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F. A. S.

MY DEAR SIR,- In thus availing myself, without your knowlege, of the sanction of your name to the second Volume of the CAMBRO-BRITON, I shall have occasion for all your indulgence, since I cannot but feel, that my humble work can confer nothing on you in return for the honour it thus derives. However, your long and unequalled services in the field of Welsh literature have so rendered your name a kind of public property, as, in some degree, I hope, to excuse the freedom I am now using. And, even if I were without this apology, the friendly assistance, which you have afforded me through the whole of my enterprise, has, in a manner, imposed upon me the duty of thus publicly expressing my gratitude. My only regret is, that my limits will not allow me here to particularise the many instances, in which I have experienced the advantage of your valuable co-operation.

Having thus, my dear Sir, however imperfectly, discharged a duty, which your important aid of the CAMBRO-BRITON so obviously required, I profit by the opportunity to offer also my acknowlegement, in common with the rest of your countrymen, of the more general, and still more important, services, your various productions have rendered to Welsh literature, and which, while that literature

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