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LETTER, II. - prese the means of your loyal cout

trymen, why fell on that day, whilft TO THE RIGHT REV. DOC. in the act of what £ ey called, their TOR MILNER &. duty of civil:zing our façage ancesa

tors) down to the period of the My Lord,

Amer co war, the frith Cat.olics

were the most opprefled race of me Having, in my former Leiter, the wor dive beneld. In a couniry pledged myself to prove that no part rich in fe cility of soil and temperaof the Irish Catholics deserves to lite ture of limare in the ruinber and tle credit for sincerity and difinterito Capiciousness of its harbo’rs, w..ich edness in the prese e humiliating deli- se mg 10 court the trade of both beration, and urged by'a hoftile vin hemispheres-abounding with the finister and his Trilh too's, as our le d. Delt tiheries in the univerfe ; and, ing Nobilieyard Gentry, with the above all, with fix millions of brave few ambitious upstarts whom they hardy, faithful people, in a word, have larely seduced, I sh Il now un in nature's most favoured island, her der the guida ce o frict impa ciality, own fons were eollaved and delivered proceed to redeem the pledge.

over to a fiandful of cruel and unjult •Form the battle of Aughrim, (the fori ign taikmatters -- were made teir Anniverfary of which regulary ren hewers of wood and drawers of wa. ceives a few * Irish victims to ap ter- comdemned by t.e bruralizing

laws to beggary and ignorance, wird

their concomitant vices, whilft their * In recording the occurrence names were ever mentioned in their of 1808. the future historian will own Senate, in their bistories or have to mention, to an astoniiking publicat ons, except for the very purworld, the wantoo arrest on the Edis pose of adding iosult to injury, by tor of the Kerry Dispatch and the beaping on them the baient calunnies, death of the Rev. Mr Duane, pas and thus preparing them for new pero rish priest of Mountrath, who was fecutions. attacked in his bed, on the night of During the arduous and important the 2th of July last, by a body of struggle or American independence, orange yoemen, 'ho dined and spent p rty spiri? rin excessively high thro' the evening together in honour of out the empire-the enlightened Enthe battle of Aughrim. Ar midnight, glich, led on by Lord Chatham, were this gentleman escaped from his house violent in favour of the revolted cowithout hat, cont, waistcoat, or loniesfor, in the very Senaté, he did stockin s, whilst the yoemen were not hesitate to avow his joy al the in the act of forcing his door, and resistance of America, and added although they fred at least forty' " four millioos of slaves, beyond the shots after him he succeeded in swim. Auantic, migh. prove dangerous in. ming across a river.-- In this situation ftruments in the hands of a defporic he remained all oight in a potatoe British Minister."The King's friends field, and a putrid fever, supposed on the other hand, were no less anxto have been caught in consequence, ious to put down wbat they were carried him off in a few days from his pleased to term rebellion, and, in' alliated acquaintance. Is not this a the spirit of British Liberty, would fit subject of enquiry for our vigo. have execute!, on Tower Hill, rous government.

Washington, Franklin and the other 3 N

leaders, as rebels and traitors, had forsooth, these conceffiong should ofthe English arms ievaid. In the fend the Diffeoters and alienate their interm 'beAn ricacs we're joined by affections from Government ! ! ! Frince and Spain, who now swept The bait was swallowed by the blind the seas, rode triumphant on he very Catholic leaders, and according to Thames; and threatened an imme- promile, the power of taking long date and formidable invasion of this leases was granted by the Legilacountry, which had scearcely a fol ture in 1779, The Catholic llaves, dier left for its defence. Al theswho, for near a century befors, could out - ard circumstances from abroad in by law retain in his posseshon greatly alarmed the British Minister, even a horse worth sl. because enand that alarm was powerfully en- thusiastical loyal as well as greatful creased by the following occurrence íor this unexpected favour, and, in at home,

This phrenzy of love, for his being SoThe great body of Disfenters, and pvereign, he forgot his owo galling liberal Proteftants, almost to a man, chains and wilhed fucce s to a defpospoke openly and boldly in favour of tic Minister in his unconititutional America, and, in discusing and es. attack on the por Yankees:- This poufng the cause of their trans-atlan- hwas the first pretty dance the luth tic brethren, they began to turn their Catholic was led by his wife and cothoughts to their own situation. The lightened “ Natural Representative," daily meetings of the Volunteer and the paramont one was to make associations contributed wonderfully him coolider every profession and a& towards liberalizing the national of his difTeoring brethreo as in Gincere mind, The Dissenters of the north and dangerous.-At length the auhad the honour of taking the lead in fpicions day arrived, when the liberal rescuing their unhappy Catholic bre. Disleoters and Proteftants met as thren from their worse than Egyp- Dungaonon, and gave the lie direct tain bondage, and the dread of an to the corrupt whispers of courtiers Union between thele two great bodies and our“ Natural Representives," who had been wickedly played off whom, in defiance of common sense, against each other for almost a cen- the Minister till beld in leading tury, appalled the Cabinet of St. &rings-On that glorious occasion, James more than all ti.e disasters the good genius of Erin, for the first that had occured in America - From time, direcied our public councils, that moment to Pitt's death, every and the trumpet of harmony resoundstratagem bad been used to excite and ed throughout the land. This is what keep al ve a spirit of civil and religi- gave the death blow to the abominaous rancour amongst the parties. ble system of disunion, by which

In this Pinic, the Minister invited Ireland was distracted for 700 years, the leading Gentlemen of our Coin- and established, for ever. that divine munion to an interview in which he principal of brotherly love amonft pointed out the affectionate regard of Irishmen, which this moment glows his “ sacred Majesty' for his beloved in every breast, save those of pure Catholic subjects ; promised that in chased hireling and the “ Associa. due time they should be complearly ti n" of dupes.- Protestants, Dil emancipated, but that moment he focers, and Catholics, all feel that could not ensure to grant more than they have been most cruelly treated the power of taking long leases, lealt, by strangers who had long practised

on their credulity, and on the com- to look up to them with respect, mon altar of their country, they have their copilant and favourite theme already sworo eternal union.

was, trust oot the Disleoters-hey An imperial history of the narrow are still your enemies : look to their piritui syilem of politics adopted, hostility against you for many years, and acted upon by ous Catholic and, if that does not convince you, " Leaders' since the year 1778, take our word of honour for the wil: scarcely be credited in a few truth of the charge, for we have it years hence That an ignorant, un. from the highest authority. Such civilized rabble has been seduced for is the language even to the present a short time by artful, and malicious hour, and such their gratitude to Minister, and led to commit the their Presbytaerian and Protestant molt favage acts, is a melancholy friends !!! truth we have often witnessed in our Strange as this may appears to own hapless country, particularly in you, my Lord, who have not been Armagh, and a thing not very much on the spot to watch the course of to be wondered at: but what is fix. Catholic politics, NII I pledge my ty-eight Lords, Barone s and Gen. character for the truth of every word tlemen of education should, for the in this latement, which will be space of thirty succesive years, shut proved to your satisfaction, by hun. their eyes against the most convincing dreds, provided you put yourself in arguments, admitted by every indivi- the way of obtaining fair nformation dual in the land, except themselves; on your arival in Dubina to attend and join with the deadly and avowed the universally reprobated discussion, enemies of their country, in promo- which, to our great humiliation, is ting the favourite work of disunion, now fixed for the middle of next again't the general wishes and inter month. Ak the well koown popu. rests of their own body, and with lar characters, who detest the ma. the manifeft loss of character and nouvres of the despicable " Affoci. popularity on their part, is one of aliors," thai usurp the rights of the those political phenomena which ne entire body, and they will instantly ver can he explaioed, except by men, corroborate my testimony. Apply who run counier to every priciple of to the venerable Mentor of the Ca. plaio good sense. Such, however, tholics, at the thunder of his elos alas ! has beeo the case, and I ap- quence I often saw the Caftle Lord. prebend it is but too likely to cooling, and their penfioned and extinue so. The “ Leaders" by their pectant group of Anti-Catholic Law. conduet seemed to dread this union yers hides their diminilhed heads. of Triihmen, even more than the Seek the society of that incomparable Minister of the day, and, withio the self-taught orator (1 here pledge my, sphere of their activity out rap the felf that he is unacquainted with the very agent of Administration, in writer of these sheels) who has by paexciting jealousies and suspicions in triotic exertions for promoting a cor. the atholic mind against their Pres. dial union between Irishmen of every byterian brethren. Amongst their religious persuasion on the eve of be. own tenantry, their dependants, and ing crowed with success. He will the Bishops and Priest of their dift. inform you and no man poliess such Fitt, who were taught by long habis inforzation on the subject that the founders of the " Asociation " have in whole favour they preferred one beenfor th: laft thirty years, hanging petition or complaint, but were ne. like a millitone about the neck of the gociating jobs and per fons for themCatholic Body, or trilher of the na- selves, their brothers-in-law, and tion; and that, in all their public and nephews, and private act, they have been mar. This matter went on until 1791, sing our belt ilans, counteracting when the afpe&t of affairs abroad, and the efforts of our Proseltant and the liberality of our Proteftant coun. Presbyt-rian benefactors.

trymen ac home, determined us to Shortly «fter the close of the bring the cause of our oppressed body American war, Pitt, of accursed before the grand loqueit of the Na. memory, seized the heim, and never tion But here a scene opens to our was the vessel of 'Itate so wickedly view which makes me reserve the and, *t the famie lime, so unfortu- remainder of this painful report for nately piloted, as during his long a future communication. Admistration. Scarcely sealed in And now, my Lord, I cannot, power, he set on foot, in the year confilter.tly with the principles of 85, the tragical business of Armagh, ca dor and respect for your Lordwhich, in point of diabolical policy, ship’s great character, omit assuring may perhaps, on some future occa you that your Letters in the Herald fon, be equalled, but most cer are confidered by the public if not tainly never can be furpalled. This evafive, at lealt unsatisfactory; and abomination, aso, our worthy " Lea. this must apologize for my preffing ders” imputed to the Diffen ers, totidem verbis, the decisive query, and earneilly endeavoured to pir with which I closed my former Let fuade their Catholic acquaintance to ter, and to which the Irish Carefer it o the same cause. In this tholics consider you bound to give a they partly succeeded, till the glori. prompt and explicit answer. ous, and patriotic citiz-ns of Belfast Did you, or did you not in your published to the world their just ab- communications with Meffrs, Graihorrence of this iniquitous lulinels, tan and Ponsonby propose on the and o ened their doors to the van. part of the Irish Church, to invest dering, burned out Catholic of Ara | the King, under any circumstance, magh, when he had not a roof under wth the right of a veto in the nomiwhich to shelter his helpless family, nation of our Bishops? If the latter, from the “peling of the pitiless I never did man exist whose character ftorm." Future ages wil with dish for popularity in this country could culiy believe that whilst our dilanting require a more diflinet and open dife brethren of Belfalt and D blin were avowal of the whole, be the confedrawing on themseves the periecution quences what they may. But if of Minifters, for proving to the nation unfortuoately the former, (which I that they were not Dissenters, but trust is not the case) how assume a catle mag firates and castle Prote- right you could not posible have reftant Landlords, who encouraged and received ? For not a' Catholic Layprotected the orange assassins, our man except the “ Junta" of usurpers “ Natural Representatives went on ever entertained the question at al'. paying teir loyal visits to the Heros Not one of our thousands of inferior who were daily whipp ng with scor. Prielts, the stock from which our pions their poor delenceless brethren, Hierarchy must be taken-aot erca

our Vicar General ever heard of the literary incapacities, we have no hi. measure, until after the last discusfion fitation in acquitring our guzzling of our question in the Imperial Par- fellow citizens, of the lightest in. liament. Your filence in this case tention of ripping up our Srects, to will be taken as conclusive evidence demonstrate their mathematical emi, against you,

peace, give them sound Dioner, SARSTIFLD. Gold chains, and judicial author.

ty in our Expeřiny courts of justice Augup 17th, 1808.

and to the Scorch or the devil, they leave all your books, your spelling and reading. Cooks shops are their

Libraries, and koives and forks, STREET ENGINEERING their Mathematical instruments.

We have not heard of the Majors The minor branches of Mathe- talents in the art of War, though matical science have been applied to the field for military enterprize has avariety of frivolous and capricious long been opeo for the exercise of experiments, very injuroius to the British prowess, his abilities for ar. citizens of Dublin, by the vast en- raying paving stones, and for the crease of taxation, nade necessary positions he so repeatedly, gives, our to defray the unusual expences at sand and gravel have been much quetending such an uobounded pallion ftioned, for by a prevaling pallion he for ridiculous whims, that hai e late possesses for partial acumulations, he ly infuenced the paving Board. has so raised certain districts that

A Major Taylor from the hun- many of our Streets arę spoiled and gry regions of Scotland,

our public buildings irreparably

ruined. The college has been fo " Where Cobwebs grow, of more than encircled by the Majors movements, common size,

that its windows of the firft story in And halı farved Spiders feed on half front are so funk that a passenger in farved Fries."

the west end of college green can dil

cover little more of them than the we learn is the present head and Architrav.s, and the porch nearly authority of this eftablishment, choaked up with the rolling filth chat It must be with this Caledonian a descent of nearly four feet in man of War, that the Mathe (wenty yards must incvitably occamatical powers which moves our fion, it promises to become a com. foot ways, muft exift, as no man mon water course in a few winters. would suspect a Dublin Alderman's An Aperture has been left open in genuis that never rises above the front to receive the Itream on its

eavy breast works, which smoke at regulated course, in the very fook corporation dinners, to have any way into the college. In his enihuleading to geometrical problems ; as liam for alteration the Major put the it is from the fapient Aldei mapic üniversity out of his confideration: board the Majors humble colleagues so that this immense and elegant are selected, and on the consciousness structure dedicated to Protestant li. We entertain of their scientific and rerature is actually placed in a ditch.

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