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Страница 230 - Her form decay'd by pining, Till through her wasted hand, at night, You saw the taper shining. By fits a sultry hectic hue Across her cheek was flying ; By fits so ashy pale she grew Her maidens thought her dying.
Страница 132 - The extraordinary noise caused by the horses' hoofs makes the fish issue from the mud, and excites them to combat. These yellowish and livid eels, resembling large aquatic serpents, swim >on the surface of the water, and crowd under the bellies of the horses and mules. A contest between animals of so different an organization furnishes a very striking spectacle.
Страница 149 - O! the one life within us and abroad, Which meets all motion and becomes its soul, A light in sound, a sound-like power in light Rhythm in all thought, and joyance...
Страница 134 - The mules and horses appear less frightened ; their manes are no longer bristled, and their eyes express less dread. The gymnoti approach timidly the edge of the marsh, where they are taken by means of small harpoons fastened to long cords.
Страница 230 - He came — he pass'd — an heedless gaze, As o'er some stranger glancing ; Her welcome, spoke in faltering phrase, Lost in his courser's prancing — The castle arch, whose hollow tone Returns each whisper spoken, Could scarcely catch the feeble moan, Which told her heart was broken.
Страница 146 - ... monuments of their inglorious fame : — theirs will be the delight — theirs the triumph — who can trace the remote effects of their enlightened benevolence in the improved condition of their species, and exult in the reflection, that the prodigious change they now survey, with eyes that age and sorrow can make dim no more — of knowledge become power — virtue sharing in the dominion — superstition trampled under foot — tyranny driven from the world — are the fruits, precious though...
Страница 143 - The love of rural nature sunk deep into her heart ; her vivid fancy exerted itself to colour, to animate, and to diversify all the objects which surrounded her : the few but choice authors of her father's library, which she read and re-read, had leisure to make their full impression, — to mould her sentiments, and to form her taste ; the spirit of devotion, early inculcated upon her as a duty, opened to her, by degrees, an exhaustless source of tender and sublime delight; and while yet a child,...
Страница 133 - ... over the surface of the water. " By their wild cries, and the length of their reeds, they prevent the horses from running away and reaching the bank of the pool. The eels, stunned by the noise, defend themselves by the repeated discharge of their electric batteries.
Страница 146 - And if the benefactors of mankind, when they rest from their pious labors, shall be permitted to enjoy hereafter, as an appropriate reward of their virtue, the privilege of looking down upon the blessings with which their toils and sufferings have clothed the scene of their former existence, do not vainly imagine that, in a state of exalted purity and wisdom, the founders of mighty dynasties, the conquerors of new empires, or the more vulgar crowd of evil-doers, who have sacrificed to their own...
Страница 133 - Others, panting, with mane erect, and haggard eyes, expressing anguish, raise themselves, and endeavour to flee from the storm by which they are overtaken. They are driven back by the Indians into the middle of the water; but a small number succeed in eluding the active vigilance of the fishermen. These regain the shore, stumbling at every step, and stretch themselves on the sand, exhausted with fatigue, and their limbs benumbed by the electric shocks of the gymnoti.