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O'The youthful Myrtillo,

The youthful Myrtillo
Transported was laid,
In his arms a creature,
Whose e'ery feature,
Whofe e'ery feature

For conquest was made.
To his side he clafp'd her,
And fondly grafp'd her,
And fondly grasp'd her,

While she cry'd, Oh dear,
Oh dear Myrtillo,
Had I known your will, oh!
Had I known jour, will, oh!

I'd never came here.

Streams gently flowing,
And Zephyrs blowing,
And Zephyrs blowing,

Ambrofial breeze,
A swain admiring,
And all conspiring,
And all conspiring

The charmer to please ;


The dear nymph complying,
No more denying,
No more denying,

A filent grove :
Oh! blest Myrtillo !


will oh! You may, if you will oh!

Be happy as Jove.

Now the devil's in it,
If such a minute,
If such a minute

The shepherd cou'd lose jo
No, no, Myrtillo,
Has better skill-o,
Has better skillso

His moments to chuse;
The delightful treasure
Of love and pleasure,
of love and pleasure,

He boldly seiz'd,
And like Myrtillo,
He had his fill-o,
He had his fill-o

Of what he pleas’d.


CUPID's Two Strings.


y easy heart,

With single dart, Has no small anguish found;

But love has now,

Two strings to's bow; Both wit and beauty wound.

Such guns or spears

Who sees or hears
Of death may take his choice,

For tho' he flies

Her piercing eyes,
She'll reach him with her voice.

When wit perfuades,

And beauty leads Our senses all to joy,

Not Dido's guest

Cou'd guard his breast Against the Cyprian boy.

But if his bow,

And arrows too,
Were broken all, and loft,

None cou'd withstand

Her naked hand,
They'll feel it to their cof.


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F Leinster, fam'd for maidens fair,

Bright Lucy was the grace;
Nor e'er did Liffy's limpid stream

Reflect so sweet a face :
Till luckless love, and pining care,

Impair'd her rosy huc,
Her coral lips, and damask checks,

And eyes of gloffy blue.

Oh! have you seen a lilly pale,

When beating rains descend ?
So droop'd the flow-consuming maid,

Her life now near its end.
By Lucy warn'd, of flatt'ring fwains

Take heed, ye eafy fair:

due to broken vows, Ye perjur'd swains, beware.

Three times, all in the dead of night,

A bell was heard to ring;
And shrieking at her window thrice,

The raven flap'd his wing.


Too well the love-lorn niaiden knew

The solemn boding sound;
And thus, in dying words, bespoke,

The virgins weeping round ::

• I hear a voice, you cannot hear,

" Which says, I must not stay;
I see a hand, you cannot see,

Which beckons me away.
By a false heart, and broken vows,

In early youth I dic:
Was I to blame, because his bride.

Was thrice as rich as I?

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Ah, Colin! give not her thy vows,
« Vows due to me alone;
Nor thou, fond maid, receive his kiss,

« Nor think him all thy own.
{ To-morrow, in the church to wed,

• Impatient, both prepare; « But know, fond maid; and know, false man,

That Lucy will be there !

· Then bear my corse, my comrades, bear,

This bridegroom blythe to meet, • He in his wedding-trim fo gay,

. I in my winding-sheet." She spoke; The dy'd; her corse was born,

The bridegroom blythe to meet, He in his wedding-trim so gay,

She in ber winding-sheet.

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