The Physiological Factor in Diagnosis: A Work for Young Practitioners

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Baillière, Tindall and Cox, 1883 - 256 страници

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Страница 237 - A' made a finer end and went away an it had been any christom child; a' parted even just between twelve and one, even at the turning o' the tide: for after I saw him fumble with the sheets and play with flowers and smile upon his fingers...
Страница 63 - It consists in the occurrence of a series of inspirations, increasing to a maximum, and then declining in force and length, until a state of apparent apnoea is established. In this condition the patient may remain for such a length of time as to make his attendants believe that he is dead, when a low inspiration, followed by one more decided, marks the commencement of a new ascending and then descending series of inspirations.
Страница 160 - Once the temperature, when taken, was 104°, yet she was not at all "feverish;" it was just excitement, and too evanescent to produce any distinct consequences. Further, listen to what Austin Flint says: "The physician is liable to be misled by placing too much reliance on the laws of temperature. They are not infrequently interfered with by complications and accidental events. As an illustration, a young girl had passed through typhoid fever, convalescence being declared, in connection with other...
Страница 27 - ... rounded, and peg-like ; their edges are jagged and notched. Owing to their smallness, their sides do not touch, and interspaces are left. It is, however, the upper central incisors which are the most reliable for purposes of diagnosis. When the other teeth are affected, these very rarely escape, and very often they are malformed when all the others are of fairly good shape. The characteristic malformation of the upper central incisors consists in a dwarfing of the tooth, which is usually both...
Страница 207 - It must be recollected that, in every organic disease of the heart, when palpitation becomes extremely violent and prolonged, both the impulse and the sounds may be diminished : in other words, the heart becomes gorged and incapable of adequately contracting on its contents, sometimes yielding a struggling convulsive impulse, with little sound and a feeble pulse, and, in an ulterior degree, especially during dissolution, scarcely producing either impulse, sound, or pulse. Suffocative dyspnoea, lividity,...
Страница 137 - The quantity of the albumen ; and the occurrence and character of a deposit of renal derivatives. • 3. The presence or absence of any disease outside the kidneys which will account for the albuminuria.
Страница 34 - in the early stage the limb is usually straight, carried slightly forward, or perhaps somewhat abducted, owing to the irritation and contraction of the capsular muscles on the anterior and outer aspects of the joint. As the disease advances the limb becomes adducted, so that the knee is carried against the lower part of the sound thigh
Страница 138 - ... false albuminuria, in which some other albuminous body, but not serum-albumin, is present. In true albuminuria there is always some change either in the circulation through the kidney, or in the structure of the kidney itself. In false albuminuria the albuminous body passes out through the kidney, "without there being any alteration either in circulation or structure. The chief albuminous bodies occurring in false albuminuria are haemoglobin, eggalbumin, and Bence-Jones's albumin.
Страница 137 - Of this nature was the case of a student mentioned by Sir Robert Christison, in whom a large amount of cheese or pastry produced albumen in the urine. Apart, however, from errors of diet, as Dr. Parkes has stated, temporary albuminuria will occur in persons with very slight disease. Beneke, when suffering from dyspepsia, noticed albumen in his own urine four times in four weeks. Clemens, Rayer, Martin Solon, and many other physicians, have made similar observations.