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heard described by his de pro fundis now stand by the act of Union in teachers, when the support of ten church and state, is made of the skull children, a whipping lesson, a prison, of the late Mr. Wade of Rathfarnor a triangle, were poised against his ham, who was killed by the King's salvation, he very prudently confessed troops near that village, on the night the errors of his education, and applied of the 23d of May 1798. The skull in humble form to the Rev. Charles is set in silver, and expensively em. Beresford to admit tim to share the bossed, with appropriate devices, mysrights and legal forms of established quets, triangles, mitres and thrones. christianity. The pastor heard his The charter song, which is sung be. application with apostolic condescen- fore grace on anniversary dinners, is sion, and the poor contrite hricklayer, by the pen of Camillus, alias Marlin, his wife, and his ten children were versifier and essay writer in the Pachristened, and admitted in due form triot, against the Separatists. Conven as members of the state religion, and tionists, Romanists, Pretence-makers, as a reward for his conversion from and Anti Unionists. The publis may pikes and popery, he was engaged to have a tolerable idea of the character make a sewer from Beresford Place of the Chairman, the Poet Laureat, through the Custom Hou e Yard, and the other canibals, who compose While engaged in the performance of this hellish co-partnery in religion and his contract, the convert not having orter. : the duration of his life inserted in his new engagement, was visited by a fe ; Hottentot Venus. ver. Being alarmed at the signals his

This interesting female bas conformdisease made for an unknown voyage, ed to the doctrines and discipline of and not considering the Beresford interest of any value on his approaching

100. English christianity a few days since

in the collegiate church of Manchesa destination, he sent for a priest, re

ter. She was christened by the name carted his loyal conversion, and unex

of Sarah Bartman. The news of this pectedly recovered, lived to witness

valuable remforcement to the Protesthe sewer finished, by a man of more

tant faith arrived at the Hibernian fervent faith and of steadier attach.

Bible Society during their sirring on ments.

Thursday the 28th of November, and Candid, liberal, and free Disa

was ordered to be inserted in the re

port presented by the Evangelical cussion.

Barrere of the Holy Convention, next One of those infamour associations, after the paragraph that announced the Orange Lodges, convened a meeting piety of the 39 English civilizers, of the murdering brotherliood, in a now stationed near Dublin, who pray. certain house in Mary's Parish a few eď to have as many cheap bibles to days since, to take into consideration enable them to convert the Irish in the best methods to resist or suppress the hours that can be spared from: the alarming progress which popery musquet duries. . and rebellion have made since the ac- The Society ordered manimonsly, quittal of the Catholic Delegates that as d token of their high approba. That the people of Dublin may near- tion of the sooty dame's piety, that ly guess at the place of this assem. Mr. Shaw, their vice president, do blage, we tell them that a fellow of present her with a Scottish bible, hand. the name of Rafferty is master of this somely bound the next time he pro. lodge, and that the cup from which ceeds on his way, to ipake an oration they drink all the solemn toasts to the in the Imperial Parliament. welfare and unity of matters as they - Notice of the great gospel intelliFOR JANUARY, 1812, VOL. V.

: D


gence has been posted through that to convey them to the communion of head-quarters of seformation, Glass- saints. nevin, and on every gate-way, from the Bishop's turnpike at Slut's.End, Catholic Dinner and Riot, in the

to Kent the husterman's tabernacle in Patrick's.Close.' Mr. Cozens was ap

Sheriff's Prison. - pointed by his lordship, the president On Thursday, the 19th of De.

of the Propaganda, to preach a thanks. cember last, those two ornaments to giving discourse on the happy occasion, Catholicity, and Brother Editors of but the reverend convert is so indisposed the Hibernian Journal, Captain Hud. by a recent attack of the tumller fever, dleston and Doctor Brenan, dined that some other divine will be selected together in the apartment belonging to for the purpose. Messrs. Crowley, Kent, the Gallant Captain. The company and Mathias, are spoken of at the were scarcely on the first mouthful, Board of Grace, as the persons most when they were interi upted by a loud likely to be called to fill the pulpit on knocking at the Door, and several the solemn subject. The 39 English shouts, uttered by a considerable mul. civilizers are to be invited, and the titude of Voiceswhich was immediyoung women, who sold their petti- ately followed by a violent push, which coats to buy bibles. Beresford's blood. Aung open the door, and about thirty hounds, headed by their chaplain, of the prisoners entered, several bear. Gribbins, the old clothes-man, are to ing a large vessel full of some offensive patrole between his lordship's turn- liquid, which they placed on the floor. pike and the church, to presei ve After being saluted by a vehement holy order. Clapham, Turner to the round of abuse, the Doctor and friend Barrack-board, is to perform on the were taken up from their Plates ; and nose-organ, a choice hym, written for in the twinkling of an eye were ejected the festival by Counsellor Swift, Castle from their clothes, and by the advice Laureat, against the Conventionists, of two strong operators, who urged Separatists, Romanists, and Irish Parn their arguments by repeatedly drawing liamentarians. A considerable num. a Black belt on each Gentlemans ber of the citizens of Dublin, have shoulders a la Beresford, they sube signified their intention of attending. mitted to place themselves on their Such of the police magistrates who knees in the Tub, on assuming this are not bankrupts, and such of them attitude, a Wag dressed in an aukward as bave visible freeholds, are expected. representation of a Clergyman, proGeneral Sims, alias Suds, of the po. ceeded to catechise the naked Peale lice army, General Sir Charles Asgill, tents, who after receiving a few lively late of New York and Kilkenny, and stripes, repeated the Ave Maria several other men of military distinc-' and Confiteor, with much exactress, tion not in the peninsula, nor intended with great fervency and becoming to be there, will redden the western edification. The Captain at first pregallery. The Wrestling Doctor, with tended to have forgotten his Prayers, his brother-in-law in literature, Captain not having used them since Tipperary Hiddlestone, and as the Day extends Fitzsimons, and Sir Charles Saxton protection to loyal men in distress, converted him into a Barrack master Captain Ti,perary Fitzsimons, com- and a Protestant, but, after receiving mander-in.civier of th Sandy-mount a few Jerks from a Bulls Pizzie his

L., den wil hou': the meciing. The memory became reft-shed, and be M i d Majuris, h va engaged a went through his devotions with me Boulia Van Lütouche's t eling pulpit, precision. While the religious part of


the ceremony was performing ; a party conveniently disposed of.” The dewas rummaging the uninhabited dra. fence and the mitigation desired, threw peries for documents, and produced the company into' fits of laughter, and an ample variety. The Doctor got it was unanimously granted, that the notice, by a blow on the shoulders, to case and the opinion should be boiled prepare fot a new part in the Drama. in a quart of whiskey that stood unThis was to eat an Epistte from Mount touched ou the table, which the sufJerome, thanking him for the descrip- fering heroes had provided for the tion given of the Catholic Dinner in evening's amuseinent, and that the the Hibernian Journal. The Doctor caprain should take an equal dividend. prayed with earnestless to be excused In a few minutes the compound was eating a letter written on such strong made ready, and the two, after many Paper, having a large impression in comical twists on their faces, bolted Wax of the Arms and Mantle of the the draughts to the health of the jury House of Keogh, his intreaties were that acquitted Dr. Sheridan. After in vain, another stripe was given; this act was performed, four persons, and to eat he began, and in less than armed with a ladle each, proceeded to five minutes, the name of John Km- baste the two gentlemen, by lifting lay as snug in the shin- merchants the siinking stuff they knelt in, to the stomach, as a Bug in an Englishman's tops of their heads, which continued blanket. His manner of registering for more than an hour, until they beHeraldry, gave infinite amusement to came as black and as filthy as two the Wagś, who were so taken with sweeps dragged through a dirt-hole. his acting, that they were determined They were then prdered out of the to prolon g the Performance, by com. vessel, and the captain' was advised pelling him to make an entry of a large with a stroke of the strap, to mount . fold of Paper, in his Registry, this on the doctor's shoulders, who galwas the copy of a Title-deed of a new loped more than a dozen times round estata purchased for .33,000 about the room, while the company inflict. ten weeks since, by his friend of Mounted a severe course of whipping. Mr. Jerome, to the bottom of which was Hudilestope dismounted, and the docannexed an opinion of Counsellor tor' became a rider in turn, and took Clinch's. At the strange demand his share of another drubbing, as quick made by the managers to gorge such and as well applied. The patients a mass of paper and law, the doctor were to exhausted by the whiskey, nearly fainted, but recovering the use the bathing and the drubbing, that of his speech, expostulated on the ina they were declared unable to bear any jury he would sustain by the luss of further experiments, naked as they his friend's deed, and his brother-in- were, they were bound together back laws avvice ; besides, he shewed from to back, in the manner the British the authority of Parcelsus, Sloane and used to prepare Irish priests for Coombe Drury, that. Papier Machee, drowning, and left locked up to rewould injure the coats of the stomach; pose until morning, when their condi. besides, he swore on the virtue of the tion was made known the goaler, prayers he and his companion had just who had them untied and delivered recited, that he “ had no appetite," from their unpleasant condition: and said, “ if the paper must be eaten, man If you will indulge me by allowing it

Amicable Adjustments. to be prepared by a little culinary Cressing, and as the captain is not at The authors of

The authors of a commercial report, present employed, if he were allowed lately given in a nort bern publication, to eat one-half, it would be the more inform their readers that the question

D 2

of discount between Landlord and t he rank of the combinator. Some Tenant, 1.2 been for the presen: ami- of our readers may differ from us on cably adjusted. They bdy that some this point, but we are assured no man Landlords charge 2. per cent. and can dispute on the absurdity of the others 5 per cent. discount ! the repuit makers, who tell the world that amount of their .ents, thile the Miar. euch arrangements are Amicable Ad. quis of Downshire takes bank rotes justments. or all lands larely set ; and insists on " Men who write for Periodical Pub. the renis on old leases to be paid in lications, are obliged to write an ainst guineas. The lcarned editors in all time ; and when they are learned and the caut and servility of the old school, stupid, are frequently obliged to write say, that, “ according to a fair prin- against reason ; and if they were to ciple, the Landlord is entitled to some wait to correct their follies, or consider compensation for the depreciation of on their whimsies, they could not pubthe currency in which his rents are lieh, so that to appear agreeable to p.id.” This may be fair in what the appointment, the nursense must go gentlemen term new leases, because forth to excite laughter, or mislead the matter of discount of 24. per cent. ignorance. was part of the agreement previously understood; but the editors do not tell us the ages of the old leases on

VIEW OF DUBLIN. which the noble Marquis wants guineas (Continued from our last, page 543.) in payment. Guineas cannot be obtained less than seven shillings each

MR. Cox, discount, 30 that my Lord the Mar My American friend accompanied quis, must have 130 pounds, where me yesterday to resume our peiestrian there is only 1001, due to him ; and excursion through the city. We ben the editors say this is an Amicable Ad. gan the day's amusement at the Bluejustment, we say this must be false, as Coat Hospital. we do not believe that any farmer, Stranger. This has a very neat apo weaver, or bleacher in Ulster, would pearance, to what purpose is it approhold any amicable intercourse with any priated ? landlord, with any man, or any Mar Citizen.--This is the Blue-Coat quis, who would extort 1301. for a Hospital, founded by one of the Eng. debt of 100?. And we say that it is lish monarchs, for the purpose of not a fair principle for any man to educating the sons of poor tradesnen coinpensate hiinself, to the injury of in the rudiments of English christia. the community, by an arbitrary act of nity, and for preparing a certain nomhis own, levying on his dependants ber of young magistrates in the saine the difference, which his estate suffers system of religion, that this great city by the depreciation of the currencyó should not want a number of fit and The law calls such conduct combina. proper persons to do the several duties tion, and severely punishes any set of of Lord Mayors, Aldermen, Grand men who raises their wages, under the Jurors, &c. pretences that an advance on the ne. Stranger.-- What is meant by Engo cessories of life, or a want of trade, lish christianity ? Every part of your prevents them of living on the same manners is an enigma. sun that formerly wasequivalent to their Citizen.- English christianity is an subsistence. If it is criminal in a poor improvement made by the English to tradesman to make rules to support secure them against foreign influence,

his family, we presume a like act in a' and to perpetuate English influence in • Marquis, does not diminish the evil, foreign countries. Now in Ireland,

as ninet en of twenty of us, do not oppressed by an artful use of concur. believe one worú attesting its superio. ring prejudices ; but no artifice could rity, if it were 110 p:otected by pe- do the same to such a variety of creeds nal laws and charity schools, it would as are in America, each so closely apnot exist 6fiy years, and the demise of proaching the other in matters of be. the church might be followed by a lief, if persecuted, would cause a commortality in the state.

mon feeling of sympathy, and the Stranger.--it appears strange in- persecuting or favored one, would be deed, that your masters should con- compelled to change its ground, be. ceive their power and influence the cause it could not establish its odium. more secure by the conformity of the I would rather go to any other sub. people to what you term English ject. I am much at a loss to know Christianity with us in America, we how so small an edifice as your Bluehad every one of the many thousand Coat Hospital, could furnish an adeforms English Christianity ever as quate number of magistrates and sume', and many thousand others of grand jurors for such a populous city. ou: “wn invention, and we were not a Citizen.--It furnishes a very ample whit the more attached to the po. supply. We do not require such a litic, arrogance of English miristers variety of grand jurors as you may in England. We quarrellet with imagine, nor of magistrates, the lat. them about some tea, flung it and ter body require not more than forty the tax.gathereis into the sea, and persons, and as to the grand jurors, as there buried our dependance.

soon as they are trained to the business, Citizin. The state trick of reli- they become a stationary body, they gion could not he played well in Ame. are grand jurors during life, so that we rica, since the days of Charles the need ouly to take from this Protestant Second, when you hung the Quakers, draw-farm about eight persons annuburnt this tongues, and transported ally, and we have not only a great re. them. You were too much distri. dundancy of jurors and aldermen, but buted, and though you differed in can spare some loyal pupils for the mi. points of faith and discipline,' you nor offices. preferred each others happiness to the Stranger. This hospital has taken caprice of an English minister, to up much of the time we intended to whose nadie you were inostly strangers. devote to other inquiries. No human fiend could persuade one diminutive sect to whip, burn and hunt

Foundling Hospital. the great population of the country, Citizen. We will take a view of the multitude of sects you were divided the Foundling Hospital. This insti. into, dare not be accused of heresy tution was founded on much the same and treason, it is only one portion of principle with the Blue-Coat Hospi. any community that can be accused of tal, but on a more extensive scale ; it non-conformity for state purposes, and is certainly not so much for rearing that proscribed party, if denounced magistrates, it is principally directed by the artifices of power, would not for collecting the illegitimate offspring tend to effect any political subjection of popish parents, and converting their while the others remained unbroken. iilicit pleasures to the security of the

Stranger.-I am aware of the just state, and the physical strength of the pess of the analogies you draw. I Protestant ascendancy, another term see it is easier to manage tive inillions used for expressing English Christiaof Catholics in this way, thin one nity. million of people divided into two or Stranger --How is it that a city three hundred sects One profession containing a population of 300,000 may be ridiculed, bow.beaten, and inhabitants, could be so unfit for its


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