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Jaws, the Barber, on the danger to' in Newgate, three years. A man's be apprehended from the progress of misfortunes, like his successes, may Popery, by the alarm justly occasioned owe their existence and perpetuity on the detection of a Popish school. to very trivial circumstances. Overmaster, exercising his unlawful occu. whelmed with odium and infamy, the pation, in the village of Rathcoole, companions of his former days forin the year 1726. He married a sook him ; his expulsion as a represister of the late Alderman Sir An. sentative of the Common Council, was thony King, Tin man of Cook-st. se moved and carried, and not one ad. celebrated for making candlesticks, vocate appeared to interpose, or to and for his military skill in taking of shield him from the reproach and misUMBRAGE, in the year 1779. fortune to which he was abandoned. With this accomplished lady, he During his continement his father.inreceived a marriage portion of thirty law died, and his wife, who ought to pounds, two feather-beds, and a quire sustain bis hopes and mitigate his, of Kilkenny blankets, and was ap. misfortunes, perhaps the victim of pointed Ironmonger to Newgate, a poverty, listened to the voluptuous place then vacant by the death of addresses of Barbolt, the Sheriff's Mr. Sheriff Mousetrap, who was Bailifi, and to him resigned her honor, killed at a Bullbeat, in the Tenter. by sacrificing her duty as a wise. The frelds, formerly part of the estate of accumulated mischiefs that now surthe priory of St. Thomas, a property rounded opr friend, were supportable, vested by the illustrious Wife Butcher, as the kindness of his fellow-prisoners, Henry the VIII. in the family of and the constant succession of them Brabazon, the representative of which that daily came in as candidates for now commands the celebrated Liberty exhibition at Stephen's-green, furnishRangers.

ed 'such a circulation of novelty and His ingenuity ard industry in the dissipation, that the days went insene manufacture of neck yokes ard sibly over, in riot and pleasure ; but fetters, with his other business, enabled when the infidelity of his wife reached him to cut a very fashionable figure his ears, with the course taunts and among the proudest of municipal of. jokes of his iron-mounted companions, ficers, and gave the most flattering so aggravated his condition, that he hopes that he would one day arrive to took the resolution of hanging him. the honours of the Lord Mayor's chain; self at his own expense. He provided but the caprice of fortune, that plays a rope, prepared the doose, from with the brightest prospects, and ob. frequent tying specimens of Tom scures the fairest character, tricked Meighan's, who then occupied the our hero from the high road of honor. place of executioner, and when he able distinction. He, unwittingly, thought his fellow-prisoners were deep though otherwise praise-worthy, in- to the chin in their whiskey methers, cautiously purchased from a committee he stole off, to take his departure to of chapel robbers, which a loyal man the region of spirits. After adjusting would now only consider a Society for the rope to a staple on the stairs, by propagating the Gospel, a collection the aid of a stool, he got his head of Bronze figures of the saints, stolen through the loop, and was just from a Friary in Cook-street, and in finishing the first kicking, when Mrs. defiance of the duties of allegiance Meighan, who was mounting the steps which every Judge of British many. with an additional charge of spirits for facture ought to possess, he was the company, struck her head violently convicted of being an accessary, and against the breast of poor Limberlip. was sentenced o wear his own belts Her screams brought the merry gentle.

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men to laer assistence, and fortunately, the past quarter, when a person sa. in the nick of time to prevent the luted him with the pleasing intelligence, finale of the catastrophe. They in., that his pardou was obtained from the stantly cut down the dangling Lord Lieutenant through the interpo vicum ; and after a little time he sition of the Lord Mayor, who had was persuaded to reconcile himself to taken a particular interest in his suf. life, forget his rib, and bury the ferings, as hiş Lordship, who had rehistory of his mischances in another ceived his education in one of the round of his country liquid. The Charter-schools, where the pupils on night went briskly round, and the in- the establishments are carefully charged trusion of Aurora, who stole between with those parts of parliamentary the many tiered bars, found our heroes christianity, that declared popery and yet at the festive bowl, nor was it until property should not be united in the the Sheriff rapped at the gates, desir. same person, and under iis operatioo, ing the attendance of Ned Sweeny, one the law of forfeiture extended so far, of the company, on an excursion to that a papist dare not possess a horse King William, agreeable to the advice worth more in value than five pounds, of twelve shopkeepers, that broke up' The good Lord Mayor, who had the the happy meeting. Ned, after whis- advantages of this theological and popering to a clergyman, putting on a litical instruction, though much to the clean shirt, and shoving his night-cap prejudice of other literary acquirements, into his pocket, shook hands with as to be such a slow haud at reading, Limberlip, and his other lamenting that he generally spent a week getting mates, slid down the stairs, and was through one newspaper. He could handed into a cart by Mr. Robinson, not, however, reconcile to himself, that the High Constable, who, at that a loyal citizen should be immured in a period, acted as gentleman usher on prison, for stealing copper saints, when such occasions. He was now on the the law, that suppressed idolatry, ex. third year of his probation, in which tended to the very confiscation of time he witnessed many events in hụ. popish horses. In a few days our man affairs, and had much experience hero was restored to society, and to in the unadorned history of his many enable him to poise the constitution in fellow-lodgers. He saw them flourish church and state, his bepevolent patroo in all the gaiety and heedlessness of had him appointed one of his advance youth, and he saw them depart like men, to bcar a long pole before his the vapour before the sun ; and yet, Lordship ou all public occasions. an intimacy with such lessons and mis. 5. After the expiration of the Lord fortunes, had no effect in diminishing Mayor's year, he was some time upem. in him the fear of death ; perhaps the ployed, tut was fortuate enough to lesson of hanging he gave himself, had distinguish himself in the suppression the effect of giving hin a most decided of a riotous mob, who issued from the aversion to this mode of extinction, Earl of Meath's Liberty, into the city, for iņ no case of his subsequent expe for the purpose of wreaking their res.. rience, could he be persuaded to em. gcance on such shops as exposed Eng. bark in any adventure, either for re- lish manufactures for sale, which at venge or profit, that had a shadow of that time, as it is now, was carried to hanging at the tail of it.

such an extremity, tha: more than He was one morning, about Shrove- twenty thousand of the manufaciuriog tide, sitting at the fire, assisting poor, in the Liberty, were starving. Meighan, the hangman, to make out The exasperated insurgents were ad. his accounts to furnish on the Sheriff, vancing in great numbers, with an infor various picces of.w01 k done during tention of paying a visit to the Parlia.

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ment then sitting, and to wreak part suppression of superstitious meetings, of their vengeance on the Legislating and checking the superabundant poPatriots, to whom they very justly pulation. He distinguished bimself at ascribed the prevailing influence of the celebrated massacre of Tallon'sEnglish interest, which extinguished town," in the year 1793, when 160 domestic industry. Limberlip, by poor men and women were cut to some means obtained a knowledge of pieces while they were saying their the destination of the hungry weavers, prayers. His abhorrence of popery and with a vigilance which should and rebellion, which he saw extending govern every man, who admires the to an alarming degree over the coun.. happy connexion, he communicated try, was greatly encreased by the ju. the affair to Sheriff James, a gentleman dicious arrangements made by lis Pa, since much distinguished by his igno. tron, for the conviction of the higher, rance and loyalty. The Sheriff, as all ranks of Catholics, in proper time, lest Sheriffs of Castle Manufacture should they might, on some future occasion, do, gave the alarm to his masters in : become leaders of the disaffected. the Castle; the entire garrison were The plan for hanging gentlemen of called out, and a dissolution of the up. this description, in time, was submitted right legislature, by vulgar hands, was to his inspection ; and after maturely happily prevented ; a sufficient crowd considering the weight and number of of examples strewed the streets, by his materials, he digested a part of it, some well-directed fires, which termin on a small scale, in so handsome a nated this. unpleasant affair. This manner, as to be highly approved by. eminent piece of service was rewarded, his friend ; and it was settled, that by by making our friend a door-keeper to the way of experiinent it should be. 'that House of Commons he contri. reduced into activity. A very playbuted to save, and was decorated with sible opportunity offered, at this time, the Greyhound by the hands of the to give public character to the medi. patriot Mr. Foster. "" ; i tated measures. An established priest

of the name of Butler, had much dis. His new condition, as an Undertinguished himself in the capacity of member in the Irish Senate House, af. Man-hunter and Man:sorter, which forded a means of living much superior begat ce provoked a kind of re-actioa to any thing he experienced since the in bis ragged adversaries, who very period of his entrance into New-gate, brutally shot him one summer's ever. He now saw company, figured in the ing as he was returning from one of loyal associations formed for resisting his works of mercy. The alarm on the claims of the Papists and the sys. 'this occasion was as loud and enlarged tem of National Union recommended as the nature of the case demanded, by the Presbyterians, became so dis- and immediately Mr. Limberlip and tinguished among the lower ranks of his friend, put their little machinery Statesmen of the British Schools, that into motion. Three Catholic Merhe was frequently employed during chants in Dragheda, Messrs. Bird, the recess to sound the people in the Hamill, and Delahide, and an eminent north of Ireland, and collect their opi. inhabitant of Navan of the name of nions, in a registry for the purpose, Fay, were arrested and imprisoned for which he deposited monthly in the shooting tize Constitutional ClergyHead Department of Espiouage esta, man. The alarm on the popish 'side blished at COLLON. He even acted was as great, but more serious, as the in a military character on several oc. one on the other, because they saw tho casions, when any of the armed force real drift, and were in possession of the was ordered into actual service, for the real secret, and dreaded the revival of

aucient ancient and established practices, for engaged as an evidence at several court justifying confiscations and executions. martials, against imputed rebels, and It went on as they predicted; the conducted himself on such occasions, Drogheda Gentlemen were brought to with singular accuracy. His merits trial, for the forms were not yet dis. were appreciated in every disturbed pensed with ; Limberlip was catechis. county in Ireland, and such a favorite ed, and drilled as chief Book.hand, was he with the late Earl of Ennisand nothing but the interposition of killen, that he was appointed with Providence could have saved the un. Wooloughan, the Boy-killer, to a place fortunate men of being hanged for the of emolument in the county of Ferma. murder, for Limberlip had his proofs nagh. At the time the Irish ParliaSó well arranged, that no human pre- ment adjourned to Westminster, after caution could succeed in diverting him whipping and sclling their constituents. from his game.

He was allowed his salary during ble; Unfortunately for the credit of the and Mr. M'Clelland, one of the mem. accusers, poor Limberlip, a few days bers wbo voted on the occasion, was before the Assizes, was handing the made a judge, lady of Mr. into her carriage, at the west entrance of the House of

When it became necessary in the Commons, and was on the point of opinion of the Orangemen of Mount. fastening the coach door, when the rath, to have a Priest-killer in that horses cave a violent plunge, which ancient and loyal town, Limberlip can. threw him down, and the hind wheels vassed for the appointment, and on passed over him and broke his thigh,

me and broke his thich the 12th of July, being the first day The complicated nature of the fracture

of the summer shooting Term, 1799, was so great, that little hopes were he was elected into office. It was he entertained of his recovery.

planned the attack on the Rev. Mr.

Duane's house, the P. P. of Mount. Every body knows a man of the rath, in the year 1808, and were it not name of Grimes was the evidence on for the alarm given, by a blunderbuss the day of trial, and that Grimes was belonging to one of the party going so great a dupce, that on his cross- off, the killing would have been done examination by Mr. Curran, he con- in the Priest's bed-room. Mr. Duane tradicied bis direct testimony, and even took the alarm and escaped out of one acknowledged the swearing costume of the windows ; crossed the river, conhe appeared in, to give dignity to his cealed himself in a potatoe field, and character, was given to him by Mr. died of the cold and fright in two - History will, one day, give days after. the name in full ; but, as we do not want to be hanged, we must suppress Limberlip fired several well-direcied it. The prisoners were acquitted and shots at the Priest, while in the river, discharged; and as Grimes might be but to the great injury of his charactelling tales if he lived, he was tried ter, as a purple marksman, without Like Father Sheey, for killing a man any effect, who is yet alive ; and was hanged ac. cordingly.

Mr. Limberhip is now in town, on · Limberlip's health 'was not perfect. a consulcation with the Battalion of lo restored for nearly two years ; how. Testimony, and dines every day with aver, his pay went on, and ve sivyose Doctor Brennan and Captain Huddlefrom his erbsequent services, that he stone, at Comfort Lodge, the seat of did not neglect bis parliamentary, and the present Commander of the Sandyocher state duties--for we bond be was myuk Army.

To Doctor Brennan. you have occupied them with your

iwo favourites, John Keogh and Major
Nothing but the solicitations of my Sirr.
friends, could induce me to a corres. To say you are the admirer and
pondence with a man, who already is friend of Sirr, would be enough to
so infamous in the well-grounded opi. consign you to infamy, for a man must
nion of his persecuted countrymen. be no ordinary villain that would asso.

Like Titus Oates, your precursor, ciate with, and hire himself to a peryou have disgraced the profession son, the very sound of whose name, to which you belong, and the Carho- or the imputation of existing by his lic religion in which you were edu- friendship, would freeze the blood of cated ; certainly you did not appear any wretch not entirely so deep in on the table of a Court of Justice, guilt, as to despise the opinion of the swearing to the existence of ima- public, the duty he owes to his God, ginary treasons to convict your iono- and the allegiance due to his country. cent brethren, but you must acknow. . The occupations of spy and de. ledge you collected, the game and nunciator might be taken by you hunted in the same couple, with your through necessity, which the indi. fellow Bloodhound Huddlestone ; you gence brought on by being rejected brought your victims to the Bar, by your profession, might tempt you who owe their lives, not to want to undertake ; for hunger is sometimes of ingenuity or industry on your part, excusable ; but you would be a canbut to the laws, that have no power to 'nibal, you would have blood, and in levy the penalty of death for the of your selections you would pluck the fences you charged them with. priest from the altar, and the parent

The season of death has passed from his infants ; 'ard yet there are away ; had you embarked into public other offences still greater, that make speculatio , in 1797, or 1798, you up the climax of your iniquity. Hunger would have immortalized the name of might make you hire yourself against Brennan in the calamities of your Catholicity and your country, but no. country; you would have outstripped thing but the most abandoned hear, the Reynold's and Armstrong's in and the most demoniac ferocity could your revenge, and your avidity for reconcile you to a monster, whose chagain. Ireland you would have con racter may be thus concisely described: verted into a church-yard, and at this He burnt the Widoro Ratigan's day, your friends Keogh and Sirr, house, and - < it." would not have one Irishman but your. Thank God, you and your patron self to write their eulogiums.

are disarmed, by the general tranquil. You have embarked in a recent pub- 'lity of the country, The informing lication as a public writer ; in this office, like the temple of Janus, is shut, new piece you are as unfortunate, as in and your literary talents are so conplans against the honor and liberty of temptible, that nothing but the bru. your Catholic brethren ; you turned tality of your ideas could procure one public accuser, after the gallows had reader, even among the ruffians in been sated with victims ; you now be. whose service you are enlisted. come author, with as little claim to I know you are not hurt in your talents, as you have to shame or hu- own opinion, by the infamy of your manity.

life, because you are candid enough to You avow yourself the friend of publish part of it, and therefore I neiSirr, and I do say you are his agent of ther mean to convert you, nor make the police ; you have but two niches you unhappy, because the want of in your Literary Temple, and already shame, and the pride you take in



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