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Captain Huddlestone, of his De pro fect and exaggerrted picture of our fundis attachments; and thirdly, wrongs, the vengeance of history is Larry must have the concurrence of precluded of its justice, and the patriot the corporation, where his honor the is dishonored in the page that immor. Major, has just as much interest as talizes the assasin. Thus inverted order Watty Cox has in the councils of the and proscribed liberty, hare no meComb.maker, Counsellor Hare, Jug. moria's but the memory of the living, smelling Manning, and Corporal Bul. and the incorrect credulity of oral tes. brooks: as to the Major, he may be timony ; the stranger reads our his. elevated to the rank of Privy Counsel. tory, written by the persecutor, and a lor, because Mr. Perceval is a corpo- nation becomes disfigured in the anration in himself, and may do an actuals of the world. Lord Edward is out of policy and fear, to conciliate drawn by the same hands that betrar. his honor, who, as Mr. Curran said on ed his blood, and his countiy, and the trial of Jeminy, threatened to nog- Larry and his Major find panegyrists lect the state, if the state neglected risinr crery lour, from the ruins of a HIM.

country, oiher Musgraves and Tern. Lariy may be a man who is under ples are to record our manners, and stood by his honor, to be fitted to the libraries of the tyrant will be bold men, as well as to set men; a charged, with authori: ies tis sanctiua political gardener, who can plant med. future aggressions. Very simple cirThese are virtues in the opinion of cumstances have given a fate to 12the Major, but will the board of tions, and very obscure adventurers Aldormen so far injure their charac. have accidently altered the fortunes of ters, as to place any man in the im- empires. The dissipation of a Nelson portant place of goaler, who wants and the baseness of a Reynolds, here any of those principles of moral con- in Ireland, contributed to the extinc duct, which recommended Mr. Binn's tion of the French republic, and to to their patronage?

the usurpation of Bonaparte ;-if Larry Larry the Major's Larry.

or the Major hyd not existed, Europe

wonld not have witnessed a master. Posterity will read in our eventful Ireland would under the directions of history, that Major Sirr saved the her son, have commanded a character, state, and that Larry Tighe was and an existence among the nations of raised to the rank of Bridewell keeper, the earth, and at this day her people and that Lord Edward Fitzgerald would be contending in every climate, was betrayed into the hands of his with all the vicissitudes, and glory murderers. If the present state of which unrestrained enterprize connects affairs descend to our unhappy child with pure liberty. The chimera of dren, will any pen dare to connect independence has disappeared, Europe the fall of our hero, with the hidden has her tyrant, Ireland is a province, memoirs of Lairy or his Major? Larry Tighe is governor of Bridewel, No, the history of nations oppressed and the Major governs decayed Dube are written by parasites, and the ruffian lin, Sic transit muadi. who so d his country, and who butch. ered his fellow citizens, will be fixed in the niches which tyrants have open

Corporations. ed, to give immortality to parricides ; Dublin is governed by Corpora regret and indignation are the only tions, as all magistrates and jurors, and marks that suffering humanity can every description of municipal officers spare for a fallen country. Tradition are exclusively taken froin the Cormay convey to future ages, an imper- porations. Mr. Pole bas told the


English parliament, that the Cathoa 'chair at half past seven, and after lica are far from being in the: abject prayers and a hymn given out by Mr. state of civil degredation, described by Biblemouth. The secretary produced . the pamphlet lately published by: Fitt- the maps, box and dice. patrick, which gave such offence ru Gribbins --It is my will and plea.. our enlightened and intelligent Lord - sure, that we form a close lodge of : Mayor, and to Mr. Montgomery, confiscation, and that every gentle. clerk in the Paving Buard. The pub- : man who has not been awarded a lic will judge of the veracity of the share of rebel property at our first Secretary and of the cando:r of his sitting should take the box. . ' coadjutors, when they consider that . Biblemouth. The first article on exclusion of the Catholics from any my list, is the map of a brewery in influence iu public affairs, is carried to New-row on the poddle, now occupi. such an extravagaur extent through ed by a popish recusant of the name thie pettiest offices, that a Catholic of Conlan; it is held by a lease of has scarcely any of the protec- mine hundred years, stands on two tions or equality of rights, particular- i acres with a capital dwelling house ly trial by Jury, so essential to per- ' with excellent modern improvements, sonal liberty and security of proper- particularly constructed for the brew. : ty. One of these Corporations, that ing trade, at an expense lately ex. monopolizes every civil and political pended on it equal in value to six privilege is so circumscribed in point thousand pounds, of number, that it scarcely can muster . Gribbins, I shall as Master begia. the necessary number of officers ; this he throws, and on counting up the is that of the bakers, though Dublin dice, 41 were written.' contains nearly sixteen hundred bak. Gribbins.-Brethren, I find fortune ers, yet, the Corporation consists but is against me this evening, and as the of eleven persons, ten of whom are of Wrestling Doctor and I have some the one family, of the name of Man private business to arrange, we will ders. For, in fact, there is not one pro- adjourn, and leave 'brother Scabbaret testant baker but the Corporation ele- to take my place, and continue thic, ved, in this vast city, notwithstanding raffle, I have one observation to make all the proselyting industry of the in consequence of a communication different man-traps, charter-schools, from the Major, that the warehouses and foundling hospitals, and to the of Mullinaback are reprieved, as we regret of loyal men, they are obliged have undoubted proofs of the loyalty to eat bread kneaded by fingers that of the proprietors, one of them Mr. daily cross popish foreheads, yet we Mac

D i s so staunch though a ra. have not learned that such bread was pist, that he discharged his postilion ever applied to the purposes of treas for reading that manual of disloyalty son and revolutioir, to the prejudice of Cox's Magazine, and another of the the state or to the injury of its Pro- company is so disgusted with the testant consumers.

Treason, and vulgarity of his popish

countryinen that he imports his boots, Rafle for forfeited Estates.. souff.boxes, and coaches from Eng.

.: (Continued.) : . land, and in consequence of his loyal On Monday evening the 3d of Fe.i attachments, he is to be raised to the bruary, the Battalion Lodge met parsn-' Peerage by the title of Lord Chelant to notice at the lodge room, and t:nham; Scabbard, having taken the proceeded to dispose of such properties Chair, proposed the health of Lord, as were marked down for the nights Cheltenham, which was drank with decision. Mr. Gribbins took the great respect. .


Gribbins, Gentlemen, before I de. to be transferred to Jugsmeller whis. part I have to inform you that the key lips ; a new member, recommended lands and houses of Mount Jerome, to the battalion, by Qrange Lodge were inserted in the list by mistake, No. 29, of Enniskillen, for his supe. there is not a better friend to our glo. rior skill as a Chapel burner, and rious constitution, than the proprietor. Priest hunter.

Doctor Heelball.--.Proposed the Scabbard. Here is a very eligible worthy and venerable owner of said property, and in industrious hands, land and tenements, which in compli- would in a very short lime be of con. ment to the new medical member was siderable value, Gormly's Garter Ina drank standing.

in Kevin-street, opposite the barrack, Scabbard. I propose that the se. In the expected order of things, un. cretary may be ordered to mark those der the manageinent of the Bible E. properties out of the returns, which vangelical Society, and pusket judge was done accordingly.

es, whose proposals are now before the Scabbard. We will now resume society. for propagating the Gospel the raffle for the brewery and I skall in foreigo parts, and the society for throw; he throws, and 51 were counted discountenancing vice, there is no for Scabbard. Every other member doubt but the counties of Wicklow threw in turn, but as none equalled the and Wexford, whose travellers are the Clair, he was awarded the brewery. only customers to this Inn, will be

Scabbard. The next on record converted, and true religion and loyalty is a butcher’-staid, in Clarendon-mar. must immediately replace the idola. ket, belonging to Captain Tipperary's trous and treasonable population. butcher, Jack Keegan, it is an excel. So circumstanced a loyal map, would lent situation for the business, and is make a fortune in these conceruş. held at the small year y renr of ten After throwing, the Lun, and a pounds, on a lease of lives renewable country Lodge at Priest House, for ever. Each member throws, and belonging to the same persons, were , after taking an account, Wee tall was won by Mrs. Huddlestone, won by Burn Cabbin.

Scabbard. --The next property to Scabbard. Before we proceed fur. be submitted to the will and pleasure ther on town business, I am desired of this Lodge, is, the house and conby his honor, to put up the field in cerns, in Parliament-street, in the posDonnybrook, the property of Mrs. session of Luke Cassidy, hatter to dis. Madden, where Eminel's companions, loyal Papists, enemies to the trade and used to plan ike dissolution of the prosperity of old Egland, Luke, be. happy connexion between the two sides being a papist is in the habit of countries, under the pretext of hurling. amusing his associates, by singing a I hold the map of it in my hand, it song taken from Cox's Magazine, is held by lease of 900 years ur:expir- called by way of its title, * who ed, contains three acres, is subject only should it be but the Major,” a sedito ten pounds a year. It will shortly rious song of abuse reffecting on his be of considerable valve, as ebat neigh. Honor. The value of Luke's house, bourhood is to be converted into some or the interest in the possession of it strong military posts, prisons, and will be greatly increased, as it is in conwork houses, from whence the super templation to remove the intire street, abundant population of Beggars, and for the purpose of fortifying the Rebels, can on any future emergency, southern front of the Castle. be shot or transported

Each Gentleman tries his fortune, Every member tries his fortune for Luke's house, and Wag Magazine the widow's field, and it was decreed were won by, LARRY..


. Murphy's smoking Club. partment, but it coming to the ears of

his officers, that he kept eight horsThe Members of this Club meet es for his amusement, where his sala. every evening, and smoke and drink ry would not afford him one ; it was whiskey, uutil the combination of thought prudent to dismiss him from smoke, spirits, lemon juice and the care of his Majesty's oats. Shortly obscenity stiffle every rational idea, after, as the horses, being exactly and whirls the swinish sculls into all circumstanced in similar construction the vanities, indigested nonsense, on appetites with other animals, that noise and turbulence, that ever drunk. they would not oblige their master, enness dreamed of.

to postpone eating, until the Hero They are pleased to address each could get another appointment, one other by the title of Lord, as they of them died from the absence of affect to be regulated by a formal hay, and the rest were knocked down, decorum, until the chairs are applied like my Lord Duke's half acre, while to settle mistakes on each others emp- the creatures were trembling on the ty noddles,

gulph of extinction. After this The President is called my Lord serious derangement in his stables, Duke of Brittle Ware, we suppose which we hear extended to his kitchen from his trade, a vender and buyer and wardrobe. He contrived to have of broken bottles. He has a good himself raised to the peerage in Mur. voice, and a rotten leg with which phy's smoking club, where he conhe entertains the company every night, tributes in spite of his naked larder and exactly at half past his tenth tumbler, unheeled boots, the importunities of for these gentlemen regulated their his washer woman, and other incidenhours not by their watches, but by tal plaguy circumstances, to keep the their whiskey minute glasses, for table in a roar. whiskey is with them a substitute for Lord Walcrford. - This smoking sand, as my Lord Duke, facetiously peer was reared in his younger days observes, they have gravel enough an Attorney, but by some untoward to measure time bv, and the view of circumstances that frequently happen, sand would encrease the complaints. to the prejudice of genius, his success We understand from another autho. at the bar nad not corresponded with rity that the Duke of Brittle Ware, his expectations, and to the great in. took his title from a large glass-house convenience of his landludy, and his he was about building at Rings.end, own personal appearance, his fortune and was on the point of finishing the is limitted and irregular. Whatever lines that were to mark the founda- was the cause of his want of success rion, when his Banker hinted to bim, at the bar, we know noc any man chat bottles could not be blown who displays more bumour at a without wind. This advice suspended tavern bar, he can blackguard the the works, and after making many oysterwoman, thieaten the waiters, attempts to rise the wind, for blow. and talk in disguise with the landlady, ing llc wares, he failed in all, and with singular humour add effect. one mirning a storm swept away the His story of Daniel Dunn is an incom. traces of the intended glass-house, and parable composition of low humour, the Auctioneer, knocked down the he has been, as it is described in Mass, ground with his talismanic hammer. Jane language, “very shy,but a . The next in point creation is Lord few nights since, he joines the club, Kilfoy. This noble Lord had a resi: in well altered costume. His large dence in Stephen's-green, and lately gapped hat, was replaced by a guinea held a place in the Commissariat de- Jewster, his boots were new, for new

is novelty ; the rusty blue surtout was facts which have demonstrated the succeeded by a fresh Richmond adulation, to be nothing but unfound. brown, and in his pockets were, on ed exaggeration. The Prince Regent the smallest computation, a quart of is not like what we were in the habi tenpennies, his appearance gave rené. of hearing of the Prince of Wales ral satisfaction, and to congratulate nothing more dissimilar in point him, the Duke of Brittleware laid his comparison, has appeared in any two sore leg to the floor, and sung tlie public characters of the day; # charter song, composed by my Lord heard it repeatedly said, that, the Gingle, when he was deputy croppy Prince of Wales was the pledgel hunter to the Major.

friend to Catholic emancipation, tha Lord O'Neill. This peer literally his political and religious sentiments owes his present high rank to his des were inculcated from theearliest perid mocratic studies, having been bred a of his life, by the wisest and bex floor cloth painter. He can do the heads that ever directed royal instrucparts of gentleman or black guard, tion, the pupil of Fox, the comp.1002 with unequalled success, can sing 'a of Moira, and the most accomplished slang song, bully a waiter, or conduct gentleman of the age, must be 2 a sober entertainment, as the humour friend, as was said, to toleration and of the tumbler, or the caprice of com- rational liberty. These tine words, pany may require.

and multitudes of others, equally Lord Gingle. This noble Lord flattering and fanciful, have been fiuag takes his title from bis former trade about on all public occasions, but the an old Ironmonger to Noddy men;

spell is broken, the illusory picture is he has been cut out at particular

fang from before us, and where we request, apparently for the profession

were invited to see friends, rushing to

were invite of gingle driver, bei:ig not above five

loose our fetters, and pull the bayocet, feet in beight, he was a great favorite and the faggot from the hands of of Major Sirr's in the rebellion, and

the exterminator ; the very authors of much distinguished for Guding hidden our political and religious servitude, pikes and rebels.

and degradation, are called into the Lord Bachelor. This is an ancient councils of the empire. A Sidmjată peer, was an intimate friend in his and a Castlereagh, have been added to youth of Luke White, the Aving the phalanx of bigots, and the first stationer, was born in that warm and act of the regency was a sentence of plentiful climate Scotland, which he elernal exclusion of the Catholics, very prudently abandoned, to set up

pronounced by Mr. Perceval, on the the business of auctioniers porter, in

in 27th of February last, in the fullyr. Dublin: and without any capital but ing words : " I do not think it expethe itch, and sound lungs. wbich be dient to grant the Catholes their imported into Ireland, has realized claims, nor do I see in the future, 23y considerable property, being at prezent

contingency of political erents, that proprietor of a Ray Bank on the

ever could make it expedient." We Bachelor's.walk.

presume to say, that, this sentence on (To be Continued.)

the unfortunate people of Ireland, is

a: arrogant as it is wicked and intole. Catholic Affairs.

rant. Mír. Perceval undertakes the

part of a propiet, as well as a fanatie; The warm coloring with which the he undertakes to assure the Catbolics Catholic orators were in the habit of and their enemies in England, that drawing, the Prince of Wales's cha- no politicii contingency in future can facier, liave been related by subsequent happ:n, that would make it expedieat

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