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What tho' the absent sun, retir'd,

The naked field no longer warms ?
Each blossom, by her art inspir’d,

Opens as wide, as gaily charms.

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Thy flow'rs for ever hold their prime,

Nor frosts, nor chilling winters fear ;
Since near thy hoop, that happy clime,

'Tis spring or summer all the year.

Pity, lov'd maid, that envious years,

Thy youth fou'd hurt, thy sweets consume:
When wrought by thee, each bud appears.

Unchang'd, and always in its bloom.

Each youth with thee must surely grieve

The partial rigour of the sky;
That Mira's works must bloom and live,

When Mira's beauties fade and die.

A few fair months our gardens charm;

Now flourish, and anon decay:
Each season on thy coat is warm,

And every verdant month is May.

Let autumns then the lilly hide,

Our roses blast, our myrtles chill :
When feated close to Mira's side,

'Tis June, or fragrant April ftill.


Victorious nymph! whose hand has done

Beyond weak nature's fainter power : Waking each plant without the fun;

Swelling each bud without the shower.

When every field beside is seen

Robb’d of its pride, we here behold Gay spreading stems of lively green,

And yellow fruit of ripening gold.

WIT and BEAUTY too bard a Match.

HEN from her beauty long I've ftrove

To free my doating heart,
Her wit brings back my flying love,

And charms it down by art.

Then, when her wit I've often foil'd,

With one commanding view, I'm by her eyes again beguild,

And captive took anew.

Her wit alone were vain; alone

Her beauty wou'd not do; But what the devil can be done

With wit and beauty too?


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Lo '

All its joys are bought and sold; Money is a feature made,

And beauty is confin'd to gold.

Courtship is but terms of art ;

Portion, settlement, and dower, Soften the most obdurate heart;

The lawyer only is the wooer.

My stock can never reach a wife

It may a small retailing whore: Let men of fortune buy for life,

A night's a purchase for the poor.

LOTHARI A's Excellence.

AINLY now ye strive to charm me,

All ye fweets of blooming May;
How shou'd empty fun-fhine warm me,

While Lotharia keeps away?
Go, ye warbling birds, go leave me,

Shade, ye clouds, the smiling sky:
Sweeter notes her voice can give me;

Softer fun-fhine fills her eye.


Power of Love and Good Wine.

F Drink, drink, and defy all pow'r but Love:

Wine gives the slave his liberty,
But Love makes a llave of thund'ring Jove.

Drink, drink away,

Make a night of the day; 'Tis nectar, 'tis liquor divine ;

The pleasures of life,

Free from anguish and strife, Are owing to love and good wine.

AMARYLLIS admonish'da
VI E Amaryllis, cease to grieve,

For him thou never canst retrieve;
Wilt thou sigh for one that flies thee?
Scorn the wretch that love denies thee..

Call pride to thy aid,

And be not afraid
Of meeting a swain that is kind;

As handsome as he, ,

Perhaps he may be,
At least a more generous mind.



Fill the bowl with ftreams of pleasure,

Such as Gallia's vintage boast; These are tides that bring our treasure ;

Love and friendship be the toast.

First, our mistresses approving,

With bright beauty crown the glass; He, that is too dull for loving,

Muft, in friendship, be an ass.

Pylades is with Orestes

Said to have one common foul, But the meaning of the jest is

In the bottom of the bowl.

Thus, by means of honest drinking,

Often is the truth found out,
Which wou'd cost a world of thinking ;

Spare your pains, and drink about.

Vol. IV.



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