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For when you have your love enjoy'd,

, You find the bliss so small, You either think your lover cloy'd,

Or that you ha’n’t him all.


T "Fair Sacharifa lov'd, but love in vain;
Like Phæbus sung the no less am’rous boy,
Like Daphne she, as lovely and as coy.
With numbers he the flying nymph pursues,
With numbers such as Phoebus self might use;
All but the nymph that should redress his wrong,
Attend his passion, and approve his fong:
Like Phæbus thus acquiring unsought praise,
He catch'd at loye and fill'd his arms with bays.


Charming Cloe.


RANSPORTING Cloe, lovely fair,

How beauteous do thy charms appear,
When smiling graces from thee spring?
A thousand Cupids in thy eyes,
To touch the heart with sweet surprize,

Their bows with vigour ftring.
Goddess of immortal pleasure,
In thy arms is beauty's treasure:

Charming rays around thee shine,
Roses in thy cheeks are blowing,
Musick from thy accent flowing;

Love creates thee all divine.

The Constant TAR. ove like wind is often changing, L

Like the fea it ebbs and flows; Let the youth whose heart is ranging,

Fear the nymph whom most he knows.

But give me, fate, one faithful pilot,

To direct and guide my soul: Changing lovers then I'll smile at,

She's my magnet, she's my pole.

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INDLY, fate, at length release me,

Life has nothing now can please me,
Since Corinna flights my pain :
Hope a while may make us languish,
And indulge the flatt'ring anguish,

But despair foon breaks the chain.

Thus to his lyre the drooping swain,
Did of the cruel nymph complain ;
And Zephyrs wafted thro' the grove
The murmurs of his hapless love:

who favours soft desire,
And kindles ev'ry am'rous fire,
Wing'd down her fight, the swain to chear,
And warbled comfort in his ear :

Rouse, and conquest lies before you,

Pafion will the nymph difarm: In pursuit of love and glory,

Bold attempts alone can charms


- Effect of Kindness.

C Α Ν Τ Α Τ Α.

Air. Love frowns in beauteous Mira's eyes ;

Ah! nymph, thy cruel looks give o'er;
While love is frowning, beauty dies,
And you can charm no more.

Recit. Mark how when sullen clouds appear,

And wintry storms deface the year,

The prudent cranes no longer stay,
But take the wing, and thro' the air,

From the cold region fly away,
And far o'er land and seas to warmer climes repair::
Just fo my heart;

but fee, ah! no:
She smiles; I will not, cannot go,

Air. Love and the graces smiling,

In Mira's eyes beguiling,

Again their charms recover :
Wou'd you secure our duty,
Let kindness aid your beauty,

Le fair ones, footh the lover.


MENS Difimulation.

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SE tell thee, false loon, 'tis in vain
Of thy paffionate love to complain;

'Tis muckle confusion,

When beauty's illution, Confines a inan's foul in a chain.

Ise cannot believe there's a loon,
In country, in city, or town,

and whose heart,
The truth will impart,
When to years of full manhood he's grown.

Love a Distemper.

ove's a distemper that comes with high feeding, L

And is cur'd like a fever, by emptying and bleeding ; It seizes the brain, and the head runs on fancies, That all the young wenches are queens in romances ; But the love-fit soon over, pretty miss proves a dowdy, And her passionate lover an arrant dull looby.

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