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shape, both old and lame, The god Vertumnus to Pomona came; But when the goddess all her store display'd, He, thus disguis'd, addrest the lift'ning maid.

Goddess, lovely and divine,

Guardian of each fruitful tree, A while thy darling joys decline,

And lend an ear to love and me :Blooming beauties shou'd be kind,

And take the blessing while they may;
For time is swift, and love is blind,

And pasion cools, when charms decay.
While he appear'd thus odious in her eyes,
The goddess did his strains despise ;
But when, transform’d by pow'r divine,
Vertumnus did with blooming graces shine,
Then sung Pomona all amaz’d,
While on the youthful fwain the fondly gaz'd,
Successful happy charmer,
'Tis you alone can warm her,

Who never lov'd before ;
Be blest as I can make


,I never will forfake you,

But love you ever-more:

The MAIDEN'S Consolation.


HAT garrs the foulish mayde complain,

That Willy proves a faithless loone ? E'en let him



gate amayne, Ye'as find still mear when he is gone.

He was a bonny, bonny lad, 'tis truc,

And foon a lass cou'd win;
But sen he's gone, e'en let him gang,

And bate th' hukc, and bate th' hukc ag‘in.

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To Lengtben Life.
You'd a man be secure, that life wou'd indure,

As of old, a thousand good year,
What arts might he know, what acts might he do,

And all without hurry or care?

But we, who have but span-long lives,

The thicker must lay on our pleasure, And since time will not stay, add the night to the day,

And thus we may lengthen the measure.


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RAGRANT Flora, hafte, appear,

Goddess of the youthful year,
Zephyr gently courts thee now:
On thy bed of roses playing,
All thy breathing sweets displaying,

Hark! his am'rous breezes blow.

Thus on a fruitful hill, in the fair bloom of spring,

The tuneful Collinet his voice did raise ;

The vales re-murmur'd with his lays,
And liftning birds hung hov'ring on the wing;
In whisp’ring fighs soft Zephyr by him flew,
While thus the shepherd did his song renew.

Love and pleafures gaily flowing,

Come, this charming season grace; Smile, ye fair, your joys bestowing, Spring and youth will foon be going,

Seize the blessings ere they pass.


The Parting of DELIA and DAMON.

A ;

Farewel each song that was diverting; Love tunes my pipe to mournful lays,

I sing of Delia and of Damon's parting.

Long had he lov'd, and long conceal'd

The dear tormenting plealing passion, Till Delia's mildness had prevaila

On him to fhew his inclination.

Just as the fair one seem'd to give

A patient ear to his love story, Damon must his lov'd Delia leave,

To go in quest of toilfome glory.

Half-spoken words hang on each tongue,

Their eyes refus'd their usual meeting; And fighs fupply'd their wonted song,

These charming sounds were chang’d to weeping.

Dear idol of my soul, adieu,

Cease to lament, but ne'er to love me;
While Damon lives, he lives for you,
No other charms shall ever move me.


Alas! who knows, when parted far

From Delia, but you may deceive her ; The thought destroys my heart with care,

Adieu, my dear; I fear, for ever!

If ever I forget my vows,

May then my guardian angel leave me; And, more to aggravate my woes,

Be you so good as to forgive me.

Infant Love Unfteady.

OVE, kindled in a breast too young, L

Is but a wand'ring fleeting passion; In riper years it grows more strong,

When reason seconds inclination.

Young Strephon did on Calia doat,

His tend'reft vows were all for her ; Yet foon his vows were all forgot,

When charming Flavia did appear.

So tender plants, by milder rays,

Are cherish'd and preserv'd 'till noon; But foon their fading bloom decays,

When thin'd on by a warmer sum.


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