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ollowers of this eccentric The experience of their holy prea

ate a strayed selection of curiors in the work of reformation, n pictive locks of Weley and by teaching old difcoveries, leave Lif2E20014, lhey possess an enlarged them new legacies for improvement, capacily of face, rather lengthy Luther advanced but a few fteps loen found the chin remains, or from the seat of error. He preserved

is tulpended about eight inches the splendor of the hierarchy, as it

nole, projecting fome con- Aattered the pride of his followers,

e ciltance beyond the perpen- he abolished the mass, and the re. fruar fange of the face, the eye- ftraints of celibacy, he gave his deCrows droop, and the mouth is placed sciples the scriptures in the living in the center of the front, the eye- languages, and with it the comforts lids remain ball closed with the air of the fair. The women taught the of awiction and meditation, they gospel with their yoke fellows, and kem well cholen for fimlarity of not only gained prolelyies, but made ccustenance, cheerfulne.s is confi- saints. Geret by them as a carnal enjoyment, Calvin was shocked at such a Offline to the supreme being. The remoant of fuperftition as bishop's lines of each meeting appears to retained in the church by his cotema leclure on lone difpurcd points porary, and by ditmilling them, re

the scriptures, by the rev, leader, tored what he termed the fimplicity when that is leiriinired, each person of the gospel. . O! .corhiderable number of the asa Among all the improvements subsembly, as at lonie certain signal, mitted to Europe by the proselyting draw out a pocket bible, and from talents of the English school, the

able volume of grace, read a quakers have shook off any connexikitarrene or two, applicable to his on with the manners of other quonDreaming of the word ; this brings on dam reforiners on the means of loue declamation, various noile and grace, they renounced the usurpati. legalar confusion, and often such ons of stated teachers, referved by colle, inelegant, and fonietimes ap- the discipline of Calvin, and by enpropriate language, and in such op- tering into an alliance with the spirit, he directions, that we have fome they depend on its spontaneous on to think, business is so much allilance in the ministry, where it ded, that it will require fome officiates thru the pure medium of before any ultimale arrange- either sex, an improvement much

can take place, and the im- cheaper and more convenient than firullion

[object of their graceful in- any advised by either Luther or tion, the conversion of the Irish Calvin ; they added charms to 'reli

gion, by allowing the drab coloured sy new fea, which the proliñc fair to pilot the pious to the new

of man engenders, begins jerusalem-o far have they removed be in the voyage of fanaca- from popery, thro' their abhorrence reckoning from Rome. The of iis forms, that they had nearly Babylon, the seven hills, wandered from Chriftianity. and idolatry are the land. The American states have an anCh guide ihe young and nual growth of numerous sects, who alors, and the farther they are on the hunt to discover any re

the object of their holy inains of Catholicity in any of their ce, the more their merit, predecessors. The Mennonifts, or aler their skill in oautical Dunkers, detected a considerable part of it even in the Quakers, this



can be effected.

Eiery new fea, imagination of man enger their course in the voyag cilum by a reckoning on whole of Babylon, the

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eraiks, which guide the boly navigators, and the recede frou the object of abhorience, the more and the greater their lk tract and dexterity.


was a discovery of fome merit and he has set up for 'himself, and imigreat ingenuity ; this objectionable rated Cæsar, " who would rarber be semnant was found to be a pulpit, the firit man in a village than the and Simon Mennon, very much fecond in Rome,"-or agreeable to Shocked at such a digreffi in from the thai dil.ke" to servirude which Milmanner of the apolles, had the hol- ton niakes Satan'express, * better 10 low organ far ever expelled from his reign in hell, than fervo in Heaven." tabernacles, and it became an article The doctor prefers his preleet un. of the Dunkers faith, that a table dertaking, disputing with Dublin ihould be mounted, instead of a apprentices and ignorant attornies on pulpir.

the merits and difference of faith Simon's table faith continued many and good works.

22 years in unity, until a discovering 'Tis a pity that 'learning and abitseformer, a member of the church, ties are not always companions, cduafter deep and laborious reading and cation may be inoculated on a perfor, meditation, detected the impolition with narrow intellec! and talenlive of the table, and declared it border- memory. The vanity and abfurdily ing on popery, a wooden corruption of parents bave often placed an icet of the gofpel this good man's name in an Univerhiy, but nature rejects, was Seth Sprat, a native of Boston, ia inany inftances, the improvements be proved to the conviction of many attempied by all College can no souls. that the disciples usually more cure a fool, than it can create a : preached in ficlds, and thewed the philosopher, it may communicate in necessity of imitating them to be a

low ftruction, but it cannot beflow abili

abili debit duty of every shepherd of the Lord's, vies. and agreeable to this enlightened interpretation, he had a fresh grass plot every day of public worship, To the printer of the Iris Magazine. Het from whence the word was given in the spirit of primitive fimplicity.. SIR Thus the church of Simon Mannon - I have read with attention your became divided, and the faints rc two last numbers, in which you have to go veled each other for their respective given fome account of our college. Strofa herelies, one party became diftir lo general your statements are market den guished by adopting the blessed pare ed by Ernth, and unless the DEAN'S ; lica af harasless table dunkers," and the pets, you have gratified us all. Sim: 6725 others took the application of select think indeed That you have treated grafs dunkers."-The mob, who are Lord Fingal with too much feverity, very incorrect in ecclesiastical affairs, because his conduct as a truftee and nick nained one party Joiners and visitor of this house has betrayed more than the other Graziers.

of vanity and weakness, than ot a bad 99 Duer Walker has received many ro cruel difpofition. Certainly !

mainly his ? Was evangelical epifles from Seth Sprai, Lordship appears to be fond of being chiet of the Graziers, offering hini thought a great man, and is a little pig of a very advantageous commission on deini-god an ongst us, but if we uch souls, as he could gather unto off our caps to him, like a good" The lord. The doctor has prudently cured fool he appears to be as mus rejected the offer of Seth hwing an pleased as if we deputed bimi higher ambition than in act a's deputy imperial parliament, with a peine 16 any evangelical manuta dturer į for liberty to take out degrees.

him, like a good lao

a petition

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Though we can never forgive him with the many absurdities of the for supporting a system of coercion schools. Perhaps, fir, your publishin the college, and keeping Dr. ing these few remarks may induse Dunn fo long president, yet we may Abhe De La Hogue to change his be disposed to ihink betier of him, if fyftem, which would be hailed with he will in future confine his zeal for joy by every student amongst us. the catholic intereft to his office of I am, sir, charman and petition-carrier for his

Your obedient Sevant, brethren of Dublin

A Maynooth Student, But, fir, I ftray from the subject Maynoonth College, ? which I indended to be the subject May 23, 1808. S of this letter. In your account of our course of studies, you mention the theological and other diatutes given by the professors to their re. Defoription of Arles in the Queen's fpe&ive cliffes. You pass flippanily Over the dictating system and from ig. Dorance I suppose of its being a This small village is about 46 great grievance to us you make no miles from Dublin, was nained by a comment on it. Had you been as Jady of the name of Scurlog, more well acquainted as I with the hard than a century lince, from the city fhip which the student mult Tubinit to Arles in France, which she had frea in writing and (tudying there dictales. quently resided in when on vifts 10

presume your lauda ble zeal for her relations, who abandoned their our improvement would not be blent country, and attached themselves to when you mentioned them.

the fortune of the unfortunate sove. Innumerable are the treatises which reign after the premature furrender in every age have been written by of Limerick. Catholic divines on the different dox Arles pofleffes nothing interesting; mas and practices of our church. a few thatched cabins, a fine and ves The volumes of the holy fathers, and ry abundant foil furround it, and a the labours of more modern theo laborious and starving peasantry. Malegians contain a body of divinity suf- dame Scurlog built a chapel in Arles, ficient to occupy even the whole life of dedicated to the blessed Virgin and an a tadious man. These treatises All our ancient cemetry, the ruins of it now library and might serve as class-books remain, but another chapel of more for the ftudent in divinity, and yet permanent materials has been erectthe professor of theology actuated by ed, where mass is read every Sunday the vanity of becoming an author him and holy day. Among the ruins of tell.compiles from them a treatise of the ancient church, is the burial bis own, which the ftudents must place of an ancient catholic family of write and Audy. We spend an hour the name of Grace, whose manfion and an half each day at this clafs, house was at a place called Shef the two third parts of which time is field. Several marble flags, on which employed in writing our manuscript, are inscriptions, commemorating maor as it is called by the Frenchmen, ny of the family who were buried in cahieur. This custom of dieating is Arles. In one Q.b a piece of copper Dot followed in any of the universities, is inserted with the following words, and it seems to have been exploded engraved by a French artist at Rouen

in Normandy,


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Nobilis ingenio, mitis, lo mosa, pu- To bliss celestial wasted is the soul,7 enero 2 dica,

T'by body only, can the grave i se Francisca, Exiguo hic cespite tec- controul, ta, jaces

And virtue meels its joys above i tuoi Sed non toia ;-aninius cæli loca '2- the pole. ta perivit

Love, honour, piety have marked 03 Solvere virtutis præmia terra ne

thy life, quit.

As daughier, mother and thy Sher: Quid, quid amor, sincera fides, pie field's wifecasque jubebant

For thee no sweets had sense, nor do Sedule fecisti filia, sponsa, parens, fashion charms, Non luxus tibi mollis amor, non cu. God owned thy love, the wetched lateral ra decoris,

thy alarıns. Unica cura, inopes; & Deus, unus Religion weeps, the chaster virtues en amor.

weep, Religio flevit, fievunt viriusque pu- The marron's and the virgin's pride ieg ! dorque,

asleep i Matribus exemplum, virginibusque, In numbers SHEFFIELD pours his tastat decus.

tearful lay, SHEFFIELDUS, fievit, pangens lacry His pledge of love unto eternal day : mabile carinen,

And ti'd of light and life, his tears te 'I there Quod tibi perpetui pignus amoris should flow,

In one perennial stream of equal woe, acope Æternum; fleret lucis periælus et Were it not blasphemy before hizo aura,

. heav'n, Flere Deo vivam ni putet elle ne- To weep for her to whom a beav'n fas.

is giv'n ; Concordes animas Christus revocabit. Our souls united Christ one day in in unum,

will call, Pax ubi fancta manet, nec dirinen- Where holy peace and love's the dus amor.

eternal lot of all.

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De Francisca Grace, alias Bagot, On Frances Grace, alias Bagot, sie
uxore Sheffieldi Grace ; obiit diie 3. wife of Sheffield Grace, She died on
Maii anno Dini, 1742, Ælatis suæ, the 3d of May, 1742, in the 23dhe

year of her age.
Gravé par Du Plesis & Rouen. Engraved by du Plenis, at Rouen.

Trandated for the Irish Magazine.

To the Editor of the Irish M. gazine.


As example is always the best way FRANCES! beneath this lap of earth, of inforcing any, do&trine, so are in you reft,

facts the most stubborn arguments Who once each grace of form and in support of the existence of any mind poff. fed ;

grievance. That the catholics suffer? But no,

for the profession of their creed alone

and luffer ever according to law, will shall fuffer and pay in like manner, I thiok appear evident, after the re- which money to forfeited, shall be lation I am going to give you. About applied to the use of the sick soldiers three weeks ago, I was walking thro' of the troop or company to which George's-street, when I was stopped the offender belongs." There are familiarly by a soldier whose face | words of the articles of war, Sec. I. did not inmediately recognize. Af- Art, and under them the superior ter loine conversation I found him to officer may shelter himielf in forcing be an old schoolfellow, whom a rest- the wretched catholic foldier to an hits and disobedient difpofition had house of worihip which he has been driven lome years since into the milió accustomed froin his infancy to delia. From the milicia he volunteered teft. into the line, and he now belongs Another inllance of this system of to the 31st regiment of foot, quar- forcing catholics to church in the artered in this ciry. He told me the my has occurred the other day in Sarious circunstances of his life, from Athy. I have not yet learned the the period when his enlistment broke particulars, but I understand that a bis unfortunate father's heart, to the private has been threatened with puprelent time ; being naturally of a nishment at the halbert and perhaps bold fpirit, he seemed to like the ser. before this has received it for not vice, but, said he, 'I should be re- complying with the standing order to conciled to a military profession for go to proiestani woulhip. And cerhile, if I was allowed to go to my own tainly it is impossible to reconcile place of worshipatpresent my state the clauses of the mutiny bill, with of lide is dire&ly at war with my con- the popery bill of 1793, for the reScience, I am not only not fuffered lief of ihe catholics. Unless excep. to go to mass on Sundays, but I am tions are actually made by the forced to go to church, and this is legidature in the niulin; bill in fathe case with a great number of ca. your of soldiers profeifing he Roman tholics besides myself in the same re- catholic religion, there will always exist giment. We all think it a cruelty a strange contradiction in the laws of 2.d yet we dare not complain.'.- the country, one allowing and anoThe poor fellow absolutely shed ther forbidding the fame thing. Since lears; for the rigours of a life for the passing of the popery bill in the which education unficted him, had in the 33d of his Maiesty's reign; b!cken the early turbulence of his there is an instance on record, of a mind, and he leemed softened to foldier whose name was Hyland, of thinking and to religious feelings. the 14th Light Dragoons, being whipa This, fir, I folemnly declare to you as ped or not going to Church.-The a fa&, and did not the commanding unfortunate inan received 200 lashchhcers conceive themselves warrant. es--!!! A poor encouragement for ed by the clauses of the mutiny bill, Roman catholics to inlift in his Mathey would not dare to offer such jeity's service. This punishment was wulence to the consciences of the role inficted on Hyland, on the 8th of diery. “A soldier abfenting hintelf December 1794. from church, 10 forleit 12d, to be As the subject of this short letter is deducted out of his next pay ; 'for interesting to every catholic, I prothe lecond offence, he shall not only mise you to take it up again wheneforfeit 12d, but be laid in irons for ver another instance of the same kind 12 hours; and for eyery like offence shall come within my observation.


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