Cryptography for Javascript Developers: Web Cryptography API , SJCL

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Anish Nath, 8.10.2018 г. - 66 страници

 This book is for javascript developers, programmers who want to get into cryptography in programming way What you will learn WEB CRYPTOGRAPHY APIWEB CRYPTO API SUPPORTED ALGORITHMS AND METHODS GENERATE RANDOM NUMBERS AES - GENERATE KEY/EXPORT KEY (JWK)AES – ENCRYPTION/DECRYPTION AES – ENCRYPTION/DECRYPTION USING RAW KEYSHA – HASHING PBKDF2, PBKDF2 HMAC digital SignatureECDH generate key perform encryption and decryption ECDSA generate key perform sign and verify of message RSA-OAEP ENCRYPTION/DECRYPTIONRSASSA-PKCS1-V1_5RSA-PSS - generateKey/sign/VerifyPKCS8 IMPORT RSA PRIVATE KEY (OPENSSL)SPKI IMPORT RSA PUBLIC KEY (OPENSSL)MAPPING BETWEEN JSON WEB KEY/ WEB CRYPTOThe Stanford JavaScript Crypto Library SJCL CODECSJCL HashingSJCL AES Encryption and decryptionSJCL ECDSA sing verify message SJCL ELGAMAL generate key perform encryption 


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