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is not lawful for any whatsoever, by virtue of any authority or principality they bear in the government of this world, to force the con. sciences of others; and therefore all killing, banishing, fining, imprisoning, and other such things, which men are afflicted with, for the alone exercise of their conscience, or difference in worship or opinion, proceedeth from the spirit of Cain, the murderer, and is contrary to the truth; provided always that no man, under the pretense of conscience, prejudice his neighbor in his life or estate, or do any thing destructive to, or inconsistent with, human society; in which case the law is for the transgressor, and justice to be administered upon all, withont respect of persons.


Concerning Salutations and Recreations, etc. Seeing the chief end of all religion is to redeem man from the spirit and vain conversation of this world, and to lead into inward communion with God, before whom, if we fear always, we are accounted happy, therefore all the vain customs and habits thereof, both in word and deed, are to be rejected and forsaken by those who come to this fear; such as the taking off the hat to a man, the bowings and cringings of the body, and such other salutations of that kind, with all the foolish and superstitions formalities attending them; all which man has in. vented in his degenerate state, to feed his pride in the vain pomp and glory of this world; as also the unprofitable plays, frivolous recreations, sportings, and gamings which are invented to pass away the precious time, and divert the mind from the witness of God in the heart, and from the living sense of his fear, and from that evangelical Spirit wherewith Christians ought to be leavened, and which leads into sobriety, gravity, and godly fear; in which, as we abide, the blessing of the Lord is felt to attend us in those actions in which we are necessarily engaged, in order to the taking care for the sustenance of the outward man.2

'Luke ix. 55, 56; Matt. vii. 12, 29; Titus iii. 10. * Eph. v. 11; 1 Pet. i. 14; John v. 44; Jer. x. 3; Acts x. 26; Matt. xv. 13; Col. i. 8.


Und daß er Alles in Adem wirfe, And that he should work all in und theile einem Jeglichen mit, nach- all, dividing to every man severaldem er wil.

ly as he will. Dem rei Ehre in der Gemeine, die To him be glory in the Church, in Christo Jesu ist, der allgemeinen which is in Christ Jesus, the holy, heiligen christlichen Kirche, in Gemein- universal Christian Church, in the idhaft der Heiligen, zu aller Zeit, und communion of saints, at all times, von Ewigkeit zu Ewigkeit. Amen. and from eternity to eternity.

Amen. Ich glaube, daß ich nicht aus eige: I believe that by my own reason ner Vernunft noch Kraft an Jesum and strength I can not believe in Christum, meinen Herrn, glauben oder Jesus Christ my Lord, or come to zu ihm fommen fann;

Sondern daß mich der heilige Geist But that the Holy Ghost calleth durd's Evangelium berufet, mit seinen me by the gospel, enlighteneth me Gaben erleuchtet, im rechten Glauben with his gifts, sanctifieth and preheiliget und erhält;

serveth me in the true faith; Gleichwie er die ganze Christenheit Even as he calleth, gathereth, auf Erden berufet, sammlet, erleuchtet, enlighteneth, and sanctifieth the heiliget, und bei Jesu Christo erhält, whole Church on earth, which he im rechten einigen Glauben; keepeth by Jesus Christ in the only

true faith; In welcher Christenheit er mir und In which Christian Church God allen Gläubigen täglich alle Sünden forgiveth me and every believer all reichlich vergiebt.

sin daily and abundantly. Das ist gewißlich wahr. This I assuredly believe.

Ich glaube, daß ich durch die heilige I believe that by holy baptism Taufe, welche ist das Bad der Wieder: I am embodied a member of the geburt und Erneuerung des heiligen Church of Christ, which he hath Geistes, der Gemeine Jesu Christi ein- loved, and for which he gave himverleibt worden bin, welche er geliebet self, that he might sanctify and bat, und hat sich selbst für sie gegeben, cleanse it with the washing of waauf daß er sie heiligte, und hat sie ge- ter by the Word. Amen. reiniget durch das Wasserbad im Wort. Amen.

In dieser Gemeinschaft der Gläubi- In this communion of saints my

dhes den Weisen und Klugen verbor-hast hid these things from the wise gen haft, und hast es den Unmündigen and prudent, and hast revealed offenbaret. Ja, Vater! denn es ist them unto babes. Even so, Father: also wohlgefällig gewesen vor dir. for so it seemed good in thy sight.

Vater! verkläre deinen Namen ! Father, glorify thy name.

Unser Vater in dem Himmel! Our Father which art in heaven, dein Name werde geheiliget; hallowed be thy name; thy kingdein Reich komme; dein Wille dom come; thy will be done in geschehe auf Erden wie im Him: earth, as it is in heaven; give us mel; unser täglidy Brod gieb this day our daily bread ; and uns heute; und vergieb uns un forgive us our trespasses, as we fre Sdulden wie wir unsern forgive them that trespass against Sdhuldigern vergeben; und füh- us; and lead us not into temptare uns nicht in Versuchung, tion, but deliver us from evil : sondern erlöse ung von dem Bö: for thine is the kingdom, and the sen; denn dein ist das Reid unt power, and the glory, for ever and die Kraft und die Herrlich feit ever : Amen. in Ewigkeit, Amen.

Vater! babe uns lieb, darum, daß wir deinen Sohn lieben, und glauben, daß er von dir ausgegangen ist.

Jd glaube an den Namen des Ein- I believe in the name of the only. gebornen Sohnes Gottes, durch wel begotten Son of God, by whom are chen alle Dinge sind, und wir durch ihn. all things, and we through him;

Ich glaube, daß er Fleisch ward I believe that he was made flesh, und wohnete unter uns ; und nahm and dwelt among us; and took on Knechtsgestalt an :

him the form of a servant; Durch den heiligen Geist empfangen By the overshadowing of the von Maria der Jungfrau ; wie die Holy Ghost was conceived of the Kinder Fleisch und Blut haben, ist Virgin Mary; as the children are er’s gleichermaßen theilhaftig worden, partakers of flesh and blood, he also geboren von einem Weibe ;

himself likewise took part of the

same; was born of a woman; Und an Geberden wie ein Mensch er- And being found in fashion as a funden; ist versucht worden allenthal- man, was tempted in all points like ben, gleich wie wir, doch ohne Sünde : as we are, yet without sin:

Und aud didy, du sterbendes Ge- And the God of peace, that beine, wird Gott lebendig machen, um brought again from the dead our rebwillen, daß sein Geist in dir ges Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of wohnet hat.

the sheep, through the blood of Amen.

the everlasting covenant, shall also quicken these our mortal bodies, if so be that the Spirit of God hath dwelt in them.

Amen. Ich glaube, daß unsre Brüder und Schwestern, so sie im Herrn entschla: fen sind, zur oberen Gemeine gefahren und eingegangen sind in ihres Herrn Freude ; der Leib ist hier begraben :

Den wird Jesus Christus einst beim Erwachen
Seinem verklärten Leib ähnlich machen :

Wir armen Sünder bitten, We


pray, du wollest ung erhören, lieber Hear us, gracious Lord and God; Herr und Gott!

Und uns mit der vollendeten Ges And keep us in everlasting felmeine, und insonderheit mit deinen lowship with our brethren, and dieses Jahr über heimberufenen Die- with our sisters, who have entered nern und Dienerinnen, in ewiger Ger into the joy of their Lord; meinschaft erhalten, und uns dereinst Also with the servants and handbei dir zusammen ausruhen lassen von maids of our Church, whom thou unsrer Arbeit.

hast called home in the past year, Amen.

and with the whole Church triumphant; and let us rest together in thy presence from our labors.


They are at rest in lasting bliss,

Beholding Christ our Saviour:
Our humble expectation is

To live with him forever.
Lord, grant me thy protection,

Remind me of thy death

Sein Augen, seinen Mund
Den Leib für uns verwund't,


Das ist mein Herr, der mich verlor- This is my Lord, who redeemed nen und verdammten Menschen erlöset me, a lost and undone human creathat, erworben, gewonnen, von allen ure, purchased and gained me from Sünden, vom Tode und von der Ges sin, from death, and from the powwalt des Teufels;

er of the devil; Nicht mit Gold oder Silber, sondern Not with gold or silver, but with mit seinem heiligen theuren Blute und his holy precious blood, and with mit seinem unschuldigen Leiden und his innocent suffering and dy

ing; Auf daß ich sein eigen sei, und in To the end that I should be his feinem Reidye unter ihm lebe und ihm own, and in his kingdom live undiene in ewiger Gerechtigkeit, Unschuld der him and serve him, in eternal und Seligkeit;

righteousness, innocence, and hap

piness; Gleidwie er ist auferstanden vom Even as he, being risen from the Tode, lebet und regieret in Ewig- dead, liveth and reigneth, world feit.

without end. Das ist gewißlich wahr! This I most certainly believe.

Ich glaube an den heiligen Geist, I believe in the Holy Ghost, who der vom Vater ausgebet, und den uns proceedeth from the Father, and unser Herr Jesus Christus gesandt hat, whom our Lord Jesus Christ sent, nach seinem Hingange, daß er ewiglich after he went away, that he should bei uns bleibe;

abide with us forever;

That he should comfort us, as a mother comforteth her children;

That he should help our infirmities, and make intercession for us with groanings which can not be uttered;

That he should bear witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God, and teach us to cry, Abba, Father;

That he should shed abroad in our hearts the love of God, and make our bodies his holy temple;

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