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Were the race of horses to cease to exist, that of the serviceable but ill used Ass would soon acquire no trifling value. Though less beautiful than the horse, the Ass, when properly kept, is a handsome animal; he is much stronger, in proportion, and much more hardy than his favoured rival; and has the additional advantages of being less subject to disease, and capable of living upon very humble fare. It is only in the article of water that he can be said to be dainty; of that he will drink only the cleanest. He is three or four years in coming to perfection, and lives till twenty, or twentyfive; he sleeps much less than the horse, and never lies down for that purpose, unless greatly fatigued. The female goes above eleven months with young, and never produces more than one foal at a time, to which she is said to be so fondly attached that she will rush through fire or water to protect or rejoin it.

When very young, the Ass is sprightly, but he soon loses that quality through ill treatment; and becomes slow, stupid, and headstrong. He is sometimes greatly attached to his owner; whom he scents at a distance, and plainly distinguishes from others in a crowd. When overloaded, he shows his sense of his master's injus

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tice, by hanging down his head and lowering his ears ; aut when too hard pressed, he opens his mouth, and dr iws back his lips, in a very disagreeable manner.

walks, trots, and gallops like a horse ; but, though he

sets out freely at first, he is soon tired of rapid mo

i, and then no beating will compel him to mend his pack. The Spanish Ass is the finest variety of the spec

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The Mule is an inte mediate creature, springing from the union of the ass with the mare; and it accordingly inherits the small legs and handsome shape of the latter, and the long ears, and cro

'ss on the back, which characterize the former. In obsu inacy it surpasses its male parent; but it is valuable for ts sureness of foot, which enables it to pass with safety along the most tremendous precipices, if left to the g idance of its own instinct. The Mule is fond of hana

some trappings, and lives longer than either the horse 5

the ass.

Nature denies to it the power of continuing ts race.



The Zebra is at once one of the most elegant

and the most untameable of animals. Its skin is as

mooth as satin, and adorned with elegant stripes, like

ribbons, which are brown on a yellowish white

bund in the male, and in the female are black on a •w'

site ground. The body is round and plump, and the leg,

3 of a delicate smallness. The voice of this creature is sought to have a distant resemblance to the sound of; post horn. The Zebra is chiefly found in the southep parts of Africa; whole herds are often seen grazing n those extensive plains that lie near the Cape of God Hope, and a penalty of fifty rix dollars is inficred on any person who shoots one of them. Such of them as are caught alive are presented to the govern

Several have been brought to England, but, e.cept in one instance, they have all displayed great wildness, and even ferocity. The exception was in th

h was burnt some years ago at Exeter Change

It would allow young children to be put upon its back, and was once ridden from the Lyceum to Pimlic "; but it was bred and reared in Portugal, from , arents half reclaimed. In several other cases, Zeras have attempted to injure spectators, and have not even spared their keepers.


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In suture the Bull equals the horse, but he is much strongr made in all parts of his body, particularly about the vieck and head; his horns are thick and large, and whenenraged, he gores and tosses both man and beast. The animal is very short-lived for its size and strength, sedom exceeding sixteen years. He arrives to the greatist perfection in this country, its climate and the verdưe of our fields being most congenial to bis constitution

The pains takt. by the English to bring their horned cattle to perfectio has been attended with complete success; for by miy.ng them with foreign breeds, they have increased both their beauty and their strength. The Lincolnshire breed, so famous for their size, derive that perfection froin'those of Holstein ; and the large horned cattle tha idre hred in some parts of England, were originally imported from Poland

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This animal is the female of the bull, and resembles HA in respect to size and stature, but is shorter-live, of all quadrupeds she seems the most liable to altration from the quality of the pasture. Thus Afrie is remarkable for the largest and the smallest catre of this kind, as are also Poland, Switzerland, and s seral other parts of Europe. Among the Eluth Tartar, where the pastures are remarkably luxuriant, the Cow becomes so large that few men can reach the 'p of its shoulders: but in France, where the anim' is stinted in its food, and driven from the richest posturage, it greatly degenerates.

The Cow has seldom more than one calf at a time, and goes

about nine months. ?here is scarcely a part of this animal that is not useful to mankind; and, of late years, benefit has been derived even from one of its diseases, by the intrydiction of vaccine inoculation, an antidote for that horrible and deadly disorder,

the small pox.

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