The Industrial Resources, Etc., of the Southern and Western States: Embracing a View of Their Commerce, Agriculture, Manufactures, Internal Improvements; Slave and Free Labor, Slavery Institutions, Products, Etc., of the South, Together with Historical and Statistical Sketches of the Different States and Cities of the Union; Statistics of the United States Commerce and Manufactures, from the Earliest Periods, Compared with Other Leading Powers; the Results of the Different Census Returns Since 1790, and Returns of the Census of 1850, on Population, Agriculture and General Industry, Etc., with an Appendix

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office of De Bow's review, 1853

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Страница 445 - To yield thy muse just half-a-crown per line? No! when the sons of song descend to trade, Their bays are sear, their former laurels fade. Let such forego the poet's sacred name, Who rack their brains for lucre, not for fame: Still for stern mammon may they toil in vain!
Страница 63 - There is, however, a circumstance attending these colonies, which, in my opinion, fully counterbalances this difference, and makes the spirit of liberty still more high and haughty than in those to the northward. It is, that in Virginia and the Carolinas they have a vast multitude of slaves. Where this is the case in any part of the world, those who are free are by far the most proud and jealous of their freedom. Freedom is to them not only an enjoyment, but a kind of rank and privilege.
Страница 63 - I cannot alter the nature of man. The fact is so ; and these people of the southern colonies are much more strongly, and with a higher and more stubborn spirit, attached to liberty than those to the northward. Such were all the ancient commonwealths ; such were our Gothic ancestors ; such, in our days, were the Poles, and such will be all masters of slaves who are not slaves themselves. In such a people the haughtiness of domination combines with the spirit of freedom, fortifies it, and renders it...
Страница 277 - Venetian about the end of the fifteenth, or the beginning of the sixteenth century.
Страница 63 - England, sir, is a nation which still, I hope, respects, and formerly adored her freedom. The colonists emigrated from you when this part of your character was most predominant; and they took this bias and direction the moment they parted from your hands. They are, therefore, not only devoted to liberty, but to liberty according to English ideas and on English principles.
Страница 488 - O yes,' that a court is opened for the administration of even-handed justice, to the poor and the rich, to the guilty and the innocent, without respect of persons ; none to be punished without a trial by their peers, and then in pursuance of the laws and evidence in the case.
Страница 458 - Adopting these views, it is with pain we are compelled to speak of the horrible cloud of ignorance that rests upon Virginia. In the eastern section, there are twenty-nine thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, and in the western...
Страница 35 - Some cannot be said to work at all. They obtain a precarious subsistence by occasional jobs, by hunting, by fishing, sometimes by plundering fields or folds, and, too often, by what is, in its effects, far worse — trading with slaves, and seducing them to plunder for their benefit.
Страница 445 - Glory is the reward of science, and those who deserve it scorn all meaner views.
Страница 453 - Greenbrier county, for the counties lying west of the Blue Ridge, commencing on the 2d Monday in July, and continuing 90 days, unless the business shall be sooner despatched ; the other at Richmond, for the counties lying east of the Blue Ridge, commencing at such times as the court may from time to time appoint.