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fore his half Year was expired. pose of his own time as he
So that now be was in danger of pleases; and, as to his not being
losing not only the Estate, but Marry'd get, that lignifies no-
200°l.to boot; in this strait be thing, because ebe Suit was com-
makes his Application to a Gen- menced before his time was ex-
tlewoman, whose Fortune was pired.
commonly reputed to be yoo Gui- The Eldest Brother's Plea is,
neas, a good Woman Noe was, but that his Wives Fortune was reals
none of the fairejt, nor thely 900 Guineas; bad fe lived,
Araigbtest. He got her confent, he would have told where and
and was married the very last how to recover it ; that 'cis mise
Day of the half year. This wife fortune enough for him, that he
dies within a Montb; the Hus bas !ot a good Wife, and above
band demands her Fortune, and 200 l. of ber Fortune; 't would
can recover but 750 l, upon this be very hard to go to deprive bim
all three Brothers are going to of bis Eftate too. That the Compom
Law for the Estate.

Jition Money does not detra&t from The Youngest Brother’s Plea is. bis Wives Fortune, especially be'That 'tis now above two Tears ing paid to his Brother ; that fince bis Father's Death; that the intention of his Father his Eldest Brother not marrying is satisfied in bringing Jo much within a' Year, forfeited all bis Money into the Family, for the Title to the Estate, that the fe- Father was indifferent who had cond Brother being not get mar

it. Now the question that I would ried, the Estate must descend to be resolved in is, which of these the third, and that the second three Brothers ought to bave the Brother bad no Power to make Estate? I am, Gentlemen, your any Composition to the prejudice most humble Servant, W. T. of tbe Youngest.

A. The Elder Brother appears The Second Brother's Plea s- to us to have the right; first against the Eldest is, that whatso- gainst the Pretentions of the

ever his Wives Portion went for, Youngest, because he bought what yet since no more is paid than was in the Power of the Second to 750 l 'twill not entitle bim to dispose of, fince 'twas his own, and ebe Estate, that if he could re- gave him a valuable consideration cover the whole 900 Guincas, yet for it. He seems to have the right considering the 200 l. that he paid against the Second, because be for Composition, 'twould fill fall freely paried with his own right foort of the Fortune that his for the firkt half Year, daring

Father required. And in ansiver which time the Elder fulfilld the to the Younger Brother, be thinks conditions on which his Father left theComposition that he made with it to him, which was to marry a the Elder, was no prejudice to Wife worth 8c0 l. which it seems the Younger, since becook as much he did, and to lap over, 'Tis true,' time from him, as he gave to his he did not get it all, but the was Elder Brother: So that the Younger ne'er the less worth the 800 l. and was never the farther from the lif the were but actually worth so Estate, and he thinks he may di much, as the case is dated, he had

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fulfilled the Letter of the Will, Door, and in the middle a tall though he had ne'er recovered a black Man ftanding belt upright, Groat on't

and brough ebe Door there apAnd for the Second Brother's pear'd a Light, as of many FlamPretence, that she was not worth boys burning ;, whereupon they so inueh, because he gave him 200 food still, thinking it to be King for his half Year, there seems not James

, or some great Courtier in the least shadow of Justice or Rea Maurning; But not seeing, bim Son in it, for supposing he had giftir, they began to be amazd, and ven him 1000 l. instead of 200,1. I had not the power to speak to one the Lady had not been worth a another : However, the GentleFarthing less, though ho himself woman took Such a full view of had been so much the poorer. But him, as to see that be bad plain yet farther, if he gave it on this white Musing Ruffles, and Cra very confideration, that he might vat quill'd very neat ; they both get such a Wife, and save the E-saw his Face, and were satisfy'd itate, if he did not get her, how l'twas that of King Charles II. can the Second juftly keep his Mo- if ever they had seen him in their ney? If he did, how can he de Lives, baving taken such a par. mand the Eitate ? Nay, had hericular vieto as they thought they mit her, and never marry'd, if could not be mistaken; "whereThe Second had ftay'd unmarry'd upon the Gentleman calling to the half a Year, he at least has no pre- Centinel to bring 4 Ligbt, be tence to it, because he has fiipt the took the Candle in his Hand and tine allotted him. Nor can we look'd for the Door, where be fae how the commencing of the could see nothing but the bare Suit before the expiration of that Wainscot, whereupon he ask'd Term, could any way alter the the Centinel whether there was matter, fince the express words no Door thereabouts? Wko reply'd, of the Will are, that none Mould There was none within a Stones have the Estate but he who was cast, and seeing him disturbid, marry'd to a Wife of fach a For- ask'd if he bad seen any thing? tune, for which reason the Second which he would not acknowledge. nor Third Brother seemd to have The Gentleman charged the Genany right to it, and therefore tlewoman not to discover it, left it must still remain in the Elder, they might come into Trouble; but

Q. I'm acquainted with a they are now both ready to make Gentleman, and a Lady, Persons sffidavit of it, or give a fuller of very good Note and Credit, be- account if required. Pray your longing to the Court, of rbom I Opinion of it bad this folloding Rulation. In A. 'Tis certain that the Credithe Reign of the late King James, bility of particular Stories of this preferitly upon the Death of King nature, depends much upon the Charles J. as tvey avere walking Faith of the Relator, though the in the Long Gallery in the Even- truth of them in general, we fee 191 about Candle-light, at the not how any modeli Man can queJurrier end of the Gallery there Ition: In the present case, the PerJeemid, as to it were," an arcb'drons who atteft it, ought to con


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lider whether they were not about lations, or Concern, or Compar the time they think they saw it, fion for them, which we think is under any apprehenfions of fome not compatible with despair and such Apparition, by the reason of the height of Misery, which conthe darkness of the place, and tracts the Mind, and leaves room the late Death of the King, and for nothing but reflection on its whether it were not their own ima- felf and its miserable condition.. gination that form'd the Vision, Though yet even there Self-love which if they had been talking of remains, which must be in every it before, or if they fancy'd it senlible Being, unless it could be just appear’d, and then vanilh'd annihilated, or lofe its individuaagain, would be thought very pro- tion, whence it follows the Rich bable. But if they had no such Man here must be concern'd for his apprehensions, if they both faw Brethren, left their Torment the fainc appearance, without should increase his own. The frighting one another into the be- plain Moral whereof is: That we lief of it, if it continued for some thall be punished in another World, time, so that they could take a for those whom we have ruin'd by steddy and distinct view of it, and our ill Example in this. As for their Descriptions so agreed one the Invocation of Saints, 'tis imwith the other, as to the Dress, possible to be drawn from this the Door, Flambeaus, &c. all Text of Scripture, (or indeed from which is true, if the Relation be any other) unless by those who so, then we see no manner of rea- can prove, quidlibet ex quolibet, son to deny that 'twas a real Ap. Here's a Person in a Parable, inparition, though the reason of his troduc'd in the state of Torment, disturbance and appearance God. praying to God to send a Saint to only knows, who knows how relieve him. Ergo ’tis lawful for Princes come by their Ends. Persons on Earth to pray to Saints

Q. Whet ber the Prayer of Di- in Heaven, to pray to God: Nay, ves to Lazarus in the behalf of his to desire 'em to give 'em themBretbren, 16 of St. Luke, 27, felves, whatsoever thcy fancy they 28. proceeded purely out of Love want. Though 'tis plain enough and Charity to them, to antici- they feldom stay at an Ora pro nopate their coming into the famebis, but [dedícate their Éftates, place of Torment; or whether out Bodies and Souls to such, or, fuch of Fear, left their coming thither a Saint, “ Ask and expect all might augment his own Misery? “ things necessary for Body and And lastly, pray your Opinion whe

“ Soul, for Time, or Eternity ther this place of Scripture can

" from them] particularly from warrant the Invocation of Saints, their Magna-Mater, the blessed as is affirm’d by the Church of Virgin, as any one may see, a. Rome ?

mong innumerable other Blasphe, 4. According the Oeconomy mous flourishes, to the faine purof the Parable

, which, as all others, pose, in a Book calld, The Life must have a Moral Truth at bot l'and Glories of the Blessed Virgin, tom: The Rich Man Where could | Printed in the Reign of K. James, not have any real Love for his Re and dedicated to Queen Diwager,


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Put they go yet one step higher, especially if Daughters Merits club for the Grand Mother, it seems with her. Take but a small Sammust command the Son, as well, ple of their Devotion to her, from as the Mother, and St. Ann can, some of her Admirers. if the please, give what the please, Anna decus Mundi, Mater genetricis Fefu

Pro nate meritis det tuus'astra Nepos ! Primitias nostre fariens Santa Anna Salutis

Nos cum prole tua, cumg; Nepote juda !

And in her Rosary yet higher.

Anna! abs te neque ant mortalia pectora fruftra

Pafcere, quodq; voles nata, Deus voles : Anna igitur meritis, ego tanta prole, beata,

Anna Parens noftras respice magna preces.

Q_Conceiv’d in Sighs, Complaints and Tears, and born
An Heir to Milery, Reproach and Scorn,
I strive my matter'd'Fortanes to redress,
But strive in vain, for Heaven denies Success:
I murmur, but my self for murmuring hate:
Am I more sinful, or unfortunate?

A. At Fates impartial Laws no more Repine !
Such is the Lot of Mortals, such is thine:
• If harder thine than others seem to press,
Others of their own Load complain no less.
Nor wilt thou fickle Fortune's Frowns resent.
If rich in Vertue, and in true Content.
Murmur no more, nor grieve thy lost Estate,
None but the sinful are unfortunate.

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