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· obtaining his sanction for proceeding recognized by express decisions of to this last of spiritual Punishments. The Courte of Law in England. It

It is, then, a matter of just and is inherent in the Constitution of every grievous complaint amongst the Ca. Community, Civil and Religious. tholic Clergy of Ireland, that the If a menbor of such a Community exercise of this species of Jurisdiction acts disgracefully in it, or chooses to has been assailed by Judicial decisions, violate its settled Rules and Law of recent date, declaring it to be nb. (and which he must be taken, as a pre noxious :o the Laws, and punishable bir, to have assented to ) pothing seems equally with common defamation... more reasonable or necessary, than These decisions, conpled with strong that the Community, or its chief declarations from high authority, hos- members, should exercise the right of tile to the existence of a Catholic Hic expelling him. And, if any conge. crarchy, amount to a public avoval of quences, injurious to his intetests et an ipiention to extinguish all Power reputation, should happen to resul and Jurisdiction enjoyed by the Ca. from such expulsion, it would be ar tholic Clergy, even with the voluntary enormous injustice to compensate the concurence of the People. If, indeed, Offender at the expence of the Core the Catholic Clergy under the pre- munity, who were so compelled to tence of excommunication, sought to remove him." establish un arbitrary right of over . (To be Continued.). stepping the legitimate boundaries of this Jurisdiction, at their discretion ;

Counsellor Plunket.

C . for instance, in adding slander or defa. ination to the Language of the seni . This Gentleman published a lon; tence, in cautioning the public against affidavit sworn before one of the Jos the expelled member, as immoral, &c. tices of the Kings Bench by injuring him in his trade, or by of

in which he utterly de similar extra-official Acts :-If they nies any intimacy having ever existed sought to deprive him of his temporal between himself and any of the F2. Rights, or to subject him to the tem. mily of the late Doctor Emmet. The poral Penalties annexed by the Laws following circumstances copied from of those realms to Excommunication ; eketches of Irish History, written by then, indeed, they could not complain Doctor Mac Neven, and published by of being deprived of the exercise of Dornin, in New York, in 1807, this Power. But they neither profess, lay before our readers, which enable nor mean, any such thing. Excom. them to give credit, where it on munication, as understood by them, justly is deserved. At the same tick we have already described to be “a They are to observe, that work has mere separation of a person from the been composed and given to the world ** faithful in Spiritua's,Of this as Historical facts, by the concurreo Right no power upon Earth can of Counsellar Emmet,-(Brother Ex. divest them. If they refuse to admit Director of Doctor Mac Neveo's) both to Communion a notoriou& Sinner, or at present residing in New York, in the an incorrigible delinquent, how can most respectable ranks of life, and is the laws take cognizance of such re. the most friendly intimacy with each fusal? Yet this is a species of ex. other. The causes which gave ess: comunication.

ence to the documents we quote, we Ali Classes of Religious Dissenters, that the Government Prints bad mais! Presbyterians, Quakers, &c. and even ciously insinuated stories to the pres Jews, exercise this Right of excomo dice of the bonor and character of 4munication. Nay, it is a Right, thur O'Connor, Counsellor Emmeli

@rd Doctor Mac Neven, confined nistration, which imitated in this pro. at that period in Kilmainham Goal, ceeding the ancient policy of the which they refuted by the following English, in making Irishmen the advertisement inserted in Saunders's executioners of one another. The News Letter.

conduct of both marks the inhumarity • Having read in the different news- and meanness to which Irish gentlemen • papers, publications pretending to be debased themselves at this period, the • abstracts of the report of the secret better to signalize their loyalty towards • Committee of the House of Com- the rulers of wrerched Ireland." • mons, and of our depositions before the Committees of the lords and com

Mr. Finlay's Dinner, : mons; we feel ourselves called upon

to assure the public, that they are Mr. Finlay, the free Hosier, whose :: gross, and to us, astonishing misre. musical talents on the Nottingham

presentations, not only unsupported piano, is the subject of a pretty song, by, but, in many instances, directly by the pen of Mr. Coady, poet laureat

contradictory to the facts we really to the Beef Stake Club, gave his - ! stated on those occasions. We far. inauguration dinner on Monday, as :-! ther assure our friends, that in no successor to Mr. Wickham, late of

instance did the name of any indivi- the loyal Dunlayin Rangers, to the

dual escape from.us; on the contrary, post of clerk of the markets; an office 3 we always refused answering such in the gift of William Henry Archer,

questions as might tend to implicate Sword Cutler, Police-man, and Lord ! any person whatever, conformably to Mayor. No loyal eating since the • the agreement entered into by the demise of Alderman Fleming was

state prisoners wiih governmeni.' better arranged, in Morrison's best , ARTHUR O'CONNOR,

stile : the meat was of Jack Keegan's • Thomas Addis EMMET, . killing, and the wines were selected

William James Mac Neyex.” from those frequently enjoyed at the “ The sending forth of this advertise.. table of Sir John Ferns, by the ment from the body of a prison, and present Lords Ormond, Cabir, and -authenticated by the names of the par. Barrymore, and General Sir John ties, left no doubt of the truth of its Cradock, judiciously preserved for allegations. A tempest of folly and particular occasions, from the aucfurywas immediately excited in the tioneer's hammer by a friend. Mr. House of Commons. Blinded by Finlay gratified the company with an their rage, the members of that honou- exquisite display of his fingers on a -cable assembly neglected the obvious stocking loom piano, accompanied by . distinction between the newspapers and the vocal powers of Messrs. Spray, their report. They took to themselves Weyman and Jager. Mr. Clarendon, the falsehoods ibat had been repelled. the free Barber, whose nose gave a Mr. M.Naghten, and two virulent color to his corporation patrons, to barristers, Francis Hutchinson and reject him on the supposed incapacity Cuningham Plunket, were even claw of the organ for discovering stinks, morous for having the persons who sung the “ Boyne Water," with signed the refutation disposed of by a great command of voice, and much summary execution. Plunket had been musical accuracy. Mr. Jurige repre. the bosom incimate of Einmet, the sentative for the corporation of Cooks. companio: cf his childhood, and the and formerly groom of the stool, to friend of his youth. Hutchinson af. Lord Kingston, gave his favourite terwards acknowledged that he was in. song, “ The Mud Island Traitors.". stigated to what he did by the admi- Larry Tighe governor of Bridewell,



sung Who should it be but the Amongst the Wrestlers of every degree, Major,” which was encored repeat.

« Are many that play without food or fe

« But a surtout must be furnished me, edly. Mr. Supple, Senior Surveyor

Or a begging I must of blown mutton, gave " A fishing we will go." Mr. Firethatch, who

to When Christmas blows evil, and my

elbows are bare, Was since appointed to the canal busi

6 Keugh or the Casamy *60! maust repa, ness, at the invitation of the associated * F i ns en true gospels ny best logo lords at Mullingar, broined thcom. air." pany with the powers of vuse voice, in

When a swearing I do re the song

As the song was finished the festivity “ Tis m or saved states, and the Major

of the night received a temporary in

terruption, by the presence of two " And if Traitars provoke him he ll do it ambassadors, from the Major to ki

Larry, requesting his presence, to

take charge of some rotten young Noihing could exceed the applause women, charged with crimes subject this beautiful song of thirty verses ex. to Bridewell correction ; Larry took cited ; loyalty with all the burning leave in a very handsome manner, just zeal of 1798, were almost so far roused as he was sounding his lungs for the beyond mere theory, that, nothing Capture of Lord Edward Fitzgerald ” but the inaccuracy of the hands, de. Aia late hour the gentlemen dispersed. ranged as much the heads, prevented the assembled heroes of igniting the

View of Dublin, paper hangings with the waxen tapers,

. Continued It required all the moderation that Cody got with his place from the

Tuesday, the 17th of March, the Bishop of Meath, to restore tranquil.

Anniversary observed by our poor Coun. lity. Captain Huddlestone who sat try, in Coinniemoration of our patron between his two brothers, of the bat. Saint, my American friend requested talion of

Counsellor Fitzgin my company on another excursion mons and the Wrestling Doctor being through Dublin, and we began our called on, suag in good stile

day's amusement at the Marine Hose

pital. # The state and the Laws will destroy

My friend inquired the nature of Traitors hope,

this institution? I described it thus: * By chaslising each mngue with a gibbet Citizen.--This is the Marine Hospi. and rope;

tal, founded for the apparent purpose 66 And though one fellow swings, and ano. ther doth curse,

of educating the orphan sons of sea. " 'Tween the Castle and Bible I'll gornish men; but is like other establishments my purse.

professedly endowed for charitable pur.

poses, conyerted into a crib for enticThis song of ten verses, was received ing the children of poor Catholics to with enthusiasm, and a copy was re- be educated in the English system of quested by one of the attending cho. Christianity, which is directed to make risters, who promised to set it to the unfortunate child forget-his på. music

rents, his country, and friends, and to Doctor Brenan next favored the ex. transfer those generous and natural at. pecting company with a few verses of tachments to another country. Tho' his own pen, which were highly it does not at present contain two praised for their classical elegance, by hundred pupils; yet on the late Mr. Cody; they began in those grant made by Parliament to the supe words :

port of various public institutions. A


sum equal to the one-third of that than repeat the names of the leading · voted for the use of the whole Catho.. persons. The first is Town Major lic priesthood of Ireland, was granted Sirr, head of the Committee of Arts. to this beggarly school, where there is If we are to judge of his capability to not more than one schoolmaster. conduct this department, by his pas.

Stranger:-Your law-makers should sion for valuable paintings, engravings, do things with more decency, and statues, vases, lamps, tapestry, and with some apparent attention to the : models in wax and plaister; and by the general sentiment. They ought to great collection he has made, in less avoid any gross insult that would be than sixteen years, the Major must be understood by-the great community equal to Monge or David. Captain of the nation. It would appear, that Stanley, late a member of Beresford's the pation who could thus insult and cavalry, and rough-rider to that cele. degrade five millious of people is as brated corps. The Right Hon, John powerful as she is unjust, or, that the Foster, whose picture ornaments the multitude which she governs so clum. Hall, and whose character is so much sily are insensible to injuries, and pa. appreciated with his grateful Country, tient enough to crouch under every is another of the Committee; with form of oppression.

' Major Vallancey, and J. C. Beresford, Citizen.--Such is the plain and un. are the most distingusbed of the memequivocal conduct of England, that bers. she would not deign to disguise the Mr. Kirwan, as Professor of Che, plans of her policy.

mistry, has the care of the gas bottles; Stranger. You promised to con. Dr. Wade is lecturer on after grasses ; duct me to the Dublin Society, in and Mr. Davy, on sand quarrys and which I understand are preserved many coal-pits. The learned Mr. Lanigan is very curious articles of the fine and letter reader ; and Mr. Wynne is birduseful arts, with a good collection of catcher ; by this you may discern the plants, minerals, and other branches of temper and policy of a Legislature, natural history.

that in its present sitting, to such a Citizen. Let us proceed to the trifling childish establishment, granted Dublin Society House.

10,0001. and refused it to a College for

the use of five millions of people. DUBLIN SOCIETY.

Stranger --Indeed, it must be ad. Citizen.—This is the House you mitted, that in opulent communities so much desired to see: we will, if the cultivation of the fine arts is an you please, go in. They enter, object of refinement highly useful;

Citizen. This room is the meeting but this object is defeated, and is highhall, where the members meet, under ly ridiculous, when the care of it is whose care this great national esta. intrusted to tasteless and illiterate men. blishment is conducted.

To this folly and prodigality, you apStranger. It is judiciously con ply considerable sums to bird catching, structed. The members, I presume, merely for imprisoning the creature's are men of taste, learning, and well plumage in glass cases. Pay another versed in the fine arts, and the various man for talking an entire season on branches of natural history, rural cca. chick.weed and marshmallows; on the nomy, and mechanical ingenuity and breed, sexes, and amours of butter science.

cups. This is tolly in the extreme, Citizen. -As I am not very compe. at the very moment your peasantry. tent to judge of the acquirements and are starving. Another man yan have talents necessary to guide so great an for boiling flints, decomposing cows establishment, I can do little more horns, or bourling aqua fortis, retaiged

at a considerable expense, while trade' cáttle. These were the plausible ob: Janguishes, and the people are either jects of these patriots. The real cause emigrating to seek a subsistence, or has developed itself in the transactions shot, to amuse a licensed association of of the Society. The suspicious cha. inurderers. The absurdities are en racter of the institution by the mer creased, by paying another person, who formed it; ought long since to with an augur in his hand, travelling have brought on it what it éminently the country, to look for mines that desertes. As it was the very persons dare not be opened.

who sold the Country, and taxed the Every act of your public economy people for the price of their treason, is at variance with common sense, and who were the authors of the Farming with humanity. Your entire people are Society. A petty contrivance, to keep in want of the necessaries of existence the public mind engaged in foolish they have been deprived of bread by pursuits, and to stifle the recent horthe Act of Union and the authors of ror raised in every man's breast at the that measure, would barbarise them Act of Union, and for the authors of by discountenancing education ; while it.' The exhibitions of fat cattle an. you legitimate misery by your silence mually ai this House, would give some on industry, and an avowed enmity to tolerable idea of the respective condi. the improvement of morals. You tions of cattle and men in Ireland, and erect a show box, fill it up with but of the patriotism and humanity of the terflies, dead goldfinches, salted ser. landed proprietors. The cattle and pents, black spars, gravel, and paint: swine appear of considerable size, ings. You call the barbarous miscela sleek, and well formecevidences of lany, a Dublin Society of Arts,' and the great attention paid to their food select Vandals to direct the nonsense and manner of lodging'; while the at. In America we never engaged in silly tending men, who have conducted whimsies, until our people had secured them from the different parts of the every means of abundance; which un. Country, have all the marks of esces. restrained trade, and unknown taxa. sive poverty, haggard, and covered tion, had extended to every person in with rags ; and not one sentiment of the community. We have warm cot. compassion, of mercy or tenderness, it tages for our peasantry ; good food ever expressed for the suffering man, and raiment; and every man is so con by the Bishops, Lords and gentry scious of the general happiness, that it who compose the Society; for in fact, is got necessary to distribute mercena. the comforts of the poor are so much ries to preserve order.

disregarded, that their very nambers Citizen. I think we have given too is an object of alarm, as the opinios much of our time to this ridiculous of Earl Grey, on a superabundant de institution. It gives pain, and excites palation prevails with every individual indignation. Let us proceed to the of the Society.. Farming Society.

The improvement of Hog-styes and

Cow-houses, are not the only parts of FARMING SOCIETY HOUSE. this political menagerie, the society Citizen. If your surprise has been have undertaken to engage the public raised by the Dublin Society, it must by another silly artifice. They have be encreased an hundred fold, on in- stated days for exhibiting some articles specting this Farming Society, found from the Irish Loom, and distribute ed in the year 1801, for the patriotic premiums to encourage the spiri: of purpose of introducing a more im- emulation. This specious show of proved system of agriculture into the attention to domestic ingenuity, bas Country, and improving the breed of had the effect of drawing approbation


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