A Vindication of Mr. Fox's History of the Early Part of the Reign of James the Second

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J. Johnson, 1811 - 424 страници

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Страница 172 - I shall make it my endeavour to preserve this government, both in church and state, as it is now by law established. I know the principles of the church of England are for monarchy, and the members of it have shown themselves good and loyal subjects, therefore, I shall always take care to defend and support it.
Страница 323 - I am weary of travelling, I am resolved to go abroad no more : but when I am dead and gone, I know not what my brother will do. I am much afraid, that when he comes to the crown, he will be obliged to travel again. And yet I will take care to leave my kingdoms to him in peace, wishing he may long keep them so. But this hath all of my fears, little of my hopes, and less of my reason; and I am much afraid, that when my brother comes to the crown, he will be obliged again to leave his native soil.
Страница 239 - ... within this realm, in order, by force or constraint, to compel him or them to change his or their measures or counsels, or in order to put any force or constraint upon, or to intimidate or overawe both houses, or either house of parliament...
Страница 111 - How vain then, how idle, how presumptuous, is the opinion, that laws can do every thing ! and how weak and pernicious the maxim founded upon it, that measures, not men, are to be attended to...
Страница 236 - An act for the safety and preservation of his Majesty's person and government against treasonable and seditious practices and attempts...
Страница 14 - After all, however, notwithstanding what the more reasonable part of mankind may think upon this question, it is much to be doubted whether this singular proceeding has not, as much as any other circumstance, served to raise the character of the English nation in the opinion of Europe in general.
Страница 20 - ... and afterwards declared his wish for an address to his Majesty, to which he would add an expression, " of our abhorrence of the proceedings against the royal " family of France, in which, I have no doubt, we shall " be supported by the whole country.
Страница 14 - The truth is, that the guilt of the action, that is to say, the taking away of the life of the King, is what most men in the place of Cromwell and his associates would have incurred ; what there is of splendour and of magnanimity in it, I mean the publicity and solemnity of the act, is what few would be capable of displaying.
Страница 30 - Upon the whole, the character of Cromwell must ever stand high in the list of those who raised themselves to supreme power by the force of their genius; and among such, even in respect of moral virtue, it would be found to be one of the least exceptionable, if it had not been tainted with that most odious and degrading of all human vices, Hypocrisy.
Страница 260 - If you do not consider what I say unto you, remember the last words of your dead father, which were, to be constant to your religion, and never to be shaken in it; which, if you do not observe, this shall be the last time you will hear from, " Dear brother, " Your most affectionate,