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to Lord Shafelbury with an account infamous judge, Dr. Plunket was ar. of a popih plot in Ireland. Shaftf. raigned on the 3d of May, 1681. bury was at this time after desuging He beged ten days delay to procure England with the blood of the Ca- witnesses from Ireland but even that tholic clergy, in consequence of the little delay was refused him. Duffy, detestable and * sanguinary confpira. a Priest, a profligate wretch, and cency, which he with big associates, the cured by Dr. Plunket for his liceo. Drs Tongue and Tirus Oates had tious and bad manners, with some o. craftily haiched again't the religion thers of the same description, were the and loyalty of the Catholics. The suborned witnesses of Lord Shafilbu. measure of his iniquities was not as ry who appeared against him. On yet filled up, and the venerable Arch their testimony he was found guilty, . Bishop was derlined to be one of the and sentenced to be hanged at Ty. latt of those that were sacrificed by burn. Before the Lord Chief Juf. his machinations. Dr. Plunket the tice palled sentence, he begged liead and moll dignified of the Irish him to renounce his false religion, hierarchy, was arrelted, and thrown which he vehemently inveighed ainto prison, on a charge of high trea. gainst as worse than Paganilm, and fon. He was accused of having en. that his life should be saved; but the gaged, when he was made Pri- holy prelate knew better than the un. mate, to raise fixty or seventy thousand holy judge, whether his religion was Irish, to have them in readiness to false or not, and he gave him to un. join with the French for the destruc- derstand, that no posible consideratition of the Protestant religion, to get on could influence him to depart from Dublin, Londonderry, and all the set- that profesion of faith, which his rea. poris into his hands. He was also fon and his conscience told him was to join with a Spanish army for the right. He added, “ Were I a man laore purpose, and to use all his en- that had no care of my conscience, I deavours to influence the Catholic might of faved my life, for I was of. corey into bis defiens. Upon this fered it by divers people here, if I acculation he was brought to trial at would but confess niylelf guilty, and home, but the suborned evidences not accuse others. But, my Lord, I had daring to appear where so many wit, rather die ten, thousand deaths, than nefies could be produced to difprove wrongfully accuse any body. A time whatever they should fafely advance, will come when your Lordship wil. he was re.conducted to prison, in de- see what those witnesses are that have fiance of the law, bis perfecutors be. Tworn against me. I do assure your ing determined per fas co nefas to take Lordship again, that were I man to away his life. After suffering pearly a whom life was dearer than principle year, all the horrors of confinement, and honour, I might eally have laved he was torn from his friends and his it; but never thall it be pure native country, and dragged into a chaled by wrongfully taking away one foreign land, there to abide a second farthing of any man's property, one trial before an English Westminister day of his liberty or one minute of jury, which not verlated with innocent bis existence.” blood, was made up for any murder. After he had thus delivered him. and ready for the njoft barefaced and felf, Tentence was pafled on him in the unbluthine perjury. Before this impar. usual form, and he was remanded to tial tribunal direäed by a wicked and prilon. After his condemnation, he

wrote the following letter to his con* See Dr Miner's tour through ireland, fefior, Kather J. Corker: parejas


Dear Sir,

deceive any, or give an unjust sentence "I am obliged to you for the fa- or be mised by refpect of perfons. your and charity of the 20th, and for He being all goodness and a most all your former benevolences : and just Judg“, will infallibly decree an shereas I cannot in this country re. eternal reward for all good works, mudera:e you, with God's grace I and condign punishment for the small. bope to be grateful in that kingdom esttranfyrelioos against his command. which is properly our country. And monts; which being a most certain taly God gave me (though unworthy and undoubied truth, it would be a of it) tha: grace to have forlem animum wicked act, and contrary to my perpescriis terrore carentem 'a courage fear. tual welfare that I should now by de. lels of death." I have many fios co claring any thing contrary to truth, aniwer for before the supreme judge commit a detaltable lin, for which of the high bench, where no false within a very short time I must receive Fitoeffes can have audience. But as sentence of everlasting damnation ; for the bench yesterday, I am not after which there is no reprieve nor guilty of any crime there objected to hope of pardon, I will therefore con. ne: I would I could be so clear at fels the truth without any equivocathe bar of the All-powerful. Ut tion, and make use of the words acsihat, there is one comfort, that he cording to their accustomed 11, niliota cannot be deceived, because he is om- tion; alluring you moreover, thit I cilcious, and knows all secrets, even am of that certain pursuasion, that no of hearts; and cannot deceive, be- power, not only upuo earth, but also cause all goodness ; so that I may be in heaven, can dispense with me, or fare of a fair trial, and will get time give me leave to make a falle protest fufficient to call witnesses; nay, the tign: and I protist upon the word of judge will bring them in a moment, a dying man, and as I hope for fal. if there will be need of any, You and yation at the hands of the supreme your comrade's prayers will be powo judge, that I will declare the naked erful advocates at that bench. Here truth with all candour and fincerity; Dose are admitted for

and that my affairs may be betier Tour officionate Friend, known to all the world. OLIVER PLUNKET. 'Tis to be observed, that I have

been accused in Ireland of treason and On the first day of July, :631, he præmunire ; and that there I was ar. was drawn from Newgate to ? yburn: raigned and brought to my trial ; but on which occafion the serenity of bis the prosecutors (men of fligitious and countenance, the courage, chearful infamous lives) perceiving ihat I had ness and piety with which he went to records and witcelles, who would evimeet death, gave great edification to dently convince then, and clearly the Spectators. Ar the place of exc. shew my innocency and their wickedcution he spoke as follows:

ness, they voluntarily absented them. I have some few days past abided selves, and came to this cityto procure my trial at the King's Bench, and that I should be brought bisher to my cow very soon I must hold up my trial, (where the crimes objected were haod at the King of Kings' Bench, not con:mitted) where the jury did not and appear before a }udge, who can know me, or the qualities of m ac. Dot be deceived by faise witnesles nor cusers, and were not informaticf fecorrupted allega:ions, for he knoweth veral other circumstances ceriducing the foreis of bevis; Neither can he to a fair trial. Here after fis monilise

N 2


close imprisonment, or thereabouts, I so an unwortliy prelate, which I do was brought to the bar the 3 of May, openly confefs ; neither will I dony and arraigned for a crime for which I to have exercised in Ireland the funcWas Orrore arraigned in Ireland; a tions of a catholic prelate, as long as Itrange resolucion, a rare tadi, of which there was any connivance or tolerati. you will haly sano precedent there on; and by preaching, and icaching, five hundred y ars pu ; but whereas and flatutes, to have endeavoured to my witocfies and record, vere in Ire- bring the clergy (of which I had a land, the lorú chicf justice gave me care) to a due comportment according fire weeks time to get in a brought to their calling ; and though ihereby hihs ; but by reason of the uncer. I did but my dury, yet ieme, who tainty of the seas, of wind and weather, would not amind, had a prejudice for an if the dificulty of getting copies me, and especially niy accusers to whom of i curo's, anu bringing many witnes. I did endeavour to do good; I mean fes from several counties in Ireland, the clergyrren, (as for the four lay. and fo: many o:ber im diments (of men, who appeared against me----whic' fid' vit was made) I could not I was never acquainted with them.) at und oi'five weeks get the re. But you see how I anı rewarded, and Co.1s and witnesses brought bither ; how by false oaths they liare brought I there are begged for ten day's me to this untimely deach; which more, that I might be in readiness for wicked act being a defeet of persons, my trial, which the lord chief juftice ought not to reflect upon the order of denied ; and so I was brought to my St Francis, or upon the Roman catho. trial, and exposed with my hands tied lic clergy, it being well known that to tale merciless perjurors' &c. there was a Judas amongst the twelve

Then having numbered up the apostles, and a wicked man called Nihea's of the accufa:ion against him, cholas amongst the seven deacons : and refused them by the molt solenın and even as one of the said deacons, proteftations of bis innocency, and by viz. holy Stephen did, pray for those Thewing not only the improbability, who foned him to death; so do I for but even the imposibility of his being those who with perjuries spill my inno. guilty of what was laid to his charge, cent blood, saying as St. Stephen did, he goes on.

O Lord, lay not this pin to them. I do "You see therefore what condition heartily forgive them, and also the I am in, and you have leard what pro. judges, who (by denying me sufficient testations I have nadle of innocency, time to bring my records and witncties and I hope you will believe the words from Ireland) did expose my life to of a dying man. Aod that you may evident danger. be the more induced to gire ne cre I do allo forgire all those who dit, 1 offure you that a great peer sent had a hard in bringing me from Ireme notice, 7 bat lie could save my life land to be tried here, where it was if I 22" darule oibirs; but I aniver- morally imposible for me to lave a ed, tha? .360er kurw of any conspirua fair trial. I do finally forgive all who tors in Ireland, bied such as were pub- did concur dire sily or indirectly to licly hnic an in-laws, and thatio save any take away my life, and I ask forgive. life, I would not falsts accuse any, nor Dess of all those whom I ever offended prajucive my own soul. Quid prodest by thought, word, or deed.--I behomini, &c. To take away any mari's feech the all-powerful, that bis divine life ill becometh any christian, especie majesty grant our king, queen, the ally a man of my calling, being a cler. duke of 101ks, and all the royal family gyman of the bathelic church, and als

heaiui, health, long life. and all prosperity in Four years after his body was taken this world, aod in the next everlalting up and found entire ; it. was taken up felicity.

and sent abroad to Lanbiprir'y; where Now t'at I have lewed fufficiently Abbo: Corker, 1603, erected over it fes I thick) how innocent I am of a hani'tcme monument with this acy plot or conspiracy; I would í Larin inscription. were able, with the like truth to clear mylelf of high crimes committed Reliquie samelc memoria Cruci zgaist the divine Alajesty's command. Plunkit, archiepiscopi rina han, ti

2015, (often tranfgrefted by me) for bernie prima!is, qui in odium cailytice which I am sorry with all my heart, fidei loqueo suspensi!5, 633S.scisceriand if I shouid or could live a thou. bus & in ignem proj tis, cclebris martyr fand years, I have a firm resolution occubuit Londini, prima die Julij (stylo and a trong purpose, by your grace, veteri) anno salu:175 1031. O my God, never to offend you; and I beseech your divine Majelly, by the The head of Dr. Oliver Ilurket is merits of Christ, and by the intercession preserved by Dr. O'Reilly, his preof his blefied mother, and all the holy fent successor in the sce of Armagh angels and saints, to forgive me my Dr. Alilner, in his 10ur, has the fol. fios, and to grant my soul eternal lowiny passage on our faint and martyr. rest,'

“I have the happiness, Sir, of being After be bad ended his speech, he acquainted with the venerable and recited the psalm miserere mei Deus, amiable successor of St. Patrick's fpiand other devout afpirations ; and his ritual jurisdiction in the foc of Armagh, cap being drawn over his eyes, he and it is not irrelevent to the fobject I continued recommending his bappy have been treating of to take notice of foul into the hands of his Saviour, will the only material property which heapthe cart was drawn away. He was pears to have derived from his predesuffered to hang will he expired, and ceffors :--It is the head of one of then was cut down, and bowelled : bis theni, a faint by the tenor of his life, heart and bowels were thrown into the and a martyr in the cause of his death. fire; his body was begged of the king, His nanie was Dr. Oliver Plunket,” and was interred (all but the head and &c. p. 36, 37. arms to the elbows, which were dil The Earl of Ellex who was Lord pored of elsewhere) in the church-yard Lieutenant in Ireland whilst Dr. Plun. of S:. Giles in the Fields ; with a cop- ket was in his see, was so convinced per plate on his breast with the follows of his innocence and the perjury of izg inscription.

the witnefes who appeared against In ibis tomb restell the lody of the lim, that he applied to King Charles Righ: Reverent Cliver Plunket, Arch II for dis pardon ; opon which the fiskp of Amazh, and Primate of Iren king in a pallion, said, . Why did you land, who in hatred of Religion was not attest this at his hial? it would accured of high treason by false wit- have done him good then. I dare Misses, and for the same condemned and not pardon any one.” And concluded exccu'ed at Tyburn, bis heart and loquels with these words; "llis blood be being taken out and cast into the fire. upon your head, and not upon niine.' lesffered martyrdom wilh constancy 'Twas a maxim then as well as now the first of July, 1681, in the reign of in the Englilla conftitution that the King Charles the second.

Kig ovuld do no purch.


Collection of Aas of parliament enacted and suffer and forfe as in case of to prevent the exercise of the Catholic treason.

it Religion in Ireland.

from and after the 29th of De

cember 1697, no popish archbishop, 2d Eliz ch. 2. 1559.-All per- bishop, vicar general, dean, nor any sons inhabiting within this realm, other papilt exercising ecclefiaftical fall diligently and faithfully. havirig jurisdiction, not established by the no lawful or reafonable excuse to be laws of this kingdom, jesuit or friar, absent, endeavour themselves to re. shall come into this kingdom from sort to their parish church or chapel any parts beyond the feas, on pain of accustomed, or upon reasonable let twelve months imprisonment, and then thereof, to some usual place where to be transported. And if any such comnion prayer and such service of popish ecclefiaftic fo transported, God as in the book of common pray- Thall again return into this kingdom, er mentioned shall be used in such he and they so offending shall be guil. time of let, upon every Sunday and ty of high treason, and suffer accordother days ordained and used to be ingly. kept as holy days, and then and there Any peron who fhall knowingly har. to abide orderly and soberly during bour, relieve, conceal or entertain, any the time of common prayer, preachings such popish ecclesiastic, shall for thefirst or other service of God there to be offence forfeit f.20. for the second used and ministered, upon pain of pu. offence £10. and for the third offence nishment by the censures of the church all his lands of inheritance or freehold also,on pain that every person offending during his life, and also, all his goods shall forfeit for every such offence12d* and chattels, one moiety to the King. to be levied of the goods, lands and and the other moiety (if not exceed. tenements of such offender, by way of ing f100.) to the informer; the for. distress, by the church wardens of the fciture for the third offence to be reparish where such offünce shall be

covered by bill, plaint, information or done, to the use of the poor of faid

a&tion of debt in any of the courts parish.

of record at Dublin, or at the assizes ; oth Will. 3. 1696.--All popish as to the said forfeitures of £29. and archbishops, bilhops, vicars-general, f10. justices of peace, upon informa. deans. jesuits, monks, friars, and all

tion on oath, may summons the per. other regular popish clergy, and all

nd, all

fons, and

fons, and inquire and levy the sums papills exercising any ecclcfiastical ju. bv distress, fale or otherwise, and dif rildiction, shall depart out of the king. vole of one moiety to the informer, dom before the iit of Miy 1698. and the other moiety to the trealurer And if the laid ecclefiastical persons for the use of the county : and in de. Thall be at any time after the said ist faulc of payment to commit to prison of May 1698, within the kingdom, until payment. None shall bury in a they and every of them shall suffer fuppreft monastery, abbey or convent, imprisonment until he or they fall not used for divine service, or within be transported beyond seas; and if any the precines thereof, upon the pain perfon so transported shall return again of [1o. from any person present by into this kingdom, they and every of order of a justice of peace, one moiety them shall be guilty of high treason, to the informer, and the other to the

use of the parish.-- From the decilion * The value of money has dereafed more tha: ciufolut fico che eme vi flizineth of the juftice of peace, an appeal lies tin fenac .n was worti con sblings now

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