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Where the pure crystal Aream smoothly Still we're doomed to behold some great glides thro' the vales,

folks with long puries, And the groves gently murmur with Whose talents are cath, and whose logic whispering gales ;

is curses, Where no reptile the traveller's progress Who like a great Nop, of the Prelitic impedes,

throng, And at eve falling dew drops þespangle the Think the people's hearts right tho' chcis meads.

Heads are quite wrong ; Where the harvest the husbandman's That the Bishops and Priests may at once, hopes never fails,

be in clover. Apd the cow's teeming udder oerflows the They intend as our Head, faith the House full pales ;

of HWhere the clustering, creffes oerspread And the object on whom they have now the inoin springs,

chanced io chop, And the cuckoo aloft on the bough sweetly Not unlike the Popes head in the Brushfings;

maker's shop, Where the thrula leo barmonious opes

Is lo dull that full many a subject come wide his thrill throat,

plains, And fills the cool Made with his proud lin

That his sconce is posteded of more bris, tle note.

iles than brajas. Fair lerne's brave soos their great pa. rept proclaim,

" And now Paddy my boy, were you Por august is their form, and immortal but to go to Dublin, and happen to be their fame;

circumvented by some of these fellows, If the Fates be propitions, aod life be- one of whom whose name is Bom, ! ftow aid,

am told carries the EveniNO HERALD I'll review, the bless's Ine by Cadelian's that contained his last speech, (Oh ! that once sway'd ;

it were his last speech and dying words, For Lowo, all the riches this land a la lanterne,"') in the Catholic Meetcould bestow,

ing, in his cravar ever finçe, you'd see To behold my loy'd Erin I'd freely forego. how they'd endeavour to butter you up,

with now you know you'r a ample couas W. L.

try fellow, who knows nothing at all of this business." Aye, but Jack, I would foon answer, “ Arrah, now don't you think that a fimple country fellow, would be able to see whats what, as well as a

native of Dublin. Was there any particu. DOGGREL RHAPSODY,

lar virtue in the PUTTEEN of your Daddy's

dram shop, that gave you a discernment OR

superior to a umple country fellow?".

but proceed POETIC PILLS

Each day and each night the unanimous


B. -t, O'Ryand

N ARRAH, Paddy my boy after all that was done,



* The conduct of this geatleman who By our much beloved Bishops who true as had long ensured popularity, by the con

fiftency of his political conduet with whicke Bid defiance to wealth, penfion, place, or he has uniformiy acted, has been for some provision,

time a subject of admiration to many; While Religion and Honorr fosbad their “ Sed humanum eft errare," and we

may loos expe& to hear of his converfon.

the run,


Is who shall be first to pervert the decree, By bell, book and candle expelled from
Eich Candidate thunders why fare t'will

the Altar, be me.

May their last deck cloth prove a good When lo / at the door is a rap long and flout hempen halter.

loud, Amazennent and horror transfixes the

crowd, (If a crowd may be called where eight or nipe met,)

Answer to a Rebus in last Months Lo each arm trembles fast, and each brow

Magazine. drops with Iweat, Appalled tands each one, and the cause would you know,

IN your beautiful Rebus great Milner

trace, They fear it announces the patriot R-gh The fervant comes up and the door opcos

Whose labours display, both couviaion and

grice. wide, And in (talks ] - B-, with aristocratic

ftride, The Quixote speaks forth, for a moment

demands a Stort word with the Nobs for himself and

REBUS. his Panza, And faith the full many may laugh al The name of an implement as'd by the the fact,

swain, This Panza as many a louse wasmejo crackt To colture the earth, and prepare it for lo stature a Milo, in spirit a Timon,

grain ; Revealed to the view stands gigantic Conjoin'd to a place where the fierce (• P-S-,

vage crew, But Byrne begins, we'll no longer be Retire for safety when foes are in view; faves,

A man of great talents, and candour will To the chicfs of our Church, puritanical spe! I, kpaves,

Who wrote of our aation, conceiving it To hell brs, we'll kick all these dignified

well; elves,

But the truths were so bold, the Historias I'll be hanged but we'll consecrate Bithops Грoke, ourselves ;

They vex'd his employers, who promises What the deel is it to us who'll be head of broke ; the Church,

No honest intention could work on OUT We'll leave Priests, P:per, and Prelates

foes, behind in the lurch;

And Eria, poo: Erio, muß fill (uffer Stics together my friends, be united and heirty,

The saints of these hands will never re And we'll be at the head of our own little sign, party,

Theis hatred to ev'ry thing old, and di-, Together on Tuesday we'il drink and dir- vige i gorge,

For the good of Religion, those bigoted Then fill-bumpers thrice round to the knaves, health of Pope Ge.

Debar their good neighbours, and treat
Thus the orater cealed, he had no more . them as nares;
to say,

Because they prefer to employments and
And the whole Aristocracy bellowed huzza gold,
But hold, a kort whisper, I fill thall The tenets profess'd by their fathers of

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old. In the ears of this faunch anti-catholie bandy

T. R.



The Autümdal Equinox has produced sir Artuur Wollenty and the Irish and an unusual fall of raia, luceeaded by English troops are laid to have performed gloomy and chilly weather. This tranfition the moft glorious deeds of military Acid from warmth, bas made it neceflary for and mauly firmnefs, in Portugal. The our females io make some conliderable English printe are as uual, lavish of their alteration in their apparel. An additiog praise of the heroes who have rescued the in the length of the petticoat is generally Catholic Altars from French profanation. adopted ; the chearful summer which This leading object of tbe British Como admitted them to ase the lightest covering manders and Ambaffa dłors in Spain and inade it undecessary to be very exact in Portugal, deserves the moft lively approthe length or regularity of ihe lower bation of every good man. We could parts of dress, so that they appeared be- wish the honour and fanctity of the Cathofides being barefoot, to have the tatterea lisi Altars in Ireland, were as anxiously garments not to need the a flistance of the protected at home, and that a few of our Deedle, either to exclude the genial air by galla at countrymen, were authorised to well placed patches, or inconvenient au- lend their aid to the defence of our thatchditional appendages, that migbe emba- ed Chapels, and poor Priesthood from the rals them in the useful employments of facrilegious Orangemen in the North of digging and planting the only food thať Ireland, and the .Deighbouring Counties. the wisdom of the laws, or the humanity It is not three months fioce the Rev. Mr. of our landlorda, has left for the amuse- Drane, was hunted from his ludgings by ment and outriment of the Irish air. a party of thio Banditti, and to save his

The children who were permitted in lite was obliged to swim a river near the the fine weather to Icamper oaked on the town of Mountrath, and to hide himself ronds and the ditches, have been called in the trenches of a potatoe field, in his in to take such protection against the wet clothes, by which he caught a cold elemente, and their Lords coaches, as that killed him. The lavages ezraged at wicker doors, and half graves can give; being deprived of their game, veated their their little persons are imperfe&tly covered fury on the Chapel of the town, and the by threds of carpeis, hay girdles, and terrified uparmed Catholics, beheld in old hats; with this elegaat Union cover- Glent anguilh, their place of worship ins, they appear healthful and gay, well treated with the most iacriligeous iadeo made and passionately fond of learning, cercy ! ! ! many of them better informed, thao The Magistrates stood filent, and coamany gentlemen in England. One in. tinue lo ; no meetings took place to concoovenience attends this wretchedael's Eder of the expediency of declaring the and information, that riper years render County in danger, or likely to become them impatient uader their comparative so, net & folitary Proclamation, was ever ftate, witb that of the insulting spleadour suspended, to arrest or even discourage that surround them, and partial insurrec. che Organised murderers. Had a Ministion, and subsequent punishment, record ters dog been hunted from his kennel, the inequality of the Ja viss, and the unim- and obliged to swim for his life, all the proved condition of the poor, lo heed forms of terror and a larm for a Church lessly passed over, by an unfeeling and im- in danger, would have been performed. politic herd of middle men, fox hunters, Charity should begin at home, and we and law makers, whom conquest and

trust when the hero of India and Portugat, confiscati ias, bave raised from an Englila returns with his well earned laurels, he' mob, to tragsform into an Irift Anglo will spare a day or two in the service of Sentry.

his perfecuted countrymca.

Tbe capture, or (wsreader of Juoot,

and the terms he diđated to ķis conquer

INDUSTRY. ofs, are as variously cold, and as warmly disputed in the public prints, as the feels An extraordinary infance of induftry inge and views of the parties engaged is to be met with in the person of one impel them, each side have their argu- man, in the County of Dublin-he is a

ments and abuse so plaufibly atranged, Just-Ass of the Peace, an APOTHECARY, I that a very numerous class of the Britishi a Doctor, an Ex-BAKER, a Sutlir, a

readers are prepared to wreck the most PROFECT of a Prilon, a Grand Pensione condign punishment on the General who ARY, 2 REBEL COURIER ; and in this figned the ignominious treaty, without great man is the order of things reverttrial or hearing the illustrious culprits, ed--the Apothecary before the Doctor. whu for some very efficient reasons are as filent on the reasons that made them yield to the demands of Junoi, as the others ase poisy and impatient.

Dublin, September 3d, 1808. This day the new Police Establishment fücceeded the former one, the present

is of a more military conftitution, and of ÁDVERTISEMENT ÉXTRAORDINARY. a more extenlive means of patronage

. It has given many of the needy members of the Corporation an opportunity of ap

pearing on other days befide the Sabbath, TO BE SOLD

as the expectation formed by impatient

creditors, of sharing a part of the sala. TO THỂ HIGHEST BIDDER;

ries by convenient instalments, has operated on them so, that they have relaxed

something in their terms and vigilance. Ad ANCIENT HIERARCHY very little Several briefels' Lawyers have been the worso for the wear, which has food provided for, and all the advertifing cane many stormś but cannot endure tare didates of the Bar have been disappointed. WEATHER.

As usual; men of trưe Protestant and Apply tn Messrs. Troy, Moylan and Orange notoriety have been félected; Co, on the premises ; to Raodal Mac- and down to the meadeft Conftable, a dopell, Broker to the Coucern ; or to Catholic is not intrusted even with the Dr. Milaer, travelling Ageot.

care of a laathora.


Scotius, came too late for insertion,

Mr. Hickey's Translation, in our next.
A Curate's Lecter from D came too late for insertion.


We were obliged to publish this Number without an Engraving, as we were not willing to give one we intended, it being executed very inaccurately.

An Interesting and very Accurate statement of the Brewing Trade, and a method of preventing Brewers of continuing the use of foreign berries, roors, chemicals and woods, instead of Malt and Hops, in our nexs.

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