The Works of the English Poets: With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, Том 27, Страница 1

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H. Hughs, 1779
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Страница 5 - ... liberty or polite learning left in the world. Hard has been the fate of many a great genius, that while they have conferred immortality on others, they have wanted themselves some friend to embalm their names to posterity, This has been the fate of Lucan, and ]>erhaps may be that of Mr.
Страница 141 - To rise from earth, and spring with dusky green; With sparkling flames the trees unburning shine, And round their boles prodigious serpents twine. The pious worshippers approach not near, But shun their gods, and kneel with distant fear: The priest himself, when or the day or night Rolling have reach'd their full meridian height, Refrains the gloomy paths with wary feet, Dreading the demon of the grove to meet; Who, terrible to sight, at that fix'd hour Still treads the round about his dreary bower.
Страница 18 - ... of actions, from other writers, any more than it is an imputation on them, that they differ from him. We ourselves have seen in the course of the late two famous wars how differently almost every battle and siege has been...
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Страница 39 - Book, after a propofition of his fubject, a mort view of the ruins occafioned by the civil wars in Italy, and a compliment to Nero, Lucan gives the principal caufes of the Civil War. together •with the characters of...
Страница 70 - Thus fear does half the work of lying fame, And cowards thus their own misfortunes frame ; By their own feigning fancies are betray'd, And groan beneath thofe ills themfelves have made. Nor thefe alarms the croud alone...
Страница 77 - And a pale, sickly, withering visage wears; While high and full the adverse vessels ride, And drive, impetuous, on their purple tide. Amaz'd, the sage foresaw th" impending fate;
Страница 9 - Nero to be meant ironically; but it seems to me plain to be in the greatest earnest: and it is more than probable, that if Nero had been as wicked at that time as he became afterwards, Lucan's life had paid for his irony. Now it is agreed on...
Страница 70 - And, hafty to defpair, prevents the wreck ; And though the bark unbroken hold her way, His trembling crew all plunge into the fea.