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Salt, and salt petre require od, and di Irensions of barrel.

II. And be it further enacted, That all fish put up in barrels and inspected for corned fish, shall contain for each barrel, twelve quarts of good salt, and two ounces of saltpetre: And further, 'That the barrels into which such corned fish shall be put up for sale, shall be of the same size and quality prescribed by the said act of March nineteenth, in the year one thousand eight hundred and

eight. Pepaly for

III. And be it further enacted, That if any person or persons violating act.

shall offer any fish for sale in barrels, without having the same inspected, as is provided by the act for the inspection of fish in the county of Jefferson, passed April fifteenth, in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, such person or persons shall be subject to the like forfeiture, and to be recovered in the same manner, as is provided by the third section of the aforesaid act.


AN ACT to alter an Act, entitled An act for granting to Pe.

ter B. Garnsey a sinall Island in the Chenango river, and for other purposes," passed April 8th, 1808.

Passed March 7, 1820. Judges of Os- BE it enacted by the People of the State of New-York, rewego to dry, presented in Senate and Assembly, That from and after the cense a ferry

passage of this act, the authority now vested in the judges of the court of common pleas of the county of Onondaga, by the third section of the act to which this is an amendment, wherein they are authorised and directed to license a certain ferry on the Oswego river, be and the samé is hereby vested in the judges of the court of common pleas in and for the county of Oswego ; and that so much of the aforementioned act, as is inconsistent with the spie: rit and tenor of this amendment, be and the same is hereby repealed.


AN ACT explanatory of the third section of the act to incorpo

rate the Delhi and Franklin Turnpike Company, passed April 9, 1819.

Passed March 7, 1820. BE it enacted by the People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, That Sluman Bartlett, instead of “ Sheman Bartlett,” is the person intended as one of the commissioners appointed by the third section of the said act,

Mistako in a Dametorrected.


neral powers

AN ACT to incorporate the Troy Lyceum of Natural History.

Passed March 7, 1820. WHEREAS the members of the Troy Lyceum of natural histo- Presmble. ry have associated themselves together, for the purpose of encouraging the study, and of disseminating a knowledge of natural history, and the other sciences, and have petitioned for an act of incorporation : And whereas, the legislature deeming science closely and intimately connected with the common concerns of life, and highly conducive to the promotion of agriculture and the arts, consider it their duty to encourage so laudable an object : Therefore, I. BE it enucted by the People of the State of New-York, created

Corporatioa represented in Senate and Assembly, That James Dalaby, Richard P. Hart, Isaac M'Conihe, Ely Burritt, George Tibbits, and such other persons as now are, and may from time to time become members, shall be, and hereby are constituted a hody corporate and politic, by the name of “the Troy Lyceum of natural history,” and Style and geby that name, they shall have perpetual succession, and shall be persons capable of suing and being sued, pleading and being inpleaded, answering and being answered unto, defending and being defended in all courts and pleas whatsoever; and may have a common seal, with power to change or alter the same from time to time; and shall be capable of purchasing, taking possession of, holding and enjoying to them and their successors, any real estate, in fee simple, or otherwise ; and any goods, chattels and personal estate, and of selling, leasing or otherwise disposing of the said real and personal estate, or any part thereof, at their will and pleasure : Provided however, That the funds of the said corporation shall be used and appropriated to the objects contemplated in the preamble of this act: And provided also, That the clear annual Further proe income of such real and personal estate shall not exceed the sum of viso. five thousand dollars. II. And be it further enacted, That the said society shall from Powers of

corporationtime to time, forever hereafter, have power to make, constitute, ordain and establisb such by-laws and regulations as they shall judge proper, for the election of their officers; for prescribing their respective functions, and the mode of discharging the same ; for the admission of new members ; for the government of the officers and members thereof; for collecting the fines, impositions and annual contributions from the members; for regulating the times and places of meeting of the said society; for suspending or expelling such members as shall neglect or refuse to comply with the by-laws or regulations; and for the managing and directing the affairs and concerns of the said society : Provided, Such by-laws Provider and regulations be not repugnant to the constitution and laws of this state, or of the United States,

III. And be it further enacted, That the officers of the said so- oficem of ciety shall consist of a president, two vice-presidents, a recording corporation secretary, a corresponding secretary, a treasurer, not less than three, nor more than five curators, and such other officers as the said society may judge necessary, who shall be annually chosen,


and election.,

and who shall continue in office for one year, or until others shall be elected in their stead : That if the annual election shall not be held on any of the days for that purpose appointed, it shall be law

ful to make such election on any other day; and that five members Vacancies of the said society, asseinbling at the place and time desiguated for

that purpose by the constitution, by-laws or resolutions of the said socieiy, shall constitute a legal meeting thereof; and that in case a vacancy shall take place between the muual meetings, then it shall be lawful to fill 'such vacancy at any regular meeting, and the person or persons so chosen, shall continue in office until the next anuual meeting, or until others shall be elected in their stead.

IV. And be it further enucled, That John D. Dickinson, sball First officers. be the president, James Dalaby the first vice-president, David Bu

el, junior, the second vice-president, Obed Rice recording secretary, Amatus Robbins corresponding secretary, Albert Pawling Heartt, treasurer, and Moses tale, Ira M. Wells and Amatus Robbins, curators, severally to be the first officers of the said corporation, who shall hold their respective offices until the second Monday of November next, and until others shall be chosen in their places.

V. And be it further enacted, That the present constitution of corporation

of the said society, shall, after the passing of this act, continue to be the constitution thereof, and that no altération shall be made therein, unless by a vote to that effect of three fourths of the resident members, and upon the request, in writing, of one third of such resident members, and submitted, at least one month before

any vote shall be taken thereupon, Right resery- VI. And be it further enacted, That the legislature may, at any

time, modify or repeal this act.







AN ACT to regulate Sheriff" s fees in the county of Oswego.

Passed March 7, 1820. WHEREAS, by the act, entitled “ an act to erect a part of the counties of Oneida and Onondaga into a separate county, by the name of Oswego,” passed March 1st, 1816, the said county of

Oswego was divided into two jury districts, called the eastern and Further pre- western districts: And whereas, on account of the great ex

tent of the county of Oswego, the practice of computing sheriff's fees or mileage on writs, from the sheriff's office, operates as a great burthen on unfortunate debtors, living in parts of the said county of Oswego reinote from the said sheriff's office: Therefore,

BE it enacted by the People of the State of New-York, recomputed. Presented in Senate and Assembly, That from and after the

passing of this act, the mileage on all writs served in the county of Osweyo, shall be computed from the court-house site in that jury district of the said county, in which such service shall be made : and the amount of mileage so computed, the sheriff's and coroner's of the said county are hereby authorised to charge and receive, and no more, any law or usage to the contrary notwithstanding.

Fees how


be cbosen.

AN ACT to revive an act, entitled An act to invest certain

powers in the freeholders and inhabitants of the Village of 01denbarneveld, in the county of Oneida,passed April 9, 1819.

Passed March 7, 1820. WHEREAS the freeholders and inhabitants aforesaid have ne Preamblea glected to choose trustees in pursuance of the first section of the said act, in consequence of which they cannot avail themselves of the powers thereby in them vested. Therefore,

1. BE it enucted by the People of the State of New-York, Trustees to represented in Senate aud Assembly, That it shall and may

be lawful for the said freeholders and inhabitants to choose trustees on the first Tuesday of June next, in which rase the above entitled act shall he and hereby is declared to be revived.

II. And be it further enacted, That the trustees, within twenty Their duty: days after their appointment or election as aforesaid, or a major part of them, shall, and it is herehy made their duty to assemble at some convenient place in said village, and there to choose and apa point some one suitable person of their body to be president of the said board of trustees ; and it shall be the duty of the president, when present, to preside at the meetings of the trustees ; to order extraordinary meetings of the trustees when he may consider it for the interest of said village ; to hear and receive complaints of the breach of any of the laws of the said corporation ; to see that all by-laws, rules and regulations of said village are enforced and faithfully executed ; to prosecute, in the name of the trustees, all offenders against, or violaters of, the said by-laws ; to keep the seal of the said village, and to affix it, together with his signature, to all such rules and regulations as a majority of the trustees may deem proper ; and in case of the death, removal or inability of the president to discharge the duties of his office, it shall be the duty of the clerk to notify the other trustees of such death, removal, or Vacancies. inability, who shall, within ten days thereafter, meet and elect another president out of their body, to hold the office till their bext annual meeting ; and it shall further be the duty of the

president to take care of, protect, and preserve all property belonging to said village as a corporation ; to preside over all public meetings of the villagers for the above purposes, and to do all such other acts and things as may be proper for the president of the trustees to do,


AN ACT authorising the Commissioners of Highways in the

town of South-Salem, to cause to be made and kept in repair a certain public Highway therein mentioned.

Passed March 7, 1820. . BE it enacted by the People of the State of New York, presented in Senate and Assembly, That whenever the commis- bed.

Road deschis

sioners of highways of the towns of North and South Salem, in the county of Westchester, shall lay out and open, pursuant to the act regulating highways, a public highway through the gap of East and West Long Pond mountains, between the said towns of North and South Salern, it shall be lawful for the commissioners of highways of the said town of South Salem, and they are hereby required, to cause to be made and kept in repair all that part of the said contemplated, highway which. lays in the town of North Salem, south of the south line of Ebenezer Purdy's land, in the same manner as if that part of the said road laid in the town of SouthSalem.



AN ACT to authorise the sale of certain Real Estate belonging to certain of the devisees of Peter Stuyvesunt, deceased.

Passed March 7, 1820. WHEREAS Benjamin Winthrop and Judith his wife, and Dirck Ten Broeck and Cornelia his wife, have represented to the legislature that Petrus Stuyvesant, formerly of the city of New-York, deceased, did, in and by his last will and testament, devise to the said Judith and Cornelia, each one equal undivided fourth part of his farm, called Leanderts, and of his salt meadows, on the south side of Stuyvesant's creek, in the then seventh ward of the city of New-York, to have and to hold to them and each of them severally, during their lives, with estates in remainder; that the said farm called Leanderts and salt meadows, has since been divided. pursuant to the directions of the act of the legislature, entitled " An act, for the relief of certain of the devisees of Petrus Stuyvesant, deceased,” passed 16th April, 1816 ; and that one equal fourth part thereof has been conveyed to the said Judith Winthrop, and one equal fourth part thereof to the said Cornelia Ten Broeck, during their respective lives, and after their deaths to such person or persons, as by the said last will and testament shall be entitled to the same; and that in consequence of the opening and regulating, and paving streets and avenues through the same, and the regulating and levelling the grounds adjoining the said streets and avenues, the assessments, taxes and expenses far exceed the full annual income thereof, and by their petition bave prayed that the legislature would authorise the sale of so much of the said real estate as from time to time may be necessary to defray the said taxes, charges and expenses; and it appearing to the legislature just and proper that part of the said real estate should be sold for the purpose es aforesaid, and that it will be beneficial to all the parties interest. ed in the same : Therefore,

I. BE it enacted by the People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, That it shall be lawful for Judith Winthrop and Cornelia Ten Broeck, or either of them, under the directions and authority of the chancellor of this state, to sell and convey in fee simple, such part or parts of the real estate, coņveyed to them severally, and mentioned in the recital of this

Authority to convey certaip estate.

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