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ther to check her intercourse with a young gentleman for whom, excepting in wealth, she was a mateh in every respect, he laid it under such insensible restraints as might prevent any engagement or eclaire cissement taking place until the young man should have seen a little more of life and of the world, and have attained that age when he might be considered as entitled to judge for himself in the matter in which his happiness was chiefly interested.

While these matters engaged the atten. tion of the other members of the Woodbourne family, Dominie Såmpson was en. gaged, body and soul, in the arrangement of the late bishop's library, which had been sent from Liverpool by sea, and conveyed by thirty or forty carts from the sea-port at which it was landed. Sampson's joy at beholding the ponderous contents of these chests arranged upon the floor of the apartment, from whence he was to transfer them to the shelves, baffled all description.' He grinned like an 'ogre, swung his arms like the sails of a windmill, shouted “ prodigious” till the roof rung to his raptures. “He had never," he said, "seen so many books together, except in the College Library;" and now his dignity, and delight in being superintendant of the collection, raised him, in his own opinion, almost to the rank of the academical librarian, whom he had alway's regarded as the greatest andi happiest man on earth. Neither were his transports diminished upon a hasty ex: amination of the contents of these vog lumes.' Some, indeed, of belles lettres, poems, plays, or memoirs, he tossed indig nantly aside, with the implied censure of "psha," or " frivolous;" but the greater and bulkier part of the collection bore a. very different character. The deceased prelate, a divine of the old and deeplylearned cast, had loaded his shelves with volumes which displayed the antique and

venerable attributes so happily described by a modern poetze txi 7.

13,1 7° ox?minis mois A -*15C%ri më 18 18

That weight of wood, with leatherp coat o'erlaid, to
Those ample clasps of solid metal made, au
The close-press'd leaves unclosed for many an age,
The dull red edging of the well-fill’d page,
On the broad back the stubborn ridges' rolld; }
Where yet the title stands in tarnish'd gold i

Books of theology and controversial divipity, commentaries, and polyglots, sets of the fathers, and sermons, which might each furnish forth ten brief discourses of modern date, books of science ancient and modern, classical authors in their best and rarest forms; such formed the late bishop's venerable library, and over such the eye of Dominie Sampson gloated with rapture. He entered them in the catalogue in his best running hand, forining each letter with the accuracy of a lover writing a valentine, and placed each individually on the destined shelf with

all the reverence which I have seen a lady pay to a jar of old china. With all this zeal his labours advanced slowly. He often" opened a volume when 'half way up the library steps, fell upon some interesting passage, and, without shifting his inconvenient posture, continued immersed in the fascinating perusal until the servant pulled him by the skirts to assure him that dinner waited. He then repaired to the parlour, bolted his food down his capacious throat in squares of three inches, answered aye and no át ran. dom to whatever question was asked at him, and again hurried back to the libraTy so soon as his napkin was removed. ds

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And having thus left the principal cha(racters of our tale in a situation, which, being sufficiently, comfortable to them. selves, is, of course, utterly uninteresting to the reader, we take up the history of a person who has as yet only been named, and who has all the interest that uncertainty and misfortune can give.

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