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will in two or three Generations or it may be but i s. 3. d. degenerate into a cowardly. mean it will be 25 s. if i Shilling Spirited Cur beyond Sea, as is very be the Integer, it will be well known to all Travellers.

Q. What's the cause of Wo- but is of a Pound, or i s. mens longing when with Child?

d. if il. be suppos'd the A. Read Malbranches Search Integer. As for the last after Truth; he has given the most Question 'tis but dividing probable account of this matter, the Number of Solid Inches that any

Author has yet done. Q. There is a Wager laid a. in a Cubic Foot, by the bout these following queries by Number of Solid Inches in two Perlons, who refer themselves a Wine Gallon, and the to your Society, to give your O Quota is the Answer. pinion of them, what you asert

Q. Four Perfons being to to be the true Produ&t of two Shillings and eleven Pence, multiplied bave their Shares of twenty by ewoShillings and eleven Pence? Shilling in the manner followAlso what is ibe Produ&t of thirty ing, viz. A to have , B to five Pence, multiplied by thirty have , C to have's, D to five Pence ? Also how many Gal. lons, Wine measure, will a Box bave s; the total being büt contain that is a foot Square every 1.9.2017

195, I would desire to know Way ? Gentlemen, you are bumbly why they being paid, there defor’d to insert these in your

next : Mould remain one Shilling ? Oracle. because they wholly de.

A. Because the Total of pend upon your opinion to de

jaje's and a { of twencide them, and which will be a great satisfaction to the querift

, ty Shillings, do not all toand in doing it so speedily, you gether make up one 20 s. trill very much oblige, your most the Question might as prohumble unknown Servant.

perly have been ask'd why
does inake ?

A. 211 + 211


Q To find the Area, or ConAs for 35 d. + 35 d. lince tent of an Oblique Spherical the Integer here named is Triangle, with the sides being but a: Penny, the Product given ? is 2225 Pence. But all

A. See Mr. Cafwel's Spherical

Trigonometry, bound up with Question of this nature are

Dr. Wallis's Algebra de eqnivocal, and the Product

Q: Can you find me a Number, may be either greater pr which with a given Number Chall lesler, in respect of the in- be equal to the Number fought ? teger ; for initance, 5 Shillings muliplied into Sbil

A. lings, may either be 25 s. !!


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whole Roots are the 2 Diagonals. If this hint won't help you, send again and we'll give you the Expression at large.

Q. Gentlemen, I have read in one of your Oracles your

upinion, that there is a World 74.50

in the Moon, and nothing in the Writings of Moses speaks against it, you say; met binks there

seems there to be an argument against

it, where 'ris Said; (let there A. Yes, and every little be lights in the firmament of Algebraist besides ; let a be Heaven, to divide the day from the given Number x the the night : and let them be for Number fought. Then as figns and for seasons and for is x - Va++.

days and years ;) and again to How much does a Mans give, ligbe upon the Ear:b, ) Head walk more than his Feuer which sort of argument on this

account is thereabouts often resupposing him to travel a thousand cited, I mean for the end for Miles

which they were created : But A. Supposing he moves regu- if you say there might be and larly, his Head takes so much a greater Circuit, then bis Feet, as

are lights for the Earth, yet is the mention'd part of a Circle

, I see no more reason for it than

also the Moon may be a world, whose Radius is the Semidiamiter that you may say the same of of the Earth, to a Correspondent the Sun, for there are equal part of a Circle, whose Radius is words for them both; and why the Semidiamiter of the Earth to-Mould Moses Speak of a thing gether with the Man's height.

that really

not:Sure bad it been That is, let v bé the Ra-150, at least that men could have dius of the Circle of the found it out, truth would have Earth, h the height of the binted, Jomewhat of it to us; Person, e any parts of the And that there are not more Circumference that the

Worlds than this one, this seems Feet walk. Then as,

to prove ; that Cbrift who

. is

one God, barb died for this World, ::p + h.

and therein for all

, now suppose

you the Inbabitants of anos her 6 + + b = to Circumfe- World should fin, can any thing --rence the Man's Head de less than a Sacrifice satisfie for fin,

rence the Man's Head de- and can Chrijl die etice,or cannot scribes.

Ebey fin, or bomo ? I could rather Q. The 4 sides of a Trapezium grant it were inhabited by Angels, being given a, b, c, d, and the or is tkat your meaning? Is not Arcas, to find the Diagonal? This and the like Opinion of other

A. This Question will arise to ! Würlds, injurious to true Faitb? a Biquadratic Equation, 2 of


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? I cannot think you would be of, thing that is different from the fensive.

Is it not a bad Device Truth, but not repugnant to it i of the World against which we do not we read in the Psalms of bave vowed? Not that I think the Foundation and Pilars of the you would devise fo. Is it not Earth, and in Job of the breadtb

Pride in the Mind, and anun. of the Earihi Yet there's no• boundless snd over-tendency of thing in Nature more certain than $ Thought? Well, I conclude, if is

that the Earth is round and bangs a be as you say, it must be a large in the Air, as other Celestial Orbs

Soul to receive it; pray, jour far- do, every little Navigator can tell 1 tber Opinion?

better things. But to answer all A. The Scriptures were given things at once, We have Ideas of us as the Rule of Faith and Mora- things in our Minds, and the ends lity, and not as a System of Nas of Speech is only to convey thofe tural Philosophy. And therefore Ideas to one another, and that there was no need of speaking na. way is most proper that is most tural things according as they are, customary. When therefore Fosmua but according as they appear to be faid, Sun, Stand thou still, the and accordingly as they were com- Idea he had in his Mind was this, inonly read. For do but imagine let not the Night come upon us the Sun had really no other Mo- till we are avenged of our Enetion but that about its own Axis, 's mies: Therefore when we speak of and that the Earth did really move the truth, or fallhood of a thing, about its Axis, and according to we are not so much to look upon the different Positions of its lides the way of Expreffion, as the towards the Sun, caule Day and Idea of the thing that is meant by Night to all places in the Tempe- fuch Expression. Were I ask'd, rate and Torid Zones (for as for Whether the way from one Exthese places which lie near the Poles, change to the other was by Temthe Diurnal Motion of the Earth, ple Bar, and I should lay yes, does not affect them, but the an- when I really believ'd it was not, nual, or the place the Earth hap. I should really lye, though speak a pens to be in the Eclipse); I say, logical Truth. And of the consuppose the Earth mov'd and the trary. Lyes and Truths are in Sun stood ftill, and suppose also the Mind and Understanding, the Israelites understood (as its Words are only organical Memore than barely probable they diums, but yet great care ought did, that the Sun inov'd and the to be taken of 'em. But after all, Earth stood fill, wou'd it not we are not really persuaded there have appear'd ridiculous to Fofoua are more Worlds (we mean babitata have said otherwise than, Sun, ble onar) than ours, we only say stand thou still in Gibeon, &c. 'tis probable, and we have very he spoke to the apprehension of good reason for it, which it wou'd those about bim, and did well in be too long to mention at preesent, it. But as to that great Objection And as for finning or not finning of those scrupulous Persons who in them, &c. we need not enquire think that Truth must always about that, God Almighty is not peak; Truth may speak fome bound to act by them (if any) as



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he does by us, his Wisdom is un | Neighbouring Hill, which opening Searchable; he can, if he pleases, swallowed up all but one, who tell how to make and govern

lagg'd behind.

Upon which Worlds without us.

it was Decreed in the Town, That Q. Do not several places in besides the Date of the Nativity Scripture, argue, that the Sun of our Saviour ; they should add, goes about the World? But if you from the time of the going out Jay, that's Spoke to Mens.common of their Children, so many Years

understanding of things Gould as fince ebat time ; wbich is not Truch. Speak the truth, and practised to this Day. Now Genthen too it would have been so re- tlemen, your Opinion is desired : ceived and delivered down to us, what this Piper was, whether and easily so applyed to our Un Man, or Demon ? wbat derstandings; besides, I presume and whence. be had Power to effe& many things of Faith are not such a strange thing ? &c. What suited to vulgar Reason: If these became of the Children? be thought worthy of your An. In this you will gratifie several Swer, I desire they may be with curious Perfons, and particularly meekness, as I have put the que- the. Querist, who is, your very fion with Modesty, and can and humble Servant. : must be convinced on better Rea. A. That they have such an adJon; besides I am young and but ditional Date is atteited. But 'tis meanly read,and am a well-wifrer to be observ’d, that a Story selto your Honourable Society, po dom toles in the telling ; 'tis pofReeming you to love Religion, and lible a Man might destroy all, or cobe Propagators of a good and many of their Rats by Poison, rational way among us.

I am

which will iminediately make 'ein your unknown Servant.

run to the Water to drink, and A. The first Answer well con. die there, and "tis also probable, Gider'd, prevents this second. the Secret perhaps not being till

Q. Gentlemen," I did some then practis'd, that out of pretime since send you a Relation tence (like Juglers) he might play efleemed Authentick, much to the the while, as if that was the Cause. purpose following

And afterwards for want of PayAino 1376. July 22: At a ment, he might out of revenge Town in Saxony, called Hameter take a proper time when most of being much infefied with Rats, the Town Children were at play a Musician called the Pide-piper, together in Boats, or some other happened to come, and agreed way, on the Water, to drown with the Burgers to destroy ebem molt of 'em, and make bis escape, all for, a certain Summ, then but for a Dæmon, or any thing tuning, bis Pipé, all the Rais of that nature, we believe nothing danced after bim, and in crolling of it. a River uzre drowned; be then Q. Is it just that a poor innodemanded bis Pay, wbich was de. ceni Cuckold Icould bear the in. nied him.. Then be sit on famy, when the Perfons who conpiping again, and all the Children fer it upon him, Seene to be only er the Place followed bim to a guilty. From arbence may the


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word be deriv'd? And under

And under so far, as by his own perfidy, or how many Circumstances may ill treatment of his Wife, he has they be consider d?

been partly the cause of her acA. Some are in this number of cepting the Addresses of another, happy Creatures, and know no- who will be sure not to omit any thing of it. Some again think thing that lies in his power to add they are, but are not, which sort to her Felicity. And although the of Men are more miserable than if Wife is not in this case exeulable, they really were, and knew it yet the Husband may juftly be not. Hiftorians have likewise told

blamed, because he brings it upon us of some Men who have been so himself. Though where the Man without their Wives fault, in their honestly performs his part of the mistaking other. Men for their Covenant, he is undoubtedly free own Husbands. Others again are from any disgrace which can hapCuckolds, and perceiving it but pen through the ill Conduct of in part, will not believe any thing his Wife; since what is out of our of it, through the good Opinion Power,does no way affect and conthey have of their Wives. Some cern us; and as a vicious action are sensible of it, and do all they ought only, to be imputed to its can to hinder it; but others both Author, so likewise that shame know and would prevent if it were and dishoniour which is the effect in their Power, which indeed are on't, can be deservedly imputed the most unhappy of all the kind. to no other. And some whole The word Cuckold has by some Nations have been so far from acbeen believed to be Ironically de- counting it any dishonour, that rived from the word Cuckow, be the Abysines take it in very good cause this Bird lays her Eggs in part, that their Priest should lic the Nest of others; or because such with their Wives on the WeddingMen,who too familiarly visit other Night.

There are also many Mens Wives, have been often ob places in the East-Indies where served to suffer in the same kird;or the Men will gladly permit the else from the reason Pliny affigns, Enjoyment of their wives to fuch for Vine dressers being anciently as will give them an Elepbant ; called Cuckows, viz. flothful, be being proud of having a Wife cause they deferr'd cutting their valued at lo high a rate. Vines till that Bird began to sing, Q. I will beg that you will anwhich was later than the right swer this, In the last Verse of time: So that the fame Name inay the second Chapter of Job ; It is have been given to such Men, as Said, His Friends fate down with through neglect may have caused bim seven Days and seven Nights: their Wives to seek out some more Must we understand by that, that diligent and industrious Compani they did not leave him to go to

Some have derived it from Reft, and to refresh themselves the Greek word Coccyx, and o- at Meal-times? Or how must we thers again from the Latin word interpret it ? Pray be pleased to Coquus. But let it be from whence give me your answer. it will, the Husband deserves no A. 'Twas the Custom in those Infany in the matter, excepting' hot Countries, to fleep as well as



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