken Elegies on the premature webs removed and superseded by long death of his rib, Daetor Brennan's mo. sides of bacon ; by the happy derice ther, who expired in the 71st year of his Lordship contrived for feeding dis. her age, by the help of a sugar cord tressed loyalists, by an improved sys. and a staple, in the dominions of Chan. tem of police.

nel-row. The laments of the tipsey Anecdotes of the Royal House of bard, though not well measured, have Hougliton, under whose happy admi. caught some of the Pindaric genius of nistration the cultivation of lime wash, the Doctor, who has edited the work porridge, and leek broth, were 80 for the benefit of his step father, as an inuch improved, that like the miracle atonement for the harshness with which of the seven loaves and fishes, nearly he treated the virtuous matron, when he four thousand people are clothed and kicked her into the street, for selling the fed, in the dominions of Channel-row, family estate of 91. 136. to Bob Corn. in the greatest comfort and abundance. wall. The founder of this kingdom was a

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Tom Galvin, Weigh-master to New. dismissed for speaking to ladies of gate, has resigned in favour of Jim loose manners.

Toole, appointed Weigh-master and Doctor Brennan has resigned the Woman-measurer, by virtue of an act Pane of Glass he rented in Britain. passed into law in Sheriff Harty's Street, for the purpose of accepting stocking-shop.

the place of outrider to Sheriffs? BaiWalier Kavanagh, of Borris, has liffs, vacant by the appointment of his succeeded Lord Louth as pupil in the companion, Captain Huddlestone, to King's Bench, for the purpose of the Stamp.office. . bearing bench sermons on the timber Luke White, the flying stationer, trade.

has appointed Justice Wilcocks to the Miles Duigenan's Alderman, has care of his green apron, vice Father appointed Dick Gillray clerk to the M‘Farland, who has resigned. mitice for catching noisy women, va. Lord Ffrench has given the factor. cant by the absence of Jack Weldon, age of his buttermilk, in the Galway

market, to Count Gannon Killery, FOR JULY, 1812, Vol. V.

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agent in the kelp trade, to Richard Letters patent have been obtained Martin the Union maker. 'ni " by Manning, the naggin-bunter and

Ouseley, the preaching weaver, is jugsmeller, authorising him to keep a promoted to the rank of Chaplain to jaunting car, and to allow him to nade Mrs. Devenish. • * . - his division the s Windmill District." * Harris, the boy-killer, who musquet. Pollett, the yeoman, on his acquit. ted John Murphy 'on the 17th, has tal for the murder of Connolly, the Pabeen elected a purple marksman by' a pist, was complimented by a deputzShooting Committee of the grand tion from the Grand Orange Lodge, Orange Lodge of Ireland." ".? with the signs, grips, and tokens of * Mr. Canning has accepted the place a purple marksman, to which honour. of Advocate to the Catholics,' rice able distinction he was raised. Lord Castlereagh, appointed Secretary Alderman Bloxham's spurs have for Foreign Affairs. 7 " . taken their place at the Paving Board, • Little Father Byrne has been nomi.' vice Alderman Trevor's spurs, dismissnated Walking-chaplain to the house of ed by the Scotch Lapidary. E' Mount Jerome, and Fishmonger to Doctor Brennan's memory has been Doctor Hamill. :?.

taken into pay by Major Sirr, for the E-Mr. Balfe, Attorney to Doctor purpose of catching seditious words Brennan for the recovery of the family used at wrestling matches. estate, has conducted two other suits The mousetrap makers of Birmingof the Doctor's' to the auctioneer's ham, and the weavers of Leeds, have hammer, Coppingers-row. ... been restored to Table Exercise, by .. Phill Teazer, of Beresford's blood- the bounty of the Prince Regent, who hounds, "has been appointed by the has repealed " the Orders in Council." Commissioners of Revenue, chief ran- 'Mr. Whiteside has given leave to ger of grass-plats on the Custom-house Shuttle Lee, the player, to have two quay. .7*** ** men

benefit plays in each year, and notice Mr. O'Brien, deputy sovereign of to that purpose to be served on all car New Ross, has appointed Mr. Shana: owners and publicans within the disban, of the mail.coach-office, Supervi. trict of the metropolis. sor of treasonable wards uttered in said - Mr. Norris has been allowed to hold town, contrary to a statute enacted in his office in the middle seat of Peter the reign of Edward III. for the better Kearney's tap-room, vacant by the prevention of gassipping and Shang. deach of Long Hopson, where the pocry, among the wild Irishry.. business of Mr. Norriss's predecessor to The head office of Police have, will be continued in all the humour and under their great seal, authorised Mr. legal accuracy that distinguished Lord Manning, of Mark"Magrath's office, Waterford. Mr: Norris may be con to'have and to use, two ink bottles in. sulted at his office at Peter's, between stead of one. :*

the 'tumbler 'aud tobacco pipe, every * Mr. Pasley, of the James's-street- evening, from six o'clock until four office; has been appointed botile-catcher the next ensuing morning. ? to prevent the circulation of 'whiskey *Biblemouth has been appointed by at John's Well, pice Justice Walls; his honour the Major, to the sacred promoted to Donnybrook district. department, or care of the holy books, **Mr. Mathews, of Kilbride, county in his honour's Library. ; ) of Louth, surveyor of invisible trees Justice, Axletree, Professor of Laws, to Lord Louth, has been appointed to and Wheelwright, has been pleased to the inspectorship of the timber trade in direct, by, his sign manual, that she the county of Carlow, vice Walter hen-hunting division of police in Artane, Kavanagh of Borris, supérseded 'by Kilmore, and Coolock, shall be in order of the Court of King's Bench.


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