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“ The days grew longer and longer,

Till they became as one, And southward through the haze I saw the sullen blaze

of the red midnight sun.

.“ And then uprose before me,

Upon the water's edge, The huge and haggard shape Of that unknown North Cape

Whose form is like a wedge.

“ The sea was rough and stormy,

The tempest howled and wailed, And the sea-fog, like a ghost, Haunted that dreary coast;

But onward still I sailed.

“ Four days I steered to eastward,

Four days without a night:
Round in a fiery ring
Went the great sun, O King,

With red and lurid light.”

Here Alfred, King of the Saxons,

Ceased writing for a while; And raised his eyes from his book, With a strange and puzzled look,

And an incredulous smile.

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And Othere the old sea-captain

Stared at him wild and weird,
Then smiled, till his shining teeth
Gleamed white from underneath

His tawny, quivering beard.

And to the King of the Saxons,

In witness of the truth,
Raising his noble head,
He stretched his brown hand, and said,

“ Behold this walrus-tooth !"


A WIND came up out of the sea,
And said, “O mists, make room for me.”

It hailed the ships, and cried, “Sail on, Ye mariners, the night is gone."

And hurried landward far away,
Crying, “Awake! it is the day.”

It said unto the forest, “Shout !
Hang all your leafy banners out!"

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It whispered to the fields of corn,
“ Bow down, and hail the coming morn."

It shouted through the belfry-tower,
“ Awake, 0 bell! proclaim the hour.”

It crossed the churchyard with a sigh,
And said, “Not yet! in quiet lie.”


May 28, 1857.

It was fifty years ago,

In the pleasant month of May,
In the beautiful Pays de Vaud,

A child in its cradle lay.

And Nature, the old nurse, took

The child upon her knee,
Saying: "Here is a story-book

Thy Father has written for thee."

“ Come, wander with me," she said,

"Into regions yet untrod; And read what is still unread

In the manuscripts of God."

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