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tn countenance the Catholics. The understanding, having occurred be.

eminence and resources of England tween those two great public func· must be of a permenance and extent, tionaries; Leahy, the Barber, and

unknown to. us, and very different his intimate friend Mr. M.Nally, the from the public accounts we have of Box keeper. It appears from some the rapid decline of buth, that could intercepted correspondence in the hand warrant such an adventurous flight of writing of the Shaver, and Mac, in arrogance into futurity. It is this our hands, that Leahy had been the fatal spirit of pride, and an unsubstan- active patron of the playman, whenever tial parade of strength and confidence, his benefit play was announced, by that has burried so many monarchs recommending and retailing the tickets from their thrones. . It was the Peron the very best terms possible. In

cevals, of the houses Austria, Spain, return for such useful services, Leahy - Prussia, &c. 'who concealed from was promised the care of all the checks

those unfortunate sovereigns, the real on the establishment, and even the state of affairs, external and internal, two belonging to his Canvass Majesty, until the illusion was dispersed by a Frederick the 1st. But the hopes of conquering invader, within the walls Leahy have been very ungenerously of their respective capitals ; with these dissipated, by a late decree of his

awful events before his eyes, this Per- Majesty, interdicting the entrance of i ceval and his vile persecuting satellites, Irish mountebanks, horses, or ariifi

assures his bigotted and avaracious cers, into his dominions, which ex. countrymen, that, he will secure the tends in full force to Leahy, as it country against any event which the appears, a special order was writlen agitation of Ireland, and the force of upon the stage door, in the form of a the confederated world can possibly proclamation, signed by Frederick produce. No .thinking or rational himself, and countersigned by M•Nally, being who reads the vapouring inter- expressly against the admission of diction, but must treat it with the Leahy, his suds, or razors. This contempt such folly deserves. act of ingraticude, and breach of

promise, has so justly irritated the Important Extracts from News

barber, thai, he carries the gilt head papers.

of his pole, which he unscrewed from ENGLISH PROSPERITY. its stem, concealed under his coat, for

the purpose of beating the brains out Mr. Creevy in the House of Com- of his former friend. In the course mons lately stated, that, the paupers of the last week, Leahy attended each in Liverpool had encreased from day at dinner hour, at the house of 8,000, to 15,000 : the non-importa. the deputy functionary, for the pur. ton law cf the United States, is not pose of carrying his treason into effect, such a mere bagatelle, as the enemies but, Mr. Mac fortunately did not of freedom have maliciously in sinuated, dine at home any day in the week, it' operates among the generous having so many invitations on hands, Britons, as fatally as war, without any from John Bourne, Esq. of William. of the dignity of war; it starves the street, Mr. Hetherington, Deputy to gentlemen and ladies instead of shuot. the Master of the Rolls, Peter Kear. ing them.

ney, Mr. Bradbury, Lord Mountjoy,

Phill. Tracy, Jerry Barret and Denny SERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCE.

Redmond: which acts of hospitality The neighbourhoods of the Theatre fortunately saved his scull and his Royal, and Duke-lane, have been farder, until a more favorable opportumuch agitated, by an unpleasant mise nity. • FOR A PRIL, 1812, Vol. V.


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Papists shoot, for one evident reator Father Larkin, of Ballinasloe is because the law and the English made mentioned as contractor for building Gentlemen, will not allow any mers a very extensive barracks, to be crect.

Irishman to have arms. If equal jused in the town of Mud Island, near

tice were administered, why should the city of Dublin, for the purpose

not murder be prevented on one side, of preventing the Dairy men lately

as it is on the other ? The prescribimported from Wicklow, of carrying

ed Papist never shoots as he dare not on the Hardware business of Pike

have shooting materials, nor would making, to the prejudice of the Shef- the Orangeman shoot if he were subfield cutlers, the happy connexion, 'ject to the like interduction. There. and to the existence of order in fore the boasted equality of rights, church & state.so happily established, at is absurd, because no man is murderthe glorious revolution, by the Dutch ed but a Papist, and no man COD. patron saint of the Priest killers, of mits murder but an Orangeman ; * Mountrath. Father Garret, during would appear by the present order of his absence on this business, bas it in things, that the game is one descripcontemplation to appoint' his friend lion, and the sportsmen another, and Barney the clyster Engineer his agent, as the one is authorised to have arms, to receive all the cows in the dispen- and the other is denied them, its sary of Ballinasloe, and all fees and not the ruffian who shoots, that is the rents payable by said cows, during criminal, but those who furnishes bia their temporary entertainment, until

with the weapon. they resume their travels to their Eng “HELL OR CONNAUGHT." Jish destination. Father Garret has The Orange committee of Papist registered a vow he made with Barney, killers, who were to be tried and by which he engages if the Mud Is- unhanded

unhanged a la Hall, at the late assizes land works are productive, to build a

of Cavan, have had the legal investi

of Car handsome steeple and belfrey on the gation put off to another day. This parish Chapel of their native town.

judicous arrangement enables the es. "This act of piety, has been read to

terminators to continue to recruit the the hungry congregation oa last Sun.

American armies, and to increase the day and produced as much joy, as if funds of the Northern grave diggers. they were entercained with the novel

Instead of going to Hell or Coa. ainusement of seeing an Orangemant naught,' according to the Orange executed for killing a mere Irishman. statutes, enacted by the Bayonet Par.

ENNISKILLEN PAPIST KILLERS. liaments of Armagh, Enniskillen and · At the late assizes of Enniskillen,

Mountrath, the proscrilet Ido. the murderers of the boy Mourvour. ia o 3, who are so fortunate as to nagh were tried and all acquited.

escape the Musquel Judges, ship The defence tet up, (for a defence,

themselves for America, to get the was acted on the occasion to give a

bounty of sixteen dollars and 160 deceni appearance to things,) that some acres of land, given by Congress for persons. Ged musket shots, but the marching to Quebec. Jury did not believe that the men

EQUAL JUSTICE. accused, were the shooters who killed The Catholic pamphleters, say the the boy. It appears from this trial, Catholics have not justice administered as it uniformly did heretofore on the to them, as it is to the more privi. frequent trials of this description, leged or governing part of the Irish that only Orangemen are minsquet community. This we acknowledge wen, because it never appears that is r ot true in many cases, for instance.

il a Catholic commits a murder he to be, on his owo mantle piece in" znis exhorted in a bar sermon and hanged, Pye Corner, and his noble friends in .

this must be admitted is doing the Marino. Es Catholic justice. In hanging affairs,

MR. BRADBURY. . * the Catholic has even more justice rent than the Orangeman, as the Orange

The taste and judgment of the

Irish public, appear to wear some deman murders Papists, and is never

gree of rationality in their notions of di honoured by the justice of the law,

theatrical entertainments. They were if hanging is an act of justice, it is the Orangeman who has the best right

so indifferent within the last fifteen

years, about the manners of managers et to complain.

& their vagrants, that they submitted to : MOUNT HORISH.

the grossest contempt, with which those Our riding house correspondnet professors were in the habit of treate' assure us the ci de vis proprietor of ing audiences. Horses and ignorant the whipping establishment in Mal- tumblers were substituted for men, borough-green, is, to the prejudice and genius, and instruction, wers of his Magisterial functions, busily banished from the stage; a poney or engaged preparing his new establish a Pradbury were commanding full

ment, for the amusement of his fellow houses, where once a Barry or a 3 citizens. The pleasure walks are Mossop charmed the ear of taste, and * nearly completed, and the orchestra, improved the mind. The late benefit W gallery is ready for gilding. The of Bradbury, justify us in saying the

singing hall has been tried by the voe public delusion which gave to brutes, *cal powers of Mr. Spray, who has what should be given to men of ge.

declared the echo will be unparalleled, nius, has partly disappeared. This as soon as the croppy sculls, are in benefit play produced not more than serted in the walls, to complete it, as 1301, which is 3701, less than the quick as possible, the Orange Lodge, one of the preceding season; Mr. of which Mr. Rafferty is President, Bradbury may storm and damn “the have agreed to bestow the silver Hirish,for the declining value of mounted cup made of Mr. Wade's his worth in their opinion, but, we head, late of Rathfarnham, to expe. hope, the polished Briton's indignawhite the works, but the stories ma. tion will not terrify the public, from liciously fabricated that triangles and withdrawing their patronage from the whips are to be in stucco orna. stage, until a more decent regard to ments, in the breakfast and supper their quinion shall drive horses, and rooms, we are desired to say, are erro. two legged savages into their proper , neous, as the proprietor is determined, places, the stable or the work house. that, no visible marks of such mate. We know Mr. Jones must have an riads of Irish history, will be intro, equal contempt for our judgment, as he duced, either to gratify the whipping has for our capacities, but, we ought visitors, or to frighten the whipped to teach him by neglect of his mumones. They report that the portraits mery, that we have spirit and patriot.. of Lord Charlemont, and his rival ism enough, to chast:se a man who William Horish the Chimney sweeper seeks our support, while he avowedly were to be in fresco on the wal s. are despises our taste. He has such a pre. also unfounded, as these two heroes, vailing abhorrence of Irish ability, it 18 understood had previously agreed, that, he would not entruse the meane: t they should never be in company e office on his stage. to any native of ther here, there, or hereafter. Ho. this country, and so apparently conush's picture is to remain as it ought vjąced at the degenerate condition of


Irish taste, that, he imports none of the Vine Yard, and of considerable the beasts and vagrants of the favored eloquence, who was written down country, but those whose capacities among the next hatch of preaching are of the cheapest kind. If our Saints, for the conversion of the wild country and our feelings are to be the Irish, was stopped on his journey subject of sarcasm and obloquy, from on the 19th of March, by the Hangthe conscious power, which a mono- man, of the County of Kent, and exepoly of the stage places in one man, cuted, having been convicted at the why hesitate in vindicating ourselves, Assizes, of attempting to poison two by refusing to be the architecis of his boys, his brothers-in-law, by adminis. fortune, by leaving his house, histering sublimate in a pound of fiuwer, gang and troops, to the chastisement which he gave them to eat as a pud. of empty benches,

ding. At the place of execution he KILLING OFF.

acknowledged his guilt, and preaclied

a very well formed sermon, to a numeBy a disposition manifested by two rous assemblage of his former hearers, Colonels of Cavalry, since the Regent and many of his fellow labourers, to has been enabled to assume the intire whoin le recommen ied to prepare powers of Government, it appears the for the intended expedition to Ireland. Irish are not to be admitted in future for the purpose of destroying idolatry, into either of these two regiments. If and overturning the dominion of the this military excommunication unfor. beast mentioned in the Rerelations. tunately extends to the whole of the The second Apostle, was a mau, Army, it must defeat the object of who for more than forty years, was the Earl Grey, drawing off, or killig astonishment and pride of the new off, our superabundant population.- navigators to glory. He lived at Though the Orangemen are recruiting Truro, in Cornwall, at the period which rapidly in Ireland, Scotland and Eng: terminated his mortal mission, the 16th land, we are not afraid to say, that of February, but being apprehensive their entire numbers, or the most in- of a prosecution for the English vice, dustrious application of their shooting be thought it better to avoid tbe trun. system, cannot be equal to the killing ble of a trial, and save the county the oit, to the extent required. They expences of iudicial investigation, fung may diminish considerable quantities of himself into the river, from whence his our old Men, and Women, and Chil

body was taken the next day. He dren, but we warn them, not to sport left his hat and watch in good con. with our Irish youth, least extermina- dition on the banks of the stream, for tion should anticipate extermination. the generous purpose of defraying the And as to the measure even were it

costs of his funeral. carried to any extent, the domestic murderers cannot possibly accomplish CONVICTION OF MALEFACTORS. the object to the necessary extent, as

The anxiety of the English, for the no system can compleat the object so radically as that of Foreign War and

conviction of malefactors in their owa Foreign Climates.

country, may be tolerably understood

by the immense crowds that attended DEATH OF TWO MISSIONARIES.

ARIES. at Cambridge, on the 12th of Marc'h, Two of the British Civilizers, who for the purpose of hearing thie trial of occasionally visit the country, in the a man of the name of Dawson, chargcharacter of Preachers, have lately de. ed with poisoning a horse. This af. parted this life. One of the name of fcctation of refinement of manners and Whiting, a man of great industry in abhorrence of cruelty, is ridiculous and


1. criminal. While the same cood peo. HUNGER WILL BREAK THROUGH

STONE WALLS. ple exress not the least sentinent of horror at any of the frequent, and 113. The English Mlitia is in motion, to merous murders of the Irish peasantry; defend the Grand and Royal Canals, perpetrated by the Anglo Orange ex. in Ire and from the depredations of the terminators. Suffering horses call starving peasantry, and the Liish Mi. forward more English sympathy ihan litia are in active scavi e; England, to enffering man. The Irish peasant interpose between the hungry Hasiers continues to be considered of less value of Nuttingham and the new frames, than an English brute. The monsters the supposed causes of theirabstinence. who betray or nou der iis are patron. We are not surprised at the discou. ised. Tom Reyncids. Captain Huid- ragement reading is created with in dlestone, Shields, Browne, and Hall, England, and the severe penalties en.' have been promoted ani sived, while acted by English Legislators, against the parents and children of the man any person of the popish religion, who they destroyed, are begging their taught such necromancy in Ireland. bread, or beating the enemies of proud Had the weaving savages learned to Britain. This perversion of religion read, they would not have wreaked and dominicn, that justifes murder and their hungry vengeance on Juinb mavindicates brutes, that burns the cot; chinery, they would have been more tage and protects the stable, is so just in sheir executione, and by tracing gross and so vile, that we do not hesi. up the real cause to the “no Popery" tale to say, vengeance from some Government, that destroys industry quarter, must teach and punish the hy eternal war, have gone up to patrons of such unparalelled tyran. London according to law, not by ny.

representative delegates but in aggre.

gate bodies. In point of education · IRISH SOLDIERS.

le Canal breakers, have the advantage In the English Parliament last of the frame breakers, as the latter month, it appeared in debate, that or cannot read. The Irish peasant knows ders exist in particular regiments of intimately that Canal making, was a cavalry, that no Irishmen should be trick to direct the public inind from

admitted. The 10th, or Prince of an intercourse with the mercantile 6 Wales' Hussare, and the 15th, com world, they see that the Canals are

manded by Mr. Giffards, intimate finished, that misery and idleness linger friend the Duke of Cumberland, are on the banks of the neglected waters, two of the Corps mentioned. We and that bankruptcy and ruin, are the suppose it is not thair religion or loyé only returns the credulous proprietos alty; that preclude Irisbmen suchh pe had, for their wasted properties. distinguished honor. It must be at. After having, ruined those unhappy tributed to an old English statute of men, they are riow contributing to E iward II which directs, under a starve the wreiches who eternally b-' serere penalty, that the Irish should sarve in the vicinity, by the facility shave their upper lips. Were they they give to the exportation of the indulged with admission into those two necessaries of life, to the people of regiments, they would have violated Wales, Lancashire, Staffordshire and this shaving act of Parliament, by re- Scotland. They see, that while for suming their ancient barbarous cus- reign artificers, who by their bigh toms, az a pair of whiskers are an io- wares, are allowed to be competitors dispensible part of the Hussar cos in Ireland, with its peasantry, for our tume.

provisions, the Irish must always want


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