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for it is impossible for any one dé. as they pass--but to return to my céntly dressed, to pass through the subject : streets from the crowd of famished There is a circumstance attending objects that are crawling around him. the nisery of Irishmen, unexampled in Though I know it is only in the power the annals of tyranny itself; they hun. of Government to make the people ger in a country prolific in the ex. either happy or miserable, still what. treme'; nay, in the fields which they ever could be done by individual aid, themselves cultivated! They fertilize ought not to be omitted ; and here I with their sweat thai soil whose pro. cannot avoid addressing myself to the duce fattens the tythe-fed drone, or two reverend Gentlemen, to whom the white Indian robber. These are the care of the parish is consigned. Let subjects, these are the grievances, that me ask those divines, have they com I would expect to fill every newspaper plied with the injunctions of their devoted to the prosperity of the coun. Heavenly Master? Have they, to the try. It is, I thiok, the duty of every utmost of their power, fed' the hungry, Printer in the Colony, to proclaim to clothed the naked, or comforted the the christian world, that in this land of afflicted ? Have they, at this mornent plenty, in this land flowing with milk of unheard of calamity, two coats ia and honey, there are more than two their possession, while one of their millions of its inhabitants existing on brothers remain naked? Or, rather, roots, without bed or blanket, littered have they not four, while thousands of like the beast of the field. the same family, age, or same parish,

A Carlow FRIEND. are without food, fire, or raiment? Is this fulfilling the christian precept :« Love your neighbour as yourself ?"

NEW DISPENSARY. Not one charity sermon has been Justice Drury very benevolently, at preached, either in church or chapel, his sole expense, without the aid or since famine began to take off the patronage of the great, has, at the ex. superabundant population of this de. pense of thirty shillings, endowed an voted country !! Certainly there has hospital on George's-quay, for the been 'something done by a few humane relief of distressed foreigners who may individuals, but not sufficient to buy want medical assistance, where he per. brogues for so many objects. Would sonally attends every morning to reto God, those Priests that are em. ceive persons and tenpennies until 12 ployed in bārrack-building and pane. at noon : he has also founded another gyrising the British Constitution, would in the centre of the town, for the benes take example by the much and long fit of his fellow.citizens, where his neglected Curate of this parish of pau. friend Doctor Biennan attends gratis. pers. It is heavenly to behold that This humane establishment is on the angel-like man hurrying from hovel to upper story in Sherry's Court, No. hovel, from pestilence to pestiience, 103, Bride-street: from the merils, administering to the wants of body and skill, and property of the two candi. soul. Often, when his purse became' dates, for public patronage, the most recreant to his mind, has he unshirted sanguine opinions are formed of the himself, when nakedness put his mo. great acquisition to public safety which desty to the blush. You never meet the establishments promise. The pro. him in the streets wrapped in a cloak prietor and his deputy have, at a great of conséquence, illuminating with the expense, and the fruits of much indus. splendour of his buckles the meagre try and study, discovered a solution of countenance of poverty, nodding with the most efficacious nature, which they Spanish pride to his rich parishioners give gratis to aniy poor person who

pays pays the price of the bottle. Doctor Street, exactly opposite to the late re. Brennan, in aid of the charity, has verse of his fortune, the sale of his given hịs shin plaister to the disposal library of ballads, his two surtouts, and of the Dispensaries, at the reduced press-bed, very prematurely brought to price of a tenpenny each inch square. the auctioneer's hammer, at the suit of Benefactions will be received at the Mr. Balfe, attorney at law. Doctor's one pane of glass în Britain.

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(Continued from Page 245.)

Act II. SCENE II. Old Woman, screaming—Ah, beg Scene-Newgate. Dick Hayden, Moyour honour's pardon, let me tie up my

naghan Tom, Jack Hayden, and petticoat, and let this candle be givetz Aŭdey. Turnkeys. Toin Galvin to my son, and I will go as easy as the Hangman, and the Sheriff, with your honour pleases. his sword obliquely set by his side: Sheriff - On my honour, the wretch and a measuring staff in his hand; has come to tamper with her son, for an attending crowd of men and wo. the purpose of defeating justice ; I supmen, one part in the attitude of sup. pose her son is the notorious Fagan, plication, and another marked with the coach robber.

Old Wom.- Troth, your honour is indignation.

wrong ; my son is not Fagan, because An old Women enters as Candidate his name is

ers as Candidate his name is Harty. He was born in for the Sheriff's notice.

Kilkenny; and when you were singing Sheriff-Well, old danie, upon my to a stocking frame, he was a turnpikehonour, I do think, upon my honour, man; and, as bad as he is now, though I seen yoų before.

he is your relation, he never robbed · Old Wom,--dnd please your ho. any body; he is accused only of asking nour, I am not the woman you saw one of the Major's mer, while sitting before ; for, in troth, I might be your in a public house, did the Major buru grandmother; and, besides that, when, the widow Rattigan's house ; and, in I was young enough to come before troth, as I am a widow myself, I don't your betters, I never was witch enough think it would disgrace any boy to be to see that fortune could play such angry at burning a widow's house a cruel trick on my life as to prolong and it. it to come before a hosier's sword to Sheriff-Turn out that old vaga. beg a compliment.

bond ; (addressing himself to Dick, Sheriff - I direct you, Dick, to keep Tom Monaghan, and Tom Galvin that old woman out of this goal, and if upon my honour that old miscreant you neglect your duty, upon my ho. was sent here to abuse me by Watty nour, i skall turn you out.

Cox; I assure you, gentlemen, I never "Dick-Here, Tom Monaghan, Jack, had any relațion a cornpike-man ; my Barney Andey, Boddered Dick, puç name is a proof of the respectability this woman out of the goal.

apid antiquity of my family ; none more The Sheriff puts his hand on ancient in the History of Ireland.

his sword, and the obedient. The Hartys governed the city of ministers of security drag Kilkenny when the Butlers, like the the old woman.

adyersaras adversaries of the house of Brennan, if your honour pleases, I would choose was digging potatoes.

some other apppointment ; for, to tell Tom Galvin-Upon my salvation, you the truth, though I can weigh, your honour must be a great man be. I am a very bad measurer : if your fore you were born ; and if your ho. honour pleases, “ I'll take the guinea, nour pleases to get me the twine and and whatever your honour pleases with the leave of the Major, I will hang the it, to get a drink, for hanging Fogarty, old woman and her son while you would as I am going to Kilmainham. be selling a pair of suspenders.

Sheriff Yes, Tom, you shall have Sheriff-I know you are a loyal your guinea, and a shilling to drink my man, and that you respect a gentleman. health. (Handing Tom some money.)

Tom Galvin-Upon my soul, your Tom Galvin— Thank your honour; honour, poor Tom, like your honour, and though I drank to many a man's had a great deal to do with rich and health, who, though they did not die poor, and not one of my customers through the badness of their constitu, could now say an evil word to my pre: tion, yet, in troth, your honour, they judice ; if any man was angry at falling did not thrive the better by my wishes ; through my hands, he acknowledged for, your honour, for though I wished it was not my fault, but that of the them as well as I do your honour, I men that gave the recommendation ; was obliged to do my duty, though my poor and abjecț as our mutual enemies heart was breaking all the time ; all may think of me, I never done any the consolation I had was, that I knew thing without the assistance of a cler. my work, when finished, would never gyman, and the directions of a Sheriff reproach me, and that I was sure of a like your honour ; certainly they were guinea from the Sheriff, like your honot rich hosiers like your honour, but nour; I beg your honour's pardon for they were rich grocers like Alderman not wishing you well, for fear your Vance, șich drapers like Mr. Blacker, bonour night not thrive ; it is only rich merchants like Alder.nan Ştamer, two hours ago since I drank a pot of and enemies to Jack Weldon, and loose porter to Fogarty's health, and now, women like Aldermen Exshaw and God bless all who hear it, the surgeons Carleton.

are this minute carving him. Sheriff-Stop Tom ; it is unneces. Sheriff-Go to Kilmainham, Tom, sary, at present, to go out of our and take this tenpenny, and never mind line.

(hands him a tenpemy) drinking my Tom- Beg your honour's pardon, health. (lom retires bowing.) there is a great deal of difference he. Dick Hayden, a 'Turnkey, with a · tuen a hosier's line and a poor hang, large key in his hand-Sir, here is a man's line ; your line, please your ho. woman who wanıs to be measured. nour, prolongs life, but my line dimi. Sheriff-Woman, who do you want nishes it; for there is as much difference to see, that you came to be measured ? betuxt a stocking and a rope, as there Woman-I want to see your hois betuxt your knee and your honour'& nour, and I want to see my son, and I chin:

want to tell your honour that I lost Sheriff—Tom, you are an honest the crane note of my weight, that I got fellow ; and I promise you, when I from your boy James, the day he weigh. a'm Lord Mayor, I shall make you as ed and measured me, and counted my great a man as Mr. Wickam was; you eyes and teeth at your honor's stockingshall be clerk of the market. . shop. I have a letter to your honour

Tom-God bless your honour! I from Sir Reubens Legboard, recomhave put as many men out of the world mending me to your honour for a new as any Wickam, according to law, yet crane note, that I may hape leave to

give give him a clean shirt, and these two Old Woman (Speaking very low) Cunnemaras, I just now bought at If you were as long hanging Fogarty your honour's counter.

as you are weighing‘me, you would (Sheriffreads the letter, and muses.) not have lost your guinea.

Sheriff Your name is Eleanor Doyle, Sheriff I shall be ruined, I have no you come well recommended from my business to face to the Castle; I shal friend, Sir Ruebens, and you shall eventually lose my rank, be fined ad have the crarie-note, Dick, put that ruined, if I am not able to get Fogarty. woman into the scales. Dick and Andey put her into the

(A loud tap at the gate, the Turn scales, where she is allowed to

keys with the Hangman enters.; swing, quite forgotlen, for nearly Dick-Sir, your honour ; we have an hour, during the hurry of Galvin for your honour. other applications.

Sheriff— Have you my guinea. Bothered Dick-Sir, the Lord Dick-No, your honour; but we Mayor has sent for your honour. He have a pair of breeches and a cow's waits in the "Town Clerk's office for head, that Tom bought with the gui. you, to assist him to suppress a con. nea, and eight tenpennies the change cealed slaughter. house, discovered not he received, excepting please your two hours ago, by Mr. Finlay, in Or honour, three tenpennies we spent at mond-market.

Ibland-bridge, where we got the fel. The old Woman in the Scales-Ah, low. please your honour, before you go, Old Woman-- Please your honour will you let me be finished, I an al. Will you let me be weighed, please your most dead with the fear of falling, and honour. nearly famished with cold.

Sheriff-You villain, you cheat.Boddered Dick-Besides, your how Galvin, why did you not bang For nour, his Lordship desires that you garty? I shall have you hanged for would not pay Tom Galvip for hanging your roguery. Fogarty, as Fogarty came to life on "Tom Galvin-Your honour, never his way to Surgeon's Hall, and being was a man hanged better. If he did helped by the mob, he has escaped. not die it was not ny fault ; I soaped

Sheriff-Nothing but villainy, upon the rope and pulled away the trigger my honour ; I ought to guess by the when you bid me, and to your own profusion of talk of that damned hang- knowledge he fell as even as a ram-rod man, that he was nothing but an errant into a musquet. If there is a fault, it rogue.

is not" poor Tom's. It is beturt your. Old Woman in the Scales-God self, that gave me the word, Tom bless your honour, will your honour let Hodgens that made the twine, and the me be finished.

gallows engineer, Mr. Dickinson. I Sheriff--Let Andey, Jack, and wash my hands out of Fogarty, God Monaghan Tom pursue that hangman, forgive hiin for bringing trouble on me; and get my guinea.

but for all that, it wont lie at my door, All answer yes, your honour, and there could be no luck in the business, retire.

' where Gentlemen would ask my labour Old Woman-Bless your honour, let for a paltry guinea, at this dear season, me have a drink, or I shall faint in this when it is known that an industrious scale (Sheriff is so embarrassed that man cannot live' as cheap as he could he does not hear the old woman.). formerly. Why, your honour, twenty

Sheriff-What I shall I say to the years ago, I got a guinea each, for Secretary, about allowing the hang.' every piece of work went through my man to impose on me, by spoiling his hands. Hosier's wages have beed raise work, and robbing me to boot.

ed, why not hangman's wages ? All that I had a warrant to hang, has that I have to say about it, if you get escaped, and an old woman I only in. Fogarty, I'll hang him, as well as any tended to weigh, has been killed. Lord, man in his Majesty's dominions, but how unfortunate! I wish I had taken remember, your honour, I must have Sir Jacobus Brussel's advice, against proper wages.

canvassing for city honours. His own Old Woman--God bless your ho- story ought to have deterred me ; in. nour, let me out of this scale, and I stead of being a Lord Mayor, he is never will trouble your honour again. obliged to be cracking jokes at An(Still he does not hear the old woman.) thony Moore's, for a dinner.

Sheriff-You are a prating kaave, Tom Galvin--Not so bad, your and audacious wretch. Mr. Galvin, if honour ; if I spoiled Fogarty's busiI have any interest, I will get you dis. ness, I will try, with your honour's charged; there can be no security while leave, to repair this ; for I cannot be. such a villain is allowed any public em. lieve an old woman is so easily killed. ployment.

In the course of my trade, I never Tom-Troth, your honour may do hanged a woman that did not give me as you please with a poor man's cha- more trouble than ten men. And, in racter ; but I have gentlemen to prove my family, to my sorrow, I know that that I have been hanging for his Ma- the Devil would not kill an old wo. jesty near thirty years, and no com- man. There is my wife Biddy, she has plaint was ever made against me for drank as much whiskey as would float any improper conduct while doing my a jaunting-car, and had as many falls, business. If Fogarty has done my as would break the necks of a thou. poor family such an injury, as to sham sand, and she is yet as sound as a trout, death, God is the best judge ; if there and as noisy as a mill-hammer; indeed, is any roguery in the business it is not to tell the truth to your honour, if bad to be left at my duor. Fogarty, every neighbours did not interfere in a body's body knows, was a rogue since he was family business, I would have as quiet a born, and to my great grief even hang- residence as the mice have in the Royal ing has not cured him.

Exchange : for, on last Palmerstown Sheriff-What noise is that, I can. fair, Biddy, God bless your honour, not hear a word this fellow is saying? tumbled into Mr. Drum's mill.

Dick - Please your honour, the dan, and would be there to this hour, womin that brought your honour the if Mr. Drum only minded his own letter from Sir Ruebens Legboard, and affairs. who you ordered me to weigh, has Sheriff-(In great anxiety)Tom, fallen out of the scales,

try what you can do for the woman, Sheriff-Did you weigh her? and leave off your family business.

Dick-No, your honour ; she has Tom-Yes, your honour, putting been up, since your honour sent me his hand to his pocket, and taking a after Galvin.

bottle, from which he pours some li. • Sheriff_Weigh her, and let her quid, approaches the woman, who aphave a permit.

pears to be dead, and is held in an erect Dick-Your honour, I believe the posture by two of the Turnkeys. Tom fall, and the long time she hung in the rubs her temples, puis part of his me. scales, has killed her.

dicine into her mouth, he then rubs the Sheriff-What, killed? An innocent palms of her hands, and in a few mi. woman killed, and Fogarty who como nutes she shows symptoms of returning mitted murder, spoiled in the hanging aniination. Where shall I turn my face to? What Sheriff-Good fellow, Tom, I shall shall I say to Sir Charles? A rogue give you a dozen of stockings, and get


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