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Prisons in France, present state of, 392.
Prosę, by a pcet, 984; el seg. ; subjects
of the work, 285 ; the moon and stars,

285, 6.
Protestantison, continental, an English cler.

gyman's description of it, 473.
Pyrites, why so called, 49; pyritical

wood, appearance of, ib.

Quakers begin to bury in gardens,

orchards, *c. 128.
Quiu's translation of the memoirs of
Ferdinand VII. of Spain, 355, el seg.

visit to Spain in the years 1822
and 1823, 70, et seg. ; author's re-
marks on the Spanish constitution, 72.&c.
clergy and grandees hostile to it, ib. ;

character of the ex-ministers, ib.
Rajal of Tanjore, the preseut, educated

by Swartz, 248; bis munificence to

the mission there, ib.
Relics exhibited at Courtray and Brussels,

$¢. by the popish priests, 486, &c.
Romans, ancient, had no school of

paipting, 453; ignorant of landscape

painting, 455.
Roughley's Jamaica planter's guide, &c.

97, et seq.
Rousseau, singular circumstance in his early

lise, 317.

vate devotion, 22+, et seq. ; subjects
of the essays, 2.5 ; omnipresence of
the Deily, 225, 6; encouragement to
prayer, from the intercession of Christ,

226, 7.
Simond's Switzerland, journal of a resi-

dence there, in the years 1817, 18,
19, 306, et seq. the history of Swit-
zerland barren of events, 308, 9; its
liberty never of a popular nature, ib. ;
extract, ib. ; Berne the purest model
of the Swiss aristocracies, 309; ştale
of its government at different periods,
309, 10; no middle class of people in
Switzerland, 311; causes that hastened
the downfal of the Bernese aristocra-
cy, 313; noble but unsuccessful defence of
the Soiss at Nilwahlen, against the
French under general Schauenburg, 313,
14; Pestalozzi collects and provides for
the orphans, after the battle, ib.; de-
scription of the city and inhabilants of
Berne, 314, 15; slate of the women, 315;
amount of the capilal condemnations in
the Canton of Berne for the last seven-
teen years, ib. note; Bernese morals,
315, 16; corrupt slale of Genetese mo-
rals at the era of the reformation, 324;
author's estimale of the character of Cal-
vin, 324, 5; Calvin's last illness, $c.
325; author's representation of the Engo

lish absentees at Geneva, 325, el seq.
Singhalese adults, their excessive stu-

pidity, 438.
Siout, the ancient Lycopolis, 556.
Skeletons, fossil, two hunnan ones found

at Guadaloupe, 49.
Small's interesting Roman antiquities

recently discovered in Fife, &c. 527,
et seq. ; general design of the work,
527; difference of natural taste in
different persons, ib. ; high importance
attached by the author to the dis-
covery of the site of the battle be.
tween Galgacys and Agricola, 528;
diversity of opinion respecting the
spot, ib. ; Tacitus's notice of the
Grampian hills, ib. ; author's reasons
for deciding that it took place in Fife-
shire, ib. ; accuses Tacitus of wilful
misrepresentation, 529; Agricola's
march from east Blair to Strathearn, ib. ;

silę of the field of battle, 529, 30.
Socielés des Dimanches, 319, 20.
Stanzas to a butterfly resting on a skull, 88.
Stewart's view of the island of Jamaica,

97, el seg.
Strutt's Sylva Britannica, 175, et seq. ;

subjects of the numbers already published,
175; 6; plan and execution of the

Scenes and impressions in Egypt and

Italy, 548, et seq. ; wretched state of
the Turkish governmeul, 548; true
character of the Turks, ih. ; remarks
on the death of Lord Byron, 549; his
later writings, 549, 50; skelch of a
Greek schooner and of the captain, 550;
author's character of the Greek, 551; of
the Turk, ib.; the Turkisk soldiery, 551,
2 ; rocks of pnle red coral visible beloo
the surfuce of the sea, 552 ; descrip!ion
of the desert, ib. ; the importance of the
camel among the Arabs, 552,3 ; descrip-
tion of Thebes, 553, et seq. ; Siout, the
ancient Lycopolis, 555; emir of the
Druses of Mount Lebanon soliciting
pardon af Cairo, 555, 6; intervieżo with
the Pasha, 556; the Pasha's real molives
for protecting European travellers, ib.;
influence of our consul-general with him,
556, 7; author leaves Egypt, 557;

visits Si. Peler's, ib. ;
Schooner, Greek, sketch of, 550.
Sea, Dead, bitterness and buoyanay of

its waters, 23.
Sermon of a converted Budhu priest, er-

tract from it, 443, et seq.
Sheppard's thoughts preparative to pri-

work, 176 ; history and descriplion of ral tendency of the system injurious
the Shellon ouk, 176, 7; tradition re- to the divinity student, 135, 6, see
lative to the Chipstead elm, 179.

note; advantageous result of his seille-
Suffolk words and phrases, 69, et seq. ment at Kettering, 138; noble disin-
Suicide, prevalence of, at Genera, 321; terestedness of the author, 140; on
its canse, 321, 2.

the distinction betweeo the church
Sumner's evidence of Christianity, de. and the congregation, 141,2; remarks

rived from its nature aud reception, of Mr. Hall, on the same subject, ib.;
507, et seq. ; natureof tbe real contro- the author's sudden illness and death,
versy with the infidel, ib. ; fine thought 142; Mr. Hall's contrast of Mr. Fulier
of Pascal, 508; the author's candid slute- and Mr. To'ler, 143; remarks on Chris-
ment of the sceptical question, 508, et lian candour, ib.; conversion of an
seq. ; authenticity of the historic records aged couple by means of a sermon on
of the New Testament, 510; cause a recent marriage, io.; extracts from
of the saccess of Mahommieds im- the sermon, 144, 5.
postore, 511, 12; success of Chris. Toulouse, murderous ballle of, 156, 7.
tianily and its fundamental doctrines nut Tract Magazine or Christian Miscellany,
to be erplained 'upon the same principles, 476 ; 'objection to its style, 478; er.
512, 13; the doctrines and phra.

tract, ib.
seology of the apostles not in confor. Tracts, penny, 476, et seq. ; objections
piity to Jewish opinions, 514, 15; to a late measure of the tract society,
extract from biskop Reynolds, 515; 477.
men cannot remain unbelievers through Travancore, prosperous state of the cen-
defect of evidence, 516; cause of the pre- tral Tamil School at Nagracoil in
vuiling error, that the conduct of men is that country, 252.
a matter of indifference to their Creator, Trial by jury, how conducted in France,
317, 18; the humble condilion in which 35,
our Lord appeared not inconsistent with Turk, character of the, 551.
the high character he assumed, 518: the
Christian doctrine of redemption through Verdict of the jury in France, mode by
a Mediator intelligible, as well as origi- which it is determined, 404.

nal, 519.
Swarlz, grave-slone to the memory of, al Walker's supplementary aunotations on
Trınjore, 249.

Livy, &c. 230, el seg.; author's con-
Syrians, their great desire to be under scintivos rejection of ecclsiastical

the protection of a European Coris. inmunities and honours, 230; de-
tiau power, 260.

cline of classical learning in this
System, lunar, discovery of, on a ceiling in country, . ; his opinion of tbe
the temple of Isis, ai Tentyra, 12.

causes of it, 231, 2; and that the tero

universities should be open lu dissenters,
Tabboo at New Zealand, great efficacy of, as 233; insufficiency of his proposed

esperienced by the caplain of the Prince remedies, ib. ; reasons shewing that a
Regent schooner, 161.

dissenting university iu this country
Thebes, descriplion of, 553, el seg.

is an impracticable measure, 234, 5;
Thie: es of Serringapallah, their astonishing the highest education not required for
derlerity, 249, 50.

dissenting ministers, 235; advantages
Thoughts, morning, in prose and verse, of a university residence at Oxford or
330), 81; extract, ib.

Cambridge not to be equalied by any
Thought, a, on the sea-shore, 568.

new institution for dissenters, 236, 7;
Time's telescope, for 1824, 87, el seq.; the author's edition of Liry little

stanzus to a bullerfly resting on a shull, --known in England, 237; cause of it,

ib. ; bis qualifications as av avaotator,
Tine velley, state of the schools in the country 238; specimen of the author's anno.
of, 250, 51.

tations, with critical remarks, &c.
Tilian, remarks on his manner, 8c. 461,

299, el seg.
Toller's sermons, with memoirs of the au- Warreniana, 475.

thor, by Robert Hall, 134, el seq. ; Mr. Watts's, Alaric, poetical sketches, 85,
Hall's remarks on the Daventry academy,
135; influence of the Duventry system Wihárees, or Budhu lemples, 441.
of instruction on the author, ib. ; natu. Wood tin, occurring in Mexico, 49.

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