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Right Rev. Dr. M‘Mullen, Downpatrick

Dr. Caulfield, Wexford."

Dr. Delany, Tullow, Co. Carlow.
- Dr. Lanigan, Kilkenny,

Dr. Moylan, Cork. "
-Dr. Power, Waterford.
Dr. O'Shaughnessy, Newmarket on Ferg.
Dr. Young, Limerick.
Dr. Sugbrue, Killarney.
Dr. Archdeacon, Gort.
Dr. Coppinger, Middleton,
Dr. Bellew, Ballina..
Dr. Costello, Loughrea.
-Dr. Lynch, Westport.

Dr. M'Carthy, Coadjutor to Dr. Moylan.

Dr. Ryan, Coadjaror to Dr. Caulfield.
Rev. Dr. Bodkin, Warden of Galway.
Drs. Becagh and Hamill, Vicars General of the Arch

Diocese of Dublin. .

These six Bishops marked thus * voted for leaving the question open for future discussion. All the rest for its unqualified rejedio for ever.

We cannot close this report, tools of Despotism, and an irreligious without returning the most cor- Anti-Catholic cabal-and without dial thanks, in the name of the expressing a heartfelt wish, that whole Catholic Body, to Sarsfield, the present generation may not Laicus, and the Proprietors and pass away, until they see rowering Editor of that truly Irish Paper, monuments erected by a gratelut THE EVENING Herald, for the nation, to perpetuate their names abilities and persevering zeal dise to the latest posterity. played by them, throughout the We shall resum: this subject. arduous struggle, which was so in our next. nobly supported by the friends of September 301 000 Liberty and Religion, against the




First, as radius plus the sine TO THE EDITOR OF THE Irish of the ascensional difference is to MAGAZINE,

the sine of the ascensional differe ence, so is the sine of the sun's meridian altitude, to the sine of

bis altitude ar 6 o'clock=27976.' Your giving the following

Then, as the sine of the sun's Question and Solution, a place in

ascensional difference, is to the The Irish MAGAZINE, will much

sine of his altitude at 6; so is oblige, Your's, &c.

radius minus the sine of the asJ. HYNES.

censional difference to the sine of the sun's midnight depression;

which, corresponds to 16. 151. A new Question by John Hynes,

Hence 57°.4. * 16.-15

36° 3941 86, Marlborough-street. '

2 IN a certain north latitude last

=the complement of the latitud.

Consequently, the lat. 639 20%! Spring the sun rose exactly at 4 57° 4' 16°157 o'clock, his meridian alirude the And same day was observed to be 579 4', required the latitude of these 200-24' * sun's declination, place, and day of observation. which answers to the 22d of May.

Original Poetry.

TO THE EDITOR OF THE IRISH MAGAZINE. Mr. EDITOR, SIR-As you have promised 10 encourage learning of every descrip tion, in your excellent Magazine, and as the following Translation of the beautiful Ballad, LUCY and COLIN, will undoubtedly be please Sing to your learned Readers, by giving it a place in your Poeris department, you will oblige your constant reader and well wisher to, your undertaking. 31




QUAS, genetrix venerum, Lagenia fuse Of Leinster fam'd för Maidens fair,

dit in auras, Bright Lucy was the grace ;

Palchra puellarum Lucia grande decus Nor e'er did Liffy's limpid Atream

Flumine tam roseam faciemn placidamve Refieet 10 fair a face:

coruico, Liffana con unquam reddidit unda suo,

Donec amarus amor vultus fpoliare rue Till luck tess love, and pining cares

bentes, impair'd ber rosy hue,

Curaque formoso frontis honore mala ; Her coral lips, her damask checks, Donec amarus amor fredavit labra ge * And eyes of gloffy blue.

Purpureas, oculis surripuitque jubar.

Vidiftin', nimius quando ruit there Oh ! have you reen a lily pale,

vimbos, When beating rains descend ?

Prz gravidis ut aquis lilia flacca cadunt So droop'd, the bow consuming maid, Sic periit, lento lic tabuit illa dolore, : Her life now at an ead.

Extrema vire jam veniente die. Quiequis bon exemplo cum fit tibi Lucia

magno, By Lucy warn'd, of Rate'ringiwains; Blanditias puerum credula aympha *Take heesi, ye easy fair!

cavel Of vengeance due to broken vows, Quisquis es, O fallax juvenis, quod certo Ye perjur'o Twaias, beware!

merentur, Supplicium Divum, vota dalola time!

Undique cuncta tacent media cum nocte Three times, pllain the dead of night;

Glenti, A bell was heard to ring ;

Ter campana gravi timouitore Conans ; And, Ibricking åt het window thrice, Improba per cutiens ter peanis atque feu The Raven fap'd his wing.


Cornix, emise funebre carmen, avis. Too well the love-lorn Maiden knew Heu! nimis instantis faujam toalcra virge . The folemn, boding fouud,

Audiit ut volucris triftia figna, fuit ; Apd thus, in dying words, .bespoks Sic moriens (tantes a futur et illa puelles, • The virgins ítanding round.

Circum, dum luctus plurimus ora rigat.

" Audio ego vocem, quam non audire " I hear a voice you cannot hear,

poteftis, i " Which says, I muft not stayi

" Hinc quæ perceleri me jubet ire fugs * l lee a hand you cannot see, ,'.

" Dexteram ego spido, quam non.fpec• " Which beckons me away:

tare poteftis,

“ Percelerare fugam quæ jubet absque . .. mora.

" Hei mihi ! quod tener is morior mise“ By a false heart, and broken Vowe,

rabilis agnis i me " In early youth I die !

* Tofidi juvenis (raude petita cado! " Am I to blame, because his spouse, 6. Arne daium vitio, quod non mibi can- Is thitice as rich as I'?

tigit unquain, ** Tertia que fponfa dotis habeuđa


• Ab, Corydoo I ille oe des tua sacra “Ah, Colin! give not her ihy vows,

puelle, " Vows due to me alone ;

« Que mihi font foli debita vola, precor Nor tbau, fonet maid, receive his kife, " Tu peque dulcia que figit, precor « Nos chick it all thy owa. .

orcula virgo, & Accipias facilis. Rectwa lola pules,

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" "Temporis impatiens, cras vincla part"To meşrow, in the Church to wed,

tis, uterque, . . “ Impatient, both prepare ;

“ lo templo focii fancta fubire tori ; “ But know, fond Maid; and know falle " Lucia quod pariter adero quio noscat

uterque, " That Lucy will be there.

"O facilis virgo, tuque dolore puer.

" Illuc o comites, gelidum deserto . " There bear my couse, re comrader, daver, bear

“ Deferte et læti conjugis ante pedes ; " The bridegroom blight to meet, “Ille jugalis ovans tectus ielamine veftis, " He in his wedding trim fo gay,

" Vinda repulchralis lugabris ipfa “ lin my winding sheet."

fola." She spoke, me dy'd her corse was borne, Dixit, et interiit-confeftim trifte cadaver. The bridegroom blithe to meet į

Delatum læti conjugis ante pedes i He in biß wedding trim so gay,

Ille jugalis ovans tectus velamine veftis, She in her windiog sheet,

Vincta sepulchralis lugubrio illa itole. Then what were perjur'd Colin's thoughts Quali tunc Corydon eft anxietate gravatus? How were these ouptials kept?

. Hujus conjugii qualia fefta putas? The bridemeo lock'd round Lucy dead, Lucia qua jacuit, circum coiere juventus, And all the village wept !

Triftibus et lachrymis pagus obortus,

erat |

Tum miferario, et ira, pudor, pariterque Compaffioa, shame, remorse, despair,

mariti, At once his Sorom Swell,

Confcia veratus peétora torquet amor ;, The damps of death bedew'd his brows, Os humens gelido fudore, tramorque cu• He looks be groan' d he fell !

currit, Arcus per pavidos, occubuitque gemens

Hla, nec ulterius conjpx, male" nupta. From the vain bride (ah l-bride no more )

marito, The varying crimson fed ;'

Palloit, et vulsus predidit omne decus į When, Atretch'd before her rival's corse, Vidit ut exempti fatis miferabile corpus, She saw her husband dead.

mula gua jacuit nympha, jacere


lo manibus juvenum tremulis hinc iHe He, to his Lucy's new made grave,

fepulchrum. Convey'd by trembling swains,

Virginis abjectæ fertur ad uique novum Qne mould with her, one fod bepeath, Vo. eodemque loco, uno nunc sub cespite For ever now remgias,

Et Corydon; idem pulvis. vterque jacet.

Sæpius ad tumulum miferi apoc virgenis Oft at this grave, the constant hind,

illuc, And plighted Maid are seen ;

Fido cum puero fida puella venit; ** With garlaads gay, and true love kaots, Herculeis codis omnes, roseisque corollis, They deck the sacred green,

Hoc viridarium amaat condecorare sa:

crum. Attamen, oro, fidem qui non servaveris,

iftum, Bur, fwain forsworn, whoe'er thou art, Quisquis es, Q juvenis, de fcelerare This hallow'd spot forbear ;

locum ; Remember Colin's dreadful fate, Efto memor fati Corydonis, imago nec And fear to meet him there ke

iftic, Illius obtulerit se tibi dira, vide !



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The cloudlers temper and the social heart

The food ethereal and the fights subON THE DEATH OF

:' lime! Thy lofs, my Mary, chas'd them from

my breast, MARY MACGUIR E.

Thy sweetness charms, thy judgment BY CAROLAN. ' .

ideado no more,

The muse deserts an heart with grief op, (Translated from the Irish, by a pressid

And doft is every joy that charm!! . Lady.)


DONAGRADER. WERE mine the choice of intellectual

fame, Of Spelful song, and eloquence divine, Painting's Tweet power, philosophy, pure .

the IRISH i flame,

TO THE Editor of i And Homer's lyre, and Ofsjan's harp

- MAGAZINE. . were mine ;

SIR, The splendid arts of Erin, Greece, and If the Editor of the Irish MaRome,

gazine, shall consider the followÎn Mary lofts would lose their wonted

of their wonięd ing worthy, a place in his poetic grace, All would I give to róatch her from the pages, he will gratify by its in

, sertion."

W. L. comb Again to fold her in my fond embrace. Delponding, Gck, exhaufted with my grief,

· Major Firzgerald, of the House A while the founts of sorrow cease to of Glinn, in the County Kerry, flow,

an officer in the Irish Brigade, at In vain !-i rest oot-Deep brings no the siege of Bergen.on-Zoom.

relief ; Cheerless, compagionie's I wake io A. D. 1727, after the taking of

thar foriress, went for recreation woe. , Nor birth, por beauty, shall again allure, upon a fine day into the adjacenç

Nor fortune win me to another bride; country, where refiedting on the Alone I'll wander, and alone endure, beauteous plains of Erin, and the Till death restore me to my dear one's joys of his nativity, he composed

fide. Once every thought and every scene was country, of which the following

a song in the language of his gay, Friends, mirth, and music, all my

is a translation. hours employ'da Pow doom'd to mouro my last fad years LOVELY Erio ! igh when I think

on thy plains, My life a solitude ! my heart a void! Where true friendship with sweet hospita: Alas the change!--io chauge again no

lity reigns, more !

. Where a fruitful abundance the foil For every comfort is with Mary fied ;

ever yields, And ceaseless anguish thall her loss deplore And kind Ceree in yellow enrobes all the Till age and sorrow join me with the fields ; . dead,

. Where the tall branchiag cake towing Adieu, each gift of na'ure and of art, i hodey distil,

That erst adora'd me in life's early And a mantle of green over(preado ev'r · prime!



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