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INVOCATION TO LIBERTY, O Liberty!-Methinks I hear thee say

« Forhear !-Four Millions linger life away RESPLENDENT Goddess ! to my native Islc “ Rejected still their pray's Unheeding Return-O! bless again thyonce-lov'd Justice sleeps, soil

« Prosc iprion's tear! flows still upon their No more fell Faction's wild destructive hand Checks Spread's desolation o'er a free born Land

“ Spirits who'd soar to virtue's envied heights Thy virtuous gallant sons have earn'da “ Oppress d, debar'd of Freedom's dearest name

Righe'sSee! tis emblazon'd on the scroll of Fame- " Victims of pow'r misplaced-Suspicious To celebrate each “ Martyr't Hero's" praise Rage An“ Unborn Age" shall tune the r votive " Foria's their “ Gracing the', Historie lay's

page"For thee! they bar'd their hosoms to the “ u hile th' Apostate Mercenary band steel

" Who forg'u base fetters for their nativo Oppor'd by Enemies of Erin's weal

land For Thee! stem'd base corruption's whel. « Enjoy her Spoil's-remorseless ! dead to ming flood

shame And sealed their love of Country-with “ Branding the Patriots hope with treason's their blood !



Tho' scaffold's groan'd; " Hecatombs" " Then cease ! -por woo me with delusive. were slain

strains Their offspring live !-To welcome thee "To quit my vot'ries on Iberia's Plains

“No jarring Interests Her sons Mivide A generous race-Even now they wave “ To die ! or conquer is their darling pride The loyal standard over “ Paitys grave."'

“ Cool-Brave-determin'd-in one mass No more the deep-sunk Tender-dare's combin'd unfold

“ Rising with energy one Soul !one mind! The tortur'd inmate of her loathsome “Armd for their Country!-Sons of Erin! hold:

view His blood stained laslı! no angry despot tries “ These Patriot band's., Their Glorious step's No Dungeca Echo's pining mis'ry's sigh's!

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Enlight'd policy our Sways

66 * A glorious Sun! qve feel it's cheering rays Sinking for ever! to the realm's below Religious discord Erin's deadliest foe! • Vide the Non Observance of July 1st.

O Goddess ! o'er G 's soul thy influj2th Novemver and other Orange Factions

ence shed which some bundred years ago were permitted

'Tis bis to raise thy injur'd Erin's head to disgrace our Capital-How creditable that



Loose all her chains her ar cient rights rextcre such ridiculous Pageant's (Mischievous in

And bid my Grateful Country live once moic.

An their tendencyas offecting the untaughe lower

Dublin, July 19th 1808

MARCIA, orders) have never been seen in our Day

TO CORRESPONDENTS. The letter of Acedemicus, cho' extremely well written is not admissible-He come plains of partiall, in the distribution of the prizes at the la’e Examination at Maynoorh College-We believe the PRESIDENT DR. BYRNE too konesc a character to sandtion any unfair practices, tho' it may bave har ned thro' the intrigues of some of the Professors, that the young Gentlemen he mentions, were not rewarded.

The length of Mr. Mooney's mathematical question precluded it's insertion this month. --The Ennis lovers verses are too incorrect. The Poet from New.port Pra had better turn his thoughts to Mathematics. The con invaion of the. Essay on the Chronology of the Sepruagint in our next. Also the Adventures of a Scholar.

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Edwanl Hoy Eng? Santary to the Irish Catholic Commite.

tarot to







For AUGUST, 1808.

This Months Magazine is Embellished with an Elegant Likeness of EDWARD HAY, Esq. Secretary to the

Catholics of Ireland.

Memoirs of EDWARD HAY, Esq.

THIS very spirited Gentleman A branch of the family of whom

was born about the year 1751, our countryman is a descendant, in the village of Bullukeele. County Lettled in the County of Wexford Wexford. He is defcended from the under Strongbow, in the reigo of cek brated house of Hay in Scot- Hen, II. where Mr. Hay's ancestor Jand, of which the Earls of Errol had a Knighis share of land aloited are the heads. This ancient family to him, which continued in the famiwas ennobled by Kenneth the 3d. ly until the usurpation of Cromwell, for the manly bravery of an old Like all the I:illa Catholic families, Chieftair, who with his sons, pofted they embarked their Perlons and Themselves in a defile, after the dea Fortunes in the caule of their King. fear of their Countrymen by an army and with him they fell victims to of plundering Danes, where they their loyalty; for Cromwell confisfaltained themselves against the ad- cated the whole of their lands, with cancing conquerors, until the flying those of the other faithiul Gantry of ocots had time to rally, and under Wexford, only one Eitate in the the gallant Hay, were enabled again county remained unalineted. The to meet the enemy, whom they de

ungrateful and profligate Charles II. initead of remure ating ihole gale

foated and expelled.

lant and unfortunate people, who molt odious of the penal laws were suffered for their attachment to his repealed. family, confirmed the Acts of Crom- Mr. Hay, notwithstanding the se. well, and for ever abandoned the il- ries of Royal and Leg:Nalive injulJustrious Catholic fufferere, for the tice, which followed his family for gratification of his father's murderéis. ages, is Itrialy loyal; not ariling

The morals of Kings make no from any cold indifference in the very prominent figure in the page of physical contralon o his head or history, though generally very disa person, but from an ardent and trong guftful, we prelume this infamous convation, thai no apparent or cdo trait in the life of Charles is une iftiúg injuries thould ever d-tach a qualled in the records of regal in good citizen from that allegiance, on justice.

wbich hangs the security of society, The unfortunate survivor of his and the blessings of focial order, in pa ony, took a long lease of an 1793, when the County of Wexford adionning land, which enabled the was seriously agitated, Mr. Hay, family to live in a manner suitable to with the other Gentlemen of the their usual respectability, which till County, by their unwearied diligence continues in their hands, having and seasonable prompinels, succeedbeen fortunate enough through ages ed in quelling an an alarning difpoof persecution, to elcape the atroci- tion to insurrection, which manious vigilance of the laws, to en- fefted itself among the lower orders, courage Protestant discoverers, . by several daring ads, in one of which

At an early age, Mr. Hay was the unfortunate Major Valloien fent to the Continent, to receive an fell at the head of his regiment. education suitable to his reipectable During the short administration of line of life, which vandal legillators Lord Fitz William, in 1795, the bed denied him at home. After Catholics of Ireland, animated with profecuting his ftudies in Germany the apparent happiness which Ibis and France, with the success which Nobleman's Government promiled, must be expected from bis natural and as quickly deprefled with the abilities. He returned to his native alarming account of his recal; adcountry, and joined hiinself, and em; dressed his Lordship from all quare barked his talents with thole catho. ters, expresive of their affcction for lic Genilemen who associated for the his person, and the deepest regret af purpose of procwing from Parlia- his departure, they justly anticipated ment, some relaxation of those penal the awful consequences of this inlaws which oppressed the great body politic act of the Euglih minister, of the Irish People : laws enacted in who blindly hazarded the safety of the fury of bigotry, and in the spirit the Empire, to liften to the intene of plunder ; lo seduously and so perate suggellions of Clare and his heavily applied, that a catholic was associates, the place-hunting, bigore scarcely confidered a Human Being. ted Beresfords. Mr. Hay was one

In 1791, Mr. Hay was delegated of the Gentlemen of · Wexford, by his pative county, to the general appointed to wait on his ExcellenCommittee of Cartolics, whole re- cy with the address, and in the fame prefentrion to the Einpire and to the year was appointed to carry a petitie King, were 10 explanatory of the on to the King, as a delegate degraded Itaie they held in the coun. from the same Country. This pee try: Thai his Majetty was pleased tition was signed by twenty-two to recommend their cate to the legis thouland, iwo huudred and fitylature, and in 1793, several of the one signatures, which be procur

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