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human heart begins to work, and by Mr. O'Connor, and lord Edward the busy scene often displays a great on the part of the Irish insurgents. man grasping at great and noble deeds, The accidental failure of this enterand some political ruffian, often rises prize, the Irish leaders endeavoured like the scum to the surface, seeking to remedy by another more efficient felf-advancement, thro' the de- attempt. In 1797, lord Edward Atruction of the people, whose cause and O'Connor by a circuitous route, he affects to espouse: France under again arrived in Switzerland, but Roberspiere bled at every vein, and they suffered much chagrin from the at length shrunk from the democratic persons who were appointed to charnel-house for refuge to the bril- meet them, who unlike Hoche had liant military standard of a more re- neither talents nor a sense of intercit fined tyrant. Paris after being in the project, and who wanted parfcourged by this most inhuman of all ticularly the fincerity which diltinmonsters, and seeing her ftreets guished that able con mander.* The bathed in blood, beheld a new subsequent defeat of the expedition genius rise out of the fanguinary de- from Holland by lord Duncan, alluge, who walked over the ruins, tered the plans of the leaders of the of the Jacobin Club, and taught dilaffected, and an appeal to arms Frenchmen, forgetful of their ani- without any hope of foreign affiftDiosities to gather laurels at Maren- anee from their allies was determin.. go, at Jena, and at Austerlitzs.- ed on. For this purpose a provin. Ireland had a Clare, who plotted cial meeting was summoned to be her degradation and her ruin, and held at Oliver Bond's where they who made her humbly kiss the iron were to consider of the mode of rod reeking from her own bowels ; operation. Returns were to be given and fhe beheld a Fitzgerald in the of the effective force and arms of full glow of honest thoill-directed Leinster, and overy arrangement for patriotism, nobly daring and falling a civil war was to be made. This 10 a great attempt. Courage minge meeting did take place on the 12th led itself in a great degree in the of March, 1798. It consiited of character of Lord Edward, and he delegates from each county, but was accordingly one of those who scarcely had they been seated, when at serious hazard, and at great ex- the house was surrounded by a body pence volunteered their services as of infantry and cavalry, whilft anambassadors to the French Republic, other chosen party, headed by a to claim for Ireland assistance in men man of the name of Swan, entered, and arms. To this melancholy and without finding any refiltance, Atep were they driven by the relent. immediately seized on the conspira less and intolerant temper of Clare tors and all their papere. and his affociates in the fifter country, This unexpected affair, which who in the true spirit of Machiavel. eventually secured the British go-: appear to have determined on the verament in this country, was effecte facrifice of thousands for the purpose of effecting a union. It was a deri

Ν Ο Τ Ε. perate experiment. Had lord Ed. ward lived, the chances of salvation Hoche fell a vi&im to a coma for the existing government might plaint brought on by excelsive grief, have been very scanty indeed. The for the failure of his expedition to invasion at Bantry Bay was negotia. Bantry. red in Switzerland, with Hoche,

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ed by the is forraation of the infan- fo: the reward of a hou’and pounds ous Thomas Reynolds, who was off red for his apprehenhun, that one of ihe delegatis.?!ponied to some deplased montier, whose reprefent Kille. This abandoned name remains a lc et, transferred man, whu entered into the plans the dearest son bat ever Ireland! and views of the ditaff cted, with could numbet, among her best chile : an intention of betraying thens, and dien, to the ignominous gratifica. of applyin, their blood to the pura tion of an intemperate adminiftras poles of his aggrandi ewents, with tion, in exchange for a trifling enih Bituice of another delpt ale joyment, and an insincere patrona adveniures, who negotiated for the age. diutual 1 wards they expid

c.d with After a variety of pain ul changes, an unexampled and tirin cetermina- his lord ship was received into the tion to earn a life of volupiuouiness manfion of an il uttrious lady since and intany, prolecured the partners dead, on Uther's-qu.y, where he of his crimes, and the uniortunate might have remained wiin fecurity, men expiated their alleged reasons were noi he apprehensive, that is on the gibbet, amiuft ine tictions poculiar mis'ortune might aggravate of her innocent families, the bene- ihe painful tol:creude which the sea dictions of their friends, and the nerable matron reftiñed for his lafe. lavage abuse of their enemies. ty, his feelings for his good friend,

Lord Edward eleaped the perfidi. fubdued his everv conuderation for bus induitry of Reynolds, who im- himseli, and on Friday evening the poled himself on ine generous and 17th day of May, 1798, he unforunsuspecting heart of a man whose tunately quiriea the hospitable house foul was animated with the moft of his friend, oud in the disguise of romantic notions that ancient learn. a pentants dress, pated into Watin, love of country, and unquese ling free', on his way to another tioned rectitude could communicate hidi g place prepared for him in the to the huinen breast. By an unfore. house of Mr. Murphy of ThomasSeen delay which impeded his anxi Areel. aus steps, on his way to Mr. Bund's Such was the industry of the house, he had arrived within two wreiches employed to arrelt, or the bundred yards at the appoinied ren- treachery of some miscreani privy dozvous, wheu he discovered the to the place of his concealment, mil tary force directing its approach that he bad scarcly paffed over the to Budge-trect, croffing the Old, length of fifty yards, when the Bridge, fome prefentiment, which allants o: Mjor Sirr, beaded by we are sorry to say, did not attend himtell, made an attempt to feize bià, on another fatal occasion, him; some young men had the prewarned him, that things were not a caution to post themselves in different favourable alpe&t, he haftily Itapped paris of the treet, lett any accident into a woollen draper's house on the Should occur that might expose him Jon's-quay, where doctor M Nevin to danger. then lodged, where he fund an A the moment, the major and honest asylum from the busy and in- bis med pounced towards their prey. veterate fury of his enemies. He that appeared to be completely in remained until night covered his re- their power, as no friend was seen treat, but, a short and transient re- attending him. The tygers of juffu çe, for he was so carefully craced tice, on the critical moment of


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fecoring him were turprized to after receiving the fioke, he reeled
fino, that fome obstinate d ffi ul- back, when he collected as much
tes were to be lurmounied before refolution as reminded him of the
they could bear (ff the spoil, for pistol he bed in his hand, which he
the chief, found himself bound in had the courage to discharge, ard
the hands of two young men of the from whi h lord Edward received a
names of Gallagher and Palmer, one wound in hia ihoulder; so this accounting
of whom kruck hiin on the neck denial effort of his lpirits he owed
with a dagger, this was the com- his safety, for the ie sons hrought
mencement of a general conflict, Sirr ard the colliers to ti« -[itance.
which was obstinately contested, Lora Es waid was secured, and the
anul the major and his men eff. cted affrighred major preterved.
a well-tuned retreal, ard lord Ed- Had lord Edward Itnained in the
ward gained his intended place of room where his aims hung, the

whole party would not be sufficient
On the Saturday evening which to take his, but it appeared that
was the next day, about the bour every honeti precaution bitherto
of dine, the young nobleoian had tiken to preserve hin, was not care-
thrown himself on a bed in Muie Tully obierved. Prov.dence that
phy's, in patiently waiting for fone diipoles of kingdoms and ot tumia
persons who were 10 conduct him grandeur, peanuts for his own wile
io aporber house in a neighbourhood purposes for our instruction and chal-
les frequented. While he titement, lefTons of dilappointment,
anxiousy nieditating on his perilous by which what is midt dear and
fluation, two men entered the voluble according to our inserteet
room, major Swan, and one Ryan, ideas of enjoyment, are to be the
both well armed, Ryan with a pistol filt whose melancholy fate we are
in his hand, desired lord Edwary pain uliy to iurvive.
to rise as he was a prifoner 10 this He was removed to Newgate,
denand the young lord made no

where such medical alliitance as was answer, but abruptly arose and thought prudent to give him was grappled with Ryan with his left adminifteid hand, while with the other, he drew On Wednesday evening the 2 zd á dagger, which be plunged into of May, the Directory iffu di cir Ryan's breaft, who immcuialely fell. orders for a general infurre&tion, Swan, who was a terrified fpe&ator and about nine o'clock, a very buiy of the fate of his companion, bad and extensive range of preparation not power to give any alarmi to the took place in Dublin and its vicinity. foldiers, and Sirr, who were on the The colonels or commanders of dilo fairs, was in his turn attacked ; 10 tricts of Dublin met at a boule a avoid the pistol, lord Edward grap- Abig street, to receive the plan of pled with Swan, and a fient strug- operations from such persons as were gle ensued, as Swan became inca. appointed to instruct inen from the pable of communicating his danger, Directory. Here the information under the impressions he had for his of Reynolds operateu i' an extensive latery, he received a blow intended degree, to in peve the busine:s of for his breast, but in his fears, he the conspıralo's, as every man of made an effort to avoid it, and by a abilities and courage, who were molt fortunate turn of his body, the dag- eminently qualified 10 nanage the per inflicted but a light wound; rebellion were arrested by the fortu


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pale discovery of this informer. It ended, by the information of Reya
appears that men very unfit for such nolds, and the dissipation of Nel-
a daring affair, were appointed in Sfon, á business, that had one shot
their places. Courage, a leading been fired in Dublin, would have
qualification, as well as prudence in Thook the British empire to its cx-
a kate of Warfare, they feemed to tremities, and on which hung the
have been absolute ftrangers to future fate of Europe.
So intimidated were they at the fate On the 4th of June following,
of their predecessors in office, that lord Edward's death was made pub-
they were afraid to entrust a second zlic, though the real and immediate
person between them and the offi- 'cause of it remains concealed in a
vers who were to command the kind of obscurity. Several contra-
infurgents, and the man they did dictory accounts were spread abroad
appoint, though qualified by great by the minor agents of government,
abilities and integrity, was such a accounting for the sudden death of
victim to inebriety, that he would a prisoner, who was perfectly cared
neglect the most womentous business of a night flesh wound in the shoul-
to gratify his prevailing passion of der, inflicted by a small leaden pel-
intemperance, be literally got let not much bigger than a pea-
drunk after having an interview with No regular account has been given
the officers, to whom he promised to that bore any marks of truth from
return with final instruations. In the uniformity of the narrators.
some few minutes after his depar-Lord Clare himself was off his guard
ture. On bis way to the directory, in the house of lords, by not follow-
be again applied to his favourite ing some of the tales that were in
enjoyment, and so much did he circulation, for he hastily made one
destroy all seose of the great trust of his own, by saying that lord
he undertook, that he deliberately Edward's death was owing to water
kaggered to the prison gate where on his breast. This high authority
Jord Edward lay. Immediately he is sufficient to convince us, that the
was recognized and arrested by the injuries he received from Swan or
jailor, who knew him intimately, Ryan, were not fatal, perhaps ?
as he had been a prisoner under his public execution of a man of his
care some short time before. The popularity and family connexions,
leaders who anxiously waited his at such a critical period, was not
return, were involved in the most considered a prudent experiment, to
painful disquietude, before they promote the ends of political expe
beard of the conduct and fate of diency, or public justice.
Nelson. On the fatal news being an- His remains were put into :
nounced, they hastily dispersed, leaden coffin, and with the utmolt
leaving their respective divisions secrecy they were taken from the
that spent their time in the same gaol, at three o'clock in the morn-
incertitude, to take such fteps for ing. attended by a guard, and de
their own fecurity as individual posited in a vault in St, Werburgh's
prudence might suggest. Thus church,




LIPE OF MR, O'CONOR, They add, that the retreat of Sullie

van and O'Conor of which an acContinued from page 281.

count may be seen in my appendix, Mr. O'Conors Correspondence with

was equal to the retreat of the Mr. Bryan O'Conor relative to

10,000 A good history of Kerry the History of the county Kerry. would certainly throw great lights - His case of the Roman Catho

on the ancient state of this kinglics,

dom, it would evince chat our an

cient improvements such as they While the Thoughts were thus af

were, are to be atributed only to fording matter for serious converfa- ourselve", and it would illustrate the tion to people of all descriptions, à following curious expressions taken Mr. Bryan O'Conor of the county from a celebrated Roman writer. Kerry, undertook a history civil, “ It is wonder ul how that barecclasiastical and natural, of that o barians who lived at the extremity county.-Mr. Smith, who wrote

“ of the world, and might be supthe histories of Cork and Waterford

posed as remote from knowledge some time before, undertook it in

from men, could understand like manner, but the former had

“ matters of such deep enquiry and gone deeply into this work before

“ translate them into another lanthe latter had thought of it, obtained

guage, I mean John the Irish. 50 guineas subscription from one no

“ map.t As to the Danes they nebleman, ten. from apother, &c. and, ver were in peaceable poffeffion of finding himself hurt by Mr. Smith's this country. Though they got porn reaping where he had never sown, selfion of some fortified places on travelled from Killarney to Dublin

our sea-coasts, it is well known that to consult with Mr. O'Conor on the they were ever in a state of violence best method of executing his design. and war, a hord of savages, enemies -Mr. O'Conor advised him to de.

to all improvement, and ravagers of fer it until after Mr. Smith's book

every thing sacred and profane, as would be published, "The history well might we attribute to Goths

of Kerry,” said he, "must be to and Vandals the improvements of '" Ireland what that of Ireland is to Italy or Africa in the days of Gense" the rest of Europe, it must be ricusi. “truly Irish.”

In fact, Kerry, men boalt that they ever maintained Mr. O'Conor to O'Conor Kerry. their ancient freedom in their inac. cesfible mountains with uncommon

« Dear Sir, perseverence, and that the English

" The etymoo of Kerry is Cabir Pale looked to Kerry with the fame riaghta, the kingdom of Cahir fon of invidious eye with which the Ro. Fergus, King of Ulfter, “ from maps looked anciently to Ireland.* whom the O'Conors Kerry are deNOTE.

Ν Ο Τ Ε. • Tacitus says in his Agricola, " that when the Romans conquered

+ See Anastas, Bibloth, apud Britain, they wished to reduce Ire. Usser Syl. Ep. 24. Land also that the Britons should 1 Mr. Ledwich strains the words not be tantalized by the fight of lia cyen of Giraldus against Ireland. berty fo near them."


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