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As walking forth to view the plain,
At a may-pole down in Kent,
Away. let nought to love displeasing,

162 131 156

196 158


Bacchus is a pow'r divine,

Bacchus one day gaily firiding
Begone, begone, thou too propitious light,
Behold the skilful artist's hand,
Belinda's black commanding eye
Beneath a beach, as Strephon laid,
Beneath a gloomy shade,
Beneath a green Made, I faund a fair maid,
Betty, early gone A maying,
Bring, bring my mistress to my arms,
By A murmuring stream a fair shepherdess lay,

10 235 145 180 233 164

94 133

CEASE, cease of Cupid to complain,

Celia, hoard thy charms no more,
Celia now is all my song,
Celladon, when spring came on,
Cloe proves false, i ut still she is charming;
Cloe's a goddess in tbe groves,
Cloe, mben í view thee smiling,
Come, follow, follow me,
Come, hear me, my boy, hast a mind to live long,
Come, here's to the nymph that I love;
Come, let a chearful glass go round,
Come, love, let us join,
Come, old Time, and use thy fickle,
Corinna, with innocence, beauty, and wit,
Cou'd a man be secure, that life wou'd endure,
Cou'dst thou give me a pleasure,
Crown me with the branching vine,

198 150 222 187 144 179 128 138 90 97 61 170 103 239

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72 ibid.

73 211 79

APHNIS stood pensive in the shade,

Delia, when I e'er review
Did our sighing lovers know,
Divine Cecilia, now grown old,

FAIREST Jenny, thou mun love me.

Fair ones, while your beauty's blooming,
Farewel the fatal pleasures,
Few can avoid the common ills,
Fie Amaryllis, cease to grieve,
Fill all the glasses, fill 'em high,
Fill the bowl with streams of pleasure,
Flavia wou'd, but dare not venture,
Fond husbands, I charge ye, to night,
For ever, Fortune, wilt thou prove
Forth from my clark and dismal cell,
Fragrant Flora, haste, appear,
From good liquor ne'er forink,

Gar Bacchus, liking Estcourt's wine,

Give me but a friend and a glass, boys,
God of sleep, for whom I languish,
God prosper long, from being broke,
Go, happy flow'rs, Corinna faid,
Go vind the vicar of Taunton Dean,
Great lord Frog to lady Mouse,

HAPPY hours, all hours excelling,

Hark! how the songsters of the grove,
Hark! the cock crow'd, "tis day all abroad,
Haul, haul away, haul away,
He himself courts his own ruin,
Help me, each harmonious grove,


36 104

147 230 11 13 80 183 135


237 186 232

78 * 208 Hence

259 248 245 134 161

40 152 165

Hence all you vain delights,
Here the deities approve
Hold, John, ere you leave me, i'troth I will know,
How cruel is that parent's care,
How dismal's the lover's condition,
How insipid were life without those delights
How pleasant a sailor's life passes,
How sweet is the ev’ning air,

I Am a poor Mepherd undone,

I am, cry'd Apollo, (when Daphne he wood,
I attempt from love's fickness to fly all in vain,
if Celia's eyes are so divine,
if, Celia, you had youth at will,
I fear'd your love, I know you're fair,
If Phyllis denies me relief,
if to love and good wine,
if you, by fordid views misled,
i'll tell

you a story, a story that's true,
In a coól refreshing Made,
In London town there liv’d, well known,
In my triumphant chariot hurld,
In spite of love, at length I find,
Insulting fair, you misemploy
In summer's solstice, scorch'd with heat,
In vain, dear Cloe, you sugge7,
In vain poor Damon prostrate lies,
In vain we say that love's the best
In vain


tell me love is sweet,
Jockey and Jenny together were laid;
Íris, on a bank of thyme,
Iris, your lovely fatal eyes
Ise tell thee, false loon, 'tis in vain,
i spy Celia, Celia eyes me,
Is there on earth á pleasure
I've ftrove in vain; here take my heart;

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KINDLY, fate, at length release me,

ET other beauties boast in vain

Let the waiter bring clean glasses,
Long from the force of beauty's charms,
Lord! what's come to my mother,
Love and Folly were at play,
Love frowns in beauteous Mira's eyes;
Love is now become a trade,
Love, kindled in a breast too young,
Love like wind is often changing,
Lovely charmer, dearest creature,
Love's a distemper that comes with high feeding,
Love's a tempest, life the ocean,
Love's a trifling silly passion,
Love, spread all thy sweet treasures,
Lucretia the kingdom of Rome did destroy ;

MARIA,, when my fight you bless,

May the gods propitious,
Mortals, seize your fleeting treasure,
My easy heart,
My heart inclines


chains to wear,
My heart is every beauty's prey,
My masters, give ear,
My passion is as mustard strong ;
Myrtilla bid me tell the charms,
Myrtillo, am'rous, young, and gay,

Nglory I covet, no riches I want,

No longer, Damon, I'll repine, No, no, I ne'er mall love thee less,

[blocks in formation]


No, no, no, no, resistance is but vain,

157 No, no, 'tis in vain, in this turbulent town, 197 No woman her envy can smother,

191 Now the lusty Spring is seen,

260 O OF Leinster, fam'd for maidens fair,

47 Oh! forbear to bid me fight her,

58 Oh! I ll have a husband, ay, inarry ;

261 Oh, London is a fine town, and a gallant city, 173 Oh! Love, if a god thou wilt be,

217 Oh! were Thursday but come,

249 Oh! what pangs are felt in love,

207 On a grally pillow,

44 On famid Arcadia's flow'roy plains,

201 On thy fam'd banks, 0 Medway, long,

S SAD Musidora, atl, in woe,

5.2 Say not, Olinda, I despise

127 Says my uncle, I pray you discover,

122 See how the fading glories of the year

195 Shou'd I die' by the force of good wine,

32 Shou'd I orice change iny mind,

247 Since I have long lov'd you in vain, Since now the world's turn’d upside down, 209 Since the day of poor inan,

39 soon as the day begins to waste,

SI Stay, foepherd, stay, I prytbee stay,

76 Sue to Celia for the favour,

67 T TELL me, Cloe, why has nature

3 Tell me, dear charmer, tell

me, why

30 Tell mne no more of Cupid's bow, Tell me, Sileno, why you fill, Tender hearts to every pasion,




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