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His literary productions are nu. and papist, from words they pronerous and in particular remarka- ceeded to blows, they struck the old ble for their pure and elegant dic. man to the floor where he lay tion, formed upon the style of Ci- bathed in his blood, they then dragcero, which he made his constant ged the two youths from their beus, study; as well as for their erudi- and naked as they were, forced tion and justness of criticism, “ar- them into the street, where they gutun judicis acumen,” by which put cords about their necks, and he is eminently distinguished from Hepenstal, by turns suspended the multitude uf editors and com- them over his shoulders, (being a mentators. Among the principal man of considerable stature) until are, the collection of his Latin they were dead, next morning ho Letters and Prefaces, whichi rank had the father tied in the street among the very best modern writ. where he compelled him to be a ings in that language ; his Italian spectator, of his dead children, Letters ; Commentaries on Cice. whose feet were bound to acarr, and to's Epistles, Rethorical, and Phi. had their mangled bodies dragged losophical works, and on his Ora. through the village until the militions ; Notes on Virgil; sour trea- tary monster had satiated hiniself eises on Roman Antiquities, viz; to the fuilest extent of his dreadful Dé Legibus, De Senata, De Co. and atrocious taste for murder and mitus, and De Civitate Romana cruelty. He also translated the Philippics of A certain gallant officer now in Demosthenes, and wrote other this country, and of considerable treatises which accompanied some rank, made it a general rule in his of his editions.

district, in the time of the rebellion of 1798, not to suffer any of his prisoners who were to suffer death, ges, accepted of this constitutional head, and the crowd amused them inviittion, and the uniorinn.ite selves, among whom was the ada gentleman, was tried and sentenced vertising commander, by making to death, the minutes of the court a foot ball of it until they literally martiid were as usual sent up to knocked it to pieces. Dublin, for the inspection of Lord The vicinity of the village of Cornwallis, their chief governor, Clonegal in the county of Wexford, his Lordship by some means learned was severely scourged, particularly the truth of this stratagem, and as the labouring poor, by a ferocious Mr. Curran describes it, his Lord. villian of the name of

and happened to be Catholics, the Orange Atrocities. consolation or assistance of a priest,

though we remember himself unIN the beginning of the year der sentence of death in Americi, 1797, a year before the rebellion, and his life spared at the intercesa party of militia commanded by sion of the late unfortunate Queen 1 tellow of the name of Hepenstal, of France. Had he honour or gratibut better known as the walking tude, who owed his life to a papist, gallows, entered the village of he would not refuse the harmless Moyvore in the county Westmeath, comfort in the moinent of an igno. according to their accustomed minious death, the consolation of manner of persecuting the humble religion to another papist. A man and defericeless, they forced them- of the name of H y was under selves into a cabbin belonging to a arrest on suspicion of being a re. poor aged man named Smith, who bel, and as no trained informers was sitting at the fire combing his or other evidence was convenient Teverend locks. Two young men at the time to prosecute, the galhis sons were in bed, as was the lant officer, lest his game should wife of the aged father. The ruf- escape, by public advertisement, hins,' in their usual privileged offered a reward to any person who phraseology began to insult the fa. would undertake to prosecute. A ther with the appellations of rebel wretched prisoner on sinilar char


an ship struck his pen across the odi. excise oifcer, so familiar was this ous record, and ordered the libe- monster to murder that at length ration of the prisoner.

he converted it into a sporting reThe house of Mr. Kavanagh of creation. He frequently lett his Lorris, was attacked by a small house, in company with two or three Party of rebels, who were repulsed of his companions, on murdering by a company of militia stationed excursions, and in the space of four in the house, for the purpose of hours, he has frequently expended protecting it, the rebels in the con- 40 rounds of ball-cartridge, on such fusion attending defeat, left one of casual game as stumbled in his their companions behind them dan- way; men, women, and children, gerously wounded. In the morn, without any regard toʻage or ser ing after the conflict, the neigh- he destroyed, whether in the fields, bouring military and other gentieroads or dwellings. He has fre. men came to the scene of action, quently shot poor females at their and while they were conversing on spinning wheels, suckling their the subject, some person discovered infants, dressing their victuals, and the wounded rebel concealed in an at, other domestic occupations. adjoining ditch. The wretch was When beating the fields for prer, brought before the crowd, who unit and that game did not offer in roce sentencedhim to beroasted; this sufficient number to gratity his avimanly expedient was as promptly dity for blood, he and his confedeprepared and the man was bound rates have frequently quarrelled for to a stake, which they suspended the first shot when only one poor before an ardent fire in the kitchen, wretch could be had at a time, and they had given him but one turn, usually settled the disputed poini, when his groans hud reached the by the toss of a halfpenny. ears of a lady, wlio hastily de- To the disgrace of this unfortu. manded the occasion of such an nate country that gave him existunusual tone of voice; under some ence, this monster woald frequently apprehensica of causing disgust violate the chastity of such females ihat might never be removed, were as excited his desires, and after grathe 10asting business done in the tifying his beastly appetites nekiichen, a Captain H- pro- ver leit the poor victim, until he posed taking the fellow from the dispatched her, by shooting her Spit, and to pile him with the pikes through the head, nor did he affect found on the lawn, this plan, where to conceal these enormities, they cleanliness got the belier of huma, were the subjects of his miruhr lity, was adopted and they imine- among his convivial associates her dutely piked him, then cut of his bas oiten confirmed the truth of


erploits over female honour, by since raised by his worthy fellowexhibiting the most unequivocal citizens to the most exalted situation proofs, which decency compels us they could bestow, and the pupil to bury in silence : yet this atrocic of the incorporated society conti. ous tiend, was the companion, and nues to give such striking proofs of the pride of all the neighbouring his abilities in calumniating Catho. gentry, who considered his crimes lics, particularly clergynien,' that as only the trilling Bagatelles of a no doubt is entertained of his enloyal man, advocating the cause of joying similar rewards !!! religion and order!!!

During the worst moments of In the year 1799, two unfortu. that accursed persecution which nate men, suspected of rebellious raged with such relentless violence practices, were arrested in the neigh- through the ill-fated county of Arbourhood of Drogheda, into which magh, Mr. Bernard Coile, one of its they were conducted, and there most respectable Catholic inhabi. without any form of trial whatever, tants was marked out as a victim immediately executed. When half- of party vengeance by an Orange banged, the heads were severed Magistrate ; a conspiracy was from their bodies, by the joint forned to take away his life: he operation of F

a n Altorney was arrested and imprisoned, but and Be a Master Coal-Porter, not brought to trial, watil the Dogs. both yeomen, and fastened on pikes of War satiated their malice by deprepared for the purpose : the stroying a great property which he heads still reeking with gore, were had pa tly sunk in buildings, and thus carried through the public partly employed in carrying on and streets at the head of the yeomanry improving useful manufactures on corps, who to the disgrace of hu. a very extensive scale.---Having man nature, were led on by the thus narrowly escaped with his life Captain and another active gentle from this wicked conspiracy, and man Jacky H , whose prin- suffered a loss of his entire prociples of liberality had been imbibed perty, this gentleman had still spifrom the pure source of a charter- rit enough to look for redress, and school education. From the hor. was so fortunate as to be able to rør of this shocking and unexpected expose the system cffectually to the sight; many delicate females suf. nation : he commenced the prosefered miscarriage, which in three cution against the magistrate, had cases proved fatal. During this him convicted, on the clearest evibloody procession, the spirit of dence, , of the most culpable par. which was kept alive and fostered tiality in the administration of the by the appropriate music of the laws, and sentenced to six months Boyne Water, Miss P- a young imprisonment.-His dismissal from lady of respectable connexions, for the magistracy followed of course ; getting or disdaining the charac- but shortly after, as if to sport with teristic mildness of the sex, ap- the feelings of every good man in proached the windows of her draw. society, he was reinstated by the ing room; and, shocking to relate! late Lord Clare in the office of within the view and hearing of the magistrate, and enjoys it this mopublic, joined the band in playing ment in that very county which the favourite air on a musical in- was the scene of his former disa strument: The captain has been grace.

3 A

A few

A few days since, however, the unhappy magistrate deputed a re. On the Imposition of Brewers in spectable friend to wait on the gen

Dublin. tleman he had persecuted, praying forgiveness, and declaring at the THERE is no branch of our same time, that he had been set on domestie manufacture that requires that bad act by men high in power. the interference of the legislature

On the borders of that distracted so much as this trade, nor any trade county another occurrence took that has returned such evident and place about the same time, than immense profits to the manufacwhich nothing could excite more turer. general disgust. Jemmy D--of C- The brewers of Dublin enjoy was appointed a magistrate, who a steady opulence and display had not an atom of property of an Ostentatious exhibition of carri. any sort, and was scarcely able to ages, country houses, and corres. write his name: - a wretch at ponding splendour, unknown to whom the finger of scorn was con- any other tradesman in the island. stantly pointed for his violation of This general prosperity of the every honorable principle, and for brewers must be owing to some the depraved habits of a life spent hidden species of fraud in the che. amongst the very pick-pockets and mical ingenuity practised in the chimney-sweepers. One of the lat. making of drink, in which the ter description being young and most shocking and disgustful inactive, and therefore able to make gredients are substituted for the sweeping excursions thro' the coun- genuine corn ; which is almost ba. try, generally returned with such nished from breweries, nothing but a purse as ensured an entire munth's the name, or such a trifling proamusement for the happy pair. portion used, that scarcely the They eat, drank, and slept toge. most discerning taste can discover ther, often for forty successive days through the ingenious compounds and nights ; for which the squire any more than a scanty vestige. to-be, prepared himself, by previ. To preserve the public health and ously locking up watch, buckles, to give a sound and nourishing malt and every article of value he pos- drink to the people, was the intensessed, except his clothes. But the tion of the legislature when they men in power of that day, who had imposed from time to time such objects in view very different from heavy duties on spirits, as consithe happiness of the people, stood derably diminished their consumpin need of such vile instruments ; tion to enlarge that of ale and and, as his usual conduct on the porter. drunken anniversary orgies of the By the inertness of the laws, or 1st and 12th of July, coupled with the studied and artful obscurity the more base acts of constantly with which brewers have disgnised calumniating the most respectable the process of their manufacture, Catholic Clergy and Laity, (in the purpose of the legislature has which he took a conspicuous lead) been rendered dangerously useless; recommended him to their particu- for a poison more deleterious, and lar notice, they therefore took him at immense profit is given to the hy the hand and got him promoted. public, under the name of porter, (To be Continued.


in any spirituous liquors ever used, Science, among this lettered race, as by the process of distillation a had such charms that they took disguised adulteration could not es. her into partnership, and the labo. cape the immediate detection of the ratory was substituted for the graconsumer.

nary. The mineral kingdom If the public health or morals yielded its hidden treasures, while were of no consideration, and that the vegetable world lay nearly neevery fraudulent practioner might glected, except in some cases where with impunity distribute his poi a voyage was undertaken to the sons, public utility demands the western hemisphere to obtain timvigilance and impartiality of the ber substitutes for Kentish bitters. laws. A combination of brewers It is humbly submitted to the have openly written their names Chancellor of the Exchequer, wheand impudently raised the price of ther an investigation into the nathis beverage from fifty shillings to ture of the brewing trade, by offithree pounds a hogshead, this un- cers properly qualified, and reguprecedented imposition on the pub- lations adopted by law to manage lic for a species of drink, that were the trade of a brewer as that of a the public to know the ardent poi- baker, would not tend to the exsons that compose it, and the filthy tension of the revenue as well as manner they are incorporated, it serve as a protection to the comwould so shock the public feelings munity against the unrestrained and excite such dreadful disgust, avidity of the brewers. that our proud brewers would They have raised their porter in quickly witness their equipages, one week ten shillings a hogshead, horses, dogs and villas, under the an addition of above sixteen per sheriff's hammer, and the name of cent, before this augmentation they porter would be justly struck out lived in as great splendour and luxof the list of human aliments. ury as any of our nobility, and if

In the space of one week the they are allowed to continue this combining brewers have added ten extraordinary levy on the public shillings a hogshead to the price of we may expect to see them at the what they term porter, and on the head of the state. eve of the finest appearance of an Perhaps it may be deemed an abundant harvest; they plausibly object of finance, that the state justify themselves on the great ad. might divide the additional charge vance on labour and grain within of ten shillings with the brewers, the last twenty years, during which and that one five shillings should time no rise had taken place on the remain with them and the other to price of porter, this would appear go to the exchequer; this would be to any person not versed in the no mean acquisition to the public modern manner of making porter funds, for on inquiry it will be as a reasonable act of the brewers, found that not less than 4,800 hogand their twenty years forbearance sheads of porter are sold in Dublin as an extraordinary evidence of each week, which at five shillings their public spirit.

each would leave a sum of 12001. Though they did not hazard a week to public purposes, or their characters by immoderate ex. 120,0001. per annum. This apactions, they prudently indemnified plication of the five shillings may themselves by the aid of chemistry, cause the brewers to lay aside the


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