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and if these last bave recover'd and Mercy, by so much the fartheir old publick Priviledges in ther are they remor'd from true foine Chriltian Countries, they Chriftianity, and nearer the Relimay 'thank Popery for't, not gion of the Heathens, which was Christianity: but besides the A- really Bloody and Barbarous, whose brogation of these and other bad very Sacrifices, and higheft MyCustoms, there bave many excel fieries, were Lewdness and Mur. lent and wkolleme Laws. been der, fit for the Demons who inmade by Christian Emperors, and vented it, and were worshipt in it: even a Body of such Laws col- Humane Sacrifices being offer'd lected by one of 'em, as were

in moft Places and Nations, as we useful to

to the Commonwealth, learn in the Histories, not only of which are, as it were, the Stan- the wild Indians, and new dif dard of Equity through a great covered, but even in thofe of the part of the World. If it be ob- Phænitiars, Carthaginians, Brijected, that Christianity has been tains, Greeks, Romans, and ma the occasion of much War and Bloodshed, as it was of old against Religion it felf, by the Epicureans,

We thought it might be no small 'tis cafily and juftly answered in Entertainment to the Reader to the words of St. James, that they insert the following Paper (which had quite another Original, “ Is

we received this Week from “ it not from those Luft's which Worthy Gentleman ) intituled,

war in your Member's? The A Prophecy of King William's Luft of Empire, of Glory, or the Greatness, By Stephen Mellifh. like Interest, generally lying at the Polonian. Presented to the French bottom, whatever is pretended. King by the Anot ator and PubFor an Initance of which we need lisher thereaf, in Anno 1660. go no further than the present War Tranfited from the High Dutch, of the King of France, with per T. B. ubo has the Original most of the States of Europe,

now in his Hands, and is wvilling which he'd fain make a Holy Itar, 10 fatw it to ariy Gentleman that and get a Cruzado for’t;but suppo- is desirous to be fully satisfied fing he should Chriften it by that therein, Name, would it be less plain that his lawless Ambition, and impa On Palm Sunday (the gth. of tience of either Superior, or E-April), I dreamed I was walking, qual, has been the Original of and lo, a certain unknown Me much Devastation and Ruin? came into my Company, and we

Still we say, there's nothing in went together, till we caile to a Christian Religion that in the least very great Palace; the Name of warrants, or encourages any ill which I cannot rell. And the Practices, but quite the contrary; Man led me on one side, ard askbeing undoubtedly, as 'tis itiled ed me from whence I was? I by one who well understood it, the said from Poland. What Peri, best natur’d Inftilurion in the fuafion, (Religion) are you of ? World; and by how much any Of the Reformed Evangelical. Conminion deviates from Charity Do you Eng french Palm Yea,


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; the

Caid I, that is my greatelt Joy, ly. fat the mighty States General,ranging down, and uprising. Hereby ed in order in three Rows. And I gained bis Affection and he said, then there was a very great noise Stand by me here, no evil fhall of shouting, and after the shout. befal thee; Thou shalt see great ing, were Plalms and Spiritual things which shall shortly come to Songs sung after the French manpals; what thou dost not under ner, so that from this Singing and stand, ask me of it, and I will ex- from the Musick of all sorts, a plain it unto thee. Then present mighty noise was made; ly he transformed himself into a- Singing Masters (Menschlich Zunnother shape, like that of a Spi: gen) did afsift aloud in Singing the ritual (Ecclesiastical) Person, and Plalms, the Tune of which was I ftanding on this side him, law known to me. Afterwards a fmall all things very properly, and what Silver Table was brought in on I law, I will declare the truth

two Stangs, on which lay the thereof, without any addition. Pope's Crown; and presently at

In the first place, was a Table of the desire of this King, and of the Silver, four square, set in the midst Princes, the aforementioned Carof the Palace, Then came in a dinal stood up; and stroke the great King, Cloathed in Silver Crown with his Staff, so that it Rayment, and led the King of flew all to pieces, and the standers Sweden on his right hand, after- by trod upon the Silver Shivers ward set himself down at the Ta- thercof with their Fect. And this ble, with his Back Southward, and being done, there was dreadful Face Northward, and the King of noise of shouting, and after the Sweden over against him; and shouting there was great rejoycing, on the side of the said King, the singing and playing of Instruthe Elector of Heydleberg, of ments. · Saxony, of Brandenburg, having Then came in a Queen and fat also their faces westward, and her self down near the King, Backs Eastward; but between Cloathed like him, and bebind her this King and the Elector of came a Train of Ladies, singing Saxony, sat a Cardinal, or some aloud of Psalms and Songs, bringSpiritual Person of great Autboing a noble Present with them on rity, in a Silver Chair, at the a Golden Stang, which they preCorner of the Table, holding in bis fented the King, and then was hand a Bishop's Crofier of Silver, heard a mighty noise of thouting, that was very chick, and had on his to second the fame; After this, Head a Cap of an unusual form. came a mighty throng of Nobili

On the left side fat one much ty and Gentry from all parts of like unto Rakozi, Cloathed after the World, and brought the said the Hungarian manner, the Spa King a Crown and a Sword, nisa Ambassador near to him, and which Crown in presence of then the Emperor's, and others : all the Potentates, they laid beThe English and Dutch Ambaffa-fore him, and put the Sword in dors sat next to the King of Swe- his Hand that he should fight aden,

About this King stood gainst the Babylonish Beast; and Silver Chairs all round, on which then made him a Complement,

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which I could not understand, for tion in all Cities, and ordained lie it was done in French, and the berty as in she old Law. But what Man I durft not ask only what re- could not by him be determined, lated to my seeing, and apprehend that should come before the King. ing of things, on which was made It was also ordained, that noa mighty noise of shouting and thing either in Spiritual or Temposinging : And then came in a Com- ral Affairs, should he transacted pany appearing like Citizens, and without the knowledge of this K. brought the King a noble Present, and the forementioned Potentates. and made hima Complement, but His Forces did mightily encrease I could not understand it; And from all parts, and his Dominion all this a-new was compleated with lies as if it were Dutschland, and be shouting, finging, and playing shall remain a Celebrated King as on Instruments.

long as the World endures, and he And now when the Nobility Mall have no end. Also in the bad brought the Crown, and put time of his Reign there shall be the Sword in the King's Hand, the Peace, Unity, and all manner of said King gave the King of Sweden Good, as in Solomon's time. And the right Hand, and the Princes it was clear Day and I awaked. and Potentates who stood by, and The foregoing Lines are a Vithe King, put their Hands thereon, lion, or Prophcc; of one Stephen and killed each other; upon which Mellis a Polunian ; I have eleven they sung the 20th Psalm, and more by me of the same, with then a far greater noise of Mout- Notations on them, Printed in ing and singing was heard; so that Anno 1678. But the above (for the very Earth shook again. Then my Diversion, as also for some bereafter they all stood up, and suitableness which I thought I saw went into a great Church, where in it to the present Conjuncture) the King crowned the before I thought worth my while to mentioned Cardinal, and fet upon Translate as well as I could from his Head a fingular Patriarchas the Original High-Dutch. The Cap, like a Cardinals Hat, and Publisher and Annotator on the many Preachers fat thereby Cloath said 12 Vilions, tells me, that the ed in white Garments, by and three first were fulfilled presently round the Altar, and sung French after the Revelation of them, Psalms in the Presence of many that the five following were in fulthousands of Men. Then the filling, and therefore doubts the King appointed him to be the Over- less of the fulfilling of the four seer of God's Church, as was Mo lalt. Jes, Samuel, &c.

Johannes Amos Comenius, in Out of this Church I met with his Lajt Trump over Germany, the fame Man in the open Field, page 55. gives Stephen Mellista where the King Muiter'd bis Ar the following Character. I which my, and sent his forces towards have knowledge of him, his Perthe South and the Well, manful- fon and Conversation, and satisfied ly to fight and oppose all who in the Lord, in the first place, that fhould withitand him. But the he himself did not Endite his ReCardinal did appoint a Reforma velations; tiace that he is a Man


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really Pious, and one that truly , bon, he may Interpret my Profears God; in the second place, phet, and plainly see who is. that he could not if, he would, Ac first, when I bapned on this being a very limple Man, and such Prophecy, (being in Switzerland, things go above bis understanding; Anno 1692.) I thought it might in the third place, that God hav. I be some Counterfeit, Calculated ing lo seconded him and his Reve to the Meridian of King William, lation, as to fulfil most of them and the Confederacy, being it in a Mort time, doth truly declare seemed, so plainly to point them that they can proceed from no o- out, so i consulted the Date of ther cause but from him that it, which being in 1678. I was knoweih all things. So far 70- better satisfied. But because in hannes Ainos Comenius, quoted the Confederacy I saw not tbe in the Preface of my little Book; King of Sweden concerned, I laid but who he is I cannot tell, I lupit aside. But Queen Mary dying, pose hiin to be a learned Pole, or there then seemed a door to German ; but let him be who be opened to let the King of Sweden will, the Character seems to be ve- come in. For should King Wilry sincere and honest, and there. liam have married, it would have fore has induced me to Tranfcribe been feasible enough that he should it. The Publisher and Annotator give the King of Sweden tbe on the beforementioned twelve right hand being his Father, and Vifions, fupposed this Great King this being concerted, 'tis very in my Text to be the King of probable Juch a Conjunction would France, and about Thirty Years have brought about great matago presented them to him at St. ters; and at last have open'd a Germans, (with several other door for the Reforming Patriarcb Books) by the band of the Earl of or Cardinal (not Furstemburg) to Comingis, who told him that the bave bis share in the Prophecy.se King had received it, and sent it to then the whole wou'd be fulfilled. the Sorbon, with a command that Q. Do the Scriptures teach the Doctors Mould peruse it, that the Sufferings of Christ were and give hin the sense of it. No greater i ban the Punishments due doubt but Lewis XIV. flattered to the Ele&? himself much that he was to be A. They teach, or at least un. this Great King, and probable it is answerably iinply, that 'tis pofithat he drew some of his measures, ble for some to be destroy'd, to therefrom; for we find he began | peris, &c. for whom Chrift died: to pick Quarrels with the Pope, Sec Rom. 14. 15. Destroy not him and deligned to have set up a Pa with thy Meat for whom Chrift friarch in France, and had he not died: Nor does the Holy Scripbad other Work cut out, he might ture use to give such solemn Dilave made a confiderable advance rections, where there's no need ; ther in But now to his Mortiti. nay, where there's an impossibility cation, he may eally perceive he of the Evils falling out, which is is not the Min. being not at all caution d against which is yet more joyned in any fucb Contederacy; positively expressed (though in the but without the help of the Scr- forin of an Interrogation) in i


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Cor. 8. 11. And through thy know-not thus improve it, 'tis his own
ledge shall thy weak Brother pe fault; whence 'tis plain that he
ris, for whom Cbrist died? may do it, though still not by his

c. Does the Scripture align own strength, but the assistance
any otber End to tbe Sufferings of Heaven, which never leaves
of Christ, as purchased by them, Men, till they have first left it.
besides the Salvation of the

Q. Does the Scripture com-
Ele&t ?

mand such things as Men by the
A. It aligns other Ends besides Power of natural Abilities may
the actual Salvation of those who perform, which in their Nature
Shall be saved, as is plain from the bave a tendency to produce Faith,
Scriptures before quoted We and which obe Spirit of God ordi-
add, those Ends are, the attoning narily blefferb to that End ?
so far for the fins of all Mankind, A. A Man can do no action
as to make 'em in a salvable con properly and perfectly acceptable
dition, or to repair the Ruins to God, by his own Natural Abi-
which were made by the first A lities, abstracted from the alli-
dam, which is plain from Rom. 5. Itance of God's Spirit- Bu
12, 18, 8c.

by his common alifance he ma
Q. What is that Faith which Pray, abstain from fin, and feve
is required in the Scripture as a ral other good Actions, which if
Dury, and without which it says he continues in, he'll have still
there is no Salvation ?

more aid, and go on to perfectoin.
A. A fteddy Belief of all that

Q. If Men are not guilty of
God reveals, especially the Gof- Self-destruction, or great sin and
pel- particularly therein, that folly, who condemn or omit the
Jesus is the Meffia, or Saviour of use of the Means which the Spi-
the World, and that he'll save me rit of God usually makes eff:ctual
if I depend upon him, and obey to Salvasion, because they are
his Commands: By which it ap- not certain they fall be so to
pears that Asurance is not of the them?
Essence of it, as we have formerly A. This proceeds on a false

Suppoficion-- If they use Means,
Q. Do the Scriptures teach, they thall be undoubtedly effectu-
tbat Men to whom the Gospel is al.
Preached, can attain to that Q. What way did the seven
Faith by improvement of Natu: thin Ears of Corn appear to de-
ral Abilities, without be affi-vour the thick or full Ears in
ftance of special Grace?

Pharaoh's Dream?
A. No: They no where affirm A. We suppose, by approach-
any such thing; but they affirm, ing to 'em, and taking 'em,
either in Terms, or by unavoidable within themselves, as one Sheaf
Consequence, that every Man un or Heap of Corn may be lost in
der the Gospel, to whom it is anoiher.
Preached, bas so much Grace gi- Q. What'srhe meaning of that
ven him, that if he improves it, place in the Revelations, Blesed
't will certainly at last make him is be that watcheth and keepeth his
perfect in Glory; and if he does. Garments?

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