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BXTRACT FROM Dr. CHALLONER's be," was the first author of this BOOK.

tumuli, a mere savage, without wit, without learning, without common sense. A man who was

so far from having any sign of the: THE CHARACTER OF THE REST O) spirit of Go

spirit of God, that he neither, THE CHIET REFOR MER S.,

knew nor practiced any of the

duries of common civilily towards 1. THE first man of any note

men ; nay, there appeared in him chat adhered to Luther's reformar

evident marks of impiety. He tion, was Doctor Andrew Cara condemned all laws which had loscadius. who was also the first been made by Pegans; he prethat declared against the Mass. tended that all civil causes should and the Elevation of the Sacra. be tried by the law of Moses, not ment; the first Priest that pub . understanding the force and na-i licly married, the first chat in ture of Christian liberty. He emthese latter ages renewed the Ico

braced immediately all chat fana-, noclasts war against the images of tical doctrine of the Anabaptists,

as soon as Nicholas Stork began first of the reformers that denied to publish it in Germany. He the real presence of the Body and moved the controversy of the Blood of Chrise in the Blessed Eu, Lord's Supper out of pure hatred charist. This man's character is to Luther, not out of any sentigiven by Melanchon, who knew ment of piety. A good part of him, perfectly well, and was him.

Germany, can bear witness that in self a leading man in the new all this I say nothing but wha

all this I say nothing but what is Religion. « Carlostadius" says true."--Sopar Melancihon.

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* Epift. au Frideric Mycon, Præfas ad Libr. Teftimoo.

(To be continued.)

Proceedings of the Catholic Bishops.

\, full and impartial ac ount of the copal Order, any. Priest he pleaf

luie treacherous and Anti-Catho- ; d.) in the eled 10n of our Bishops. ! lic attempt to rob Irishmen of

their Hierarchy and Religion, IN our last Number we pro. with the names of the Bishops, mised 10 lay before our readers an who voted for and against granto account of the Proceedings in the ing the King a Vero, (ihat is, a National Council of our Catholic Rower of rejecting from the Epif Bishops, held in John's-lane Chapel, on the 14th, 15th, and 16th coquetry with Government for the ult. We have taken much pains last ten years, be brought before to be well informed on this head, The grand tribunal of fair and open and we hesitate not to fledge ouro, discussion. But as discussion of selves, that the followving state- the kind never suited their taste, ment, which we have condensed they pressed Doctor Reilly, Prifrom the numerous and respedla-mare of Armagh, to convene a ble letters and verbal communica. National Synod, at the earliest tions we received, will be found day possible, in order, as they the most savisfactory which has hoped, to su fle the cry of ihe peobeen as yet submitted to our Car' ple, by votiog to the King at once, tholic countrymen. In every thing ihe power of Peto, or, in o: her wbich affects their interest, which words, the power of prevening is ir separable from that of the any Priest of this Kingdom, the Nation, we shall be ever found at never so virtuous and zealous, from our post.

ever becoming a Bishop, unless Ai the end of last June, a meetthat worthy Priest would be first ing of the Board of Trustees rook meran enough o court the favour of place at Mynooth, from which Messrs. Giffard, Duigenan, and place they adjourned to this Ciry, Dooley, (the great Cury orator) and continued their sitrings for and gentlemen of that descriprion, some days in the month of July, to qualify him to appear before Before the meeting broke up, a some English clerk with their very spirited, and, we may now signatures, restitymg his good be. add, a most valuable lerrer, sigred haviour!!! SARSFIELD, unexpectedly appeared lur rr.ediately after the Rebellion in that uuly pairiot je naper, THE of 98, the men of substance, who EVENING HERALD.--With this let. call themselves our “ Natural ter we had the pleasure of present. Leaders, entered into a comproing our readers last month, and mise thich he late Marquis Corn. such was the demand for it, that wallis, in which they agreed to it was republished in the follow- give up the right alluded to, for ing Number of the sime respecta- sears in Parliament, and pensions ble print and from that moment and ricles for themselves. Alter 10 The present, he san.e able' the business was thus far arranged, wiiter, and others, who stepped Lord Casılereagh inviied Doctor forward lately, keps up a conci. Troy to breakfast at his lodge in nual alarm, and made the nation the Park, and there opened the in general, acquainted with The plan in question. The Board of subjic in all irs bearings. The Trustees mer in this Ciry, and Trastees of Mary nooih, particu. held their sittings on the 17th, Jarly the lay: Trustees and their lech, and 19th of January 99,

confidan's, b-came greatly rerri- chiefly for that parpose. The · fied; from the boldness of Sars- Cainolic Lay Trustees and their held's style, and the knowledge friends, waylaid and alarmed the herseemed to possess of the sembject, poor Bishops with the lash of they apprehended the bubble might ine cat-o'pine-tails still in their burst, and all their intrigues and ears, and the, çerrible ipstrument of death, the gibber, overloaded and what astonishes us the more with guilty and guiltless victims is, that it now appears, the litile before rizir eyes with the firm, tale bearers of the Lay Trustees, we will not venture to say, well who hrust chemselves into every grounded belief, har general ex- Catholic company, into Booksellers termination had been a few weeks shops, &c. &c. where they can before proposed by a man very pick up any news for their emhigh in power, in à certain Coun- ployers, were in possession of this cil, and almost adopred.with infamous transaction since Janue" something more than hints, thar ary 99, although the vast majothe supplies were to be withdrawn rity of our Bishops, and all our from M ynoath, in case of refu. Priests were kept as much in the sal on their part; and with pro- dark, as if they were considered mises of peasions for themselves,' Orangemen,' by these wholesale and their Clergy; of Enancipa- dealers in matters of religion and rion, &c. &c. on the piher hand liberiy.

the ten Bishops chen assembled, Duripg the months of July and in the midst of consternation and Anguse, and up to the middle of dismay, without the authority of, the present month,' she public or even consulung virh the other mind was wonderfully agitated Bishops, the Priests or Lairy, set each individual interpreted this their nands and seals (in the name dark conspiracy according to his of the whole Body ! ! !) to the own view of the subject, and worst and most disgraceful docu- many threw blame where, as it ment that ever was recorded in the now appears, it was not prost deannals of Irish Church History. served Doctor Milner's respecta

We do not mention these cir. ble name having been cited by cumstances with a view to lessen Mr. George Ponsonby, as his au. their characters as Divines, or mo- thority for offering the Veto, ral meno-on the contrary, as such brought down universal censure we love and esteem them ; but on his conduct; and this censure $urely they ihemselves, on reflec. was changed into something like țion, will see and 'admit that in reprobation, when he refused to politics they always cook the wrong explain the mysterious proceed. side, since they came in contact ings, or rather when he sent to with our Secretaries and Catholic "THE HERALD Office, three letters Leaders at the College of May. in his defenc, which the whole poothand this being the case, nation considered as quibbling They connot blame us for remarks and evasive. ing with freedom, on their con- In proportion as the popular duct as politicians, and warning ferment encreased, and that Cathem, if they'regard their popu- tholics of all ranks and degrees be. larity with their flocks, to keep gan io cry out Harry the Eighth, berrer company.

Harry the Eight-the silly Leaders The secrecy observed by the went about from house to house Trustees, for nearly ten years, in ineffectually endeavouring to conthis affair of general property, sur- ceal their grief, and in the bitterpasses any thing we ever heard n ess of soul, wringing their hands

and ket.

and gnashing their teeth, they in. friend, the dignified A postate, qoluntarily disclosed their deplore had given the Lay Trustees sa able state of mind-they saw all many strong proofs of his faithful their fine prospects of titles and attention to Cheir interests, that' pensions blasted they wero they expected great and powerful ashamed to meet their Castle assistance, in this arduous struggle, friends, to whom they had long from his pen and tongue. before promised this " Bonne. When matters stood thus beBouche," this last article of mere tween alternate hope and fear on chandise, the degenerate wretches every side, all the Irish Bishops had to bring to the English maro arrived in town, except Doctors

Dillon and French the presence Never were exertions greater of so many Bishops greatly conthan those of our Natural Repre tribured to excite the generalanxisentatives to keep together the ser, eiy, and one could see thousands Bishops who had signed the pre- walking the streets with evident cious document for Lord Castle symptoms of distracion on their reagh in 99-at ang rate ihree countenances!! The morning of the ten Bishops they justly of the 14th inst. at length appearconsidered staunch, for, on all ed--a day, which was to decide occasions where polities were coni- upon the fate of the Irish Hierare cerned, these gentlemen went chy for ever, after its having since. through thick and thin for them, the time of Luther and Calvin, and the Administration of the suffered, greater persecurion than. day, whether good or bad. One ever was experienced by any ocher, of them wrote Pastoral Letters, National Church on earth day, desiring his people to turn infor: which forms an era in our history, mers-nother, in the most public and which will, for generations to manner, and on the most trying oco come, be remembered with pride, easion, resorted to the last autho- and exultation-7 day in fine, rity in the hands of Ecclesiastics, which has braised the Hydra head which is to be exercised against of the Catholic Aristocracy, and, the most profligate only, and even has made them literally Aliens, in, then it would be necessary that their dative landma thing ihey such profligates should be obstinate; had themselves, in rheir kindness, before that terrible denuncia:ion's intended for our unfortunate poor being carried into execution. and iniddle ranks, and chat at the

The third in his frequent loyal expence of our religion as well as Visitations, the enormous expence independence. of which his Priests would very Befors twelve o'clock, the Bi. gladly forgive-in his sermons sops took their sears, and Doclor. against the characler of Bona- O'Reilly, as Primale of all Ireland, parie-in bis long-windet, raka- was called ro the Chair Doctors sive harangues, at his Visiration Betagh and Hamill,, as Vicars te: dinners, in favour of the Throne sidene in the Metropolis, and in and the Altar, and in reading ex- some sort Representacives of the fracts from the political letters of inferior Clergy, and Doctor Body Lord and Lady F ab and his ķin, Warden of Galway, being


the only persons present, except The Debates now became exthe Irish Bishops even Doctor tremely warm, not to say violent ; Milner, their agent at the seat of some of the body having been Government, (and what interest urged on by the shame of retracting distinct from that of the general what they had formerly signed, body, the Bishops can have in view or by the powerful influence of at the seat of Government, we can- the Castle, of the Lay Trustees; not possibly conjecture,) even or by motives of excessiva loyalty Doctor Milner, we say, was not whilst the others, not less loyal; invited to the discussion, and it for to do them justice; all our was very well for his own feelings Bishps are men of unimpeachable he had nor assisted there.

loyalty,) but convinced, however; After a long and argumentarive that the subyersion of Religion speech from the Chairman, in would be the certain consequence which he explained the conduct of this Velommor a few, perbaps; and motives of himself and his wishing to atone for their fornine Colleagues in 99, and point. mer error, by an honourable repena ed out the impropriery of grant- 'tance, spoke ably and enthusiastia ing to the Crown the power in cally for the amendment, which question, under existing circum- would, they argued. put the stances, he moved a resolution to question io sleep for ever, whereas that effect, but the resolution the resolution of Doctor O'Reilly, tot meeting the general expeclam went to leave the measure open tions of the body, an amendment for future discussion, and, like the was proposed, to make the rule Union, liable to be carried perhaps absolute, or in other words, de- by surprise, on no very distant claring that they never would un- day. The names of the Bishops. der any circumstances. whatever, and Priests present in Council, suffer the Crown to interfere in with their several places of ada. the election of their Clergy. dress, are as follows

• Most Rev. Dr. O'Reilly, Drogheda.
-- Dr. Troy, Dublin.

Dr. Bray, Thurles.
• Right Rev. Dr. Plunkett, Navan.

Dr. Murphy, Monaghan,
-Dr. Cruise, Ballymahon.
--Dr. Dwyer, Newry.
-Dr. O'Donnell, Londonderry,
-Dr. M'Loughlin, Ballyshannona
Dr. O'Reilly, Belcurbet.

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