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her, or any else, I ask her and all Jack. Ah then, Billy, is that a the world forgiveness, as I forgive newspaper you fave? will you tell all: and so the hang-man being us what stringe thing or other is ordered to dispatch, Mr. Nelson going forward among the Parliaprayed a little while to himself, inent men, or on the Continent ? and then requested all such as were Billy. Why then, faith it is, catholics to pray with him, that Jack, a newspaper, and little you Christ, by the merits of his bitter know the contents of it. I am passion, would receive his soul into just after being at the parish priest's everlasting joy. When the cart and he gave it to me to shew the was drawn away, a great multitude neighbours a terrible thing that is cried with a loud voice, Lord re- in it.-Oh, Jack, the priest told me coive his soul.

more to-day than ever I knew be, He was cut down before he was fore, and even yet my very heart's half dead, and so dismembered blood is boiling from what I heard and ripp'd 'up; and as the hang- from him.--The newspaper has the man plucked out his heart, he lifted the Catholic debates in it.-He himself up a little, and, as some brought it in his pocket from Dubthat stood near report, spoke these lin, where he learned every syllable words, “ I forgive the queen and he told me, all that were causers of my

death: Jack. Arrah, Billy, don't be but I, though I saw his lips move, making long preambles but tell us yet

heard not so much; and the at once the whole of it. Is the hangman had three or four blows French bet a vourneen, or what else at his head before he could strike is the matter that makes you look it off His quarters were hanged so as you do? on four gates of the city, and his BILLY. There, read Harry head set upon London-bridge Grattan's speech and you'll see

Mr. Nelson suffered at Tyburn, what frets me and after that read Feb 3, 1577-8. Of him Mr. Stow Mr. Ponsonby's and you'll know in his Chronicle, writes thus. • John the very bottom of the business. Nelson, for denying the queen's (after reading both the speeches supremacy, and such other traitor. Billy continues.) Well now what ous words against her majesty, , do you think--sure they are going was drawn from Newgate to Ty-' to make the King a Pope insteay burn, and there hanged, howelled, OF THE POPE.--Myself would not and quartered. Cine Sherwood believe a thousand newspapers that was also hanged for the like trea. it was true, if Father Murphy did son-February 7.

not tell me that it was a real fact. -Oh, the Lord Almighty save the poor Irish, if they are to be given

up at last by their very Bishops.A Dialogue between Jack Farrell nf But one does not know what may

the Barony of Fort, and his come to pass. These great Caneighbour Billy Dowling, con- tholic folks, it seems, will give up cerning the nomination of the Ca- any thing to get into parlianient,

tholic Bishops by the King. and to be made judges and geneThis dialogue was overheard byą rals. I wish they'd read their re

gentleman in the County of Wex- cantation at once, and then they ford, who favoured the editor would not bring us to shame after with a copy in writing.

suffering so long


JACK. Billy, my dear, I can't have much time to live, and who bring myself to believe it-It is knows but Docter Coppinger, that impossible that these good men gave the roasting to Lord Redesour Bishoj s, who have nothing to dale, might become Archbishop of do with the Government could be. Dublin. Iray us.

Jack. That I may live to see Billy. Nothing to do with the that day -- 'Tis then we would noi Government--if you knew what have to complain of crouching to Father Murphy told me you would this great man or that great nian; not say that --He says that Doc- tho' until this very day I never tor Troy has a nephew that the thought that Bisliops weat on with government did for, and that he such practises does be at the Castle, and that he Billy. Jack, my dear, you is a freeman of the corporation to know you are

a poor ignorant which Giffard belongs, and that man, the parish priest never used he is all and all with the Lord to tell you any thing, but I, who Lieutenant who goes to shoot know how to argufy a little and screetimes to his brother Watts gets the newspaper once a week, There's doctor Troy for you and have a right to be better informed I'm sure Father Murphy would nve about these kind of matters—and tell a lie

since ļ told you so much I'll tell JACK Oh, Chrest, Chrecsthin you more about all the great

folks does Doctor Troy do all this? that Father Murphy calls Anti

Billy. Ay, and a great deal, popery club-men.' Now, as how, more.-Father Murphy says he is Jack, you must know that there is a complete government man, and in Dublin amongst these head men, fond of higli life, and does not care a thing called a haristacracy, and about

any person but the great that every one who belongs to this ones—and he says that it was by haristacracy, have a spirit of do. his means that Bishop Ryan was ing every thing for their own admade a bishop, instead of some vantage, and that they don't care. one of our county Wexford priest's half a rap-farthing for their coun. --But it seems bishop Ryan is try or their religion either, only that brother to Ryan the speecher at they are ashamed to become turnthe Catholic meetings, and a cou, coats, There's lords and cour. sin of Rondle Mac Donald's, and sellers and rich merchants amongst that it was by their means he had them, but not one of them, Father interest to be consecrated

Murphy says, has an ounce of JACK Oh then, Billy, it was a larning or genie, tho' they are great hard case that Father Chapman, talkers and speechifiers or some other of our priests was Jack Go on with that, Billy not made a bishop ; since Doctor body feels great comfort iz Troy makes such bishops they knowing whether these fellows might as well be appointed by the who make so great a noise in the King

speeching-heuses about Catholic Billy. But take this with you emancipation, are rascals or not. -tho it would not be much harm BILLY. Rascals, a rourneen, if the power of making a bishop faith then if they are not they are was taken from Doctor Troy, yet not far from it. I have lorg it is natural that he cannot now string of their namų in my pocker which Father Murphy gave me, any thing which Doctor Troy bids, but I'll not shew it to you now. them, will side him. Sure, if they were not baseborn Jack. The Lord send it, for rascals, they would not have such my own part I'd help to nail up the a contempt both for the poor peo- chapel door against any Bishop or ple and for the Clergy. The last Priest who'd be sent to us by the Catholic meeting, Father Murphy government, for they could not be says, that the old whiskeyseller's good coming from people that son had a motion for keeping out want to convert us from our own every body but an estated man, old faith, tho' I don't hate any and no clergyman at all shew his body on account of their religion. face there. Now, Jack, I who Billy. Nor I neither, but you knows what a good honest priest know that the Catholics could not is, would take my oath that they stand if there was a separation behave more love of their country in tween the clargy and the people, their little finger, than all the and this would follow from their Anti-popery club men in all their being appointed by the Govern. soul and body ;--but for all that ment. let the priest have ever so much JACK. But, Billy, there is one learning, he must not meddle with thing I want to know which I can't affairs, and will be told by one of account for.-How could Grattan those ignorant merchants who or Ponsonby say in the Parliament want to curry favour with Go- house that the clergy and people vernment, to mind nothing but his were ready to give the nomination breviary.--Myself thinks that after of Bishops to the King if they had 'God a body should love their pot some authority for it? country next, and has not a good Billy. 'Tis I that will explain priest as much, if not more feel that to yoy, for Father Murphy ings, than any of those fellows. satisfied my own curosity to my

which instruct

JACK. You are right, Billy, and heart's content on it. Oh, it was we'll stick to the poor clargy in the most intriguing, cunning trick spite of all the nobs.

in the world; but Lord Fingal and Billy. Faith and so we ought, Doctor Troy, and the rest of them, Jack, for they stuck to us all along who thought to play the game unand suffered for us sorely--and as known to any body, are now biting Father Murphy says, that the their lips.-I'll tell you what they clergy will stand out, even if the thought to do, Says Lord Fingal Bishops give up to the King the to Doctor Troy, My Lord, uc appointment of themselves, we'll will get every thing we want from keep to them still. But, however, the Government if we are satisfied to the Bishops will not, for Father give up the appointment of the heads Murphy was told in Dublin, that of the clergy." Well, (says Dr. they are to meet on the 14th Sep. troy) but how is it to be done ; for tember, and that Doctor Reilly if the people hear that such a thing the first primate, said to Doctor is on foot they'll never agree to it." Troys that he would cut off his “ Why (says Lord Fingal) the only hand before he'd sign any paper way I see, is first to commit the bua giving to the King any such power siness in parliament, and then the and I believe all the other Bi. Bishops will be ashamed and afraid shops, except three or four who do to retract. For this reason let us

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instruct Mr. Grattan and Mr. Pon- would sooner lose the last drop of sonby to declare, when the petition my blood than be instrumental to comes on to be debated, that we are any AcCatholic King's obtaining any all ready to resign this appointing power or influence over any part of power to the King, and the Catho- the Catholic church, and much more lics will agree to it? This, or to his obtaining supremacy in it. If something like it, was the conver- I ain not the greatest hypocrite that sation which took place between ever took a pen in brand my numethese two gentlemen ; and Dr. Tous publications on the very subMilner was accordingly desired to ject of supremacy and spiritual tell the parliament men the whole power, particularly my Leller on the of it. This is the very way they appointment of Bishops, my Divine thought to take us in, but you see right of episcopacy, my Ecclesiastical how they are foiled ; for the Ca. democracy detecteil

, an I various pas. tholic bishops, nor clergy, nor any sages in my History of Winchester, of the people except the harista- and Letters to a Prebendary, ought cracy, will ever agree to it. to convince every man of common

[Here the Dialogue ended sense and common candour, that I we regret that the two brave honest cannot be an abettor of the system fellows did not say more.] imputed to me. But I tind that the

cry of Church in danger is capable of extinguishing both sense and

candour amongst Catholics as well DR. MILNER AND THE ANTI-PO- as Protestants. Oh! Sír, could I PERY CLUB.

have expected when I lately wrote

my Letiers from Ireland and when I (From the Evening Herald.) more recently perused the remarks

on those letters by Sir R-M-- and THE following is the postcript Co that I should immediately afof a letter received by Mr. Coyne terwards be accused by an Irish Caof Capel-street from Dr. Milner, tholic of having been tampered and which the true patriotic divine with! (See the Evening Herald has requested him to publish in the for July 6th.) Evening Herald, as necessary to

JOHN MILNER, counteract the evil tendency of the reports lately spread to his prejudice. After reading the document, no Irish Catholic can longer believe Travels of Bertrandon de la Bror. that he lias lent hisassistance to any quiere, Counsellor and first Esproject that would rest in the King quire-Carver to Philippe le bon the nomination of the R.C. Biskops Duke of Burgundy. of Ireland.

P.S. You will have seen some THE first object of the traveller cruel attacks upon me in the News- was a pilgrimage of devotion to papers, and these by gentlemen Palestine ; but falling sick at Jefrom whom I expected the greatest rusalem, he conceived a project support. I wish you on every oc- which certamly gives peculiar' in. casion, and in the most public terest to the latter part of his nar. manner you can, to assure Catho ration ; it was no less than that of lics of every description that I travelling back to Framce by land



After a variety of difficulties and He first placed in the midst of us a discouragements, he completed his large and handsome earthen jug, intention in 1133, recording the that might contain four gallons at particulars of his travels at the least; he then brought for each of express desire of the duke his us a pot full of wine, which he pour. master. The journey from Ghent ed into the jug, and placed beside it across the Apennines to Venice, two earthen porringers to serve for and from Venice to Jaffa, in å glasses. The first two began, drank galley, affords scarcely any thing to hisсompanion, according to their tointerest. Damascus is still more custom; this didthe same to the next particularly described than Jerusa- , and so on to others. We drank in icm; though La Brocquiere seems tliis manner for a long time with, to have received no favourable im- out eating ; at length, I pereived pressions of the inhabitants From that I could no longer continue it Damascus, having parted with his without suffering, and begged of friends who had hitherto accom• them, with uplifted hands, to perpanied him, he set out upon his mit me to leave off , but they grew nieditated journey, having in the very angry, and complained as if first instance only a moucre (or I had been resolved to interrupt Mameluke guide) for his com- their pleasures and do them art panion : but joining a caravan, he injury. Fortunately there was one proceeded onward in company: among them more acquainted with « On the road (says our author) me than the rest, and who loved I made acquaintance with some of me so that he called me • Kardays,' my fellow-travellers, who, when that is to say, Brother. He of. they found out that I lodged with fered to take my place, and to a Frank, came to ask me to procure drink for me when it should be my them some wine. This liquor is turn. This appeased them, and, forbidden them by their religion, having accepted the offer, the and they dare not drink it before party, contitiued until evening, their own countrymen, but they when it was necessary for us to rehoped to do it without risk at the turn to the khan.” After minutely house of a Frank, and yet they relating his travels from Syria till were reiutnirig from Mecca! I he crossed the haven to Constanspoke of it to my host Laurent ; tinople, he gives sufficient details but he said he wasafraid to comply, to account for the successes of the from the great danger he should Turks in 1453. The description run were it known.

I went to of the empress, as La Brocquire carry them his answer ; but they saw her, is entertaining, “ She had been more fortunate elsewhere, wore in her ears broad and flat in procuring some at the house of rings, set with several precious a Greek They proposed that I stones, especially rubies.

She should accompany them to partake, looked young and fair, and hand. whether from pure friendship or to somer than when I saw her in authorize them to drink wine in church. In one word, I should not the presence of the Greek

This have had a fault to find with her, man conducted us to a small gal. had she not been painted, and aslery, where we all six seated our- suredly she had not any need of selves in a circle the floor. it."

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