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" Chambers, which are purpofely for the Time, made of Green or Violet Cloth. To each Cardinal is allowed four Servants to lie in his Chamber. They that are once within are , compelled... "
по John Dunton - 1704
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The Wonders of the Little World, Or, A General History of Man ..., Том 2

Nathaniel Wanley - 1806
...: every hall hath two rows of chamberí, wnich are puvpose.y for the time, made of green or v:olct cloth. To each cardinal is allowed four servants to lie in his chamber. They •who are once within лгг compelled, unless they are sick, still t.> continue there ; and such...

The ecclesiastical cyclopædia; or, Dictionary of Christian antiquities and ...

John Eadie - 1862 - 668 страници
...seventy foot long: the gallery is appointed for conference, one chapel for the mass and for the election, the other, with the halls, are for the cardinals'...lodgings. Every hall hath two rows of chambers, which are, purposely for the tune, made of green or violet cloth. To each cardinal is allowed four serrante to...

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