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s Which made heaven and earth, the sea 17 He cafteth forth his ice like morsels : and all that therein is: which keepeth his pro- who is able to abide his frost? mise for ever.

18 He sendeth out his word, and meltech 6 Which helpeth them to right that suffer them: he bloweth with his winde, and the prong: which feedeth the hungrie.

waters flow. 7 The Lord looseth men out of prison: the 19 He shevyeth his word unto Jacob : his Lord giveth fight to the blinde.

statutes and ordinances unco Ifrael. 8 The Lord helpech them that are fallen :

20 He hath not dealt so with any nation: the Lord carcth for the righteous.

neither have the heathen knoypledge of his 9 The Lord careth for the strangers, he laws. defendech the fatherlefse and widow: as for the way of the ungodly, he turneth it upside

Laudate Dominum. PSAL. 148.

Praise the Lord of heaven : praise him in
TO The Lord thy God, o Sion', shall be. O che heighe.
King for evermore: and throughout all gene- Praise him all ye angels of his: praise

him all his hoft.

3 Praise him sunne and moon : praise him Laudate Dominum. PSAL. 147.

all ye ftarres and light, Evening

Praise the Lord, for it is a good 4 Praise him all ye heavens: and ye waters prajer.

thing to sing praises unto our that be above the heavens.
God: yea a joyfull and pleasant s Let them praise the name of the Lord :
thiog it is to be thankfull.

for he spake the word, and they were made; 2 The Lord doth build up he commanded, and they were created. Jerusalem : and gather together the outcasts 6 He hath made them fast for ever and of Ifrael.

ever : he hath given them a law which shall 3 He healeth those that are broken in not be broken. heart: and giveth medicine to heal their fick- 7 Praise the Lord upon earth : ye dragons

and all deeps. 4 He telleth the number of the starres: and 8 Fire and hail, snow and vapours : winde calleth them all by their names.

and storm, fulfilling his word. s Great is our Lord, and great is his pouver : 9 Mountains and all bills : fruitfull trecs, yea, and bis wisdome is infinite.

and all cedars. 6 The Lord setceth up the meek : and 10 Beasts and all catcell : Worms and fea, bringerb the ungodly down to the ground. thered fowls,

7 Osing unto the Lord with thanksgiving: 11 Kings of the earth, and all people: prinfing praises upon the harp unto our God.

ces, and all judges of the world. ŏ Which covereth the heaven with clouds,

12 Young men and maidens, old men and and prepareth rain for the earth : and maketh children , praise the name of the Lord: for the grafte to grove upon the mountains, and bis name onely is excellent, and his praise herb for the use of men.

above heaven and earth. 9 Which giveth fodder unto the cartell: 13 He shall exale the horn of his people, and feedeth the young ravens that call upon all his saints shall praise him : even the chile him.

dren of Israel, even the people that serveth 10 He hath no pleasure in the strength of him. an horse: neither delightech he in any mans legs.

Cantate Domino. P s A L. 1492 11 But the Lords delight is in them that Sing unto the Lord a new song : let the fear him: and put their trust in his mercy. congregation of saints praise him.

12 Praise the Lord , Jerusalem : praise 2 Let Ifrael rejoyce in him that made him: thy God, O Sion.

and let the children of Sion be joyfull in their 13 For he hath made fast the barres of thy King. gates: and hath blessed thy children within

3 Let them praise his name in the dance : thee.

let them sing praises unto him with cabret and 14 He maketh peace in thy borders : and harp. fillerh thee with the floure of wheat.

For the Lord hath pleafure in his people: 15 He sendeth forth his commandment and helpech the meek bearred. upon earth : and his word runneth very Let the saints be joyfull with gloric: let Svviftly.

them rejoyce in their beds. 16 He giveth (now like wooll; and scatter- 6 Let the praises of God be in their mouth: eth the hoar frost like alhes.

and a two-edged (vvord in their hands.

7 TO

The xxx day.

The Psalmes.

The xxx day,

2 Praise him in his noble aas: praise him
7 To be avenged of the heathen: and to
rebuke the people.

according to his excellent greatnesse.
8 To binde their kings in chains: and their

3 Praise him in the sound of the trumpecá,
nobles with links of iron.

praise him upon the luce and harp.
9 That they may be avenged of them, as it 4 Praise him in the cymbals and dances:
is vyritten: Such honour have all his saints. praise him upon the strings and pipe.

5 Praise him upon the well tuned cymbals:
Laudate Dominum. Psal. 150.

praise him upon the loud cymbals.
Praise God in his holinesse: praise him 6 Let every thing that hath breath: praise
in the firmament of bis pouver.

the Lord

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