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New York, 1808. IN HONORE LA LE PADRIG. thousand others whom « memory

cannot count nor choice select # Still Erin attracted, wherever we · may every son of Erin emulate theit roam,

shining virtues and devotion to Our hearts shall with Paddy be liberty-C«olan's farewell to music.yearly at home.”

5. Washington and Jefferson The

hern and the statesman-Animated Thursday being the anniversary by their bright example, may their of the festival of ST. PATRICK, the children imitate their shining virtues same was celebrated according to “The wreath you wave." custom by the juvenile sons of 6. The memory of Walter Blake Erin, at a private house in Liberty- Kirwan-" This brightest gem' in street. After partaking of a plen- pulpit eloquence"_" To feed the teous feast, which consisted of every lamp of charity he exhausted the delicacy thai the varied art of cookery lamp of life"-"Carolane devotion." has had practice in, and drinking the 7. Burk and Macray--Our poets following toasts, interspersed with in Petersburgh, may they receive the original Songs—Bagpipes and other smiling appobation of their country. music kept the company together men for their laudable endeavors to until they hailed the morning of reedeem our national airs from obliShelah's day.

vion" Coolen." | 1. The Day May we

8., Our BardsOssian the first and next return of it, find that averging greatest, Carolin the last though not Providence has granted the martyr'd least -may their memories be the

emphatical wish to be literally, pride of Irishmen whilst poetry and fulfilled Music-St. Patrick's Day. melody existo" How sleep the brave."

2. Ireland - May she like the 'shive- 9. Plowden-An independant and ring tenants of the frigid zone,' enjoy liberal Englishman-may the perusal a day proportioned to the dreary of his history of Ireland awake the darkness of her long and gloomy compassion of some of his countrynight, Song “The last Irish Harper." men to the miseries of a people who

3. America—The resting place deserve a better fate" There's nea of liberty, the asylum for perse. luck about the house." cuted humanity-May she

10. War If

peace cannot be keep clear of such miserable sys- maintained with national honor, then tems as has prevailed in the old world let us have war-Paddy is always under the name of government- ready and willing to lend Jonathan her people so far have been an ex- a hand to give the enemies of his ample in the admiring world, that country a sound drubbing—" Yankee they are capable of self-government Doodle," " Hail Columbia." Full band. 12. Tammang and Hibernian Pro.

4. Irish Heroes and Patriots vident Societies-May the only difMontgomery, &c. &c. and the ference between ebose distinguished



on the


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bodies be, which shall do most to poisonous effluvia of aristocracy-, the support of republicanism, and Giles Scrogpin's Ghost. may all such patriotic and charitable Odd fellows-- May every odd fellow associations never want the means be a good fellow, (quis rides.) to relieve the distressed--fferson' I'll follow my own Vagary.' March.'

Richard and Maria Edgeworth, 13. "Shall oppressed humanity find no Whose genius and industry has resasylum on this globe'-May every emicued old Erin's children from the gränt remember the author of this undeserved imputation of being the humane quere, and may bhe long enjoy only blunderers and bull makers' the reward of his excellence in the Tid eri;. respect and admiration of all who Disguise thyself as thou wilt stil. see him the esttem and affection of Slavery, still thou art a bitter druught!" all who know him— Roslin Castle.' - May the spirit of freedom move

14. Miss Owenson-May her lau. over the whole globe, that all mandable example in raising her country kind may partake of its sweetsto a respectable rank in the scale of Tis liberty, sweet liberty.' nations by her ingenious researches National prejudice-Mayitno into its records be emulated by those longer be used as a hammer to knock who possess similar talents— M03- down truth-Paddy O'Rafferty.' tomer and Glo vina,' an original Song. The Spinning Wheel and the ima

15. Shelah. Sonym Lvony Muc May their use become more gene. Toulter.'

ral as it will be the means of in. 16. The American Fair—May suring independence to the states." beauty adorn and hapiness attend Somehow my spindle is mislaid.them for ever and may they conform The sons of Tammany - May they to the wish of the ingenious editors succeed in raising and beautifring of Salmagnindi, by paying more the monument sacred to the Marattention to the conversation of the tyr's of freedom who perished on enlightened than to the frivolity of board the Jersey prison Ship- and the coxcomb' our fvurish of the may the calumny of tory editors be fiddle-stick’- How sweet the love that the only obstai les in their way mects return,'

* Dead march in Saul.', 17. Republican Editors.--May our The American Eagle-Fostered uncountrymen ever hold your well doing dur thy wings we live, we die in in grateful remembrance: but for thy defence. All the way to Galloway ourselves, we tender you our greatful Standingtoasts the first of an absentee. thanks for your exertions to protect Liberry-May the ample earth our national character against the become her area, and the arch of unjust and illiberal prejudice of your heaven her dome. -“ Lexingion march federal opponents-Let the toast pass.' When my country takes her place From the numerous volunteer toasts among the nations of the earth, then,

the following are selected. let my epitaph be curitten," —May The American Soil-May it ne- the awful fiat of heaven sanctify ver bear another Burr to disturb and grant the last, expiring wish the peace of its society; or its at- of a noble and wounded mosphere be contaminated with the “ Delighted fancy hails the hour."



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The succeeding entertaininents level of common inen. When taking consisted of three appropriate re



in the administration, citations,

txo of them original high dignity and lucrative office were composed and recited by one of the not the sole oljects of his ambition ; party : after which our piper gave but a promise from the minister of us, humorously, the favorite an unequivocal support of an absentee air of Paddy-whuck; chun we ball tax, that grand desideratum of every four songs

of Miss (uenson's as well-wisher of lieland, was made the sung by Mr. Webster--and the condition of his assistance, and the new words of our poets in Peters- price of his aid; a promise which burgh, to the old airs Robin Adair, nothing but his influence could have Hunours of Glen and Catherine procured, and nothing but private Oghee—also Carolan's receipt (the interest and the infatuation of party Irish Orpheus) which for spright- could have rendered ineffectual.' To liness of sentiment and harmony of serve the commonwealth he becanie numbers, stand' unrivalled in the list a placeman; but when plans were of moderą drinking songs-Milton pursued in whose direction he shared say's, Song charms the sense- not, and for which, therefore, he Eloquence the soul:'

could vor be responsible, rank or gain The truth of which was fully had no charms for him, and he deemed proved on this occasion, for the " the post of honour a private stautinost harmony prevailed, pleasure tion.” Strenuously endeavouring to was, manifest in each countenance; effect a parliamentary reforın, he apwith humour and Irish wine went plied the whole force of the volunteer round, which was 'felt with undis convention to produce that end; and minished zest till the busy and un- if he was defeated by corruption and wished for hour of day, clapt its double dealing, it is not to be imputed seal on this univterrupted round of to him the failure of that much-wanted pleasure.

measure ! --As an orator, he made Demosthenes his model, and emulated his strength and vehemence, without

aiming at the diffusion and brilliancy Character of Henry Floord.

of Cicero; and as a writer, energy,

force, and argument, more distinThe elevation of his talents, the guished his productions than an ela. extent of his knowledge, and the borate structure of words, or accucommanding power of Henry Flood's rately polished sentences. More eloquence, were in honour not only studious of matter than ornament, to his native country bit to human he swaved intelligent minds by the nature. For many years a most dis- powers of his reasoning; nor did he tinguished member of the House of often seek to captivate the inagination Conmons, his every effort was in- by the superficial glitter of expression. variabiy diretet to improve the poli- Now that all personal animosities are, tical constitution, to increase the in- it is to be hoped, buried in his grave ternal recurce, and to promote the (and in the agitated intercourse of general prosperity of Ireland. No political life personal animosities are despicable plans of privite emolu- but too prone to arise), bis warmest men, no pal ry schema's of party in. opponents will allow deserved praise terest, debas in the dininity of his to the copiousness of his information, çhasazer, or reduce hiin to the low to the vigour of his understanding, to the sagacity of his views, to the fiscations made by this prince, should comprehensiveness of his plans, and lay aside those annual commemorathe wisdom of his measures. If over- tions, that tend to nothing, but by bearing in council, let it be remem- aggravating former wrongs and pre. bered that his mind was not of a sent incapacities could awaken a spirit texture to be contributed by inferior of inquiry, and a desire of venge. spirits; if too ardent in debate, his ance, which must ever prevail, where whole soul was entirely engaged in insult is added to other injuries. what was the immediate object of The government much. to its his pursuit; if unyielding to persua. honour' withheld its sanction from sion, he saw with a clearer intelleet military or civil exhibi:ion on the than most other men; and the event day. generally confirmed the justice of A few shirtless wretches, in lattered what has been called his obstinacy. unifornis, with countenances be. But it is not for the fugitive produce smeared with filth, and disfigured tions of the day to celebrate the merits with ferocity and inebriety, attended and the excellencies of the late Henry, armed with pistols and clubs, their Flood. The history of his country, squalid persons covered with orange if ever the history of Ireland shall be ribbons and lillies, huzzaying and written by an able and impartial man, rioting at the base of the only public will do him ample justice; and when statue of the Nassau Hero, now in it records the 'many eminent cha- the wo:ld. racters that have adorned, and that It required a man of brass irved do adorn, the latter end of the 18th to be able to bear against the incense century, it will place in the most that flowed from this abbie, ind distinguished rank the revered name mingled its stinking Mura rond of Henry Flood, who first rouzed the Boyne bays tha bir is te piese Irishmen to assert their constitutional with blasphemous imprecati rs uch freedom; and when the emancipation as formerly scared our worin od of the country from foreign legis- children it floated from their rol lature was obtained, riveted the noble, lungs infiated and steeped in winter, deed with an irrevocable law.

until night closed the dispensation scene, and allowed the wretcre; J escape to their dwellings or !

places among the Kevin-street nisi, Anniversary of the battle of Aughrim, or old clothes wen of Barrack-stiisi July 12, 1808.

How the mighty are faller! This

protestant house of Oranye, is no This day passed over in this city, more, its palaces and mansions, where with a decency we never before wit- former conspirators sat in councillo nessed. The memory of the Dutch- dethrone their sovereign and extin. man, and his military and religious guish religion, are inhabited by a fame, are nearly effaced from the popish prince, popish eclesiastics public mind, or reduced into so hum. read high mass in those very chanibers ble a point of view, as to appear where William and his English assobeneath the public consideration. ciates planned the downfall of the It is high time, after the lapse of catholic faith, and the throne, in a century, in the variable state that the person of a father-in-law and an ancient establishments are exposed to, uncle. that the men, who inherit the con- How the treacherous Marlborough


and canting Burnet, and those other small portion of acid in the comwhigs, who betrayed their prince, position of their tempers to harbour and called it liberty, would be asto such sentiments towards antiquated nished ? Were they to awaken after virginity, in many instances, is unthe sleep of a century and behold just, it not cruel, and always illis the seat of calvinistical rebellion go- beral. verned by a popish family.

Celibacy may be divided into voluntary, and involuntary; now the voluntary celibacy of females prevail

so little through the British dominion, SIR,

that the small number who embrace Should you find the following a single life from choice added to essay worthy a place in your useful a greater number who are doomed magazine, you will much oblige to it through necessity seem to have

A constant reader no effect, on our population, we have of your monthly publication. people enough for all the purposes

of society; and notwithstanding the ON CELIBACY.

great consumption hitherto of human

life, by the sword of war. PopulaWE often find the bulk of man- tion is on the increase, so that under kind the slaves of certain prejudices, this view, voluntary celibacy cannot and what is more to be regretted is, be considered a political offence. that we find the wise and enlightened The injustice of this prejudice will not free from their infuence. appear in a stronger light when operAmong those current in the world, ating against involuntary celibacy, or is that entertained against female that description of maids who would Ceiba y-an old maid is considered if they could, approach the altar of

en vus, censorions being. Hymen, surely no sort of criminality Under the design: tion of tab she is can, attach to what we cannot reintro luced into the dramatic personæ medy; the usages of society, defiof the novelist, as well as the dra- ciency in fortune, and other causes, matic writer, in fashionable circles, consign females to involuntary celishe is considered fair game, for the bacy. wit of the petwant, and the sneer

Females cannot consistently woo, of the illnatured, it she don't play they must be wooed by our sex, and at cards, she is considered lumber in such are the restraints iniposed on the the drawing room, like an antiquared fair sex, that were a feinale to piece of family furniture, the veneral make the first advance, towards a wish consigns her to the solitude of matrimonial union, she would expose the garret or the avocations of the herself to obliquy and censure, and nursery, and all seem leagued in perhaps render herself an object of treating her with ridicule, noglect, disgust to the man, whom her in, or cootempt. It being foreign to inclinations would select as a partner my present purpose, I shall decline for life; but if there are men in entering into any disquisition con- whose breasts advances on the part cerning the truth of charges made of the female would create disgust, against old maidenism. I shall only considering such behaviour indecent observe that young maids and ma- - forwardness, there are others whoin frons, are sometimes censorious ill- such 'conduet, would inspire with patured and found possessed of no partiality towards the female, be


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