A Bibliographical Dictionary; Containing a Chronological Account ... of ... Books: In All Departments of Literature ... with Biographical Anecdotes ... the Whole of the Fourth Edition of Dr. Harwood's View of the Classics, with Innumerable Additions and Amendments. To which are Added, an Essay on Bibliography ... and an Account of the Best English Translation of Each Greek and Latin Classic ...

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Страница 114 - Disputatio de Supposito in qua plurima hactenus inaudita de Nestorio tanquam orthodoxo et de Cyrillo Aleiandrino, aliisque Episcopis Ephesi in Synotium coactis tanquam haereticis demonstrantur ; ut soli Scriptui-ns sacrae infallibilitas asseratur : aucto.re Davide DERODON.
Страница 280 - Gaffarel (James) Unheard-of Curiosities : concerning the Talismanical Sculpture of the Persians ; The Horoscope of the Patriarkes, and the Reading of the Stars.
Страница 22 - ... whose ingenious art, though in vogue before and at that time, did not long survive the masterly improvements made by the printers in this branch of their art.
Страница 71 - Navarre, that day six weeks, by nine o'clock in the morning, when he would attend them and be ready to answer to whatever should be proposed to him in any art or science, and in any of these twelve languages : Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic, Greek, Latin, Spanish, French, Italian, English, Dutch, Flemish, and Sclavonian ; and this either in verse or prose, at the discretion of the disputant. During...
Страница 23 - The name of the printer, place of his residence, &.C., were either wholly neglected or put at the end of the book, not without some pious ejaculation or doxology. The date was likewise omitted or involved in some...
Страница 226 - ... the rudeness of the letter, irregularity of the page, want of signatures, initial letters, &c.
Страница 222 - Printing was introduced and first practised in England by William Caxton, a mercer and citizen of London ; who, by his travels abroad, and a residence of many years in Holland, Flanders, and Germany, in the affairs of trade, had an opportunity of informing himself of the whole method and process of...
Страница 18 - Synodicon sive Pandectae canonum SS. Apostolorum et conciliorum ab Ecclesia Graeca receptorum, ll !.. Oxon, 1672.
Страница 23 - ... which had sometimes relation to the contents of the page, though often none at all: these embellishments were very costly ; but for those that could not afford a great price, there were more inferioi ornaments, which could be done at a much easier rate.