Tide Tables for the Year ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1905

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Страница 42 - ... minutes for the first hour, and as often thereafter as may seem expedient. Later manifestations: After reaction is fully established there is great danger of congestion of the lungs, and if perfect rest is not maintained for at least forty-eight hours it sometimes occurs that the patient is seized with great difficulty of breathing, and death is liable to follow unless immediate relief is afforded. In such cases apply a large mustard plaster over the breast. If the patient gasps for breath before...
Страница 42 - If natural breathing be not restored after a trial of the bellows movement for the space of three or four minutes, then turn the patient a second time on the stomach, as directed in Rule II. rolling the body in the opposite direction from that in which it was first turned, for the purpose of freeing the air passages from any remaining water.
Страница 42 - Externally: As soon as breathing Is established let the patient be stripped of all wet clothing, wrapped in blankets only, put to bed comfortably warm, but with a free circulation of fresh air, and left to perfect rest. Internally: Give...
Страница 38 - The tailblock should be hauled on board as quickly as possible to prevent the whip drifting off with the set or fouling with wreckage, etc. Therefore if you have been driven into the rigging, where but one or two men can work to advantage, cut the shot line, and run it through some available block, such as the throat or peak...
Страница 39 - ... and you will be hauled ashore through the surf. If your vessel is stranded during the night and discovered by the patrolman — which you will know by his burning a brilliant red light — keep a sharp lookout for signs of the arrival of the life-saving crew abreast of your vessel.
Страница 40 - Any of these signals may be answered from the vessel as follows : In the day-time, by waving a flag, a handkerchief, a hat, or even the hand ; at night, by firing a rocket, a blue light, or a gun, or by showing a light over the ship's gunwale for a short time and then concealing it.
Страница 40 - Two flags, a white and a red, waved at the same time on shore by day, or two lights, a white and a red, slowly swung at the same time, or a blue pyrotechnic light burned by night, will signify "Do not attempt to land in your own boats ; it is impossible.
Страница 37 - Destitute seafarers are provided with food and lodging at the nearest station by the government as long as necessarily detained by the circumstances of shipwreck.
Страница 38 - If circumstances will admit, you can assist the life-saving crew by manning that part of the whip to which the hawser is bent and hauling with them.
Страница 37 - All life-saving and lifel>oat stations are fully supplied with boats, wreck guns, beach apparatus, restoratives, etc. Houses of refuge are supplied with boats, provisions, and restoratives, but not manned by crews; a keeper, however, resides in each throughout the year, who, after every storm, is required to make extended excursions along the coast, with a view of ascertaining if any shipwreck has occurred and finding and succoring any persons that may have been cast ashore. Houses of refuge are...