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Extract of a Prophecy entilted Feirchiertne.

(Coutinued from page, 436 ) exceed all bounds of moderatios

or ability, Nobles will be mur.

derers and perverters of jugment; and laid waste and change (ie, change women will flight the marriage tie, their owners.) Blood hounds will be children will fight their parents, and let luose on the people, who shall disciples. fball contemn their te mangle the corpse of the Nain, and chers ; eluquence shall be perverted torture the bodies of the poor, so to fophiftry and the defence of file. that people will abandon their natu hood; gluttony and avarice thald ral connexions and friends through poffi fs meos fouls, so that the shall écrror of a malignant infuriate sol. barter their freedom and their í ols diery(kieros.)Manufacturers and me for the value of a scruple (an old chanics generally injured, mercenary coia. ) Festivity will be abolished, libels will be published against the the people will be attacked (hoftipeople, meo will shudder to see or lely ;) fools will be expelled their meet each other, and those who patrimonies; the Lords day will be Share the same bed shall plot trea. degraded (put down from its rank;) chery against each other ; men will literature Thall be renovated and percourt the ftranger, and betray the verted ; truth shall be ftifled, and son of their own mother. The perverted law will become an instru. stranger Thall be pressed to share the ment of oppreslion in the hands of feast, while domestic merit Thall pass lawless nobles of the latter times, unnoticed. A licentious foldiery They will enact laws and pass jude. shall harass the multitude (the many ) ments in anger and vengence. Farlawless nobles, i, e. iyrannical, shall mers will be oppressed thro' the iomultiply and forely afiliat the people, crufion of unwelcome guests, and the and lote all the the sense of shame fcourge will chiefly amia Clanna: through ignorance of their real inte - baoisene (i, e. Leinster, ) There relts and duties. Knowledge will will be a green Christmas and a forbe perverted to false judgment, and rowful summer, a rainy March and literature Mall be tortured to support drougł ty May, a barrea harvest and errors Frequent adulteries will pol- much duit powder.) The desola. Jute the marriage bed ; pride, sanity, tion occasioned by the Guthbhaia and luft will confound the clergy i. e, fair haired Goths, i. e. the with the laity. Churlishness, glut- Goill, i.e. the Saxons) a proud tony, and selbshness will gain ground and infidel race shall not ceale in the land of hospitality ; so that until the standard of the great son their visages Thall be forbidding shall be raised at Bealabradar. (dark.) The vanity of dress fhall

Columcill's Moral Sayings.

ARRIVE it will the time, to the literari. Sweeter io them wili O'Breauquin, when you would grieve found the voice of the paralite than to dwell in Irelan!. Chiefs will be the music of the harp from gentlo penurious, men of literature will be bards. Their candles will not cease neglected, fallchood and deceit will to be extinguished each Sabbah-day, prevail. Tearmons will be plun. but through the multitude of their dered, facred things will become the crimes, it will prove unavailiog toe prey of thieves, learning will be op- wards lubmiffion and repentance. Beprefied, and hence they will be nevolence and good neighbourhood brought low. Dismal, dark, melan. will disapp-ar, and age will be treated choly, mournful, woful days will with difrelpeet and injuries by youth. come in the latter times; chieftains rts will not be cherished; men will will forrow; there will be neither ceale to be amirable ; there will be jaslice nor fidelity among the sons of neither abundance nor generosity, but men : but hard hearred avarice, pe. want and penury. The clergy will Dury and impiety will prevail. Men fall into errors by the falsificacion or will murmur, and make a poor perversion of letters. There will be mouth ; the trees will not bear fruit, - no respect to oaths, all will be nor will the earth pour forth its exu guilty Nands will be raised on the berance ; the clergy will become lakes of water, diseases will abound, adulterous, grievous to relate, and and remedies fail ; maidens will be the church will become the property unblushing ; the hoary will be ill-tem. of the powerful ; there will be cold pered,a (i!rascible ) Imall will be the and hunger, hatred, malice and bad honour of seicence and the nobles weather, and the regular viciffitudes will be murderers ; fprightliness will of things will be inverted; filh will not dwell in youth The clergy. will forsake rivers ; there will be decay be perfecuted, manners will be fickle, and withering, and men for their and marriage without witness. The bitterness will be scourged by the gentry will accompany their penuri. rough tempefts of the hurricane. ous presents with infolence, blood The powerful will oppress the poor relations will be cold towards each with false law and perverted judge other, and the chrches will be seized ments ; lyiog will overflow the coun. on! Such will be the latter days, try, Alas! pitiful is the relacion ; according to the book. The clergy the sages of knowledge will moao, will be ignorant concerning the genue depressed will be their minds, and ine feslivals ; when their threatnings the aged will mourn the time they shall be stoutelt, their merits shall be shall have lived to see. The stars lealt; they will defile themselves like will become red, beaming vengeance dogs with fornication and adultery ; againit finner3. Strife and war will they will tell the people's secrets, berage in the bosom of every family ; cause they will be lost to all senle of chiefs will be penurious, disrespectful virtue; that they may receive honour


(favour) they will gibe at each other. be o'erspread with grass ; ete longit Between the mother and daughter, shall be a solitude, tho' now so re continual anger and railing : neigh: plenished. Royal Temor, Ireland's bours will be treacherous, cold, and pride, will fink beneath a village. I deceitful ; 'ast will be addicted to pil. mourn thee, O Tara. Ales ! ehou fering ;' chiefs will be peculators, beauteous bill, thy glory will forsake (robbers) per fidy' and overreaching thee through treachery and cruelly. will prevail between father and son. Oileach and stately Tamor, Rath Sucb'is the condition of men, such Cruachan, and fair Emania, now the the history of the generations that seats of splendour and opulence, shall shall appear : each fucceeding race be desolate, nor will Temora ever a. fhall exceed the preceding in avarice gain become the residence of King and duplicity.

or Chief. Fair Temora, to day so full, fall

Extract from Maoltamhlachta..

IN the latter times many alterati- but for the punishment of the Erein. ons will happen ; Bearla will be achs Piou Clerk, tell me if you spoken in every house, and there will have attained that knowledge, Will be a Sir, in every district (titles mul- the free race of Emir ever groaa untiplied ;) the Goill will become der that bondage? When the foreig: Gheil, and the Gheil will become Ders shall be guilty of crimes which Goill. The descendants of Mile, brought the Milesians low, the bato fius Mall be persecuted with unfeel. tallions of the Goill will be defeated, ing tyranay, until they expatiate the and Eire thall be her own. A long crimes which caused their disinheri- time shall elapse before these words tance. The churls shall have pof fall be accounplished ; God forbid sellionof Innisfelim for leason ; we should be born in them imes. Rot for the advantage of he Saxons,

Extract from Fuaras a Saltoir Cainel.

UNTILL the bartle of Saingil fea, and not remember to come there will be no considerable advan- back, according to Bercain the sage · tage gained over them ; but after the in my book I found it. From the

great day of Saingil the Goill will fights of the Saxons o'er the blue not be long in Erin. The Alba- wave, from the beauteous green nians will come from the east, their plains of Eire, lawless might hall courage will beam forth at Saingil ; ne'er prèvail over the fons of Glass. heroic feast the Albanians will per gaoyul. Erin will be at ease aad form at Saingil, to drive the gloomy peace, in posesion of the Gaoyalchurls from the fair borders of Erin. glass, until the world thall be inte

The Saxons will fee beyond the ruin hurled

A LIST OF THE ABBEYS, PRI- tives, may be found in the Tower


quer in the Palace of Lambeth,

near London, and in the Archives (Continued from page 440.). of Westminster-Abbey, as ap

pears from Father Dominick Lo. pez's Historical accounts of the

Trinitarians of the three KingConvents, Priories, and Hospitals doms, printed at Madrid in 1714, of the Cruciferi, or Triana, which he translated from Father rians, for the Redemption of Cap- John Figueras Carpie's Annals and tives, commonly called in England Chronicon of the Order, printed the Crossed, or Crouched Friars, at Verona in 1645, who bad been founded under the Rule of $t. for some time disguised in EngAugustin.

land for this purpose ; as also from

Father Bonaventure Baro of the THE Order of the Blessed Order of St. Francis, who wrote, Trinity, for the Redemption of and printed at Rome the TrinitaCaptives out of the hands of Infi- rian' Annals. · Who also takes nodels, was instituted in France by rice, that the Trinitarians were St. John of Matha, Doctor of yulgarly called in England the Paris, and by St. Felix, of the Crossed, or Crouched Friers, from House of Valois, in 1197, both the Cross they have on the besom, hoiy Priests and Solitaries, called and left arm of their Habit. To to this work of mercy, like Moses this day, says he, they call and Aaron, by heavenly visions; Crouched Friars, the place where and was confirmed the following the Convent was formerly at Lonyear of 1198 by Pope Innocent don. Sir James Ware jo his Anthe IIId, as appears from the first tiquities, calls them Cross-bearers. book of his Decretal Epistles, in Monsieur Allemand's Translator which the Rule of this Order is and Improver, calls them Crouchinserted. This commerce of Cha- ed Friars, both making them a rity soon extended itself over different Order from the Trinita. Europe ; it was propagated in rians, I cannor see with what Scotland in 1211, in England and foundation ; for, according to Ireland soon after. The first these authors, the institution of · house in England was that of the Cross-bearers, or Crouched Richmond in Yorkshire, near Friars, was that of Hospitallers Knaresburg, founded by Richard under St. Augustin's Ryle, which Plantagenet, Erl of Cornwalt, the Mathurin's (so called from and Emperor elect of the Romans, their Convent at Paris, formerly Brother to Henry the H]d. King an Hospital of St. Mathurin,) or of England, in 1219. That of Trinitarians of France follow, and London, in Harr-street, near Lea. profess to this day. The pious denhall-street, founded by Ralph work of hospitality is 'commandHosier, and William Sabernes,' ed in the primitive Rule of the citizens thereof, in 1298; an ac. Order, in the 33d Section, in those court of which Religious Houses, words"; " Every night, at least, and others of the Order, with the in the Hospital before the Poor, Pontifical and Royal privileges in let them pray for the state and favour of the Redemption of Cap- peace of the Holy Roman Church


and of all Christendom, and for the title of the Blessed Trinity : their benefactors, and for all those hence they are called Brethren, or the universal Church usually Friars of the Holy Trinity, &r. prays."

And, because corporal exercise is Honorius the IVth, A. D. 1285, no small help towards advancing, in a Bull directed to the House of in piely, they abound so much in Ancona, of the Order of the works of mercy, that all their Blessed Trinity, writes thus of goods of what kind soever, they their hospitality ; " Which cho' al. ays divide into three parts ochers laudibly discharge, they one for the Redemption of Cap. notwithstanding study to fulfil tives groaning in the Saracen more laudibly ice duties, who, bondage; the other for the relief making it their chief employ of the poor, and sick, whom they ment, not only receive, but bring mercifully receive into their the poor and sick to their houses. houses, serving them humbly in As therefore the beloved children, their own persons; the ihird part the Minister, and Brethren of this they reserve for their own use, to Order, labour with all their might support any how a sober, and to relieve the necessities of the poor life. In this fulness of Chapoor flocking to them from all rity, in this abundance of piety, parts, &c." Innocent the VIIIth, they are thereby become so many in his Bull directed to the Order models to or her Religious to patin 1415, and 1416, which begins tern by, &c." "Such were the Dum ad sacrum Ordinem. “ While sentiments also of the venerable we take into consideration the ho. Humbertres Hedus de Romanis, ly Order of che sacred Trinity fish Master-General of the holy of the Redemprion of Captives Order of Preachers, writing in while we revolve in our mind the 1268, in his book Do modo cudendi pleariful harvest, which this Or. Sermones, 27th Epistle, page 150. der incessantly briogs forth in the “ The Religious, (says he,) of field of the militant Church, and the Holy Triniry, to whom Innothe wholesome works, which are cent the Illd. gave their rule to without interruption practised live by, reserve the third part of continually by them, out of the all they possess for the Redemppious offerings made them by the rion of Captives, that are in slavery faithful, and which, according to among Infidels; but the other two their primitive institution, all parts they make use of in their their goods are divided into three own support, and in works of paris, one of which is converted mercy, in their own houses, in into hospitaliry, which in each which they entertain the poor ; house of said Order is charitably so that all their goods are divided observed, &c." Set us hear to into three parrs, one for the ranthe same purpose, the ancient j'es- som of Captives, the Infidels load cimony of James de Vitriaco,' with chains; the other they emCardinal Bishop of Frasc.hti, and ploy in works of mercy in their Bishop also of Ancona, A. D. 1232 bouses ; and the third in their own in his Oriental History, page 329. subsistance.” “There is another order of Priests In fine, the Trinitarians have and Lay Brothers, holy, ond ac- Hospitals, not only in Europe, septable to God, in every place of but also in Africa ae Algiers and irs habitacion, serving God under Tunis, to comfort poor Captives


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