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• land. -Unnatural it is to dwell with your skill and valour in fight." The • the invader, for in his worse than 'hero ceased, and threw himself on his • vandal rage he has burnt the records seat; martial sounds fioat on the air ; ļof once peace-flowing Erin, and in the warriors separate for the fight; a ! the blood of the bard his coward hundred face to face, wait the signal of • steel is red. -Unnatural it is in truth, the chief. He arose, and grasped his 6 for his treacherous heart bursts with spear in both his hands; he raises it i venemous hatred for the progeny of up in the air, and hurls it against a « Gael--for they lead his heroes in shield that hung in the midst of the

the fight, and in honour and in sci- hall. They hegir; spears tower high;

ence they are before him.-The swords dazzle the sight ; fire Aasher O but let me not mention his ugly gilt from their eyes ; javelins recoil from • clad name, for his heart is foul and the hard coat of the glittering shield; • dark as his deeds;" he ceased awhile, the noise convulses the air ; it peneand then resumed, « Renowned and trated my brain ; sleep fled from my • noble once was the state of Erin, eyes, and I awoke. I looked around; many were her schools of science, the hall was dreary and sad; I found

and of war ; her name was honoured it was all the frolic of my rest; the • among the chieftains of the world; sun was scattering his beams through • the sages of the nations came in the gaping walls, the morn was lovely 6 crowds to her shore in the search of on the hills; I arose, and left the « knowledge ; the surrounding barbarideluding mansion of the Chieftain of 6 ans humbly brought the price of Uladh. « their safety, and confessed the war.

O’NIALL. « like glories of her sons, and sung the • praise of the heroes of the Western Newry, Dec. 25, 1811. • isle ; far resounding in deed was the « voice of her land. But as great and Short Character of the Britisk • as powerful shall she yet rejoice ;

Flag. • loftier honour and happiness remain • for the children of her sons, for the The following concise description of a • hour is not far distant in which the the modern character of the British • strength of the usurper shall crum. Flag, by Sir Francis Burdett, in the •ble, and wind-outstripping is the pro- English House of Commons, on the « gress of the day, in which the horn late debate on the address to the o of the power of Erin shall sound Prince Regent, is quoted by the new o throughout his land; in which his editor of the Patriot, for the purpose hated, faithless race shall crouch and of exhibiting his strength as an hired • bow before the resuscitated spirit of politician, by refuting the Baronet. • Innisfail. Remember thou barg that Indeed the successor of Camillus, « sittest yonder in lonely silence, re- Martin, Marcus, and Scourge, to the • member the words of the Chief of management of Mr. Pole's newspaper, Uladh ; speak then thou child of treats the subject with some modera. • the song ; speak then to the chain. tion, but his materials and argumenta • weary children of Mileadh, for as are as weak, unskilfully selected, and • sure as the raw breeze, the messenger as 'imperfect as any production of his • of winter shakes the lifeless leaf from outrageous predecessors. • the branch, so sure shall their truik “ In looking over the history of * bring to the face of Erin. Now the last eighteen years, we find the « bards raise the song of war; let the valour and resources of our country in i music of the battle go abroad; no instance employed in the defence

Chieftains, rise to the tilt; display and restoration of Freedom; but a

most constantly, in endeavouring to pre. own extinction, fur the wages each vent the oppressefrom becoming free, person expected, as the price of his er 10 re plunge them into slavery, to re- patriacide, is as undeniable an evidence harden the grass of despotism, and to as any that could be produced, of the sharpen the halj blunted fangs of per. correctness of the Baronets character securion, so that the BRITISH of the FLAG of his country. FLAG, formerly the dread of ty. That it has contributed to re-sharpen ranny, appears through this long and the bulf blunted fangs of persecution, is disgracefied period, to have waved only equally true ; for we say, that there is in hostility to the liberties and happiness not one of the anniversary massacres of mankind."

committed on the Irish Catholics, that Laying aside the injuries it inflicted the Orange murderers do not perpeon the rational and sober Constitution trate under the same Flag, which they adopted in France in 1791, by lending uniformly bear with thein on every.ex. its private aid to the Combined Des- eursion of desolation. Nor is there pots, its subsequent refusal of peace one Chapel burned from Tullow to to France; the frantic disorders it kept Enniskillen,or to Kilrea, in the County alive in thar unhappy country, by of Derry, that is not accompanied by subsidizing the revolutionary ruffians, the same Flag, unfurled in due and subsidizing their enemies, until a solemnity over the smoaking ruins, distracted and exasperated people were borne by the orange banditti. obliged to seek repose in the iron hands of despotism. So far has the

Botany Bay. British Flag, instead of being em- Letters have been' lately received ployed in the restoration of Freedom, in town from the' Reverend Mr. i waved only in hostility to the li. Harold in Botany Bay.--Mr. Harold berties and happiness of mankind.was Parish Priest of Rathcoole, and The uniform tyranny it protects on Saggard; and in the month of October, the ocean, is another evidence of this 1798, was transported on charges of implacable spirit of hostility to the rebellion, on the information of a perrights and liberties of mankind. Den- son of the name John Walsh. The mark and the United States of Ame- letters state that he is in excellent rica have repeatedly witnessed and felt health and spirits, exercising his clerithe invariable. hostility that follows cal duties with success and happiness. this fag, so far as the destruction of a He is assisted by a no less personage capital, the plunder, confiscation and than the celebrated Peter Ivers from slavery of Danish and American trade Carlow, a representative for that and citizens, can expreso unprovoked county, in the provincial committee hostility. To go at large into a history of Leinster; and was one of the per. of this flag in its external relations, sons arrested at Oliver Bond's house in would far exceed our limits ; its ope- Bridge-street, on the information of rations on our unfortunate country are Tom Reynolds, Monday the 12th of so irritating, that, we forbear to go at March, 1708 ; and contrary to the large into an inventigation. It has stipulations entered into and agreed on passed through so many hands and ap- between Lord Castlercagh's govern. plied as the instrument of so many ment and the state privuners, Mr. I passions, that, it assumed many charac. Ivers was transported. ters excusable. But, that it has waved in hosfility to liberty, whea it

The Corporation of Dublin, spread its proud crosses over its ready battalions, at the doors of an Irish Tiis enlightened association being Seuate, who were deliberating on its informed by sonte person who can read



English, that, a certain publication one of your illustrious body, who printed by Fitzpatrick, did reflect on usually took a fortnight to read the the course of Corporation Justice, met Freeman's Journal,ought to be Provost on Friday the 17th of January, and of Trinity Colege. agreed unanimously that the fame T he resolutions call the paragraph book contained a gross falschood. a false and unfounded calumny ; men We say some person who could read, of such elevated characters ought to not a member, must have informed the be believed, men who feel so much for Corporation of the offending book; the ignorant ought to have one duleit appears clearly that the Corporation rence paid them. But, we will as having inserted the reflection, must not them a few questions, which we hope have read it, because, their attempt they will please to answer at their next to refute it must have been drawn up meeting; that the ignorant may be inby some person who did not read the structed. Are not Catholics excluded book, or any part of it, untill ihe by a late bye law of the corporation of answer had been first written

Merchants, from exercising the business . The paragraph states, “ that the of Master Coal Porter, or Coal Mea. Catholic more than doubts of obtain- sier? Are not Catholics so si udi. ing the same measure of justice, of ously excluded from the City Grand favor or respect from the Mayor, Juries, that, you are obliged to keep Recorder, Alderman, &c. that is ac. some individuals of yourselves, without corded to his Protestant neighbour, . any interval, many years on the saire and that he lives in continued appre juries? has not old Wilson the Iron. hension, lest he or his family may monger been more than forty years on become victims of some malicious accu- every City Grand Jury, in that perio', sation, and that he is a cringing though Dublin contains at least 200,000 dependant, and almost a suppliant for Catholics ? Il would appear strange. common justice.”

that amongst such a population you We say the Corporation, has not could not find a Carholic of adequate refuted one passage in this paragraph, property and education as would fit and even their sweeping resolution goes him, as well as old Wilsori, in the no farther than to say, it is an infiam- long space of forty years, to be a Jury: matory production, and finishes another man ; Wilson may be a great wisearre resolution by saying they would not certainly : but is there no Catholie a deign to descend to notice it, were it capable of being a Juryman as either not calculated to mislead the igerunt. Sims. the Shaver, or little Lect the

Well done Messieurs of the Corpora. Taylor? It is to be hoped, you will tion, how careful you have lately be able to prove by some future resina become oí the ignorant ; we must be lucions, that the Catholic has the prio a sorry community if any condition of vilege of becoming a Coal Porter, ale it could produce a more perfect sample all the protection in personal of ignorance than yourselves. Preity property of the trial by jury, and that language from Sims the barber, what we now say is a base and unThorpe the plaisterer, Pemberton the founded calumny. comb maker, Craig the maggio man, We ask you also to prove that you Finn groom of the close-stool, io Lord fourth resolution is correct, where you Ross; Siit the police-man, Mark say the Duke of Richmord's adormis Magrath the deity meal man, and the tration has been distinguished for its other cleves, of the Foundling and moderation ? We know the pubire Blue:coat Hospitals. If you do not prosecutions carried on at his Grace furnish as correct samples of igliance instance against the Catholics, agains. as any in Ireland, Alderman Emerson, five millions of men, are highly also


proved by you, but will you insist Resolved. -- " That a dutiful and such prosecutions were acts of modera. humble Address be presented to His 110n.

Royal Highness the Prince Regent, Your fifth resolution says you have exprepsing our most grateful acknowobtained great advantages under the ledgements, for continuing to us the . Duke's administration, you certainly advantages we derive from the mild, have, one half of you were enrolled in yet firm and constitutional administrathe bankrupt calendar when he came tion of his Grace the Duke of Richto the Vice Regal Crown, and though mond.” you wanted wisdom and credit, as The reader will observe that the tradesmen ; . he had such an bigh leading intention of these stupid and opinion of you, that he discovered you il'iterate half.paupers ; is to impress had as mach of both as would make a rotion on the English mind, that you eminent Justices. He bestowed the Protestants of Dublir highly and on tighteen of you 6001. a year cach, unanimously approve of the late inand every day, you sit disposing of veterate anni unrelenting prosecutions, your wisdom, where you formerly dis- carried on by the advice and under posed of your creditors.

the patronage of the Duke of Riche : You have insinuated, that equal jus. mond, whose administration is now tice is done to the Catholic with the so loud'y panegyrised merely for its Protestant; this is an impudent and decided hostility to the Catholic notoriou, falsehood. We will cite one claims. No measures have been recent circumstance to expose your spared, no violence is unrewarded, inn pertinence; when the jury was which could be converted a pairst the swearing on the trial of Doctor She only men, who at this day are the best ridan, did not one of the most obnoxin and most numerous in the fleets and arous of your body, Major Sirr, beard mies of Britain. The same Duke has the court, insult the learned prisoner; snatched a certain adventuring Lawby publicly instructing the Clerk of yer from the hands of his creditors, the Crown, who he should swear as from the clutches of the tailiffs, and jurors, and was not every Catholic armed the man with oificil distincgentleman who appeared, rejected, and tion and authority, for the vitipuraevery Protestant gentleman who was tion and characteristic hostility he suspected of not being an Orangeman was distinguished by, against his rejected? Is this ciinduct equal jus- country in the persons of the Catholic tice? Are such abuses equal justice? population, and it is for such conduct Are they evidences that a Catholic is the needy and beggarly servility of tried by his peers or by his enemies ? the Corporation, call on ihe Prince

- Regent to continue the Duke of Corporation character of the Duke Richmond. of Richmond.

They further thank the Regent for

the adrantnyes they enjoy under his The bigotted ignorance and cor. Graces administration, this we adınit rupt servility of the Dublin Corpora- in its fullest ineaning, eighteen of the tion, was never more unequivocally addressing Gentlemen whom bankexpressed against the Catholics, a ruptcy, and insurmountable poverty gainst the interests of Dublin, and had harrassed through life, have been The prosperity of the entire country, plucked from among the privileged than at the Quarter Assembly, Friday rabble by his Grace, to administer

17th January, by the following re- justice, or in other words to watch -solution which was passed, with only over a discontented population of one dissentient voice.

...300,000 inhabitants, reduced to the


Beverest misery by the Act of Union, can be obtained in the short space of and the emigration of the Gentry six weeks, at the trifling expence of of the country. The remainder of eight or nine pounds. - This is, by a the addressors are provided for by royage to the United States of Ame: every opportunity, or expect to be rica, the consequences of this simple SO ; the very destruction of this great mode of emanicipation, are, enjoyment city afford them a misera' le and of the most rational liberty, yet guilty existence. Th: building of known in the history of the world ; barracks which are enveloping the an unlimited communication with mero city, afford many of these men a cantile industry, neither restricted by subsistence, which they term advan. eorporations, nor embarrassed wich tages, but which indicate nothing to tax gatherers. Abundance so equally the other inhabitants but a determined distributed or 80 easily obtained, resolution, to silence the popular that a Philadelphia newspaper, “ the voice, and perpetuate the fate of Democratic Press, of August the Dublin, vow wasting into ruins and 22d, printed by our countryman, John trembling with indigence, by the Binns, says, there are not TWEN. melancholy effects of an extinguished TY in the vast continent, now or legisiature,

ganized in that mighty North AmeAnd these men now presume in rican republic, / which lacks only Ca. the face of Ireland, and in the depopu. mada to complete the empire,)in want of lated streets of Dublin, and before either fue, food, cloathing or lodging. the abandoned counters of the afflict. This is emancipation indeed, a coun. ed tradesmen, to assure the Prince trx 2,000 miles square, 80 happily si. Regent, and insinuate to the people tuated that has not twenty poor per. of England, that Dublin is thriving song, is so strange to us, who see and the people happy and reconcileri, nothing but excessive misery that it under the administration of the Duke appears scarcely credible, as our as. of Richmond.

tonishment is attracted at such marks The real condition of Dublin is of prosperity, bow must that of an not to be taken on the authority of American be, when he learns, there Corporation barbers, menial servants, are three millions of human beings old soldiers, cooks, taylors and plais. this day in Ireland, that have neither terers, it may be discovered by one fuel, food, clothing, or lodging, but hours' inspection, and expressed in a such as a father of a family in a coune few words. Our canals are useless, try where such articles are 200 per our customhouse duserted, our mer cent, cheaper than in America, chants bankrupts, our legislature ex- can obtain for five pence a day. Evea tinguished, our exchange unfrequenti in proud, monopolizing, manufac ed, and our poor-houses and prisons turiug Britain, who scourges the overstocked; industry pining in sic earth to extort its produce, we have lence, the police inari and the soldier, official returns that two years since, rioting in all the pride of authority. there were one million and seventy: arsi all the intoxication of abundance, eight thousand of her people, so Our youth are pabing alternately to una'le to procure bread, that they the barrack and the gallows, and the were at that time supported in the ared to the work-blouse. Su much Work houses, by taxes wrung from for the acivantages enjoyed under the the other wretches, whose condition ho1st sf Richmond.

was not much more enviable, as it is

only industry that pay taxes.Catholic Emancipation.

What must be the condition of Bri. Tluis favourite object which occu. 'tain at this day, her taxes advapcepies .80 much of the public mind, ing and her trade extinguished, when

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