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November 19 C. Ball, fireman.
November 21 E. Jennings, switchman.
November 21 J. Wells, passenger.
November 211G. Morris, passenger.
November 21 W. Virgin, brakeman.
November 21 A. Heston, laborer.
November 21 H. Hendricks, laborer
November 22 C. Daugherty, fireman
November 22 J. Hawkworth. engineer.
November 22 J. Baker, brakeman..
November 22 J. Phillips, brakeman
November 22 C. Honse, brakeman..
November 22 L. Boyles, brakeman.
November 24 S. Lewis, enginer'r...
November 26 W. Allison, brakeman
November 27|W. Mibrerstead, brakeman.
November 28.). Wiiliams, switchman
November 30 G. Delaney, switcliman.
October 22 J. Bean, passenker.....
November 8G. Rutter, brakeman.
November 24 D. Stanley, fireman..
November 25 W. Parrish, laborer. ,
November 25 C. Eckland, second fireman
December 11). Sculler, engineer
December 1J. Mundra, laborer
December 1W. Overmier, brakeman.
December 2G. Hartnett, brakeman
December 4D. Logan, brakeman...
December 4C. Poole, fireman
December 4, W. Roll, boy
December 51C. Smith, machinest
December 5J. Wakefield, car repairer.
December 7J. McGuire, brakeman
December 8A. Longfellow, brakeman..
December 8.). Jamish, brakeman.
December 8 D. Patton, conductor
December 8A. Anderson, fireman..
December 13 McCarrall, wiper...
December 13 F. Templeton, fireman..
December 15 W. R. Kern, passenger
December 15 E. Sioder, passenger
December 15 J. Wright, passenger
December 16 J. Caster, machinist
December 16 J. McDonald, blacksmith.
December 17 A. Giger, machinist.
December 18 B. Nelson, tracksmith
December 18 A. McClure, carpenter..
December 18 C. McClelland, fireman,
December 19 J. Axley, brakeman..
Decomber 201N. Dickson, laborer..

Jumping on engine; side bruised.
Struck by switch target; back bruised.
Derailment; hand and shoulder bruised.
Derailment; head and shoulder bruised.
Derailment; head and shoulder bruised.
Derailment of hand car; slightly bruised.
Derailment of hand car; slightly bruised.
Collision; hip bruised.
Collision; back bruised.
Collision; back and leg injured.
Collision; killed.
Getting off train; ankle sprained.
Getting off train; ankle sprained.
Collision ; back bruised and face cut.
Jumping on train ; knee bruised.
Making coupling: fingers crushed.
Making coupling; fingers crushed.
Making coupling; fingers crushed.
Fell through a bridge ; face scratched and bruised.
Fell from an engine ; bone broken in foot.
Spout of water tank struck bim; head bruised.
Fell between cars; ankle sprained.
Holding chisel for man to strike; struck in groin.
Smoke jack fell on him; nose cut.
Loading car wheels; foot bruised.
Engine turned over; ankle sprained; foot bruised.
Fell from train; collar bone broken.
Knocked off tank by coal; head cut; back bruised.
slipped off running board; right wrist cut.
Fell into turn-table pit; aide bruised.
Siipped and fell on shot floor; ankle sprained.
Uncoupling cars; foot run over and crushed.
Fell from engine tank; sliglitly bruised.
Fell from box car; slightly bruised.
Fell between cary; ankle bruised.
Jumped from train; lace scratched and bruised.
Fell into turn-table pit; knee bruised.
Struck by coal iroin chute ; cut and bruised slightly.
Collision; back bruised.
Collision; face bruised.
Collision; bead bruised.
Moving engine down; hand caught; fingers cut.
Working on hot draw bar; piece struck him in eye.
Pirce of iron struck him in face; nose cut
Struck by a sledge hammer; head bruised.
Lifting bridge timber; took pain in back.
Fell from engine tank; back and hip bruised.
Coupling; inger crushed,
Jumped from engine; ankle sprained.

West of Melrose
T, Layer.
Pacific Junction
East of Red Oak
West of Ottumwa.
East of Tyrone..
West Burlington
West Burlington,
West Burlington,

z killed.



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East of Union,
Red Oak
New London

Fell from top of car; plightly bruised.
Collision; head and face cut.
Coupling'; finger bruised.
Fell from a girder; head and face bruised.
Getting off car; aukle sprained.
Jumped from car; ankle sprained.
Fell from running board; back bruised.
Getting off engine; elbow bruised.
Getting off engine; ankle sprained.
Getting off flat car; knee bruised,
Coupling; finger bruised.
Working on machine; finger cut.
Getting off engine; hand and knee sprained.
Crossing between cars; foot cut and bruised.
Jumping on train; wrist sprained.
Handling bridge timbers--fell from car; left knee bruised.

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December 20 E. Justice, brakeman
December 22 J. Jacobson, engineer
Deceniber 23.), O Rouke, switchman
December 23 J. Barton, carpenter.....
December 24 L. Hutchiuson, brakemau.
December 21C. Cogswell, conductor
December 241 W. Braciy, engineer
December 24 W. Percey, engineer.
December 31 VV Wilder, engineer
December 3110. dendrichs, bricklayer
November 28 C. Clayton, brakeman
Nevember 29 A. Gall, baggage master
December 3 A. Smith, engineer
December 13 C. Wells, tramp
Ducember 20 M. Burr, brakeman
December 310. Hendrichs, laborer

January 1 J. Kennedy, fireman
January 1 N. Glew, laborer

2 J. McMurray, switchman

2 J. Nelson, fireman.. January

2 M. Strassler, engineer, January

3 Jno. Bundle, brakeman January

3 San Owens, brakeman January 5 R. W. Robinson, conductor January

6 Jno. Remy, switchman. January 7 J. Maher, niason. January

8 N. Dickson, laborer January

9 Jno. Quinlan, engineer. January

9 H. Burkman, farmer

11 N. L. Sunley, brakeman.
January 11 W. P. Harley, brakeman,
January 11 A. E. Finley, engineer
January 12 O. W. Barnett, brakeman.
January 12 A. R. Trott, brakeman

12 L. Erickson, machinist January 12 F. Windland, machinist.

West of Prescott.
East of Zero
East of Chariton
Red Oak
Pacific Junction
East of Dudley
East of Red Oak
West Burlington.
West Burlington.

Knocked from engine tank by water spout; left side bruised.
Driving spike head of spike flew off; right eye slightly injured.
Setting brake i'and slipped ; right wrist sprained.
Slipped and fell between two cars; back and head bruised.
Rear collision-juinped; left side bruised and face scratched.
On engine tank-struck by signal post; back bruised.
Making coupling; left hand bruised.
Getting off way Car; right ankle sprained.
Making coupling; right leg bruised.
Handling stone; fugers bruised.
Feil into engine pit; breast bruised.
Reversing engine; slightly ruptured.
in wagon--struck by train; head bruised.
Supposed to have been struck by bridge; killed.
Making coupling; little finger of left hand taken off.
Fell from engine; left wrist broken.
Fell. between car and engine; both ankles sprained.
Rear collision-was in way car; both legs broken-died.
Engine frame fell on him; both feet bruised.
Hand caught in cog wheel; two fingers of left hand bruised.


East of Tyrone
Pacific Junction
East of Dudley
East of Thayer
West Burlington.
Pacific Junction
Grand River
New London.
West of Prescott
West Burlington
East of Woodburn
West Burlington.
Mount Pleasant.
New London,

Loading coal; lump fell on hand ; fingers of right hand crushed.
Found dead ; supposed to have burned to death.
Fell from top of car; hips and back bruised.
Fell into engine pit; hip bruised.
Clearing fire out of engine; right hand bruised.
Slipped and fell : back and thigh injured.
Was working at bolt-cutting machne; little finger bruised.
Slipped on piece of iron in cab ; left knee sprained.
Lump of coal struck him ; right leg broken
Rear collision ; jumped : left knee sprained.
Raising spout of engine tank; left shoulder sprained.
Brushing dirt off drilling-machine; left wrist injured.

Hand caught between lever of car and brake-wheel ; fingers of left hand
Caught between two cars; hips bruised, gash cut in head.
Taking coal ; left foot sprained.
Making coupling : left ankle sprained.
Left side wheel on engine broke ; left foot burned.
Making coupling ; fell; gashi cut in left side.
Stepped in front of tank of moving engine ; killed.
Knocked from engine-spout by water-spout; head and neck bruised.
Making coupling ; thumb of left hand bruised.
Struck right arm against engine cab : right arm sprained.
Throwing reverse lever; foot slipped ; left hip bruised.
Side rod of engine fell on him ; rib broken and slightly ruptured.
Fell off train ; badly bruised.
Handling lump coal; two fingers of right hand bruised.
Letting off a brake ; slightly ruptured.
Jumped from train; back bruised.
Piece of iron struck him in eye ; right eye injured.
Right leg caught under engine pilot; right leg bruised.
Making coupling ; two fingers of right hand crushed.
Slipped in engine cab), struck injector pipe ; neck burned.
Getting down off engine; right ankle sprained.
Crossing track, struck by engine; slightly burned.
Fell from side of car ; right wrist sprained, hip bruised.
Plank struck him ; left leg bruised.
Carrying a jack, fell; left hand cut and bruised.
Making coupling; left arm pinched.
Caught in coal chute ; right foot bruised.
Lump of coal off engine struck him ; right hip bruised.
Crossing over engine tank; right ankle and left shoulder bruised.
Making coupling ; left hand bruised.
Handling ties ; right foot bruised.
Iron bar fell on him ; left foot bruised.
Jumped from car to engine tank ; right ankle sprained.
Toot dropped between two planks ; left side strained.
Train ditched, account broken rail; killed.
Train ditched, account broken rail ; killed.
Train ditched, account broken rall; killed.
Train ditched, account broken rall ; killed.

January 121.J. Marrow, watchman..
January 13 Unknown man.....
January 13 C. J. Carly, brakeman
January 14 I. McGuire, clinkerer
January 14 T. Donahue, engineer.
January 15 H. Glow, brakemap
January 15 John Cadogan, machinist
January 1515 A. Eads, fireman
January 17 Charles Johnson, laborer
January 17 J. Harsh, engineer
January 18 J. A. Van Gent, engineer.
January 20.M. H. Schenhel, machinist.
January 21 P. J. Raybowen, brakeman
January 21 H. M. Harmon, brakeman
January 23 T. Swanson, fireman.
January 24 E. W. Justice, brakeman.

24 M. Fogerty, fireman
January 25 W. R. Carby, switchman
January 26 P. Peterson, brakeman..

27 J. R. Burger, fireman..
January 28 G. Delaney, switchman

28 G. H. Near, engineer.
January 28 C. Kendall, engineer,
December 18 W. M. Filldem, machinist.
January 8 A. J. Pontiers, brakeman
January 16 William Starr, laborer
January 16 J. Toomly, brakeinan
January 18 W. E. Bird, brakeman
January 20 E. Haurehand, machinist
January 23 R. McCoy, brakeman..
January 24 T, Waddell, switchman
January 27 C. Lasee, engineer.

29 J. Schurtz, machinist.

30 P. Doty, section foreman
February 20. Moore, brakeman
February 2|J. A. Gustafson, laborer.
February 2 A. Sieck, machinist.
February 3 J. Duscoll, switchman
February AJ. Harth, fireman..
February 4 J. Johnson, section foreman.

6 G. Lyons, brakeman

6/Sam. Honner, brakeman

71C. Matkison, laborer.
February & Thomas Casey, laborer.....
February 8F. McQullum, brakeman
February 8H. Zimmerman, carpenter
February 8 Robert Brown, civil engineer
February 80. A. Brown, passenger.
February 8 Mrs. M. Farrell, passenger.
February 8 Mrs. L. Butry, passenger.


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West of Croniwell

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February 81. Waterman, passenger

West of Cromwell.
February 8 Mrs. Fitch, passenger...
February 8 Mr8. E. Carroll, passenger
February 8 W.C. Carroll, passenger
February 8J. Thomas, passenger..
February 8 George Carly Jr., passenger
February 8F. E. Castello, passenger.
February 8 E. H. Cowles, passenger..
February 8 A. B. Cole, passenger.
February 8S. Lindsley, passenger..
February 8G. Smith, passenger
February 8 C. D. Saunderson, passenger.
February 8L. C. Fessler, passenger....
February 8 Y. Powell, passenger.
February 8 Mrs. H. Day, passenger.
February 8 George Hyland, passengor..
February 8 E. B. Davis, passenger
February 8 F. R. Hawkins, conductor ,
February 810. H. Harle, Pullman conductor.

February 8!C. R. Finch, brakeman..
February 8J. A. Twiford, clerk.
February 8|W. J. Davenport, fr't and pass. agent
February 8 H. S. Slovis, train master.
February 8|C. A. Plummer, news agent.
February 8 C. Johnson, coalman.
February 8 Peter Olson, pile driver.
February 8 N. Allen, section laborer
February 9 James Brenman, machinist.

February 13 J. Cain, laborer.

February 17 J. C. Walker, brakeman.

Red Oak.
February 18 G. Gillette, switchman.

Pacific Junction,
February 190. A. Flint, fireman..

February 19 J. McKee, passenger.

February 22 E. E. Price, brakeman.

February 23 J. Kennedy, fireman,

Pacific Junction.
February 231C. Haller, machinist..

West Burlington.
February 23 C. Larson, tramp.

February 23 S. B. Rash, brakeman,


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Train ditched on account of broken rail; killed.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; badly bruised; died.
Train ditched on acconut of broken rail; killed.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; severe bruises on breast.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; body badly bruised.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; body badly bruised.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; back and hand bruised.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; right side, face and hands bruised.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; slight scalp wound.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; back and spine bruised.
Train ditchied on account of broken ruil; head and face bruised; rt. leg br'kn.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; head and face bruised; rt. leg br’kn.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; right side and chest bruised,
Train ditched on account of broken rail; left wrist sprained, body bruised.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; rt. shoulder disloc, internal injuries.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; body bruised and burned.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; left shoulder bruised.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; left hip and spine injured.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; left arm broken.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; nose broken, side and legs bruised.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; fracture of left clavicle.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; back bruised.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; body bruised.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; body bruised.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; body bruised and head cut.
Train ditched on account of broken rail; body bruised and burned.
Train aitched on account of broken rail; right leg bruised.
Was working a wheel press machine; first iinger of left hand bruised.
Getting off a car, slipped and fell; nose and left eye bruised.
Making coupling; right hand bruised.
Making coupling; left arm pinched badly.
Lump of coal fell on foot; left foot slightly bruised.
Jumped from moving train; left side and head and left knee bruised.
Fell from train; killed.
Fell from engine tank; hip, side and back bruised.
Working under a car, lifting a transom; back strained.
Getting off moving car, struck oil box; badly hurt; died.
Running to catch way-car, fell in cattle-guard; left knee cut.

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February 24H. McCane, brakeman
February 25 J. Bremnan, machinist.
February 26 W. T. Gurley, switchman
February 26G. M. Given, tramp
February 26 I. Behe, switchman
February 28 C. R. Beard, switchman
February 28 A. Krist, carpenter
January 7C. Swanson, boiler maker
February 22 R. Thornton, citizen
February 24 P. Hogemonly, citizen.
February 24 D. P. McAllister, brakeman
February 27|E. C. Allen, brakeman
March 1 S. W. Boyles, brakeman
March 1 Wm. Barr, switchman
March 2 N. L. Grubb, brakeman
March 5 W. M. Ruth, brakeman.
March 5 M. Quinlivan, flagman...
March 6 F. J. O'Brien, switchman
March 7 F. Knight, brakeman..
March 81A. Davis, brakeman..
March 8|Ed. Martin, brakeman
March 8 H. Hohning, fireman
March 9 J. A. Cramer, fireman.
March 12 W. M. Donald, machinist
March 12 Orr Barnett, brakeman.
March 14C. Chillostrum, laborer.
March 15 D. Smith, brakeman
March 15 Geo. Fern, brakeman
March 16 J. M. Coles, brakeman
March 16 W. Franklin, fireman
March 17 C. W. Counett, brakeman
March 19 J. C. Evans, blacksmith
March 19 P. Roan, fireman

21 A. Magneson, boiler maker
March 21 M. McNearney, brakeman
March 21 W. Jacoby, machinist.
March 22 M. Lanutzan, fireman
March 22 A Davison, fireman
March 22 F. E. Hilton, engineer.
March 22 E. Emery, engineer...
March 22 A. Schindle, engineer
March 23 J. Spies, machinist
March 24 M. W. Larson, machinist
March 2AJ. W. Simmons, fireman.
March 26 N. A. Hatfield, carpenter..
March 26 F. Meyer, machinist.
March 27 H. Brokenkamp, fireman,
March 27 E. H. German, brakeman
March 27C. H. Gunn, engineer
March 28|J. S. Cleek, bra eman.

Council Bluffs.
Pacific Junction,
West Burlington.
Council Bluffs.
Pacific Junction,
Mt. Pleasant...
West Burlington
East of Hastings
East of Hastings.
West Burlington
Clarinda Junction
Clarinda Junction
Clarinda Junction,
Clarinda Junction
West Burlington
West Burlington
West Burlington
West Burlington
Pacific Junction

Fell from side of car; left arm strained.
Hand caught in machine; left hand bruised.
Making coupling; body squeezed.
Fell from train; was run over; killed.
Hanging to car; was caught by car standing on next track; collar bono in-
Left foot cauglit in guard rail; run over; killed.

Working under car; sand bed fell on him; right hand bruised.
Opened blow-off cock ; left side of face scalded.
Walking on track; struck by runaway engine; left leg broken.
Crawling between cars; foot cauglit between draw-bars; left foot crushed.
Jumped from an engine; back sprained.
Making coupling; thumb of left hand crushed.
Making coupling; back squeezed.
Stepping from moving engine ; left ankle sprained.
Making coupling; left hand bruised.
Attempted to catch way-car; fell; right knee cut.
Struck by bumper beam of engine; slightly bruised.
Making coupling; two fingers right hand taken off.
Making coupling; two fingers left hand crushed.
Making coupling; left foot bruised.
Fell from side of car; right ankle sprained.
Fire flew out of fire-box; hands and face burned.
Knocked from engine tank; shoulder bruised.
Was chipping a driving wheel ; sight of right eye cut.
Coupling; thumb and finger crushed.
Fell otf ladder : kuee bruised.
On top of train; struck by bridge; head and back bruised.
Fell in engine tank; left knee cut, face bruised.
Fell between cars; left arm crushed.
Side rod of engine broke; hand cut.
Coupling ; thumb crushed.
Cutting oil box ; eye bruised.
Fell from engine; wrist sprained and shoulder bruised.
Blow-off cock of engine blew open; neck scalded.
Coupling; finger crushed.
Hand struck buzz-saw; two fingers cut.
Collision; jumped ; killed.
Collision; jumped; back sprained and foot bruised.
Collision; jumped; back slightly injured.
Collision; jumped ; wrist sprained and head cut.
Getting off train ; ankle sprained.
Unscrewing bolts; arm dislocated.
Bar fell on foot ; big toe bruised.
Fell from engine; shoulder and face bruised.
Spike hit him; nose cut.
Drilling piece of iron; thumb bruised.
Collision, arm cut and ankle pinched,
Climbing up car; struck by car on side track ; collar bone broken.
Collision; jumped ; left arm sprained.
Setting a brake ; foot slipped; heel bruised.

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