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at a ploughing match ; but the event pudent intrusion, an act of forward. · did not answer the priviledged heroes; ness, to interfere in other men's boste

they were very handsomely resisted— ness. If auch an interpretation is put -, received a good drubbing, and their on this business, it will go to the commanding officer was carried off the world that our interests and the Bri reld, with his arm and jaw broken. tish interests are dissimilar, and respec. In the north of England, the Orange. tively hostile to each other ; and wer: men are rapidly embodying. In North it to be allowed to poison the Irish

Shields, Sunderland, New Castle, and mind, they might be seduced into a . Gateshead, they have, in a newspaper, notion very foreign to the common

The Courantpublished a Syllabus security, that we should follow our of their principles, to which they invite own business, for there is no state of - their loyal brethren, the modern Bris human condition so low, can place tons, to take a share. It is expected. an individual or a nation out of some their organization and numbers will be business ; and, surely, if it is the inso completed, by the first day of the superable fate of man to be interested next shooting term, July the 1st, that in business of some description, sis

they will be ready to serve the official millions of Irishmen thrown with con. · potices on their Catholic neighbours, tempt, out of the business of the entito go to “ Hell or Connaught.” • pire,would be obliged to mind their owg

business. These reflections and comENGLISH ARMY.

parisons may be construed into hostile The Army of England, we do not mai

England, we do not insinuations, by those who are paid to ' mean the Army of that name in France, suppress public animadversion ; but, has been infected with the notion of be

be-no candid man will dare to say, Fe ing independent of Irish assistance, as

· have no cause to be alarmed, when it the officers of two regiments of cavalry

appears to the world, that our Orange have issued an interdiction against ad.

murderers are increasing in numbers, mitting Irishnien. We know a Colo

and in insolence, and that we are in* nel Palmer said something tantamount

punt sulted for offering our services for the

Su to it, in the parliament of Wesunin

common defence. ster, and denied it again on a subse

COURT OF COMMON PLEAS. ' quent debate ; but as there appeared

an irregularity in one line of the gal. On Friday, the 21st of February lant gentleman's statement, or we say a cause came on to be tried before reraction, we are inclined to believe Lord Norbury, in which a person who his first unguarded and unvarnished had borrowed money on certain goods account, 'was correct. In the expla- was Plaintiff ; and a certain Pawnsation, or denial, he said, no London. broker, was Defendant. It appeared ers were received as recruits; though' by the evidence produced by the Plain. it is notorious, many recruiting parties tiff, that he had borrowed, at several were at the moment in London. times, money on various articks of new

The exclusion of the Irish from the Iron Mongery and Hardware. Plain. army, may be an act of policy, as it tiff, in some time, having an opportagoes to prove the empire can do with. nity to dispose of part of the articles, out our services; and it proves that applied to the Defendant for the purthie emancipa:ion we demanded as a re- pose of redeeming, produced the duward for those services, is to be re- plicates in which the description of fused, because it is too much to be ex- them, the amount of the sum bor. Clianged for duties that can be dis rowed, and the time, were mentioned, pensed with. The rejection tends to and made a tender of the principal slow, that our offers to encrease the and interest. The Defendant refused physical force of the army is an im- to deliver any part of the goods,


without the entire were released. As 'stud, until you paid for the whole. the Plaintiff's circumstances would not If such a case were to be tried before allow him to do so only by instal. another Jury, and were I one of the ments,' and as he had a prospect of Jury, I should think myself justified selling particular parts, and could not in finding for the owner of the horses, redeem the entire at one time, by the such damages as he must have sustained · refusal of the Defendant he was pre. by the want of any part of them, withvented disposing of any part. He held by the perverse temper of the brought his action for the amount of 'farrier. The case before you is ex. the injury sustained. The obvious actly similar, and therefore I think 'cruelty of the money-lender, made a you should give the Plaintiff a vera

very evident impression on the Jury ; dict.” 'but a luminious charge by Lord Nor. The Jury, after consulting a few bury put the affair in a very interest- minutes, gave a verdict accordingly. ing point of view,

Lord Norbury. -56 I will, to eluci. · SALE OF THE MAJOR'S LIBRARY. date this question, suppose a case of The prosecution of the Catholic horses, by way of comparisons. Gen. Delegates, the appointment of Larry ,tlemen, you and I know the use and Tighe to Bridewell, and the tedious benefit of horses ; a horse is a noble - instructions delivered Mr. Manning on animal ; its services to the gentlemản, his neiv appointment of Jugsmelling, the farmer, and mechanit, in rural had so occupied his honor, that he was sports and rural economy, have enno- obliged to suspend the sale of his books, bled the horse gentleman above any to the great disappointment of his other animal of the brute creation. literary friends; however, on Tues

A horse is the fleetest of animals ; day, the 14th of April, he resumed he is the handsomest of animals. I the sale, at his rooms in Exchangehave seen a horse that sold for 600 court, which was unusually attended ; guineas. I believe it was Eclipse ; he every persois, a loyal amateur, in would run a mile in a minute. Eclipse town, was present at the auction, ' was one of the swiftest horses on the even Claudius, notwithstanding his re

English 'turf. The worthy foreman cent misfortunes, and to the prejudice has had as good horses as any gende. uf his improvements of Mount Ho* man in Leinster. I know no gen. rish, did not neglect giving dignity to · tleman who has better horses. Sup. the assembly.

pose, gentlemen, that one of you The first volume offered to sale was had six or eight horses sick, and that the military memoirs of Benedict you placed these horses in the hands Arrold, by the pen of Jeremiah of a farrier for the purpose of cure, Fitzhenry, of Ballymacus, County of as this poor Tinman did his wares Wexford, and late a Colonel of the with the Defendant ; suppose one or Irish Guides, in the Frer.ch service; it two of these horses had recovered, 'was knocked down to Doctor Brenan, and that you wished either to ride or who bought it for the Library of Tom sell them, or any of them, as they Reynolds, post Master of Lisbon. were cured ; and for such purpose - Legal advices to gentlemen, how to or purposes you applied to this farrier apply to Grand Juries for redress, for such sound horses, and tendered against vulgar prosecutions by Counfive guincas each, which, suppose, was sellor Guinness, and Mark Magrath, the price agreed on. Gentlemen, two volumes quarto, printed by Geo. could you think it any thing else but Grierson, Poet Laureat to the Farma most egregious fraud, that this ing Society, and printer to his Majesfellow farrier should detain the entire ty, purchased by Mr. Whip-Flog,


for the Society for discountenanc- Turner, and Secretary Murphy; was ing Vice.

bought by Gifard,' for his son's Mr. Mac Nally, the Box keeper's library, in Ceylon. history of the Irish Staye, with an Higtorical and genealogical memoirs appendix on Peter Kear ney's, grid. of the house of Giffard, formerly Foy, iron; one volume octavo, was bought with an exact account of the blood by Surgeon Redmond, for the Dublin they lost, in defence of the constitu. Society.

tion, from actual measurement, bought A book of pamphlets, containing by Mr. Legboard, for the use of the a private account of the arrest of Blue Coat Hospital.. Lord Edward Fitzgerald, by the pen Sermons preached by Kent, the of Larry. The investment and Huxterman, against rebellion and idoplunder of Miles Duigenan's house; latry, before assembled saints, at the by Alderman

A cata. Child Trap, in Delgany. Jogue of paintings and guineas, taken Essays on the cultivation and profits from the house of Tom Braughall, of invisible trees, by the Right Hon. and a list of persons tortured in 1798, Lord Louth, late of Newgate, pur. by loyal Attornies; knocked down chased by Mr. Mathews, of Julian's to Sir Reubens Legboard.

Town, *Doctor Brennan and Major Sirr's Treatise on Barrack Building, and united work, the Milesian Magazine, Pharmacy, by Father Larkin, and to the amount of 400 copies, was Barney Byrne, Apothecary, both of bought by Lundy Foot, for the use Ballinasloe, bought by Doctor Trevor, of his numerous customers

for the Barrack Board. The Duke of Brittle Ware, Pre. Jugsmeller Manning's advice to sident of Murphy's Smoaking Club, youug Police-men, showing the road his celebrated work on pumping silver to fortune, with memoirs of Colonel from the beach of Clontarf, and blow. Alexander, Captains Wilson and Car. ing bottles, without “ raising the leton. The author has proved that wind," sold for two pounds to Mr. a man who understands trap, may one Crucible, the ten,penny maker of day be a Banker, a Colonel, a Knight, Beresford's Bloodhounds.

or a Magistrate-bought by Larry Luke White's (the flying stationer) Tighe, for Major Row-di-dow, address to the Catholic freeholders of History of Mark Magrath's Wind. the county of Dublin, on the ap. mill, on the North-wall, with a partiproaching election, was bought of cular detail of the melancholy catas. Spence, the Soldier, who was sentence trophe which befel it, when it became ed to 1000 lashes, in the county useless; two volumes duodecimo, by Militia, for saying his prayers in the the pen of Alderman ar t manner he knew bast, and with leave was bought for the Globe Insurance of the law.

Company, as a valuable direction to Justice W

's, treatise their Irish affairs. on pike finding, written for the use of Essays on Bird Catching, by Noah Magistrates, in Chapelizod and Tip Wynne, Collector of Dead Gold. perary, was bought by Corporal Bul. finches, to the Dublin Society, and brooks.

Proprietor of the Hungry Country. Select speciments of elocution, from man Phelim, and the big Ox Robin, speeches in the Common Council, exhibited at the Farming Suciety's against popery and pikes, by General last show. Suds, Barber to Chanel-row, and Plans for propagating the English chief of the Police army, of the northa Gospels in foreign parts, and reducing 220 Bradogues edited by Doctor the 's Superabundant Population of



Ireland," humbly dedicated to Earl on Mrs. Huddlestone, who was in Grenville, by a member of the Man: imminent danger-an attack on her chester Bible Society, Serjeant in the constitution, by three pints of burnt Manchester Local Militia, and one of brandy. The Doctor happening to the armed 39 Civilizers, stationed near dive the same day with the Tastamena Finglas, for the preservation of the tary Captain, succeeded by an ingeni. peace, and for distributing useful know- ous vómit, excited by a new invented ledge among the mere Irish

medicine to draw off the brandy, Hints for disposing of the Canal leaving the sugar and water in the Breakers, with plates annexed, expla- gentle tenement, which restored the natory of the work, showing various lady in a few minutes to her reason, plans of travelling gibbets, by William and family. The agitation of her jaws Dickinson, Gallows Engineer to the threatened the loss of the teeth, but Corporation of Dublin.

this misfortune was prevented by Anecdotes of the Brenan's, Pringes thrusting a pocket edition of the goše of idoagh, found in the linings of Mrs. pels bound and gilt, into her mouth, Brenan's petticoats, by the offeer who to oppose the dental conyulsion; this removed her body to the dead room, book was bought by Corporal Bulthe morning after her death in Channel brooks. row, The Wrestling Docter pre. A new system of political Arithme. sented this valuable book of his family tie, by Doctor Brennan ; the author's history to the Major, on the evening principal object in this work, goes to he negociated with his honor, for blow. prove, that, the Patriot of Mount ing up Cox's Magazine.

Jerome owes nothing of his immense Doctor Brenan's schedule of his do fortune to state affairs ; that the Cao' mestics, his two children, and one tholic orator done nothing to encrease eyed womaan servant, which he exhibit: his fortune, that is not within the ed to his friends, as an apology for not power of any honest man. He retired fighting Doctor Drumgoole. The twenty-four years ago, with twenty Wrestling M. D. has such an objection thousand pounds, and by spending it' to gun-powder, he made up this argu- to maintain a large family, support an ment to avoid it, that a man who has expensive table, and elegant equipages, a family ought not to fight.

has bought eight chousand pounds a A list of cures performed by Doc year, payable out of estátěs, purchased tor Brenan- this little volume is writ. in Connaught and Fingal. The Doc. ten by the Prince of Idoagh, in his tor is very severe, in the third chapter, best style of Broadstone language, and page 210, on the foolish fellows who was presented to the Major, as proofs were hanged or exparriated, instead of of the author's skill in the art of healmaking fortunes ; this is the prize ing, when he aspired to be Health piece, for which the good oli orator Qfficer to the Battalion of Testimony, settled on the Doctor one blue surtout, as part of the honours promised .him payable every Christmas. This trea. for assisting Huddlestone to convict tise was bought by a young Brewer in Doctor Sheridan, Thomas Kirwan, the Liberty and Lord Fingall. The Doctor in Elegant Extracts, collected by the dedication to his Honor, assures Doctor Brenan, 'to assist Captain him that he has discovered a plaister Huddlestone to stand a cross-examia so powerful in its operation, as to be tion on the trials of the Catholics : sufficiend to cure a broken leg in they are principally abridged from simi: twenty minutes ; in a manuscript ap- lar state trials in the reign of Charles pendix, he recites a wonderful case, a the 114. Titus Dates best manner cure performed in the Sheriff's Prisorr, is correctly given, and Bedloes all..


together, without any abridgment. Mr. Mathew's Poem, in three canHe includes Bridge's evidence against tos, on the capture and imprisonment Father Sheey, Lawler's against Hart of Lord Louth. This little work is and Kennedy, Conlan the Apothecary so descriptive of rural scenery, and the of Dundalk, against his own cousins, happy manner the poet sings of invi. down to Tom Reynolds and Cap- sible trees, is so striking, that He was tain Armstrong. The notes are in- encouraged to offer it to the Dublin geniously marked, and the selections Society for their patronage ; but, as it judicious and well arranged : in short, reflected severely on an illustrious Peer, they completed the Captain's studies, they refused it, if the objectionable and armed his mind so well, that he passages were not struck out. It was defied the Bar to make out one con: knocked down to a person, who it is tradiction in his testimony. The apprehended was a pikeman, supposed Doctor has the Captain's promissory to have bought it for treasonable purnote for thirty pounds, payable in poses. " three years, for his eminent piece of A catalogue of pictures and me assistance.

dals, gathered by the Majors in 1798, Proceedings of the Farming Socie. with an appendix of Hay, Corn, ty, in manuscript, in which the letters Boots and Broad-cloths, exchanged of Correspondents, to the Secretary, in the Provost prison, bought by Mr. exhibit a well digested summary of Dix, for the Library of the Farming the policy and humanity of the insti. Saciety. ; tution. One very, excellent letter from The several speeches of Messrs. the Reverend William Nassau, of En. Plunket and Hutchinson in the Insh niskillen, gives a copious account of Parliment, demanding the immediate the means he has successfully used for execution of Arthur O:Connor, Coun. the extirpation of the superabundant seller Emmet, and Doctor" M'Nevin, population' in his parsonage, where he with a supplement of one of Mr. Plunsubstituted a good and tractable race ket's, threatening England if she perof hogs and oxen ; and in a district sisted in forwarding the Union. To formerly inhabited by men, his patro. this is added Mr. Plunket's Affidavit, nage and example have so 'prevailed, denying any intimacy with any of the that it is expected 400 bullocks will be family of Mr. Emmet-bound in one fattened this year, equal in size and wolume quarto. i i form, to any ever shown at the Farming Lord Louth's Reflections on taste Institution, Summer-T-Iill.

and economy, written in Newgate.Lectures on Priest-killing, read to a The invention of a roll call, or an acnumerous society of Orange murderers count of bread left at breakfast ; and in Mountrath, in the course of the last the wisdom of numbering and endors. shooting season : they breathe loyal ing his eggs, to prevent the peculation inţelligence and patriotic piety. The of servants, is so judiciously original, Reverend Author, Mr. Muzzlefriar, that the first impression sold rapidly; has been promoted to the rich living of and we believe this copy is the only one Timbriho, and to the magistracy, us that ever appeared at auction. rewards for his Apostolic Economy and Piety.

CATHOLIC BOARD. Justice Wm's Directions to his Lieutenant Halpin, for finding pikes The Catholic Board have voted a in Tipperary. This book was sold by Silver Cup, valde one hundred Guraụction, at the last fair of Palmers- neas, to the Hon. Captain Stanhope. town, at the enormous price of thirtyWe are ashamed of the weakness, guineas.

scmetimes visible in Catholic Councils.

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