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its present patrons are 80 exactly tunate countrymen want the means of matched by a long intimacy, that it an industrious application of their would be quite illusory cither to at. labours, to procure a subsistence. tempt their reformation or to separate Let us shew Messrs. Jones and Joha. them. Mr. Jones triumphs in bis son, that, if they would earn a livelisecurity,the law has made him az inde. hood by their menageries, they pendant of the Irish people as he is of must try their merits in another clihis English automatons; and while he mate. can gather ideots to pay for his mute performances, he despises either the re.

Major Sirr. prehension of the press or the public This distinguished gentleman, who decision. This hatred and contempt never was a major in any army, but for us, extends to everv vagrant who was known some years since, before visits the country. No horse-rider or public misfortunes called him into disrope-dancer, but has his wit or his ex. tinctin, as a wine merchant in Fran ecration to fling out on every occasion,

cis-street, so far as doar plate and : on Paddy. Mr. Makeen the polished pipe of port could make a man a wine Scotch knight of the Equestrian order, merchant, has been so favored by mlindulges himself to the greatest extra. nisterial patronage, particularly by the vagance, in sarcasms on the vulgarity, favor of Mr. Pole, that he has more and insubordination of his Irish audi. wines in his cellar as a police man, tors ; and this Mr. Makeen, is vaid forty now in one week, than he could have pounds each week, from the same un- in one year as a wide merchant. polished rabble, for riding and grinning

Lord Edward's Dagger. about fourteen minutes each night of performance. To the credit of the This instrument, we mean the dag: Scotch manager of the Peter-street stage, ger, was decreed to Sirr, for his assist he does, notwithstanding the judicious tance in the arrest of the brave son of wit of Mr. Makeen, employ none other the House of Leinster, the uncle of as Painters, Carpenters, Machinists, the present Duke, vocle of Mrs. Servants, &c. but natives of Ireland; Henry, of Straffon, and of the wife of but, to give him due credit, he prefers Colonel Littlehales. Major Sirr, of his own countrymen, and his country Town Major Sirr, as a trophy of his horse, to any Irishman, or Irishman's victory, whenever he had company, child ; for he allows Mr. Makeen tó which is frequent, being of social draw five pounds board wages every manners, used to exhibit the dagger og Saturday, from the Treasurer, to get his table, some wag who despised the wine and hay for Mrs. Makeen, and man, stole the dagger on an eating oC. the horse, while the Irish artist, car casion, and after every enquiry, its res. penter, &c. are obliged to retire to turation was given up. The Major their children each Saturday night very prudently concealed his loss, and with the adequate sum of 5s. each. to keep up the remembrance of bi

At present our observations are so heroisın, took the precaution of gets fur trespassing op our limits, that, we ting another dagger made, as near the must suspend thein for another oppor. description of the fugitive one, as the tunity, by which time we hope the mechanical instructions of a one MP people of Dublin will come to a sense wine merchant could direct, and the of their own dignity, and to a recol. mock dagger now swaggers on lection of the state of industry, and manile piece, proclaiming ibe steel stal, not let idle whims make them the with which he writes his history of the dupes of ragrants ; while their unfor. house of FITZGERALD.

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Major Manhood!

in the heights of Heaven, of which he

did not give a description of the exact Major Sirr's Father was Town Ma

length and breidth. It must surprize jor, when FATHER SULEY was tried

that emporium of Sect manufactures, in Dublin, on fabricated charges, com

England, when it is known there how mon in those days, for the purpose of

perverse even thieves are in Ireland, in hanging POPISH PRIESTS, and we know

resisting the evangelical mumbling of from the history of the Tolers, Powe

Methodist Apostles. It was one of ers, &c. &c, that the Major was the i

these reflections caused that great ven. person who arrested FATHER Sheer

BY der of loyalty and religion, Gribbins, on his acquittal, to forward him to

the old clothes man, and preacher of Clonmell, where a better organized

the word, in the rapturous language of Jury was ready to hang him. In the

loyalty, to say, 'that Satan had so far year 1798, a party of rebels attacked

usurped and fastened his dominion in the house of the senior Major. at Rath

the bearts of the Irish, that nothing farnham, who was then near 20 years i

but cannon and ropes would ever esta. of age, carried away such ains, and blish the law and the gospel, on the ammunition as were in the house, but

ruins of popery and pike making.' . treated old Sirr with great politeness, leaving a written protection, in case

On the same day, Kent, the Huxter. any others of the insurgents should

man, preached his monthly travelling repeat any visit. This kind treatment

lecture, in Mr. La Touche's pulpit. had no other influence on the genero

He began at the Fountain, between sity of Henry Charles, than that of

Aungier street and Kevin’s-port, and vengeance, he had his father carried to

terminated his discourse under the the Crown Office in town, where he

Maypole, in Stoney-batter. The at. made the old man lodge examinations

titudes and language of the greasy against his own gardener, for the tem

Apostle, never before were equalled perince which the rebels evinced on

even by himselt, for the marks of intheir visit. The Gardener like many

spiration they exhibited. Mr. Verdan other men of the day, thought it more

attended by the side of the divine ves. prudent to repair to the camp of his

sel, during the entire voyage, as regis. countrymen, than to be legally buto

ter of converts, but we did not disco. chered, and escaped.

ver that he made a single entry on the

way but one, which was afterwards · Sermons Preached in January,

found to be a mistake. This was at the On Thursday, the 23d, the Rev. door of the Police office, Ormond. Mr. Burgh, son of the late Thoquay, where the pulpit stopped to fire mas Burgh, of Oldtown, visited New. a hymn off, as a mark of respect, for gate, for the purpose of entertaining the brethren of the institution. While its inbabitants with a Sermon, which it was going on, an old soldier one of he preached with apostolic zeal and the police gang, who was a spectator, energy, in the prison chapel. From fell down into a swoon; which motion the report we have had of it from Mo. Mr. Verduu mistook for a call, but on naghan Tom, one of the turokeys, who inspection it was found to be nothing in himself, formed the entire congre more than a fit of the epilepsy. gation, it must have been a most excellent discourse. Tom assured us, who live, by order of “ the Unspotted Er. On Sunday, the 26th, the whole of mine,” in the adjoining cell, that he the 39 English Civilizers, mentioned by never heard a finer description of glory; the Bible Society, at their last sitting, that the jontleman did not leave a story obtained leave of absence, from the


Colonel to spend the day on a preach. The Doctor who is profuse of his ado. ing excursion, through the County of lation, of his friend in the honest pages Dublin. They were attended by a of the Hibernial Journal, we buipe few dozens of the young women men. will answer those queries ; if he means tioned also by the Society, who sold to be restored to his Sunday dinners, their petticoats to buy bibles; this and Christmas surtouts. ligbt corps of heavenly rifle men, dis- A BANKING SPECULATION. persed themselves through Finglas, An infainous conspiracy manufac. Glassnevin, Drumcondra, Sautry, tured by a certain bankrupt set of Swords, Bally. Bough, Artane, Rahe

ruffians was lately set on foot, and with ny, Clontarf, Howth and Baldoyle; much industry, to discredit the notes and spent :he entire day inviting the of French’s Banking-house, insinuating popish inhabitants to join the new that

that, if their friend the Justice, suc.

if their company, destined by their Call to

ceeded in the action brought by his carry on a beavenly campaign against

assignees, to recover 147.000l. penaly idolatry. It is to be lainented, the

for alleged usury ; that the capital of gentlemen had so litre of the gift of

the Bank would be exhausted. The tongues, that, they appeared to have

folly and weakness of the wretches have forgotten even their own, and as iheir

been decided by the Court of Exchie.

bee bawling was not intelligible, their

quer, and the needy and bigotted spemission went for nothing.

culators are compelled to live if they

can, on their own ways and meaas. Important Extracts from News

STEAM BOATS. papers.

The progress America is making in The Wrestling Doctor has been dis. manufactures, agriculture, and every missed from a certain table, which he branch of domestic economy, is beyond often enlivened with his vulgar ribaldry; any thing we read of; while we are the konest owner yielded to the advice building Barracks and Prisons, to check of his friends, who shewed the impro- the disposition to turbulence which priety of retaining the Doctor any is expected from excessive misery; the langer, as an exposure of the ruffian Americans are manifesting all the opu. connected itself, with an investigation lence and improvement arising from of the state of the chartel and real abundance and tranouillity. Among property of the family, from which those inventions which have distinguisharose problems in Citholic arithmetic, ed the mechanical talents of the Amevriy munleasant to solve, such as how ricans, is the Steam Boat, whereby die you sir realize' an estate of six its superior utility has been establi bed thansand nouds a year, rear a mume on the river Hudson, and between reas and expensive family in splendour, New-York and Philadelphia. A Mr. save yourself from the persecutions Roosereit of Peonsylvania, has com. which your innocent friends and com. pleted one of 400 tons burtben, for punions underwent, in their lives and conveying goods and passengers from draberrie, ? and to encrease public suis- New Orleans, on the great river Missie picion, How did you contrive to ad- sippi, 'up to Pitsburg, on :he Ohio ; vauce a sum of 33,0001, a few weeks a distance of 2,200 miles, in defiance since, for an estate in Fingal? How of the rapidity of the stream and other did you raise such an immense nonied obstructions; at the rate of 35 miles superstructure on such a poor founda: a' day, so as to perform the voyage on tion, as tiventy-thousand pounds, with this natural canal in six weeks. The which you retired from shop keeping, vast utility of this application of the more than twenty-five years ago? Steam Boat, to the navigation of the


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immense Missisippi, may be partly un. peril. The sight of a pistol would as
derstood, when it is known that the effectually silence the Doctor, as ever
rapidity of its waterslitherto prevented, his friend the Major's rope silenced a
any navigation upwards. The vessels victim.'
which conveyed to the sea the produce
of the country on its banks, never

DISHONESTY NECESSARY... returned, and even the persons who

is who An American Newspaper remarks, conducted them were obliged to per- very justly, that, dishonesty is necessary form their journies back by land. in the European states ; alas ! we have

KEEGAN'S REBELLION. reason 10 say, the unprecedented and Notwithstanding the arrest of Kee. universal indigence that covers Ireland gan the Schoolmaster, on charges has made crimes necessary to procure of treasonable conspiracy; oras Judge a temporary existence, in defiance of Osborne would call it perturbarion: all the horrors, and pain of an infamous every thing goes on in shie city in the exit. A war of twenty years, a restrictusual undisturbed routine. The Major ed trade, and extinguished indepen. has received no instructions to collect dence, an emigrant nobility, and a rebels or paintings, the Attorney Ge- man hunting resident gentry ; have neral is not ordered to prosecute, Jus- spread a picture of misery and exaspe. tice Drury is not called from his medi- ration through every description of our cal pursuits, Miles Duigenan's castle of working people, that our goals are iull Teas and Wines is not invested, nor is of our people, and our gibbets vibrating the Widow Rarigan's house to be with victims. The facility with which burned. This forbearance almost jis. some crimes can be committed,frequente tify us in saying, that, the plot is not ly tempt unrewarded industry,to venture su dangerous as we first apprehended, life to obtain one wholesome meal, or and if it existed it appears to be known an unusual covering ; this is, an illicit to its fullest extent, by those who trade in Bank-notes. It cannot be ought to suppress it ; neither the pub: matter of surprise, that, an unfortunate lic nor ministers seem to be much man who can obtain no more than five alarmed, the fears of the former have pence a day, should be tempted to subsided, as the whipping season did pass a counterfeit pound-note, the not begin, and the latter betray no ternptation is too strong for human uneasiness, because they know the nature to withstaud. The crime is whole extent of the mischief.

committed, his family riots on one meal TIE DOCTOR

in their lives, and the gallows gets Had it been prudent to push on another customer. Mercy is seldoin Keegan's rebellion, the Doctor, like his extended on such occasions, the sordid medical friend, Coombe Drury, would legalized Bankers demand the life of be invested with a command, for his their unfortunate fellow creature, on loyalty ; we know the Doctor, because every occasion, the executed accommi. he negociated with the Mujor, for a dates the ihirst of gain, and the blood literary or medical place, for the loss of the victim is posted up in their he sustained when we kicked him and accounts, as a balance against the bill his bawdy humour from our Magazine of their law.agent. We know so much of him, that, he is not qualified for any situation where ENGLISH EDUCATION. gunpowder is used,' for you might' We have it from unquestionable tweak his nose, or take his post before authority, that, bis Grace the Duke you would provoke him to use such a of Leinster means to honor us, by rę. hot medicine, though, his Breech or siding occasionally on his estates in his country were in the most imminent Ireland, and for the purpose, his njan


sion house is repairing, English furni. ing us. We know as well as they do, ture is to replace the vulgar furniture encouragement is necessary to give a of Irish manufacture, and English stimulus to industry, and we know servants are to supersede such Irish TEN POUNDS expended twice in ones as had the care of his Grace's the year, is unequal to the professed houses, demesnes, &c. Notice has intention ; for we know, and any been served on the tables, hangings, wretch, however stupid or beguiled glasses, carpets, and mere Trish, to knows, that it was not distributing vacate the respective premises by the ten pounds amongst the people of York. first of May; this is the effect of the shire, or the West of England, that polished and patriotic English educa. had the mighty effect of enabling them tion his Grace received under that to export to the amount of forty-milligreat statesman and friend to Ireland, ons sterling, of their cloths annually, Mr. Fox.

Instead of ridiculing the industry of Dukes, Lords and statesmen at the nation by a bounty of ten pounds, this day, behave very imprudently, by they prohibited the exportation of openly exhibiting their contempt for Wool and Yarn, and gradually restrict. public opinion ; public opinion is not ed the importation of foreign cloths, always to be derided, we have seen . until they could be dispensed with. Dukes, Lords and Statesmen, submit But, the Irish are to be the silent tó publie opinion, but unfortunately dupes of the men who first betrayed for themselves, it was too late ; they our independence, and now would were obliged to retire to other climates, eradicate the means of existence, by and public justice, and public opinion wasting away the very remembrance superseded them, as my Lord Duke's of any industry we would exercise 10 English carpets are to supersede the the prejudice of the nation to whom Irish carpets.

we have been transferred. The world FARMING SOCIETY.

would see the object of the Farming

Society by reading the names of the We find by another advertisement of individuals who compose it, most of this Society, that the patriotic gentle. them were members of the parliament men have not discontinued their petty that sold us, among them is Mr. Fos. finesse. They are to have a show of ter, and the Hon. Denis Browne, who Broad-cloth and Kerseymeres, on the on the 28th of November last, excused · 11th instant; and of Fat Catile on the Major Bingham, who was brought up

25th. No men who are not fools or for judgment, to the King's Beach, knaves, could imagine, that, a nation by making oath, that Major Bingham could be so tricked as to believe, that in the year 1798 extirpated a considerthe ten pounds premium which the So. able number of the peasantry, in the ciety offers, for the best Cloth and vicinity of his estate, in the County Kerseymere, would go down with Mayo, and so terrified the remainder, the people, as a national encourage. that, they took refuge in the fastnesses ment to our manufacture ; while the of Cunnemara. The object of this British with their immense capitals, evidence was, to impress on the Court and unrestrained dominion over onr in the patriotic and eminent services of dustry, are enabled to inundate our Major Bingham, as a recommendation markets with their manufactures. The to the Judges for a mitigation of Farming Society oppose their TEN punishment. Mr. Browise is a member POUNDS to as many millions, of the Farming Society for the cobrought against us by our natural couragement of native industry; we rivals, and the Society expect our con. presume to say, there was more money fidence and opprobation for humbug- expended in gunpowder on this lauda.


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