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Author of the of the Winter- ty those Mou'd ever have any of
Evenings Conferences ) whoeven their own who don't think fo.
recommends the Conversation : There's nothing in the World,
with Children, as soon as they be- Says Petrurch, that's sweeter, or
gin to show the first dawnings more agreeable than the little
of Realon, as extreatnly diverting, pratelings and looks of an In-
as well as Innocent; and 'tis pi fant,

-Syderei vultus, & verba, ligatis,
Interrupta modis.

As he quotes it from Statius. instance of it, is in giving 'em Nay, even the Fathers of the a Pious and and Ingenuous EChurch bave, in the Primitive ducation, and doing nothing beAges, recommended this, as one 1 fore 'em when they grow up, of the most Natural, and inge- which they wou'd not have 'em nious Entertainments: Minutius practice. Felix was no Fool, nay he was

And here, by the Way, a Gentleman, and Lawyer, and we can't but recommend the inyet, even in fo grave a thing as genious Mr. Fluris History of an Apology for the Christians, he the Choice and Method of Stuthinks it not incongruous to give dies, not long filice translated lis a neat, and Inimitable Descrip. from the Frencb, into our own tion of so trival a thing as little Language

Language, as a Book which Boys playing at Duck and Drake ; gives some of the best hints, for and that which he adds concer, forming the minds of Children, ning theis Dimidiata verba & of any we ever yet faw. offenfantis. Lingne fragmina , But to Return to our Subject, &c. is not more difficult to be which 'tis now time to close. All imitated. And even before Chil that remains upon that Head, is dren arrive to such an Age, the only to observe the mear between Little Blessings make a Tift to a worse then brutal neglect of entertain us in their way, with Children, or Aversion for them, with fo much streetness and in and that nauseous Fondness of nocence that nothing but a meer fome. Persons towards them, Barbarian can be proof against which must needs make 'em apit. There being besides ibis, a pear Contemptible' and Ridicu. natural Tenderness and Affection lous. "We Thall dismiss this Subwhich is, due from my Pörson to ject with a copy of Verfes, which that which le has brought into some Wag, or other has fent us, the World, which those who on an Argument very near akin ifant, may go learn it even from te that we have been Discourfing Hrnce Creatures, tho she Tiyalot of, and which he inscribes, their Kindness, and the Chief

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When Nature did Design some wondrous thing,
It made a FATHER, or at least a King.

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Welfare Old Sparta ! who the work once done,
Wou'd, right or wrong, be joyful for a Son:
They took their Wives good word, nor dar'd gain-lay
Their Truth; we Christians have no better way.
To ost do their very Wives, the Men would strive,
The kindeft, tendereft, fondelt things alive.
And toho would not, who rightly understood
The Worship and the Pride of Fatherhood?

Q. There's a very ftrange Story for it poison'd the Grals, as well in the Additions to Cambden ,as burnt the Hay for the space of from p. 659 60 661. (as well as about a Mile, there being three more contracted in the Transacti- /mall Tenements so infected, that ons of the Royal Society) concer- the Grass at last kill'd all manner ning a certain fiery Exhalation, of Cattle that fed upon it; which near Harlech in Merioneth fhire in it seems had been infectious for Wales, which bas done considera three years, the not quite fatal ble Mischief in the Country. Six till the last, there baving been a teen Ricks of Hay; and ewo Barns, great Mortality by it of all fort's one full of Corn, the other of Hay, 1 of Cattel; all which you may see having been totally consum'd by attested in tbe Place and Book it. The Description given thereof before-mention’d, by several Perby Eye-witnesses, is, That 'two as a Jons who have too much cause to sort of a blue weak Flame, easily know it. li's seen in stormy as extinguish’d, and that it did not well as calm Nights; but any great in the least hurt those who endea Noise, such as the founding of vour'd to save the Hay, thi' they Horns, discharging of Guns, &c. were sometimes actually in it. does either repel, or extinguish Those who bave watcht it, have it. The Author of the Additions discover'd that it paffes an Arm to Cambden, is of Opinion, that of the Sca, from Carnarvan-fhire, this proceeds from a considerable diftant about 8 or 9 Miles from Quantity of Locults, which CreaHarlech. The times of its appea- tures it seems have been seen in rance is generally in the night, those Parts, which being drowon'd and in the Winter more frequent in the Sea, and afterwards cast ly than in the Summer, much a shore, will certainly cause a Peabout the same distance of time, stilence; and that this noxious and proceeding constantly to and Vapour, meeting with a viscous fro from the same places for about Exhalation in the Moorish Bay, 8 Months. But it had worse Ef over which it palt, might kindle, fedts than those already mention'd, and consume the Corn and Hay,

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as the Locusts thenfelves wou'd, odder Effects than one wou'd cabove done, if living Pray your lily believe, ftrangely dazling and Opinion concerning this frange confounding Travellers, tho they 1. pen.luce.

have been before never so well ac4. We have consulted the Place quainted with their pay; and in the New Cambden, and find waving about in a blewis stream, the Subitance of all that's there something like an S. patling with fuil, represented in the Question ; a wonderful quickness from one only the Gentleman proposes the place to another. But what's this, way of Solution here mention'd, or the Scinerle Volantes cither, to but as an Llypothefis, not being at the present Case a We have met all politive in his Opinion; owning somewbere indeed with a Relation that the Cause of such a very extra. of a prodigious Draco Volans , ordinary Phenomenon, cannot be which has had even worfe Effects found out without making Obser- than this Meteor ; tho' neither was viations for some time upon the that Regular, nor of such contiplace, which we heartily, with nuance. The Relator's Conje&ure were done by some ingenious Per- is ingenious, and 'tis but fair to fon, it it still continues, and some let it pass will any can advance a wJy communicated to the Pub. better. If fome Locufts landed ·lick. either by us, or some better in this part of the Country so litHands.

tle a while before, 'tis not at all TheGentleman who makes pub improbable, as he observes, that lick the Relation, is there of Opi: greater Quantities of them inight nion that such a phenomenon is be Shipwrecke on the Neighbourwholly ner, and that no Historian ing Séas before they cou'd reach or Philosopher ever describ'd any Harbour ; and 'uis remarkable , Such before, adding, tbat 'e was that some of them have been obnever read that any of those fiery ferr’d, as he was inform'd by an Exhalatioris which we call Eye Witness, on the very Shores Inis Faruus, Ignis Lambens, of Caernarvan-shire, whence this Samtil'e Velantes, &c. have had Fire was seen to arise. The Sub. fuch Elects as this, to poifon the stance of these corrupted Locusts Air, or Giallo lo as to render it being, 'tis probable, fit enough to infectious and morial, nor any produce a sort of a Pbospher, by Fires of this Nature of such con. the wise Chymistry of Nature : plece as to kindle Hay and Corn, There being very many thing. Sury, to coluhle Barris and Hou- which shine, at least when ihus corJus nor i mrve fo regularly as j rupted, we believe most forts of this or lat la long. We have Flesh and Fish, as well as other knowo a Pusfon who has had the Substances. As for the contagion 199s Lumbens bere mention’d, occafion'd by this Vapour, it seems Wir in the Nigut on his head and rather wonderful that it does no Sigulders by others at louie die inore Mischief, than that it has franco tron hiin, which has been done so much; especially if the Cost froin berig him, that lie Hulorians Conjecture be true, that lus:101 been so much as ferifible of it owes iis Original to those cor..:: 1. The bandie Fatuus has also ruptsd 1039;tts, which have been


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strangely peftilential in most pla- tion, a wicked one, whom the ces where they have been driven in Apostle cast out, which if a Diany Quantities, tho’ fome Stratefcase only, how could it get her ler's of 'em have been met with, Mafter gain? If a Cheat, how both alive and dead, in several could the Apostle expel it? The Parts, and on several shores of Instances are almoft innumerable England, of late Years, as we have of the Appeals which are made to been inform’d by Eye-witnesses. the Jews, and Heathens, by all But, Thanks be to God, they the Ancient Apologists, concernhan't come with such a Vengeance , ing this matter. Justin Martyr as Sigebert tells us, they once did in his Dialogue, says, "Even now to France, which after they had “ also we that believe in that Jesus, “ laid waste, being carry'd by the “ who was Crucified under Pon

Wind, and plung d in the Britius Pilate, have all the Devils

til Ocean, and thence thrown " and Evil Spirits fubje&t unto ' back again upon the Shore, their us, when we adjure them in his : stench infected the Air, to that Name, at whose Power the De.

degree, that the third part of vils tremble. So Origen against Men were destroy'd by it. Celfus : Christians, says he, caft

Q What are we to think of that out Devils, not by curious, or frequent mention that is made in Magical Arts, but only by tbe Christian Apologists, of their “ Prayer, and a simple Adjuration, casting out Devils from poffefsd and this not only the learned Men Persons; whereas many boldebat amongst 'em, but even the Idiots, ebole Pofleflions were peculiar to or Unlearned. Lactantius conthe time of our Saviour ; and o. firms the same; so does Minutius thers, that they were nothing else and others; but none more clearly but Diseases ?

than Tertullian, in many places of A. That Devils were something his Writings, particularly in his worse than Diseases, we have for- Apology, Cap. 23. De Pbant asm. merly prov'd; nor is there any Magie & Dæmonibus, where he great dificulty in doing it to those is proving the Heathen Gods to be who either believe the Scriptures, Devils, and does it by the following or the Fathers. They did indeed Demonstration, as he himself jultinfli&t Diseajes; but, for that ve- ly calls it.“ Let any one, says ry Reason, they must be some" be, be brought before your Trithing else, as the Cause must needs bunals, who, 'tis plain is pofdiffer from the Effect. The Jews, sess’d by a Devil (quem Dæmone Pris plain, believ'd them different ; agi conftat) he speaks of it as a for they say Christ cast out Devils, thing common, and notorious. through Beelzebub, the Prince of “ The Spirit (he goes on) being the Devils ; and what true Sense " commanded to speak by any wou'd this make, if we should read Christian, will with as much it; Diseases by the Prince of Di- " Truth confess himself to be a seases? But after our Saviour's Devil, as he will in other places time, we read in the Acts of the fallly pretend to be a God. AApostles, of the Pythonesta, a gain, if they don't confess theme Maid who had a Spirit of Divina.

« felves to be Devils, before


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• Christian, to whom they dare " But we are wont to cast the “ not lye, we give you leave to “ blame upon God, when the “ kill that Sawcy Christian on the Fault is really in our own floth “ very place. Now can we sup

“ and unbelief pose any Man in his right Senles Q. Whether these words in would ink at this rate, if he had the 34th verse of the stb Chapnot been fure of Matter of Faft? ter of St. Matthew, viz But I Again, when he speaks of the mul- fay unto you, Swear not at all, sirude of Christians, pars pene be not a positive command of major, cujufqi civitatis, almost christ to exclude swearing forthe Major part of every City, mal Qaths before any Judge, or (therefore not fo few as some tell Magistrate, as well as vain Oaths us.) “ If they mould leave you, in Conversation ? " says he, who could deliver your A. If you read the whole

Bodies and Minds from those fe verse, you will find that this com. “ cret, destroying Enemies, from mand is against Swearing in our

the incursions of Evil Spirits, common Communication. For !" which we cait out of you, with our Saviour here was only ex. " out Price and without Reward ? plaining that particular Command, “ 'Twould be revenge enough Thou shalt not take the Name " that you'd be then left to these of the Lord thy God in vain, unclean Spirirs. And he says &c. How often do we find that “ no lefs to Scapula; We con: God Almighty Censures the Ifra

quer the Devils, says he,' and elites for Swearing by Baal, and “ lead 'en in Chair: every day, tells 'em they fould swear in 16 and cast 'em out of Men, as is Truth and in Righteousness by so known to many

By all which hiin; do we not find God Al. itis plain, that these things were mighty Swearing by himself, as not done in a Corner, nor anong I live faith the Lord, &c. read the Chriftians only, but the Mira: that passage of St Paul, Men cles were wrought on the very verily Swear by ebe greater, and Heathens, their bitter Enemies, an Oath is a Confirmation unto and this formetime after, as Opia, them for an end of all strife; tus and St. Austin affirm of their this is mention d not as an antiqua. own knowledge. We shall con ted Custom, but as that that was clude this great Question with in use in St. Pauls time. In thort, some remarkable Expresfiors of 'tis granted by the Quakers them Grofiles on this Subject. “ Later felves, that the ten Command" Ages (lays he ) are full of Telti ments are all Moral and obliging,

monies of the same nature, and now the third Commandment has

if any fhould now preach Christ no fignitication at all, if the word 6 in such a manner as he would be in vain is not oppos'd to some

preach'd to Natiqris which have thing; and if to any thing, it must

no knowledge of him, (among needs be to a Religious meny !: wlion only Miracles are needful, tion of the Name of God, and

as I Cor. 18.22 I doubt not says attesting biin in truth and righ

he, but the force of our Saviour's reousness, whenever there shall " promise would ftill remain.be Occasion for it.

Q. Several

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