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ing long, the summer is coming, and among the many pleasant days of summer, there is one which I hope will bring you home. I believe you will be glad to come, and we shall be glad to see you: I hope you will like the house. There are green trees in front, and a green field backward, with cows feeding in it; so that it has some little resemblance of the country.

Your mamma desired Miss **** to send you a cake, which I hope you received ; and if

you did, I suppose it is all gone by this time : for they say, you cannot eat your cake and have it. It is a true saying, and full of meaning. Look at all that appears good and pleasant in this world; could you call it all

call it all your own, it would last but a little while, and when you go into another world, the remembrance of

what you had in this, will be but like remembering you once had a cake, but it is gone, quite eaten up. But it is not so, my dear child, with respect to that feast which Jesus prepares for poor sinners. The pleasures which he gives are repeated from time to time, and are pleasing even when we reflect on them. And in the other world, when earthly pleasures will

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be quite ended, they that love him shall have pleasure without interruption and without end, rivers of pleasure at his right hand for evermore. The Lord bless you, and keep you. It is one of my pleasures while here to think of you, to feel for you, and to write to you as

Your affectionate.


August 3, 1780. My dear Child, YOU may be sure your mamma and I were

very glad to hear that the Lord preserved you from harm, and that you were safe and well at N

I wish you to have a deep impression on your mind, that your safety, whether abroad or at home, or the continuance of your health from one hour to another, is not a matter of course, but the effect of the care and goodness of him who knows we are helpless as sheep, and condescends to act the part of a shepherd towards us. May you learn to acknowledge him in all your ways, to pray to him for his blessing, and to praise him daily for his mercies; and then you will do well. This is the great privilege which distinguishes us from the beasts of the field ; they likewise owe their preservation to his providence : but then they are not capable of knowing him or thanking him. There are many young people who are contented to live without God in the world, but this is not only their sin, but

a man.

their shame likewise. They thereby renounce the chief honour they are capable of, and degrade themselves to a level with the beasts. But let it not be so with you. Pray to the Lord to teach you to love him, and when you think of him, fix your thoughts upon

Jesus Christ; upon him who conversed on earth as

The great God has manifested himself in a way suited to us, as weak creatures and poor sinners. God is every where present, but only those who look to him in Christ can attain to love, trust, or serve him aright. When you read our Saviour's discourses, recorded by the evangelists, attend as if you saw him with your own eyes standing before you; and when you try to pray, assure yourself before you begin, that he is actually in the room with


and that his ear is open to every word you say. This will make you serious, and it will likewise encourage you, when you

consider that you are not speaking into the air, or to one who is a great way off; but to One who is very near you, to your

best friend, who is both able and willing to give you erery thing that is good for

you. Though you have not been gone from us a fortnight, we seem to long to see you again,

August is come already; and December, which we hope will bring you here again, will be here before long. I shall be glad if you make the best of your time, and return so much improved, that we may be able to keep you at home; for it is no pleasure to us to have you at such a distance from us. But there is no suitable day-school in this neighbourhood, and if you must be at boarding school, I believe you must be at N

: for, after you have been so long there, we should not be wil. ling to take you from Mrs. ****'s school to put you to another; it would seem a slight to her: though our motive would be only to have you nearer to us, people would think we had other


My advice to you will be chiefly with re: spect to your religious concerns and your moral conduct. But there are other things belonging to your mamma's province. She wishes, as you grow up, you may not appear to a disadvantage when compared with other young women; and, indeed, if you should be every thing she wishes you to be, you will do honour to the school you come from.

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